Support For Trump Impeachment Now Higher Than Nixon

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More Americans want to see U.S. President Donald Trump impeached than Richard Nixon amid the Watergate scandal, a new poll has revealed.

Infographic: Support For Trump Impeachment Higher Than Nixon  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

According to Monmouth University, 24 percent of the U.S. public wanted Richard Nixon to leave the White House six months into his second term back in 1973.

Currently, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the appetite for removing Donald Trump is significantly higher with 41 percent of the U.S. public in favor of impeachment compared to 53 percent who are against it.

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ThorAss's picture

And we should believe this poll, because?

Laowei Gweilo's picture

because it means 53% of the country is sad Clinton lost but 51% are still happy Trump won


seems about right lol

philipat's picture

Excuse my ignorance but impeached for WHAT?

Keyser's picture

Because Mad Maxine and the entirety of the MSM say so... To hell will laws, facts and due process, their feelings are hurt and we can't have that...

Manthong's picture


I dunno…

If he keeps the clowns that are F’n up the foreign policy around too long, I might jump on that bandwagon.


Do what you said you were going to do.

First, there is this little swamp thing…

The rest will fall in place after you do your pledged plumbing work.


BetterRalph's picture

Vigilance against these fools.
Straight propaganda trying to scurry around to feel some apathy out.

jcaz's picture

Ah, this from the same people who had Hillary winning in a landslide and Obama with sky-high satisfaction numbers;

Fuck off.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Trump isn't going anywhere.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

We have to drain the swamp to see what's in it.

philipat's picture

And we are at the point where "Opininion Polls" instead of reflecting public opinion have become, via the selection of the sample, a form of propoganda to try to shape opinion. Just like all the "Opinion" polls before the election had Shitlery winning by a landslide (So don't waste your time going out to vote for Trump). CNN and MSM did more to try to influence the election through the use of these "opininion polls" than Russia ever did>

froze25's picture

These people still believe they control perception and thus reality, too few believe them anymore so it isn't working but they still try.

Colonel's picture

For not being a murderous thieving lying lefTARD gloBULList tool.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Wow. I guess that tail really can wag the dog.

And they accuse others of being 'fake news.'

Murderface's picture

A new poll shows that 100% of Americans think they should be millionaires.   Details to follow....

ElTerco's picture

Gross Incompetence. Consistent weakening of the US position in the world.

goober's picture

More like pure propaganda and misinformation en masse ! Nothing new, just more of it ad nauseum.

Tell what is not propaganda ? Is Comey guilty of crimes, is Hillary or A Weiner ? And what do these polls say about those events ?  And exactly what crimes has Trump committed ?

Fuck these criminals and there propaganda machine. This not even worthy to print, excpet perhaps to show the insanity present and how easy it is to mind fuck the populace. Or maybe better said how easy it was ?

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Support For Trump Impeachment Now Higher Than Nixon

My response: What a CROCK of CRAP.

Should this situation ever become a reality, the following will be a certainty.




4. DIVINE JUDGMENT (I will let everyone think about this one.)

I sure hope the LEGISLATORS understand the above because I believe they will be held to account by the American people.

Teja's picture


Trump is the Anointed One! His Return was Prophecied to mark the Arrival of the Last Days! Hail the Donald! Break Off the top of the Cross and you will have the Holy T!

evokanivo's picture

"they will be held accountable by the american people"

no they wont. seriously - where have you been? look around.

goober's picture

They certainly have not so far thats for sure, ask Finicum and the guys being prosecuted wrongly. As well many other serious matters that all those patriots did nothing ? Most live in fantasy and will never stand up to anything. No different than the original revolution, 3-5% stood up, the rest caved in or simply talked shit and went along to make money ! It is not a bit different today. I wish it were, but it isn't. All those guns mean nothing at all if it is all based on talk and fantasy. And that is just the straight up truth of the matter most are afraid to hear.

BetterRalph's picture

I would be looking PARANOID at PORTS, SANCTUARY CITIES, and what RATLINES, and I guess according to the news WALMART TRUCKING (with the 8 roasted souls)

I live in a Sanctuary City that has a PORT!!! I should be skeptical about Human Trafficking here. that is the reality.

Learning what I have about Silkway this week, If I was to REVERSE witch hunt, I would ask the questions who does the port do it's shipping with (international?) and who with diplomatic immunity (if any) uses containers in it.

Maybe just look at which country is suspect and then cross match with the ports. What angers me about all this is I remember awhile back some big ol snafu about the PORT SECURITY being taken over at a bunch of ports by the UAE.

Just wonderful. We really need to get rid of the corrupt legislators that allow all this. IT ain't TRUMP.

lester1's picture

Liberals will LOSE the civil war since they have no guns!!

gaoptimize's picture

It's not just the card carrying liberals who don't have guns.  I got a data point from a religous rigth suburban mother of 3, who is suprisingly awake about the coming SHTF but looks at it from a biblical perspective.  She doesn't want guns around because they are "not safe for the kids".  Normalcy bias infects every aspect of people's thinking, assessments of risk, and prioritization.

She is aware of risk to clean water if the grid goes down, but has never heard of Calcium Hypochlorite, and didn't have a plan at all.  She considers the water supply threat one of the "seals" of the apocalypse. 

Sudden Debt's picture

It was unamiously done by CNN employees who represent the entire population of America!

JRobby's picture

Monmouth University

(Laugh Track Deafening)

Uncertain T's picture

Pew Research is probably  the only pollsters left with any credibility... if even them. 

JRobby's picture

Trump won last November and has been under attack ever since. Think about that and the insane rumors and "news" stories since then. There have been so many.

What does that tell a "reasonable" person?

The Wizard's picture

For the most part, polls are a joke. However, over the last 45 years there has been more indoctrination of multiculturalism in the educational system, media and government. Also, there has been a greater number of illegals and their supporters who have been voting and are now counted in these polls.

The CFR globalists are showing success in creating a larger division within the country. A more powerful centralized government is a root cause. When a new rep gets elected on conservative principles and leaves the state for DC, it is no secret what happens.

vulcanraven's picture

"Polls" are fucking garbage... didn't everyone get a good lesson in this during the last election cycle?

goober's picture

They are simply another manipulated mechanism to control the masses. It is all fake and little more than more propaganda and disinformation. Nothing new in USA  today !

Hyjinx's picture

In the 1970s there were people who still knew what words meant. Today not so much.

custard's picture

You want to see D Trump sing? Check this out

land_of_the_few's picture

"If that *person* gets in, we will all hang from a noose!"

Donate Moar's picture

Cause we don't need no fucking facts!

This shit is getting soooo old.

As long as Trump pisses off the media and the LibTards, I say keep him in office.


European American's picture

Tyler, you should be ashamed of yourselves...such fucking bull shit fake news.

Blanco Diablo's picture

How many Tylers can you name?

Takfiri Tyler
Talmud  Tyler
Tabloid Tyler
Tattler Tyler

Thom Paine's picture

I think we may have a 'Fake Tyler' as well.

Byte Me's picture

Dylsexic Tyler

Mustn't forget that one..

PT's picture

Two-Minutes-Of-Hate Tyler?
Red-Meat Tyler?
Fishing-With-Bait Tyler?

arby63's picture

Devoid of anything useful. Fake as usual.

Twee Surgeon's picture

A Poll ? We have elections that make Venezuela look like Smartland. A Fucking poll ? Fuck off.Polls lost all meaning when the Printing Press went viral.

It's a MaNipplation machine. I went to a Mall and they were going to give me Pantyhose if I would participate in the Poll, All I could think was What the Fuck. Fucking land lines to old people and free pantyhose outside of a dying Mall and call it a Political trend because some cunt organization will give you cash to get the results they desire. Nice work if you can get it. It's all Fraud and should be prosecuted. Then kill them.

Colonel's picture

"According to Monmouth University..."

Yah MonMOUTH suuuure, trust a bunch of lefTARD gloBULLists.


Truth is power, lies are a weakness. All we get now are lies, statistics designed to mislead and phony reassurances that the status quo is stable and permanent...

Blanco Diablo's picture

MonMouth-U is Dindu-U's brutha campus of the Soros campus network.

LargeMouth-U's Poll finds that 95% of respondents support Linda "CockRoach" Sansour for President and 100% support "Kill Whitey".

What a steaming pile of Soros.

Blanco Diablo's picture

I am awaiting Tabloid Tyler's article:

"What happens when a pro immigration - pro gun control man hating lesbian  flaming feminist liberal women's march organizer meets Somali Muslim affirmitive action cop in Little Mogadishu." 

The Comments Will be Glorious!!!

The First Rule's picture

Because these are LibTard Polls that VASTLY OVERSAMPLE Democrats, as a general rule you need to take 10 PTS out of one column and put it in the other, if you want something resembling an accurate poll.


Thus 31% Favor Impeach, 63% Oppose.

Would be much, much closer to the Truth.

MaxThrust's picture

New fake poll shows that support for Trumps impeachment is higher than Nixon's


DIgnified's picture

Let's see -

26% Republican

40% Independents (read embarrassed Democrats)

34% Democrat

Over-sample the left. Again. They never learn.  And the influx of embarrassed Democrats/butt-blasted Bernouts into the "Independents" isn't fooling anyone.