Trump Legal Shake Up: Kasowitz Out As Personal Attorney, Corrallo Resigns

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There's been a shakeup in President Trump's legal team. According to CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett, Marc Kasowitz is out as Mr. Trump's personal attorney, while Kasowitz's spokesman, Mark Corallo - who has had a rocky relationship with Trump in the past - has resigned.

While Kasowitz had represented Trump since the early 2000s, and led his defense in the Trump University fraud case, the prominent lawyer recently made negative headlines when he sent threatening emails to a retired public relations professional who had said Kasowitz should resign. In his first response, Kasowitz wrote "F*** you," according to ProPublica. Kasowitz wrote a number of emails after that, including one that said, "And you don't know me, but I will know you How dare you send me an email like that I'm on you now You are f****** with me now Let's see who you are Watch your back, b****."

Corallo is a longtime GOP operative who worked for the House committee that investigated President Clinton in the 1990s before going to the Justice Department under former Attorney General John Ashcroft, according to Politico. Politico reports Corallo had been handling the White House's defense in the Russia investigation.  In a bizarre incident, last month The New York Times reported that Corallo had previously used Twitter to criticize the president and his administration.

“Hey Mr. President, where's all the ‘winning?’” Corallo tweeted last month, a reference to former President Bill Clinton. He also used Twitter to criticize Trump’s reliance on son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner, calling Kushner part of the “swamp” Trump promised to drain. Corallo’s message also split from that of many other Trump allies, who were critical of Mueller. What may have sealed Corallo's fate is that days before he accepted the role as Kasowitz's spokesman, he praised Mueller for his integrity and honor.

On Friday morning, Corallo, confirmed he has resigned in an emailed statement, while giving no other details about his departure.

After the shake up Trump's legal team will be composed of Ty Cobb, Jay Sekulow and John Dowd, CBS reports. Cobb joined the president's legal team earlier this week.

That team has been pushing back against Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, trying to keep it from expanding into the business dealings of Trump and his family, Garrett reports. The president's legal team is trying to keep the special counsel focused, to the extent it can, on the Russia angle. In an interview The New York Times published Wednesday, Trump called the special counsel's investigation a "violation," saying it crossed a red line.

With multiple and overlapping probes from the special counsel's office to the Capitol, some investigators are also looking into purchases of units in Trump properties. Mr. Trump told the Times "it's possible there's a condo or something," but said he doesn't make any money off Russia. CBS News also reported that Mueller is investigating the business dealings of Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager. The U.S. attorney's office in Manhattan had been looking into Manafort, according to a source, but now that probe has been turned over to Mueller's investigators.

Separately, on Thursday night, the WaPo reported citing "people familiar with situation" that Trump has asked advisers about the power to pardon aides, family members and even himself in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The newspaper added that Trump’s lawyers are looking at ways to limit or undercut Mueller’s investigation by alleging conflicts of interest.

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Ultra's picture

You're fired!

cossack55's picture

Paging Dewey, Cheatem & Howe......STAT

Dutti's picture

Deep State at work.

These actions serve as a reminder to anyone, including the president to never, ever take positions that might be against the interests of TPTB. All the searching will eventually lead to some results. Which billionaire does not have anything to hide in their past, except perhaps those who just inherited their fortune?

These findings can then always be used to blackmail anybody into submission.

If Trump fires the bad actors, he will be accused of cover up.

If Trump lets the deep state continue with their one sided shenanigans,  they will tighten the noose around his neck and around the necks of his associates tighter and tighter. 

Deep state approved participants in these power games will of course be protected from undue exposure.

Nobody who is really capable and wants to honestly serve the people will be willing to serve under such circumstances. Only deeps state approved insiders willl be allowed to participate in the game of milking the slaves.

Eventually, this system has to collapse - one way or another - but when?

doctor10's picture

Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative appear as racketeering organizations

No credible Trump crucifying can succeed as long as the CF/CGI
exist, and Hillary isn't wearing a striped jumpsuit

ne-tiger's picture

Trump is in survival fight: if he does nothing, this shit will make him powerless to do anything and eventually they will find some dirt to impeach. If he fights back, they will try to impeach too.

Be a man, slow death is much worse than fighting for your polical life now.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Literally every person or thing that gets near this guy is vulnerable ... worth your career? Your sanity? You'll get a chance at a second civil war if he fires Mueller and pardon's his team






nmewn's picture

Personally I'm looking forward to that civil war, your side can't even hit a stationary target at 30ft  ;-)

garcam123's picture

Just make the Call to America, Mr. President.  They'll be 100,000 pissed off American Patriots with weapons at the ready.  Most of the WORLD wants the Cuntlin scum suckin dirt! ME2

caconhma's picture

Trump is not a fighter. He is a buffoon. He even does not understand that he is in a grave danger.

Politics and business are very different things. In politics, like in war, the only thing one negotiates is either your own or your enemy surrender. There is nothing in between.

Remember General Douglas MacArthur: "In war there is no substitute for victory."

messystateofaffairs's picture

Slow death by Jew strangulation is what killed Nixon. Trump better wake up fast. Hopefully Bannon is aware of this and is a true goy patriot. He is the only person I know near Trump with the temperament and intellect to guide Trump through this. Trump better keep that man right by his side and let him call in allies and send the little jew in law packing pronto. Otherwise a Nixonian future awaits him. I have slways said it and I always will. Putin watches quietly and smirks, fully aware of how this game works. See the famous handshake endlessly projected on RT, its not vertical, Putins hand is on top. Follow his lead don don, you're a puppy in this game.

Stanley Lord's picture

Not just Nixon, lumped together on the time line, its Kennedy, Nixon and they almost took out Reagan, since then it has been quiet.

HalinCA's picture

Quiet ... certainly because Bushes and Clinton got the message ... they scared off Perot ... Obama was their best friend ...

NoPension's picture

We are approaching the point...probably there...where Trump is better to just use whatever authority he has to shut this all down, and issue blanket pardons if everyone involved.

MSM heads will explode...but can the coverage get worse?

Nothing good will ever come out of this. This is a lynch mob and a kangaroo court. Someone needs to swing, in their eyes. And it won't stop until they get a pound of flesh. Is this not obvious as hell?

bigkahuna's picture

He should do just what you say. We already know the political military bankster media industrial complex are trying to harpoon him daily. We knew this during the election and we still voted for him. He should know that we KNOW they are smearing him - and just crush the whole thing. Then he needs to direct that trojan horse Sessions to investigate all these people going after him or FIRE his ass and get someone in there who will do their job. He will easily find influence peddling by people in political positions of power on both sides, he will find straight up murder and pedophilia on both sides - shillry and the molesta for sure, then he cn bust out the cozy relationships between our politiical parasites, the banksters, and the non-stop war machine.

I will go up to dc and camp out in front of the white house to support all of this - for as long as is necessary if he took these issues up. 

lester1's picture

I agree, President Trump needs to go nuclear NOW and fight the deep state, or else his Presidency and legacy is doomed. Hopefully Bannon tells him this.


*The easiest thing Trump can do right now to guarantee a massive GOP turnout and wins for 2018, 2020 is to prosecute Hillary Clinton, the queen of the swamp!

messystateofaffairs's picture

This is exactly how it works. They will tighten the noose until they find something, probably Trumps eastern europe financiers, whose money is not "clean" (but really, whose money is "clean"?). Probably Trump should barefaced remove all the club member tools, replace them with his own, and turn those guns on his adversaries. Putin could give him pointers on how to do this, send Bannon over so he can adapt the strategy to the American situation. Call it Operation Taming the Shrew (or Jew).

new game's picture

trump is a lame bull is a china closet. whatever he tries to do is turned against him.

i want in the worst way for him to prevail, but he has such a fucked up approach and many to mnay conflicting actions. i wonder how can he accomplish anything is dc without backing of a divided R team.

so many interests(donations) under a party that is divided with no unifing platform

the conflicting interest lies in donations. trump is mostly  free of them, but everybody he could build support from is bought and paid for in advance. the healthcare issue is a prime example.

defunding nato is another

any substantial budget cuts bring on hestaria

and the military, no words can describe the craziness there.

a fucking wall when our infastructure is crumbling?

we don't even have a national highspeed rail system. that alone, could be the money wasted in iraq.

and bringing back manufacturing, just not happening as the forces in place are overwelming, profits and cost of labor. reworking nafta is a start. and the donations, ie. the deep state lurking behind every monumental change, (trumps talking points).

and the appointments from wall st. - just fuked up as the bank 1 issue never gets addressed, as the spice flows to these fuks. and why would trump deal with that? again, not happening as he values his life and family moar than going to the heart of the problem.

i could go on, but my thesis is simple shit maynard; just not happening due to concentration of wealth and power at the cost of the middle class and it is not reversable without systemic changes that could become violent...

go visit russia, the russia under stalin to see where we are headed. then go tour america. where america is headed is old russia. the result of extrem wealth con'sin'tration and no middle class.

another simple maynard shit statement: it is the middle class, stupid.

Lucretius's picture

My thoughts precisely! What a shit show.

Hell, even Rush has been (finally) red pilled and dropping truth bombs!

MFL5591's picture

More theater as the US economy crumbles under your feet.  All part of this Tribes crime syndication!

Horse Pizzle's picture

resigned is a small fig leaf.

junction's picture

The Trump Circus continues to be the "Greatest Show on Earth".  People's careers ground into dust, Chinese sweatshops working for Ivanka, Jared trying to off load 666 Fifth Avenue without success, AG Sessions bringing back asset forfeiture.  And the bodies keep piling up like stacked cords of wood.  Peter Smith with his bizarre suicide note.  Alexandre Cazes, operator of AlphaBay, dead in a Thai prison cell, hanging himself. No suicide note found yet.  And Seth Rich's murder still unsolved, even though the Washington, D.C. street where his body was found is covered by CCTV security cameras.      

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Trump Legal Shake Up: Kasowitz Out As Personal Attorney, Corrallo Resigns

My response: I can only imagine the FRUSTRATION with the special prosecutor situation. This situation instigated by the PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL LEFT is really hurting the republic and the functioning of the President for the good of the nation.


mc888's picture

What progressive liberal left? The American Left is no longer progressive or liberal.


swmnguy's picture

Correct.  People refer to the Democratic Party as "The Left," which it hasn't been for decades.  Ronald Reagan couldn't get nominated by today's Democratic Party; too far to the actual left.  Today's Democratic Party is merely a faction of the corporate Oligarchy.  What we're witnessing is an internal power struggle among the Oligarchs; the most brutal sort of politics.

BetterRalph's picture

Democrat voter numbers are not what they say either. (illegal voters aside for a moment) A small amount of truth/education if you can get it to people, will cause a massive exodus of voters who when they have facts and they can no longer justify remaining in a party that has zero to do with what they originally thought when they joined.

When faced with truth like this they join NPP and serve jury duty.

there are a TON of democrats still stuck in this hell.

StarGate's picture

The American people need a tally every month on how much Mueller's witch hunt is costing us. With 15 Attorneys each charging us a minimum of $300 per hour probably more, at 8 hours per day, that's $36,000 per day just for the attorneys and you can figure they each have their paralegal assistants that are charging us.
So since the witch hunt started May 17th, that's 65 Monday thru Friday's thus far equaling for the attorneys alone:

$2,349,000 spent thus far.

For what?
What have they contributed to making America better or safer?
We need to see a bill every month and a report on their findings every month.

beijing expat's picture

This is Washington. Probably 6-800 am hour. They know they will find fuck all, but man, what a payday.

PT's picture

They don't care if they don't win.  They're just happy pouring sand in the gears and keeping the Trumpmobile bogged in the swamp.  If Trump can't get unstuck before 2019 then it is probably all theatre and he is in on it.  If he can't get unstuck earlier than that then he is probably lost and the Deep State has won.

Sofa King's picture

Seriously. Just make the "Special Counsel" Pro-Bono and watch the rats jump ship.

Special Counsel, more like Special-Ed Counsel...motherfuckers probably all get together and take the short bus to work every day.

BetterRalph's picture

Instead of a special counsel, I want to see the witch hunt ended already. Period.

mc888's picture

Bingo. This is part of a larger RESOURCE BURN op.

#1 resource? Elapsed time of Trump administration.

fleur de lis's picture

Mueller never got as far as he did by walking the straight and narrow.

He knows very well that 3,000 Americans and others were murdered on 911 in broad daylight by his friends and associates to start Mideast wars, plunder, and loot.

He might even have had fore knowledge.

But he is a long time DC Swamp dweller.

Kept his big shot mouth shut.

So he's as bad as the rest of them.

No matter how long this stupid investigation takes or how much tax money is squandered he will never complicate his own life.

He knows better. 

The DC Swamp has too much at stake.

They planned, instigated, and managed 2 world wars, a series of revolutions and civil wars, put millions into early graves, and send their killers on daily assignments for loose ends.

So destroying a President with red tape is no effort at all. 



bigkahuna's picture

We have not yet began to fight.

PT's picture

Why not?  What is stopping yas?

FrozenGoodz's picture

Prolly as much as taxpayers are spending to send Tiffany to Europe, keep Malania and crew safe in NY for 5 mo, or to send the President to his private clubs every weekend for marketing purposes

Horse Pizzle's picture

Maxine Waters is running for president. She is the new face of the Dimocratic Party.

BetterRalph's picture

To me.
The Face of the Dimocratic party is that of dishonorable, mis-guided Witch who's first ritual wore Purple and hissed like a cat, swinging at everything violently, in an attempt to bind Trump. As long as we stay clear headed, stay protected, the energy goes back to the source, you can already see it blow-back, in her (and others) weird behavior.

ludwigvmises's picture

Trump is showing what a terrible leader he is. He can't get any actual work done, he fires anyone who slightly disagrees with him and admonishes them publicly. The result is he surrounds himself with a bunch of weak back-patters who repeat to Trump what he already said and tell him how great he is. None of our great presidents acted childish and immature like that and I can only pray to God my gut feeling will be wrong about this one.

NoPension's picture

He should resign, along with Pence. And nominate Hillary.

Got The Wrong No's picture

7 week Trolls don't have a God. 

jimymac's picture

Mr. Mouse, a name change is in your career. Critical thinking is required and I'm not feeling it at all.

lester1's picture

President Trump needs to fire Jeff Sessions Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and McCabe all on the same day.

Also on the same day Trump should release all classified documents related to the JFK assassination and Roswell crash. The liberal media would have an absolute heart attack over all these truth bombs being dropped!

Bill of Rights's picture

While he's at it why doesn't he check and see if Obama and the Clinton gang are true Aliens....Roswell crash lol...

lester1's picture

Explain to me why to this day there are Hundreds of Classified documents related to Roswell crash that have never been seen by the public??


I look forward to your response..

Bill of Rights's picture

My responce...

Let me break out my Hair Grease 1950 is calling.

Lucretius's picture

fire Jeff Sessions Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein and McCabe ,JFK assassination and Roswell crash

ya, I'll hold my breath... nice fantasy though.


vofreason's picture

I just don't understand how anyone can defend Trump at this point.  All he has done is the equivalent of what you would get if you said "let's install a government completely aligned with the oil, banking and war industries and cut funding to everthing that helps people (other than rich people of course) or protects the envirnonment.  

Why do supporters want this?  He's literally done the opposite of what he said he would or he hasn't done anything at all and now it's just so painfully clear he is using the presidency to further his own business interests,......I mean he has his daughter and son in law as his most important advisers like he's a king or something.  What would you all have said if Obama made almost no important appointments other than his 30 something daughter and son in law to run the country doing things they have absoulutely no experince or qualifications for ?!!!? 

The situation is just absurd, it's just so beyone me how anyone other than a corrupt, immoral owner of a oil, bank or war industry company could support him and that his supporters are so blinded.  

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

if you are an honest person...tell us about criminal hillary and how you fought against the rape of libya and syria?? pay for play, on and on..

how obuma droned thousands know point out your words to us about those criminals..not holding my breath..

you are the example of "eyes wide shut"