"You Afraid Of A Dead Body?" Boys Who Laughed While Man Drowned Will Face Charges

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In a news story that sounds like something from Mad Max, a group of Florida teenagers who filmed themselves laughing and cracking jokes while a disabled man drowned, and then left the scene without telling anybody, will face criminal charges after all – but there’s a catch.

The teenagers, each between the ages of 14 and 16, will be charged with not reporting a death, a misdemeanor offense under Florida law. Authorities initially said there didn’t appear to be grounds to prosecute the teens, who were caught on camera mocking 32-year-old Jamel Dunn as he drowned in Cocoa, Florida, according to the New York Post.

The callous crime, which is vaguely reminiscent of the infamous Kitty Genovese slaying in New York City, is indicative of a trend tht has been bothering older Americans since the first signs began emerging in the early 90s. The contemporary breakdown in communal responsibility, fostered by smartphones and digitization of daily life, where violent videos inure children to death and violence. The boys can be heard in the video discussing Dunn’s impending death. One of the boys teased another about being scared to see a dead body, the boy replies “I ain’t scared to see no dead person.”

The disturbing footage, recorded by one of the boys, shows Dunn, who is disabled, struggling and screaming for help in the pondIn response, the boys urge him to get out of the water – “Get out the water you’re going to die!”  Another boy shouts. “We’re not finna help you!”

The recommended charges will be given to the Florida State Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether to prosecute the teens, according to Cocoa Police Chief Mike Cantaloupe.

Even if the boys are charged, misdemeanors typically carry sentences of less than a year, leaving the boys free of criminal records, unless they commit more crimes as adults Cocoa Police Department spokesperson Yvonne Martinez said the teens, ages 14 to 16, had The department didn’t disclose the number of teens involved, or their names.

“He started to struggle and scream for help and they just laughed,” Martinez said. “They didn’t call the police. They just laughed the whole time. He was just screaming … for someone to help him.” The teenagers didn’t stop joking about Dunn when he failed to surface in the water.

“Oh, he just died,” said one as the others laughed.

The teens left the Cocoa park without notifying anyone about Dunn’s death. Three days later, his body was discovered in the pond.

We are deeply saddened and shocked at both the manner in which Mr. Dunn lost his life and the actions of the witnesses to this tragedy,” State Attorney Phil Archer said in a statememt, according to NBC News.

Dunn’s sister Simone McIntosh started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his funeral and to help his two daughters.t Dunn’s death. Three days later, his body was discovered in the pond.

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Maybe there is a God.

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Another reason I moved out of Cocoa

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I am shcked to hear that the young gentlemen involved were of the African persuasion.

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Niggers are animals. You can't expect them to help a drowning man any more than you can expect a squirrel to do the same.

On a totally unrelated side note, squirrels don't get to vote.

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Listening to that conversation convinces me to stay they fuck away from them. So callous it is not even human. 


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You should avoid niggers as much as possible. Also, Never turn you back on one!


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There is no altruistic empathy in the African anthropoid.  They are still on the base rung of the evolutionary ladder and are not worthy to dwell in - nor access the largess of - the higher civilzations which are stupid enough to house them.  I know this is a general statement, but when writing on topics of this magnitude, generalities are of the utmost gravity when weighing solutions.

I mean... think about it all of you (especially those of the caucasian race - no matter your status).  Were the roles reversed... would ANY of you sit by LAUGHING as an innocent person floundered and drowned?!  Whites go far out of their way - often with risk to their own lives - to save animals in similar circumstances (deer, cattle, rabbits, dogs, etc...).

This horrible event is actually a good thing in one all-important way.  It will make the undeniable point that blacks are - in their essence - VERY different from their naive white benefactors.  No matter how much propaganda the jews spew with their illusions of egalitarian bliss, reality is quite the contrary.  We must be separated from one another if any upward progress is to commence for the human species on planet earth.  And, MOST importantly... the bacillus which malevolently enjoined us - must be completely disinfected from our societal body.

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Go fuck yourself and your "higher civilization". As much as I don't give a shit about negroos, every floridian needs to be exterminated. Collectively there is no worse race than a floridian. Be it jew, cracker, fag or nigger. Florida is pure americana. Brazil or haity of the usa. You want to study what went wrong with america go to florida. 

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The intelligent content and tact of your reply leaves no reason for a rebuttal.  Thank you for saving me the time to do so.

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How many black slaves do you think white men have watched drown?

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The black slaves were treated better than the Irish.

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Anyone wants to become COLLATERAL DAMAGE to save a American-'Africant' who after an argument with GF wanted to commit suicide then has a change of heart in a alligator infested Florida body of water...

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I agree the commentary here is very unfair to the teens.  First of all, google "Jamel Dunn" and see who he was.  Very "colorful" characer along many dimensions.  Would you risk your life to save him?  NFW?  Then please reassess your comments about these kids.  One interesting point that has not been addressed at all -- did the kids know who the guy was?  Perhaps they did and were not fond of him.

Secondly, how many of you were ever teenagers out somewhere, hiding out of view and smoking pot, high as the Dow?  I am guessing more than a few ZH readers were in that situation.  Was calling the cops something on your list of possible things to do at that moment?  NFW?  OK, please reassess your comments.  Just about no one here would have done anything different from what those kids did, even aside from the fact that stoned black kids might be justifiably less fond of cops than even stoned white kids.


jeff montanye's picture

one point you make has occurred to me as well: making pot illegal greatly reduces the civilian support, logistically and professionally, of the police.  were it legal (of course these were teens) many adults at least would offer evidence about or at least direct police toward crimes.


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Good Samaritans?  Look at the map of blood donors.  Should tell you all you need to know:

World Blood Donor Map

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Does this mean if Hillary Clinton (disabled to fuck and gone - mainly mentally), due to depression from her election buttfucking, had decided to self-immolate with a can of gas in public over the road, and I preferred to remain in place and piss my self laughing, rather than crossing the tarmac to piss on her...I could be charged with something? Or is it all about context?

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...  It sounds like, as long as you report it, you'll be okay.  So, you know, call the cops and tell them afterwards how funny it was, and you're in the clear I guess.

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US enslaved them, UK civilized them.

There was a video a black person in the UK having a go at a Somalian muslim on the bus for "taking all our jerbs", it brought a tear to my eye...not all is lost.

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Wow ... how did you know where to get that from?  Great resource ...

post turtle saver's picture

I don't know about good Samaritans necessarily (that's the reason I do it, but that's just an anecdote), but I'd also observe that countries with highly advanced medical practices and facilities appear to map 1:1 for high blood donor participation (and yes I'd put Argentina and on that list, Cuba I dunno - at least they value the practiice but I doubt it's voluntary)...

I'd like to see a similar map for voluntary organ donors... I'd just about bet money that it turns out the same...

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

In fairness, most negros have at least one STD, manu have AIDS and those rare negros who are not on drugs or tainted by disease are still prone to have other blood deficiencies like sickle cell.

Sid Davis's picture

Not in a million years would I risk my life to save the likes of Jamel Dunn. I Googled that name and saw the picture of someone who displays the appearance of a low life slug, with his face and upper body covered with what looks like crude prison tattoos. He appears to be black.

There is always a very high risk to someone attempting to rescue someone who is flailing in the water. These boys, aside from having a callous attitude, made the correct decision to stay out of the water themselves, and there was nothing else they could have done that would have brought rescue to Dunn in time.

Given the situation in Minneapolis where an Australian woman was shot and killed by police after reporting a possible sexual assault in the alley by her house, I personally would now be hesitant to even call the police myself to bring help to a stranger, and you can be sure black people have a much greater distrust of police than well off white people.

Often gallows humour is used to deal with a situation that is overwhelming, so cut these boys some slack. They were teenagers, and didn't sound the brightest.

Any of you who would have gone into the water yourselves to save Dunn would only have been displaying your own serious lack of judgement and lack of value of your own life.

soyungato's picture

It is OK to be afraid and not risk your life for another but it is quiet a departure from laughing at the victim. These teenages diminished us all as human beings.

Gerrilea's picture

HOW do we know if these "boys" didn't dare him, threaten him or trick him into the water? 


As for your theory of "serious lack of judgment and value of your own life"...PRAYTELL, what do lifeguards do all day long???


Boohoo that you are afraid to call the police, who said they had to call the police??? The fire department would have been logical...they have equipment they could have put into the water...like a damn ladder.

NiggaPleeze's picture

Because there's surveillance video of Dunn scaling a fence and jumping into the pond alone.  Plus the boys wouldn't be so far away if they had thrown him in the pond.

crazzziecanuck's picture

I wouldn't be shocked that the white sherrif charged the kids with attempted murder if they had called.  Such is the sorry state of "policing" in this world today.  Throw in a callous media and it's no wonder more and more people are having less and less faith in the system.

True Blue's picture

I was a lifeguard at 15, and am a currently qualified rescue diver. Regardless of anything else I would have sent someone for help as I went into the water (prosthetic leg and all) and safely tried to retrieve the person. Grab a towel or such to 'reach' the victim and be prepared to render them unconscious as necessary, but to do less than even trying makes you less than human. Save your judgements until you and the vic are on dry land -there isn't time to "google" and judge somebody in danger.

kiwidor's picture

I can't swim more than about 50 metres.  i'm so dense i sink like a stone if i exhale.  So I ain't gonna try rescuing someone in the water, and that does not make me less human.  To try, knowing that I would probably fail, and endanger my own life, would be retarded. 

However, congrats for reminding folks to render the victim unconscious.    




Gerrilea's picture

"...the commentary here is very unfair to the teens..."

You've lost your mind, they are less than animals.

And as for this:

"Just about no one here would have done anything different from what those kids did"...


Take 30 minutes and go on YT and search for animals saving other animals.  Animals saving humans.

YOU are what's wrong with this society and the human race.  DYING isn't a damn joke or a game or funny.


IT doesn't fucking matter who Jamel Dunn was, the bottom line is and was, he was a disabled American that was allowed to die and the fucktards thought it was funny to video tape it and laugh about it.

What we don't know here is why he went into the water.  Did the cretins push him, threaten him, dare him or trick him.  There's more to this story than we know and it wasn't the dead man's character.


Xploregon's picture

Gerrilea- I agree. When I was a kid, the creek that was the back property line of our family farm flooded one Spring flushing out a warren of kit rabbits. One by one, my brown and white Beagle made the long slog across the field to the drenched kits bringing each one gently to our back porch in his mouth. Mind you, I have no doubt had my Beagle caught a grown buck or doe rabbit out in the open, he would have made a meal of it. That's the nature of survival and animal instinct.

My point being- these boys total lack of empathy for the struggling disabled guy, no matter who he is under any circumstance makes their humanity less than that of a dog. May any conscious they have haunt them all of their pathetic lives.

Jonas Parker's picture
"Sid Davis   Lost My Shorts Jul 23, 2017 4:35 AM

Not in a million years would I risk my life to save the likes of Jamel Dunn."


I was an EMT with the US Coast Guard. I'd risk my life to save any human being! In fact, I did, on several occasions!

the artist's picture

Jonas, I am with you.


I feel uniquely qualified to comment here...I lived in FLA for over a decade in the 80'-90's, I underwent lifeguard training, I have saved two people from drowning. 

The first person I saved was our high school quarterback. He happenned to be black. We were both seniors but we had never spoken a word to each other (different cliques and all). He had jumped off a local drawbridge about 40' into a very stiff tidal current. Turned out he could not swim very well. I could tell he was really struggling. It was senior skip day and a good portion of our class was walking back to our cars from the beach. It did not take long before yells of excitement turned to concern for this guy's safety. 

I was at the top of the bridge watching all of this go down. Nobody was making any move to help him including all of his football mates. I did not hesitate for a second and I and my friend Jaymie jumped off the bridge and swam to him. As we approached he was going under, then up, then under. He yelled at us to 'help me'. It was a pretty scry scene. 

Jaymie reached him first with intent to grab him by the shoulder and help him swim. We were both very strong swimmer/surfers. Total mistake. He grabbed Jaymie and shoved him under the water in a panicked effort to stay afloat. (they teach you this in guard training) Jaymie struggled to keep his head up and took in a lot of water but eventually got free. Ill never forget the look on his face of panic with the guy climbing on top of him. 

I stayed my distance and told him to calm down and explained for him not to grab me and relax when I was grabbing his arm. He lunged at me as well when I got close. I gave him a stiff arm to the gut and dunked myself under water. This is the technique for getting them to let go of you. I popped back up and kept my distance. I was fully prepared to let him pass out before I "saved" him. But He did calm down a little and I was able to grab his arm and pull him into the carry position with his body bouyed by my hip. 

Remember there was a ripping tide during all of this and there was nowhere to get ashore except mangroves so I dragged his limp ass all the way back to the bridge (I mentioned I was a really strong swimmer). It took about 10 minutes and the whole time I was talking to him calming him down telling him to relax. 

At the shore there were cheers from some people. The QB broke free of my carry and swam the last ten feet, walked out of the water towards his waiting teammates, never looked back, never said thank you, I never spoke to him again in my life. That was 28 years ago. 

I was not looking for thanks though. I was stoked that I had taken the time and considerable effort to go through the training that maybe saved my own life that day. Make no mistake, I would have tried to save the guy no matter what but the training made it a safe proposition for me. 

The very idea of watching someone suffer in this situation is an evil one. There is no defending it. 

FatTony7915726's picture

Has anyone see the photos of Jamal Dunn, the guy was a felon, criminal full of tatoos from head to toes.  Good ridance.!!! Another nig gone to hell!

hawaiian waverider's picture

You think those kids googled him or had any idea who the hell the drowning guy in front of them was?  Of course not.  You're an idiot and a pussy and typify the gawker useless fucks of this world that don't have an ounce of courage in their cells. You're a waste of oxygen.

Wait What's picture

I was going to comment something witty and biting... but it's amazing how many posters have already echoed my views. it's funny how ZHers think so much alike. I had a situation 2 nights ago where I was having a drink at the local tavern with a female I'd just met and since this is a popular public watering hole, a mexican thug tattooed up to his eyeballs jumped into the conversation. He moved between the girl and I and got in my face, spouting some drivel about Jesus and Satan and how I was going to hell, and he was going to send me there. "just a thug looking for a fight, who doesn't care if he dies or ends the night in jail. With nothing to lose, he was free to do anything." Fortunately for him, there was no physical contact, just words and threats. I signaled the girl and we took our leave of the situation. But it got me thinking... given this recent experience, would I be justified in letting him drown, watching him die, laughing, knowing what I know about the kind of person he is? I would argue yes. Some people just deserve not to walk among civilized society. people who constantly use bad judgement, who are violent, who can't learn to function in society, they are better off dead; society is improved without them. All they do is generate problems for the rest of us. Then they procreate and their children carry the legacy forward. You'd be amazed by how many of them we have in the USA.

FixItAgainTony's picture

> ... very unfair to the teens...

Normally impaired teens don't make a mocking/psychopathic video either which they later upload to the world for approval.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Being a slave and being altruistic is not a good combination for the slave.

keep the bastards honest's picture

well said. and the brave americans mostly take no regard of irish slavery in america hundreds thousand of them. just weep over blacks.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Irish slavery????  Indentured servitude at least lead to freedom and not having your kids stolen and sold on you.  One who had a servant, for instance, couldn't whip or assault their servant, nor would they be able to kill their servants without fear of charges.  You could beat and kill your property (slaves), but you coldn't do the same to your servant unless you had cause and you did not have free reign.  

So please, spare us the "woe is me my ancestors were abused Irish and our suffering was on par with black slaves."  Take a fucking number along with virtually everyone else, but don't lose sight of the fact that black people really got screwed way worse than anyone (except maybe the native population).  Jesus, even the waves of servants brought over in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were better off than "freed slaves" post-Civil War right through to the Civil Rights movement.

The Irish were treated like crap, as were the Dutch and Germans and even other people of English descent.  But that doesn't make anyone special.  Today, we may all be equals, but it doesn't give people the right to go back and lie by saying my descendants had it worse than slaves.

It's also never a good idea to "punch down" the socioeconomic ladder.  One should always be punching upwards.  Sometimes I wish I could punch our leadership in the smug little faces for real.  I'd never hit a child for bad behaviour, but man, would I really love to wallop some international leaders.  Beat them until they cry and straighten the f**k up.

MEFOBILLS's picture

So please, spare us the "woe is me my ancestors


You should probably educate yourself a little more.


Start here:


MsCreant's picture

I like "punching up."

A child's bad behavior is usually on the parents, though when they are very little, it is tough to get compliance (I never had to hit my son, today he is too good, Dudly Do Right). You find out "where they live" and take what they love away from them. You will get compliance.  The point being, your "punching up" works there too, the parent not the kid. 

The real welfare queens are Jamie and Lloyd. The real sociopaths are our so called "leaders." Every comment made about these kids should be made about our "leaders" too, yet none of us go after race when we do that.

Truth. Many times these kids are raised by parents who have checked out, because their parents "checked out." That is the cycle that needs to be broken. Welfare money does not do that, just keeps them alive. 

When I was in grad school, I was on a research project. We went into the homes of all kinds of folks doing the work. I will never forget a woman grabbing her baby by the arm (an infant) and hurling the child elsewhere (the baby spun like a discus and landed on it's belly) to make a seat for me. Can you imagine what that infant is up against? And then folks want to rail against Blacks. If no one cares for you, it is tough for you to learn to care about others. It can happen, but it is tough.

Maybe that is what happens to bankers too, who knows? Maybe I should feel bad for them too, who knows? Maybe hyper rich people are just as disengaged with their kids as hyper poor people are.

Point being, this is not about race, but a culture where there is a lack of connection. Not all black people are a product of this culture. A lot are. It is not their fault. It does not mean we have to lay down and take the abuse they will dish out on us. It does not mean all of them get to cry "poor me" and not be held resonsible for their behavior. Meanwhile we don't need to be dumbasses and over generalize either. 

Hating based on race is inaccurate and unhelpful. It does not get us anything actionable and it hurts innocent folks. I know too many awesome minority kids to hear different. When you give them love and attention, they suck it up and change in many cases. 

What I outlined here works for the Islam problem too. I don't want them here. It is too late for most of them, unfortunately. But it is their culture, not their race. 

Dindu Nuffins's picture

Blacks are the same in Africa, in Haiti, in Europe, and in wherever... Often, they govern these places themselves. So many cultures and nations, and yet always the same behaviours. Your "It's just their troubled childhoods!" nonsense is played out and silly. You are determined to be virtuous and feel good about yourself for that, rather than to be clear-sighted. There is no convincing you that we are different breeds, like pitbulls and border collies.

MsCreant's picture

How should I interpret my personal experiences of working with some minority students closely and watching them improve and eventually excell? What of the group of minority students I have who are straight A students, who cringe when others (black and white) come into class and "act the fool?" How should I interpret having minority colleagues that do outstanding work? And what I am to think about the students I am aware of that succeed through incredible odds working against them (sometimes their families DON'T support them, tell them they are acting "white," and they keep coming back to class and working hard, regardless). 

Some of them have a better work ethic than you and me combined because they HAVE TO in order to make it. 

What do I do with that?

FixItAgainTony's picture

ZH answer is that you are seeing the right trailing edge of the bell curve. Personally I see the entire human race in decline as we have technologically broken free of pressures from natural selection.

I'll admit I am not immune as non-corrected eyesight would have killed me dozens of times already.