Chevy Forced To Extend Shutdown Of Bolt Plant After Realizing That Literally No One Wants A Bolt

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General Motors launched it's much-hyped, all electric Chevy Bolt at the end of 2016.  The Bolt was expected to make a splash as it was the first electric car in the U.S. market to offer 200 miles of driving range at an affordable price starting around $35,000.  The only problem is that pretty much no one seems to want one.

Unfortunately, that lack of demand is about to earn a bunch of UAW workers at GM's Orion, Michigan plant an extended summer vacation.

As AOL Finance points out today, GM has managed to sell just over 7,500 Chevy Bolts through the first six months of 2017.  Moreover, since dealers are sitting on about 111 days worth of inventory, we're going to go out on a limb and say the Bolt launch slightly underperformed expectations.  All of which has resulted in GM's decision to extend the shutdown currently in effect at it's Orion plant for just a little while longer.

General Motors Co has extended a shutdown at the Michigan factory that builds the new Chevrolet Bolt electric car as part of a broader effort to get control of bulging inventories of unsold vehicles in the United States.


"Shutdown periods vary by plant based on launch timing of new or refreshed models across the portfolio and our ongoing efforts to align production with market demand," GM said in a statement.



But it's not just the Chevy Bolt that GM is having a hard time selling.  Overall, the company is battling a massive inventory glut, some 126 days of supplies, in passenger cars.  As such, the company has extended summer vacation shutdowns at three other North American assembly plants. The assembly plant at Lordstown, Ohio, that makes the Chevrolet Cruze and a plant near Kansas City, Missouri, that produces the Malibu sedan both have three additional weeks of downtime. An assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario, will be idled for two extra weeks to reduce inventories of the Chevrolet Impala large sedan.

Of course, this shouldn't be much of a surprise for our readers as we recently pointed out that GM's "channel stuffing" hit a new all time high for the restructured company in June 2017, with the number of GM vehicles parked at dealer lots and patiently waiting for a buyer rising to the highest since the summer before recession officially began, when GM was still pre-bankruptcy GM, with far greater (if ultimately superfluous and in need of restructuring) production.


All of which kind of makes you wonder just how well that other, highly-anticipated, mass-produced, affordable, all-electric vehicle will perform when/if it officially starts to ship later this year.

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Maybe Elon can buy it on the cheap.

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"Change you can believe in!"


Auto workers can thank 8 years of Obama and decades of Al Bore with their destructive policies. I still remember Al Bore proclaiming the earth will be covered under water in five years...that was back in 2001.

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An Inconvenient Truth? More like "An Inconvenient Con job".

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I grew up in the 70's when you literally choked on exhaust from the Cordobas and Caddys.  Nothing wrong with electric cars for people who want them for whatever reason.  The Tesla outperforms much more expensive supercars unless you are on the race track or autobahn, meaning 99% of the time for American buyers.  That said, no one wants the Chevy because it is fucking ugly and sucks as a car, electric or otherwise.

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Bolt...looking for a 'nut'...

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Yes, and you can buy a Mitsubishi Mirage that is the same size, gets 50 MPG+, and can be had for $12,500 with a 100K mile warranty - and no batteries.

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My next buy is a 4x4 Sprinter Van come part time home on wheels. The fact you can live (even part time) in it after you outfit it adds tons of value with housing and vacations costing what they may. Hard to find a vehicle that actually makes you money, or saves you a ton.

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No one talks about the power source for EV's.

An electric car is only as environmentally friendly as the generation plant and the battery.

No carbon emmissions ffs, people are fucking retarded.

Never go full retard.

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You have got to be a NUT if you want to own a BOLT....

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inability to mankind to understand that the pollution is transfered from  the end user objet ( the ev itself ) to the plants, energy or battery.

they not realize neither the pinning people concept of making EV technology that cannot make  same efficiency as thermic motor BY NATURE. because the global infrastructure is not designed to work in full electric. EV never will make 1000km autonomy since liberty of movement by autonomy = freedom, you want more control over population, the 1st thing you do is to lock the movement radius to lock the freedom.

if you want to make efficient global surveillance of a population, instead of launching 100000 satelites, simply change the mobility technics, such going full electric and do not put charging spot  over 100km of every cities, problem solved, open spaced jail.


hydrogen motor is the reel move, but will not be unleashed in a world where niggers make driveby on sideways to crush walkers and where sandniggers use is as parked bombs on market sides.


EV is a scam and the 3rd most powerfull tool to enslave a population after the smartphone and the television


i yell it for years, technology is the tomb of humanity.






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Screw the Germans! until they start playing fair I say don't buy their products.

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electric car is a scam.


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Is it just me, or does every new Telsa iteration look more and more like EV1?

Give it a few more years and they'll be making electric horses.

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Or wait a month or two and buy a nice new car from a different manufacturer as they swim in a sea of red. I see Toyota is shitting... love the smell of car salesman licking my boots in the morning...


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Down vote must be from a car salesman on here... which I equate to a banker and realt-whore...

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Didn't downvote you, but I think everyone is sick of the blog spammers.  Pimp your blog somewhere else.

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Well at least we know what the Pontiac Aztek design team has been up to.

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It looks like they made the new Prius too.

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How about $10,000 for one and place to put golf clubs in the back so they can be used on the fairway?

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$35,000 !!!! WTF?

There's yer problem!

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Exactly. Years of open border wage suppression and now they expect us to lay out 35k for a compact car?  Because of the fraud called climate change??


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Climate change is not a fraud - just look at the numbers, or rather don't because they are depressing in their severity. But you did guess right that the electric car as a solution is a total fraud. 

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Electrics are for snowflakes who failed maff.  For the extra cost of the car and batteries, you could buy all the gas needed for 200k miles.

And you won't tear your hair out waiting for the piece of shit to charge so you can get home from the feminist trans gender save the polar bears march.

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The Bolt is not a performance car.
The Bolt is a soccer mom car.
The Toyota hybrid I drive is pretty good.
I have not driven a Bolt, at a lower price point it will be adequate, much better than the Tesla.

No Virtue signaling shit here.

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But how hard can it be to stuff the drivetrain into an actual *car*? :D

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How about stating the real reason, they are Fucking Government Motors.  Fucking in the sense of what Obama and left did to the bond holders.

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Most everyone blames the nig.  Bush only gave 17.4 billion, how long could it last? 


 "I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system" - George W. Bush


 President George Bush Approves $17.4 Billion Auto Bailout

new game's picture

remember bushes ethenol craze(made a killing on those stocks ie anderson company, ect), lol...

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Switch grass, still laughing.

SilverRoofer's picture

Remember Silverado  savings and loan

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Exactly, Bush and the Republicans suck just as hard on the gubermint titties.  How much gubermint subsidies have been wasted on this crap, Tesla is getting USD 2 bil a year, Solyndra 580 million in gubermit guarantees...

Bolts are for dolts. 

new game's picture enters the fray, all organic growth based on cost effective products go out the window and it gets fuked up for a long tyme. that is until green energy alternatives hits energy cost parity of oil around 150/bbl...

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"Unfortunately, that lack of demand is about to earn a bunch of UAW workers at GM's Orion, Michigan plant an extended summer vacation."

Well now, this all kinda rhymes with one of Gov McAuliffes latest scandals...

"An electric car company that folded after taking millions of taxpayer dollars was founded by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, but the mainstream media is ignoring this pertinent fact. The Mississippi-based company, GreenTech, shut down in January but is back in the spotlight because this week the state’s auditor demanded the firm repay $6.4 million in public funds. Only a small Richmond, Virginia newspaper prominently reported McAuliffe’s ties to the scandal, stating in the headline that “Mississippi auditor demands $6.4M repayment from McAuliffe’s former electric car company.”

...which leads to the question, if a taxpaying UAW worker screams in the middle of the night, while being sodomized & mugged in an unlit parking lot by Gov McAuliffe, would anyone hear or come to the rescue? ;-)

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Fukboth those two progressive liberal democrap turds.

Gubmint Motors makes nuthin I want to own or drive.

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But they are selling cars made in the Mexican and canadien plants

Fuck off Government Motors

I'll buy a Subaru made in Louisiana

And here is a priuSRT8 I could get behind this

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Under the Auto Pact for every Canadian made car sold in the US, an American made car is sold in Canada. It is just a common sense way of avoiding duplicate factories on both sides of the border. It does not hurt the US at all or reduce employment.

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Or a jetcat powered gen for the batteries.

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Its more like a SCREW then a BOLT.

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The Bolt is a pretty good golf cart compared to the three produced units of the new model Tesla.

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Wall Street is buying Maserati's, not bolts.

It's because everyone is getting stupid rich off of stocks. 

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General Shit Motors

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Nobody is spending money they dont have to...

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I'll take the one that doesn't explode.

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The alleged market for the Model 3 basically doesn't exist and Musk is about to find that out.

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With the proper bribes you can create any "market" you want.