"Everything Will Collapse" German Judge Warns As Refugees Flood System With Appeals

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Hundreds of thousands of migrants who’ve appealed decisions by Germany’s immigration courts have brought the country’s legal system to the brink of collapse, a German judge warned on Friday.

More than 1.3 million migrants have arrived in Germany since the beginning of 2015. Since then, the sheer number of cases filed has overwhelmed the civil courts of the country, said Robert Seegmuller, chairman of the Association of German Administrative Law Judges, speaking to the publishing house Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

“The situation is dramatic for administrative courts,” Seegmuller told RND. “We are now completely stretched to our limits.”

Seegmuller had been complaining since spring about the number of lawsuits being filed against the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Thousands of applicants have challenged decisions delivered on their cases by the office, including deportation orders back to potentially unsafe countries such as Afghanistan. RND estimates there are approximately 250,000 asylum-related cases waiting to be brought before the courts.

“The administrative court system cannot endure such a figure in the long run. At some point, everything will collapse,” Seegmüller warned. “Things may go well for a while, but not permanently.”

Just like in the US, where illegal immigrants have plotted to launch mass appeals to slow down the immigration process, the German legal system is struggling with a shortage of judges and other personnel, the judge added.

In recent months, Germany's migrant situation, which had been pushed off the front pages after the late 2015 and early 2016 turmoil, one again reemerged drmatically, following reports that a group of right-wing German soldiers allegedly plotted the assassinations of left-wing politicians, intending to blame the crimes on migrants. One suspect had obtained a second identity as a Syrian refugee, leading to a review of some 100,000 asylum decisions, which in turn has throttled the German immigration system, nearly bringing it to a standstill, and created an even greater backlog of admissions.

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For being such a superior race, the Germans certainly excelled at fucking up.

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In 1973 Jean Raspial...a fucking Frenchman...wrote "The Camp of the Saints", a novel about population migration and its consequences.   The book seems more like prophecy than fiction these days. 

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He must have meant , "Everything will prolapse."

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Depends, maybe we'll survive.

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This "refugee" shit is stupid. Our "leaders" act like someone thats on fire, standing beside a pool full of water, but they're standing there asking people what they should do about being on fire? Jump in the fucking water already you fucking degenerate!

Simple as that.

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Very simple. You put names of those 250 000 "refugees" into Excel and fill-in "Request Denied" next to their name. Pull down and copy paste. Press Print and you are done.

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aside from the courts which can't or won't speed up the process and do the right thing, you got hundreds of idiot brainwashed wanker school kids trying to block authorities from deporting the few that the system actually managed to clear for deportation

fucked up German youth

country is fucked, no matter if brownies get deported or not


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The Germans need only borrow from American solutions to fix that. Take the money from their form of Social Security and give it to the muzzies. Can kicked, problem solved. Fuck those working slobs anyway, bunch of priveleged white fucks that they are. /s

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look who they are blaming...

a group of right-wing German soldiers allegedly plotted the assassinations of left-wing politicians, intending to blame the crimes on migrants. One suspect had obtained a second identity as a Syrian refugee, leading to a review of some 100,000 asylum decisions, which in turn has throttled the German immigration system

ah, so in the end it will be the fault of "right wing German soldiers" again


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One immigrant, one bullet.

And the problem will go away.

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Do they make Zyclon B anymore?

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Collapse is the goal of the Muslims. I am recently bought a few books to try and get up to speed on the Muslim mindset. "Raising a Jihadi Generation" is short and too the point. In paperback and less than 100 pages. If you don't read any other book on Muslims, read this one. Eye opening. Based on the information in this book the MB and CAIR should be banned from any activities in the US and all of their locations shut down or seized. This is who should suffer asset forfeiture! Not for dealing drugs but for promoting and funding terrorism. Both groups are affiliated with Hamas. The US has been infiltrated islamosupremacists at so many levels under Obama, the current administration needs to work every day to flush them out.

The other books I am reading are "Muslim Mafia" and "The Death of Europe." I also finished reading Matt Bracken's new book, "The Red Cliffs of Zerhoun" a rip roaring read about a motley crew saving 72 young women being held in Morocco to be auctioned off as slaves.

People need to wake the fuck up. Jihad means war.

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  I spent 3 years in Germany and while there culture differs from mine I found the over 40s to be good folks. So, in repayment for the kindnesses heaped upon me, I have an excess of ammo and would be willing to ship some on my dime.  The beauty of this idea is it will only cost $100. Once word gets out that 200 Mohammeds got capped the rest will self deport in a hurry.  They may head North but thst is a problem for those countries to deal with. No prob, I like the Brits and have 500 rds of .380 I no longer have a need for.

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I spent two years in the former West Germany. I had a great time. Returned in 1997 and was able to travel and visit the former East Germany and Berlin. It is funny, now, but I was speaking English (in Berlin) and had some people leave the restaurant and I actually heard a few whispered "auslander" slurs. What a difference 20 years makes. I am guessing some in Berlin would be happy to see an American, now. We have money (or a credit card) and aren't interested in running them over with a car or truck or gangstalking them to play the tararush game. We like beer and pork. I doubt I would hear the "auslander" slur now.

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It's "their" culture, not "there" culture.

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They're not using their homonyms correctly over there.

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Everything is fine in brown shirt land. Merkel said so. Count on the führer to manage it. I mean leader. Means the same. Führer, leader. What's the difference? Go Merkski. A hell of a marcher. Grab the protesting snowflakes and flower bearers right off the streets and appoint them as judges. Loving kindness will win in the end. Go Merkski!

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Germany will cave in and just give them all citizenship in 3...2...

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So you have a German passport, Herr Shitskin? Very well, we won't beat your passport, we'll beat your face!

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"Everything Will Collapse" German Judge Warns As Refugees Flood System With Appeals

Why do you think they were brought in?

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Yesiree. Order out of chaos.  And it is the new world technocratic order that we will get.

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The citizenry could take care of this business if the cops would just look the other way.

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As the Romans discovered during their long centuries of collapse, freedom and due process are luxuries only affordable when you have a high (and increasing) per capita income.  Let either the income falter or the "capita" increase dramatically, and the costs of multiple court actions and other legal recourses becomes unsustainable for society as a whole.  Thus the proud Roman citizens became tenant serfs in a totalitarian regime run by their German mercenaries.   The Germans should know how this works out.

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I am noticing a lot of downvotes all of a sudden on comments that mention jews.  Do we have some new ZIO trolls among the ranks?