Support For Trump Impeachment Now Higher Than Nixon

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More Americans want to see U.S. President Donald Trump impeached than Richard Nixon amid the Watergate scandal, a new poll has revealed.

Infographic: Support For Trump Impeachment Higher Than Nixon  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

According to Monmouth University, 24 percent of the U.S. public wanted Richard Nixon to leave the White House six months into his second term back in 1973.

Currently, as Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the appetite for removing Donald Trump is significantly higher with 41 percent of the U.S. public in favor of impeachment compared to 53 percent who are against it.

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Arctic Frost's picture

While I will agree there are a lot more independents these days that recently were ignored Democrats but most independents are politically middle that lean towards the right. The MOST important thing to understand about us is:

WE NO LONGER TAKE PART IN POLLS! Most of us don't even post in social media forums. I am an anomaly as I am very public about my views. We are the wheels of Trump's train!

That's why the libs are so confused, for we were supposed to support Clinton. She was supposedly representing people from the middle. She and the DNC didn't comprehend once we saw them acting like a bunch of fascists towards their own during the DNC they lost us. All their continuing antics are pushing us further right. In one way they're right if Russia did indeed release the emails to Wikileaks, it did change the outcome of the election. But NOT because of the released emails, it was because the way the DNC and Clinton weren't even contrite about what they did. Then they had the stupidity to call people uneducated white males who thought the emails were disgusting. Until they get that, we won't vote for another Democrat, EVER.

junkyard dog's picture

Another bullshit post. 48% of the electorate refused to vote. They do not care what Trump is doing and not doing. 24.5 % voted for Trump. That leaves only democrats who voted for Hillary wanting Trump impeached.

JDFX's picture

' Hillary certain to win Whitehouse ' 


Polls 2016 through to election day ! 


Next delusion please....



Obsidian Samctum's picture

If I have learned anything about the comments on this site, its that 90% of the time the people in the comment section do not know wtf they are talking about. And 99% of the time they are wrong. Just a bunch of anal obsolete backward thinking worthless parasites that is the baby boomer generation.

Colonel's picture

ZH commentators just took a poll about you and 99% sampled said you were just another shitstain globalist tool with his head up his ass. See how easy that was? Now fuck off somewhere else POS.

Obsidian Samctum's picture

Lol y u mad boomer? Cant get it up no more? Hahaha

11b40's picture

When you grow up, if you are lucky you will learn how to use the big head to control the little head. We see you are not there yet.

me123me's picture

Present company included. 

PT's picture

... and yet here you are!  Did you finish watching the paint dry?

The Wizard's picture

OK genius. Let's hear some specifics to tell us what you know so much about and others don't. What has the educational system fed to you?

I'll agree with you, a good number of commenters don't provide much in the way of specfics and you have placed yourself in the same camp.

Singelguy's picture

And you are living proof of your statement.

lie_to_me's picture

CNN is that you?

alphasammae's picture

Another Fake Poll Report. I guess CNN finally brainwashed the stupid masses with repeated lying slogans. 

Thom Paine's picture

Oh, a negative poll on Trump, how surprising.  Just like the polls that said Clinton was 98% probability to win the election.

We all know that polls on Trump are fashioned by the anti-Trump crowd to create an agenda.

There is Fake News and also Fake Polls, and they both are at about 95% faked.

AND why would Zero Hedge post a poll from a fucking University?

ZH watch out for your credibility - getting like fake MSM, posting crap data.

me123me's picture

Now they just need a reason why. The funny thing is that is a good President. Certainly much better than Obama. 

meditate_vigorously's picture

(((Polls))) don't lie, Goyim. Quit your kvetching.

Thom Paine's picture

Zerohedge - scrap this story, it has no credibility and its fucking up the credibility of ZH

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

If vast numbers of Americans don't want Trump impeached, then Trump isn't getting his job done properly.

Keep it coming, Don.

NickPeeMe's picture

Imagine that, an angry billionaire moron that plays the victim and talks out his ass contradicting himself and his own cabinet, can't open his mouth without lying and you are surprised that Americans want him Impeached? Typical Trumptards. Keep in mind most Americans didn't vote for Trump or Hillary. There is a small section of the American voters that will support this raving lunatic even if he was shitting on their face. Your imaginary civil war will be short lived, poorly armed , lacking in leadership, brains, brawn and the stomach for a real civil war. your nothing but a bunch of angry loudmouthed Pussies.

Bondo's picture

hillary supporters much worse. 

look around fool

44_shooter's picture

It's amazing how popular your comments are...

Oh wait, those are downvotes..

lie_to_me's picture

Don't make me grab your pussy.

Librarian's picture

>Support For Trump Impeachment Now Higher Than Nixon

Why would anyone support the impeachment of a dead former president?

Teja's picture

Ah, you are referring to Nixon. Pity. I misunderstood at first.

missionshk's picture

zh controlled by soros now?

Cockoo's picture

More deception conceals the truth by misleading fake polling numbers, misinterpretation of the media hypocrisy is beyond words.

cstu7011's picture

'It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.'  (((Kissinger)))

izzee's picture

Say hello to the next Bubba.
takin' us beyond our imagination to places we can't have imagined, with a magnitude of imaginaion, that we-as a people- could never have imagined.

2020 Beyond Imagining Imagination

So---onward to the Imaginary Futue.

Can You Imagine That WITH US?

Maxime Maximus.

Ruler of The Empire

Robert of Ottawa's picture

A wirthless report explaining that those that voted for Hillary, the Dementocrats, still want Hilllary.

A propaganda poll.

East Indian's picture

90% population wants debt slavery to end

lo2hi's picture

Err...ahh........stop going in debt. Duh!

RealityCheque's picture

So find an actual impeachable offense that he's committed.

Otherwise, stop complaining. It's getting very sad.

shimmy's picture

If the poll is legit and also didn't have a massive dumbocrat oversample, I would gather the reason it is so high is because many are just sick of president pumpkin continually going on twitter and whining about everything. 

I'd like to see an alternate universe where he didn't go on twitter to whine and see what his support is like then. I am pretty sure it'd be higher. 

smallblockchevy350's picture

So you think it would be better if Trump spoke only through CNN and wapo and the like? lol

amadeus39's picture

Shimmy, you're  confusing whining with attacking.  Trump attacks. Snowflakes whine.


Bill Melater's picture

Impeached for what?

His hair cut or for having burried Hillary?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Read the tiny print. Monmouth University, lol. I fucking don't think so, snowflakes.

Spiro The Greek's picture

Impeachment of Trump will be the end of the globalist left elitist snowflakes once and for all. Their ignorance and disengagement of reality makes them not realise that what they are wishing for is also the end of their existence.

Can you imagine what happens they day after anyone tries to impeach Trump?...globally??

In the eyes of the logical people of this planet, Trump is our last chance for normality and order. Try to take this away from us and watch your heads roll.

laughnow's picture

When did Zero Hedge become fake news? Sad.

PT's picture

But it's true!  That mob really did run a poll that ... and ZH is telling you about it.

Probably for a laugh.  Throw some red meat and watch the dogs get stuck into it.  Not my idea of fun but you get all sorts in this world.

Let no-one say that ZH is biased!  They give both sides of the story even if it pisses off their loyal readers.  Or perhaps even especially if it annoys their ... LOL.

Naaaah, gotta admit.  It does dilute ZH and take away from what makes it special.

It is a well known fact that 85% of all statistics are just made up.

Except for all statistics before and since the election regarding Trump and Hillary.  Then the figure is, I dunno, 99.9999999% made up?  I hear she is going to win the 2016 election.

cherry picker's picture


All these statistica fillers make the pre election polls predicting Hillary look good.  None are believable and are making ZH look like fake news.


Arrest Hillary's picture

All is diversion .... from the high crimes and treasonous felonies .... of Bill, Hill and Bum ? ("They almost had us this time ?" Das Boot)

shutterbug's picture

Another Fake News statistics... the only beings who still BELIEVE in statistics.... are zombies.

Humans see the for what they really are ... politically driven PR stories (aka Fake News)...


Bill of Rights's picture

Nixon resigned you fucken retards he was not impeached...

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

They're talking about the population's "support" for impeachment!