Kunstler Fears "Violent Revolt" As "Soft Coup" Against Trump Looms

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Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

For all his blunders and stumbles in his first half-year as President (cough cough), Donald Trump seems to have more lives than Schrödinger’s Cat. Or maybe it just seems that way. Or maybe he isn’t really there at all (like the news these days). Maybe Trump only represents one comic probability in an infinite number of universes of probability, both comic and tragic. I begin to understand why the folks in Hollywood are having a whack attack over the chief executive: you can’t storyboard this bitch; it’s like leaving The Three Stooges on their own in a sound stage to re-make Gone With the Wind.

But then, you begin to wonder: is Russia really there, or is it, too, just another figment of possibility? Don’t try to figure that out by reading the oracular observations of The Washington Post. These days Russia seems to be at once everywhere and nowhere, like the Devil north of Boston in 1693. For example, this fellow Jeff Sessions. Have you noticed that his name rhymes with Russians? Hmmmm. And wasn’t he caught chatting with the Russian Ambassador at the very same convocation of Republicans that picked notorious colluder Donald Trump to stand for President? That’s enough of your damn evidence right there!

Yes, things are passing strange in the world’s greatest democracy these days. To me, seeing the thing through an historical lens, it’s looking more and more like the Salem Witch Frenzy meets the French Revolution with a spin of quantum confusion on top. Right now we’re in the first phase, sheer political lunacy. Beliefs have become ungrounded from the facts of life. The guy whom fate or a prankish deity put in the White House doesn’t even fit the template of the world’s most infamous heads-of-state. I’m sorry to dredge up old Adolf, but really, Hitler himself seemed to have a much firmer idea about what he was doing than Trump does.

The ObamaCare reform fiasco looks like a tipping point toward a strain of toxic political paralysis that might literally kill the government as we’ve known it. Over the many months of debate, congress never even got around to raising the salient issue: that the 18-or-so-percent of the economy “health care” represents consists largely of outright racketeering. Well, they sure blew that one. The major parties are disintegrating before our eyes, despite the seeming sense of decorum that senators present on TV. The public may seem to be mentally on vacation, snoozing on the beach in the midsummer doldrums, but something vicious is in the wind offshore.

I’d actually go further now than the “soft coup d’état” scenario that has Trump run over by the 25th amendment. It will happen, of course, but it will not satisfy anybody. Mike Pence will prove to be as ineffectual and unpopular as Trump, and he will be drowning in financial and fiscal problems, and he will get no help from the legislature in resolving any of it, and before too long there may be a general in the White House — or attempting to run things from someplace else, if he can. The whole nauseating spectacle will be attended by violent popular revolt of region against region and tribe against tribe in a great civil explosion of long-suppressed angst.

Too many nasty forces are vectoring in on the scene to overthrow the dream state America has been languishing in. Most of them involve money (or “money”) and the questions of how can we possibly keep paying for the way we live in this country, and who exactly has been fobbing off with the former wealth of every rusted and busted community in the land?

It’s going to start in the stock and bond markets and it will be soon.


And then the US Treasury will destroy the dollar trying (again) to save the banks.


And the bank accounts will be frozen. And the loans will stop being paid.


And the SNAP cards are going to stop working, and pretty soon the just-in-time deliveries to the supermarkets, and the resupply to the gas stations,

...and there won’t be much that Mike Pence can do about it.

He’ll be shoved aside and the military will have to try to restore order in the land. When they do, it will not be the same land we sang about back in the fifth grade. Up in a cloud somewhere over Ohio, maybe, Schrödinger’s Cat will be gazing down on us, grinning.

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Ghost of PartysOver's picture

He may right.  IMO the biggest threat to the markets is the attempted soft coup.  Always said it will get ugly before it gets better.   I do believe there is more "Ugly" to come.  Trump needs to clean his own house then take his message directly to the people.

Anopheles's picture

Right?  About WHAT?  A coup?  HAHAHAHhahahhaha

BaBaBouy's picture

The DC War is on...

Let The Shit Hiteth the Fan...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Kunstler Fears "Violent Revolt" As "Soft Coup" Against Trump Looms

My response: I personally see nothing to stop what is suggested in the line above. I have never been more frustrated with the US legislative leadership in this country.  These people are WOLVES in SHEEP'S clothing looking to RAPE, PILLAGE and PLUNDER the American people. If a meteor hit the Capital building in Washington DC while both legislative bodies were in session, America would be much better off.

My feeling: BRING IT ON! IT IS TIME!

We are in uncharted waters.

Jim in MN's picture

As I have said for the last two years or so:

This is our last peaceful chance.

Sadly, the force of habit, power and denial do appear to be tipping us toward Very Bad Things.

idea_hamster's picture

"more lives than Schrödinger’s Cat"

This is worse than the stupid canary line.

ne-tiger's picture

Trump's fatal mistake was selecting all these swamp guys like Sessions for his cabinet posts. Now he has no army to defend/attack.

macholatte's picture


Kunstler: a very late blooming numb skull who actually believes there is a resemblance between the Democrat Party of JFK and the fascist/communist Progressive Party of today. His hate has cost him the ability to think critically.  What we are witnessing with this particular demon-crat is his death rattle.



barliman's picture


Kunstler will die against a wall still completely clueless how a soft coup attempt led to a Second Revolution with the coup plotters decorating the cherry trees.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

I disagree. there are plenty of more deserving and so little wall space. Bring Kunstler along for the lineups. Let him chronicle it. He is just caught up in the false reality like so many. We need to shut out the Fake News and take over the media with truth.

Things that go bump's picture

Do you have any notion of how to bring something like that about?

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Interact with the physical world. Form up into units of strength. Go before the authorities and demonstrate that you have numbers and strength (never "protest" that is weak and useless). Be polite and talk to them but let them subtly by just a organized and disciplined show of numbers so that they respect and even fear you. They will join you or when the time comes turn the armory over to you.

The more in positions of authority and physical control you can bring into your ranks the better.

If you are a leader, lead. If not find a group to join. Competence, intelligence and realistic view of the world is better than ideology. If a group breaks down into stupid chanting and yelling, try to determine the infiltrators and take names on lists, and find a real action group.

Get technical people. Think TV, cable, phone, power, water, sewer. Get police and government, and army people on board also.

This is not about rioting and killing, but preparation for war with the Enemy of the People. This is about saving your community not destroying it. But nevertheless it is war and all that entails.

Get a command structure. Become disciplined and enforce discipline. Build a communications network. Build an intelligence network. Build a recruitment and training network. Mostly this stuff is already there, just find it.

Spend time offline. Go on maneuvers. Personally: Become a trained rifleman. Be a minuteman. Be ready to join the battle at a minutes notice.

In summary: Get out more and interact with people. Build your network and get involved.

FixItAgainTony's picture

You forgot, "build a trillion dollar a year, 250 year-old defense establishment." The 1st state that successfully succeeds from the FedCoats will get tactically nuked. Career bureaucrats aren't going to let this gravy train be repossessed.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

They won't see it coming. Remember "Et tu Brute?"

Raging Debate's picture

Kiss Dude - I did and began implementing it back in 2008. But the real money guys who noticed it wanted me to build ofher tech stuff for them. They were chicken shit scared of the Fascism. So they will get less liberty. I say less because many of them moved to Switzerland or New Zealand sso that will take quite a few years to ruin those countries and by then WW3 will be over. They will be alive 1/3 of you wont. 

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Cut off the EBT cards. Hose-down the mess when its over.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Kunstler, are you really that stupid?

Speaking of JFK and the 25th amendment. If they had kept JFK's heart beating with his blown open brain dead and gone head, then that is what the 25th amendment is for. If they tried to use the 25th on Trump, that is what the 2nd is for.

At that point, as you can see elsewhere in the comments, Kunstler, you would be in danger of being lined up against a wall.

Five-sided Repticon's picture

You will commit suicide with your gun in your mouth.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

You will die with a dick in your mouth and a cock up your ass, and enjoy it.

Bill Shockley's picture

I wish those who comment and use words like communist or fascist to describe others would take the time to look up what the words mean. Honestly one can't be both a fascist and a communist but either could be a democrat or a republican.


This is simply ignorance of what the terms mean and you show a basic misunderstanding of the difference between what is political and what is economic. While you are at it brother look up the Nazis and Marxist -Lenninists.  Until you do that I suggest you stick to calling someone you disagree with a dumb son of a bitch.

You could try a coupe of university courses in Political Science and Economics...or you could just remain ignorant. I would start with 8th grade civics.


Or did you miss that?


Sonny Brakes's picture

If he hadn't gone with the swamp monsters he'd have already been shot.

Big Twinkie's picture

If Trump wasn't willing to risk it all, he should have stayed home.  Too late for that.  It truly amounts to "kill or be killed".  He's in the cage with the lion and only one of them will survive.  After he leaves office they will take everything he has and they will rob his children and stick them in prison and let them rot there and die.  If he thinks he can play patty-cake with these fuckers then he's a lost cause.  Otherwise it's time to bring out the biggest guns he can get his hands on.

SilverRhino's picture

He's got nukes, the armed forces backing him to the hilt and MILLIONS of really pissed off gun owning citizens.   

He'll WIN.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Trump HAS an army.If he brings it our the political/legal class will mostly suck up, and the others will hide.

Big Twinkie's picture

His army needs a leader.  Lots of us are ready to move, we're just waiting for direction.

Jim in MN's picture

LOL see my next comment below....

Stuck on Zero's picture

If Trump is harrassed out of office his final speech should be about the deep state and that Americans can fight back by selling all their stocks, cashing out banks accounts, and buying gold. That would end the power of the banksters overnight.

idea_hamster's picture

The quantum mechanics idea suggests that the cat is both dead and alive, two states juxtaposed until be open the box -- but the cat only has the one life.  So that would be just more than one, or two if lives are discrete.

Has nothing to do with having lots of lives -- from the "cats have nine lives" idiom that is totally unrelated to anything quantum mechanical, Schrödinger or otherwise.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

I have figured it out. How to MAGA

Mortality is the answer!

America is totally in a Schrödinger Cat existence. The only way to snap it out is Death, Mortality, Killing.

It is WAR and killing the enemy is the answer.

Were the enemy has gained control of our media and communications, retake it.

We need to see the death first hand. broadcast it.

The duality only exists until the box is opened and the rotting corpse of the cat is seen.

If you have cancer viruses, use them.

I say burn down any hives of enemy traitors that you find.

Death to traitors and enemies of the republic.

It is time to fight and kill enemies domestic with the fervor and take no prisoners lethality that Americans fight enemies foreign.

This is a battle cry that every fighting age American must take seriously and respond to personally or get out of the way.

If you don't have the stomach for this then help the woman support the fighters.

If you don't understand what is going on, but don't consider yourself an enemy traitor, then turn yourself in, and submit to the authorities directions.

If you know you are an enemy traitor to America, this is your last chance to flee the country and hide.

If you are an owner of property and material, then you must support the fight. Take inventory to local commanders. Lend whatever you have. keep records and receipts.

Onward Christian Soldiers!
Marching to the fight!

SybilDefense's picture

I depends on how times you open the box, and if the cat was pregnant prior to being placed in said box... Just to add a little mathematics and biology to the equation.  I say fuck the cat and let's rattle the damn box until we hear some pussies scream.  Me-fukkin-yowl!


historian40's picture

Too much Big Bang Theory....

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Not enough big bang. He needs a mail order bride.

WorkingFool's picture

All by design. The left wants to see America destroyed. My two cents, they have already. Ren successful. The only question remaining really is what government will take it's place or will if fracture and become may smaller nations?

secretargentman's picture

A coup, soft or hard, is simply not going to happen. Trump's enemies are chickens. Have you ever heard of a chicken coup? Oh wait...

TheRunningMan's picture

I agree.  But the polarity of the people would continue.  It would still be "give me his" vs. "don't take mine."  Cheers

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Not for long. Once parasites enter your dwelling, extermination commences.

historian40's picture

Then the globalists just put a new set of wolves in their place, even if they need to throw a little color revolution together as they have in other nations.  The well-funded and organized globalist revolutionaries would have an easier time than some might think, when they encounter a lot of "cold dead hands" people who would hand over there weapons in a heartbeat, if the person telling them to do so is wearing a uniform.


When every single one of these people have to go over and kiss the "Wailing Wall", and grovel to AIPAC to get elected, it'd be more beneficial to break the hand rather than the puppet.

QQQBall's picture

Kuntsler is very good. This piece is very, very good. Merika is laready not the same as the one in my 5th grade song, but thats too picky.

evildimensions's picture

Don't forget wolves like Wolf Blizter and gang at CNN. Make sure your perspective includes MSM. They are every bit as culpable as the DNC.

yogibear's picture

Deep state vs Trump.

Trump should have never played along with the deep state because they were out to get him.

They are still trying to take him out.

Have to watch out when you dance with the devil.


Squid Viscous's picture

If they try to impeach Trump, it's time to start killing jews,

no questions. no mercy.

macholatte's picture


There you go again with your bullshit bravado and that "IF" shit.

Now run along and count your ammo. Maybe you need to buy some more.


Sonny Brakes's picture

If you start trying to take out Jews you'll soon find out that Jews aren't just good at business.

historian40's picture

Why leap straight to murder?  Why not just remove foreign control over our government and watch the enemy shrivel.

MalteseFalcon's picture

If Trump is removed, bring on the military.

historian40's picture

Yeah, the same hired mercenaries who "just follow orders" in violation of their oath to defend the Constitution.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Right?  About WHAT?  A coup? "

He's definitely right about a coup. The question is if he is right about 

where this mess goes from here

markar's picture

And he'd better step on it. He's running out of time.