Billions Of Lives At Stake As China Threatens India With War After "Blatant Sovereignty Infringement"

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It could be argued that there’s never been a time in history, where so many Americans thought that we were on the brink of another major war. If you pay attention to the constant news stream of stories regarding Syria, North Korea, or Russia, you’d be hard pressed to deny it. In fact, a recent poll found that 76% of Americans are worried that another war will break out in the next 4 years, and 80% were afraid that we could be embroiled in a conflict with North Korea in the near future.

There’s no doubt that Americans are fraught with fear over the thought that a new war is on the horizon, especially if that war could lead to another global conflict. But most Americans forget that the world doesn’t revolve around them. They worry a lot about their nation engaging in another world war, but they forget that there are several powerful nations that could spark a global conflagration without America’s input.

Among them are China and India, who have been engaged in a border dispute for decades. That dispute has flared up once again, as China hurls threats of war with India.

The ruling Communist Party of China has issued a stern warning to neighboring India, with which it is engaged in a bitter border dispute that has recently seen Chinese live-fire drills and media speculation of extensive Indian military casualties denied by both sides.


After accusing Indian troops of crossing over the disputed Sikkim border last month, Chinese Communist Party outlet Global Times published a commentary Tuesday urging restraint by both belligerents, but warning that China was prepared to engage India in a battle for the contested land. The piece chalked up the conflict to a greater competition for economic and political dominance between the two leading Asian powers and said that Beijing would amass troops and armaments at the border in anticipation for what could turn into an all-out war.

This isn’t the first time that these two nations have been at each other’s throats over their borders. In 1962 their armies clashed, leading to defeat of the Indian army, and thousands of casualties on both sides. Based on the rhetoric coming out of Beijing’s state sponsored media, it appears that China is willing to replicate that conflict. From the Global Times’ op-ed.

On June 16, Indian border guards crossed over the Sikkim section of the China-India border to the Chinese side, triggering a face-off with Chinese troops. India's action this time is a blatant infringement on China's sovereignty.  


As the confrontation goes on, China needs to get ready for the face-off becoming a long-term situation and at the same time, needs to maintain a sense of rationality. Within China, there are voices calling for the Indian troops to be expelled immediately to safeguard the country's sovereignty, while Indian public opinion is clamoring for war with China. However, the two sides need to exercise restraint and avoid the current conflict spiraling out of control.


“China doesn’t recognize the land under the actual control of India is Indian territory. Bilateral border negotiations are still ongoing, but the atmosphere for negotiations has been poisoned by India,”


“China doesn’t advocate and tries hard to avoid a military clash with India, but China doesn’t fear going to war to safeguard sovereignty either, and will make itself ready for a long-term confrontation.”

Of course, if war did break out again between China and India, there would be one significant differences from the Sino-Indian war of 1962. This time around, both nations would have hundreds of nuclear weapons. And it’s possible that Pakistan, another nuclear armed nation that India has fought border disputes with in the past, could also be swept into the conflict. It should go without saying that billions of lives are at stake every time these nations hurl threats of war at each other.

Americans often worry about various geopolitical hotspots that could drag our nation into a world war. But they shouldn’t forget that there are plenty of places where another global war could start without our country ever lifting a finger. The whole planet is a powder keg.

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LetThemEatRand's picture

India:  "have I answered all of your questions to your satisfaction?

China:  "I'm rorry, I didn't get that"

India:  "Please consider answering a brief survey after the end of this war."

China:  "All of your call centers are belong to us."

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When did John McCain move to China??

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Slavo, you may be a dog with fleas, but thanks for the article and reminder.

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Now if only UK wasn't run by leftist cucks, they could help India and liberate HK.

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It has been my contention, since before the giveback, that Hong Kong should pick up and move to the Baja Peninsula.

We would have sold it to them cheap, and with clear title.

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godzilla-left-them-fight DOT GIF

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The headline is already dubious.  But then when I see the Mac Slavo byline I know I'm about to be assaulted by sensationalist horseshit.

I made a home at ZH because ZH never used to publish this sort of garbage.  Now it's daily fare.

The pursuit of almighty clickbait.  Sad.

I am Chumbawamba.

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And HK would have been another Mumbai with smell of turds on every street.

Koba the Dread's picture

The UK? The UK is a small island off the coast of North America. In what way could it possibly help India? In what way did it ever help India?  Are you living in the 19th century?

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If only BritBob were here.
He'd give you a lesson.

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Awesome news, hope eastern gods will help and work hard at making it happen ASAP, can you imagine a planet with 2,5 billion less haters of the euro-Caucasian man?!

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The White Race, its culture, and its traditions will be exterminated unless White People start fighting mercilessly for their freedom and their future.

if people don't fight for themselves then NOBODY will. And for the God sake wake up and stop dreaming about  Zio-lackey Agent Orange Savior will do it for you!

As for Europe, they have crossed Rubicon and there is no way back. They are doomed!

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What have the Romans every done for us?

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Is this a serious comment? In regards to the location of the U.K.? If so, turn off your computer and go to bed, you may as well quit now.

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You're funny. Are you sure you live on the same planet as the rest of us? I would leave navigation up to others if I were you. Because you'll get hopelessly lost if you tried to navigate yourself. Next tip, don't leave the continent. You'll never find your way back home if you did. You'd probably end up in Somalia while trying.

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"It could be argued that there’s never been a time in history, where so many Americans thought that we were on the brink of another major war."  the us is  at war in afghanistan yemen syria libya iraq still with Nkorea, sanctioning russia especially crimea, iran, then there is turkey..  

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One billion plus in India vs One billion plus in China.

India will back if pushed enough, their weak-kneed.

Arnold's picture

There were some very prideful and, aggressive 'tribes' in the sub continent.

Gherkhas, Sikh and Sentinelese come to mind.

Generally Buddhists can be counted out as combatants.
Karma contributions gratefully accepted...

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Could this be the one single conflict in the world that the American Deep State does not want to exacerbate?

Arnold's picture

I'd have to take a look at what numbers I can find, and get some WOPR time,

but aside from a nuke exchange, it would seem to me to be a Chinese slaughter, a la blitz kreig, until they get to the Kashmir and Hindu Kush.

There, and in Paki, the ragheads would put up a wall of death.

land_of_the_few's picture

Daleks vs. Cybermen: A Conversation Between Two Linguistically Gifted Groups

Canary Paint's picture

Interesting little piece of commentary there... Thanks!

Eyes Opened's picture

Only because they manufacture their OWN weapons...  No MIC customers here....

Canary Paint's picture

Ha ha... You made me laugh on that one.

I think India still buys a lot of stuff from other countries, but I think they diversify their vendors. Russia and France get a decent chunk of money from them, or they used to anyway.

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Wow. This happened to me yesterday. I mean, exactly. Except for the last part, and that's when I spit beer out my nose.

It burns!

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"has recently seen Chinese live-fire drills"

Chinese fire dr.....    ( keep the joke inside --- keep the joke inside )

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Is this picking a cherry off a block of ice with your cheeks?

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Pea, uncooked, is Masonic tradition, Peachy.

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It is my understanding that the conflict flared up after China started building roads in a disputed area, just like they built arrifical islands in disputed waters.

If the Chinese stayed whitn thier borders, there won't be any need for a war.

Besides, are they really so crazy that they think they can take on Inda in the south and Japan, the U.S. and Southeast Asian countries in the east and southeast?

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Yup they can, they have 50 million extra young men that can be use as cannon fodder.

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Fuck this propanganda piece.The boundary was drawn by the perfidious albion,hence sunject to change.

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I'm calling you out as a White Minimalist, even though it is a new phrase to me.

perfidious albion

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Totally siding with India on this one.

China sucks all the bathtub farts in the world.

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India is colorful but filthy poor and I hate stepping over dead bodies on my way from my hotel to a restaurant.

China is 100% commie thats true, but clean nowadays and super energized. And the girls there hot as heck in their miniskirts, something you won't see in India.


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Yeah, guess we're outnumbered here.  Americans not living on the coasts won't have a clue until it's too late.

I wanna send a donation to India if that war breaks out.

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When you get ready, I have a wallet hash to give you.

rockstone's picture

Hopefully we can just stand back and watch the three of them blow each other to bits.

And pray the winds are to the south.

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Who's up for a nice 48 hour cocaine-inffused game of Risk?

I can come up with a couple of 8-balls. Whatchu got?

Bring it.

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"... there are several powerful nations that could spark a global conflagration without America’s input."  As if the US isn't involved in that too.  The regime has their fingers in everyone's pie.

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What a crock of sh*t

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Pass the popcorn!

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Lol china and india will mever go to war. Just sabre rattling. They are both scared.

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ZH is a jew run fear porn site. Pretty obvious.