Eight States Including Illinois Have Not Recovered Jobs Lost In Prior Recessions

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

Illinois, Alabama, Connecticut, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Ohio, and Wyoming are the only states that still have not regained employment lost during the Great Recession or prior recessions.

The Wall Street Journal comments These Eight States Still Haven’t Regained All Their Lost Jobs.

Nonfarm payrolls in June still lag high-water marks set in 2008 or earlier in eight states struggling against headwinds like population loss and the manufacturing sector’s long-term decline: AlabamaConnecticutIllinoisMichiganMississippiNew MexicoOhio and Wyoming.


At the same time, unemployment rates were at all-time lows in six states, a mix of regions that are experiencing strong growth and other places with slower job gains and possible worker outflowsArkansasCaliforniaColoradoNorth DakotaTennessee, and Washington. Records for state unemployment rates go back to 1976.


Some areas face structural challenges, such as factory employment’s long decline. Across a swath of the industrial Midwest – Illinois, Michigan and Ohio – employment peaked back in 2000 and still hasn’t recovered to that level after two national recessions and two recoveries.


For other states, the local jobs recovery has simply been much slower than the national average.

Notably, in past recoveries, some states saw their unemployment rates return to normal levels not because jobs returned but because job seekers moved away or otherwise departed the local workforce.

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Publicus's picture

deport the illegals, problem solved.

gatorengineer's picture

Thats a big part, we also have to dis-incentify people from staying home.....  Its far too easy for a person to get 40-60k a year in benefits (read single parents), and not work.  SNAP needs to be no longer accepted at ANY restaurant, and should only be spendable on a very limited list of grocery items (milk, bread, eggs, fruits and veggies, and limited meat, shouldnt be able to buy coke with it, or filet mignon).  But this would require ending corporate welfare.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

All the single moms in my area buy Filet Mignon.  I smell it BBQ'ing every Saturday night. 

Umh's picture

It has annoyed me for decades to watch someone on food stamps/snap eat better than most working class people. It use to be fairly obvious when the paper food stamps were in use.

Mr 9x19's picture

dafuq is this chart about all but what is enumerated.

plus it is all BS, there has not been any recovvery meaningless only part time job.

everywhere on earth unemployment increased.

bluez's picture

This is stupid. They will get $20K if they're damn lucky. And I have not even seen fillet mignon anywhere in town in years. It's sure not like these people won the lottery.

It is true that I saw a 100% disabled vet with almost no income "buy" a whole house recently, but obviously he'll "own" it for about three months.

And no they do not quite have Caddilacs.

Mikeyyy's picture

you're wasting your time here with the truth - you can't fight the narrative these stupid fucks have, so don't bother.  

bluez's picture

It's been taken over by a cult of special cornflakes.

ATM's picture

Damn licky? $20,000/yr for doing nothing? Sounds like winning the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes to me.

Shit, 20 large then work off the grid like most of these sick, amoral fuckers do stealing and dealing. And they get 20Gs on top of that from the government? Sounds like living better than 95% of the rest of the world.

bluez's picture

This welfare storm is not caused by government over-generosity. It's because women have become so "liberated" that they can't afford to avoid the sweatshop or the battlefield unless they go on the dole. The fathers just drift away, although many are forced to pay support money, which reduces the costs of the welfare.

Therefor, millions of children, although brutally deprived of having fathers, are raised by poor welfare moms. If they're lucky and avoid getting kidnapped by Child Protective Services with its special pizza franchises. If the men could make enough to form a family this would all disappear, but industrial automation has foreclosed on that solution.

Meanwhile the special cornflakes complain bitterly about the tiny sums allotted to the welfare moms. They can't see their way clear to blame it on the shiny machines.

JRev's picture

TPTB aren't stupid. 

You ever wonder why the "Great Society" front-ran the controlled demolition and export of American manufacturing? 'Cause they knew they had to pay off the seething masses lest they riot. Replace the drug trade with lost industry. Blacks were the beta test, but now this model knows no color - only economic status. 

Yeah, it kills me every time I go to the grocery store with my little basket of healthy food as I'm stuck behind the behemoth with a cart full of nothing but Strohs Ice Cream and Vernors paying with State money. But the people on benefits aren't stupid, either - navigating the labyrinth of social welfare to the tune of 40-60k, I'd say, is about as difficult as being a low-mid tier, useless white collar corporate paper-pusher boob. You make about the same, too, and you're free of student debt! Provide about the same value to society...

EBT is a symptom. It's a glaring one, sure, but it ain't the disease.

ATM's picture

It ain' the disease but it is a plague.

The real disease is fiat currency, and the position of the dollar as the world's reserve. We are living the Triffin Dilemma.

moonmac's picture

Go ahead and cut food stamps. There's 10,000+ Free Food Pantries in the USA with another 10,000 planned.

chubbar's picture

The fact Illinois just about doubled the income tax rate, has a "no go" zone where a couple thousand shootings occur each year, has one of the highest property taxes in the US, will go bankrupt in the next couple of years probably has no bearing on working people leaving the state.

bluez's picture

These selfish people have no loyalty to their state.


junction's picture

More proof of the destructive and long term effects of the 9/11 attacks orchestrated by the Bush Crime Cartel.

RagaMuffin's picture

Create a new job classifcation " Dodging Bullets", and you can take Illinois off the list.....

bankbob's picture

Just think how bad these numbers really are.  What would they look like if Obama had not controlled the BLS for 8 years worth of horse shit numbers.

gatorengineer's picture

Why hasnt Trump fixed this?

numapepi's picture

Because the democrats and republicans are fixated on getting rid of him rather than doing their jobs.

pocomotion's picture

China needs to CONTINUE to create 50mm jobs a year for the next 8 years to get their working peasants, 1B of them, into the China middle-class so the planning of the NWO can achieve it's goal of -- no chink in the agenda...  lol



markitect's picture

The swath of land from NJ west through the great lake states was the most productive agricultural and industrial empire mankind ever created and not only created wealth for the owners but also the common man.  Naturally, the asshats in DC had to fuck it and kill it off.  And dont believe this shit about high tech manufacturing coming back, it was here 25 years ago and they still moved it offshore.  I saw fully robotic 3 axis milling lines with robotic arms loading and unloading parts and robotic trains routing through factory floors back in the early and mid 90s with very few employees.  Im actually quite shocked the rust belt of all regions hasnt been the first to take drastic actions against the Federal overlords, its the region thats lost the most.  

lester1's picture

Left IL for VA back in 2011.


Was an excellent decision!

Angry White Guy's picture

God I'm SO sick of reading crap like this.  THERE IS AND HAS BEEN NO RECOVERY.

100+ million out of the workforce, and we are STILL importing 100k a month H1-B invaders!

Fuck this country.  It's no place for average good people anymore.

what happened's picture

Corruption is also hurting some of these states.  When are we going to bring trust back to the judicial system?





shivura's picture

thanks Obama!! good work!

factorypreset's picture

You should read some history.  Obama is not solely to blame.  Actually saw a chart that shows a steady decline in mfg jobs in the US after WWII. regardless, this has been going on for 40+ years and every president since Johnson shares the blame. 

rejected's picture

Sorry Charlie,,, doesn't fit the narrative here at ZH.

The fault lies with whoever is presently in office or the most hated or both.

Umh's picture

When most of the world's factories outside of the US were destroyed it was easier to be the leading manufacturing nation.

any_mouse's picture

Obama did not create the FED.

Know the real enemy.

waspwench's picture

Obama was/is just an employee.   He does as he is told.

Goldbugger's picture

The  labor dept report BS lies about the unemployment rate always has and always will.

Seasmoke's picture

Surely someone missed New Jersey. Unless they actually believe that fat fuck Christies numbers. 

Panic Mode's picture

But but but .... we employ even more robots, computer. How that is not good.

Caveman93's picture

What!? Wait? Where is New York?

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Jobs = wage slavery


Not exactly soemthing you truly want to "recover".

moorewasthebestbond's picture

A leisure society where work is voluntary and robots do most of the heavy lifting.


Once mankind frees itself of central governments and the Federal Reserve, this can become a reality.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Star Trek is 200 years in the future. I like to concentrate on stuff that is going to happen while I'm still above room temperature.

JRev's picture

"Once mankind frees itself of central governments and the Federal Reserve, this can become a reality."

So... who's financing the development of robotics and AI, again? 

jfc post/transhumans are idiots. No wonder y'all need to be replaced by software, you can barely think for yourselves.

Five Star's picture

Basically if you look at the statistics, for every person that found a job since the recession, someone retired and another person left the workforce before retirement age. 


Drop-Hammer's picture

The jews did this.  They gutted America's middle class jobs and factories and shipped them overseas to be performed by third-world slave labor and then reaped the windfall of increased (((share-holder))) value and profit.   They imported tens of millions of third-world peoples, via legal and illegal immigration to become citizens/voters to replace us evil YT deplorables.  Of course, all of it facilitated by our jew and goy lap-dog politicos in exchange for perpetual campaign cash and political power.  Globohomos does not begin to describe these wretches.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Sounds about right to me.

The 2 Jews lurking here downvoted you.

Blue Dog's picture

The Jews wiped out the dinosars. That statement makes as much sense as the hateful Nazi drivel that you spewed.

Dickweed Wang's picture

The jews did this.


It wasn't the "jews" as a group but the people involved in stealing over 20 trillion from US taxpayers over the last ten years certainly were all Tribe members and hard core Zionists to boot.  The USA will never be "great again" as long as the Tribe calls the shots in so many important sectors of our economy and government.  Why is it that no-one will talk about the elephant in the living room here?  That the Tribe accounts for only about 2% of the population in the USA but hold over 75% of the positions of power in banking, education, print media, movies and the MSM - to name just a few.  Wake up people!

any_mouse's picture


This is not a glitch or a mistaken policy or an unforeseen consequence.

It is a deliberate plan.

To a certain group, the FED's policies are not wrong, the FED is working as designed.

The owners and moneylenders are also the social reformers.

Holodomor USA.

peippe's picture

If the EMTs & cops would get out of the way the Opioid Crisis would fix this in 18 months.

surf@jm's picture

The unemployment rate is as big a fiction as saying todays stock market reflects a booming economy......

When less people have a job to lose, so they can collect unemployment when they lose that job, that means the unemployment rate goes down....

But, I guess the partisan news media, can crow, or belittle, depending on their biases......