Jordan Releases Footage Of Green Berets Killed While On Secret CIA Syria Mission

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Jordan has just released the previously suppressed CCTV video footage of last year's heinous attack on 3 Green Berets by a Jordanian soldier and ISIS-sympathizer as they entered a desert facility to conduct training operations as part of a CIA secret program aimed at regime change in Syria.

Last week we reported the following:

"The Jordanian government had a strong incentive to gloss over the murders of the three Green Berets.  Likewise, the CIA was scared of potential blowback and the exposing of their covert program," says investigative journalist Jack Murphy, himself an Army special forces veteran.


A premeditated green-on-blue attack in Jordan outside of King Faisal Air Base (at al-Jafr in Southern Jordan) late last year resulted in the deaths of three elite US Green Berets in what the media initially dubbed a mere unfortunate gate incident and what the Jordanian government dismissed as a "a tragic accident devoid of any terrorist motives". But the whole event and subsequent attempts at cover-up just as Obama was leaving office enraged both the families of the slain and the US special forces community; and it further threatened to blow wide open the CIA's illegal Syrian regime change operation, called Timber Sycamore, which involved American special ops soldiers being tasked with training so-called "moderate" Syrian rebels in Jordan and Turkey as part of an inter-agency program.


As details of the court case involving the shooter continue to emerge this week, the media continues to misreport the true nature of the what the US special forces personnel were doing in Jordan in the first place, and how a CIA secret program put them at risk.


Last November the three Green Berets were entering King Faisal Air Base assigned as part of the CIA's 'Timber Sycamore' training. According to court testimony as well as evidence collected by the Pentagon, a soldier in the US-allied Jordanian Army opened fire as the Green Berets' convoy was stopped in front of the base. The Jordanian guard fired for six minutes, reloading multiple rifle magazines. The Jordanian government and media attempted to paint a picture that the approaching US convoy charged the gate and neglected protocol, and that the guard thought he was acting in self defense (a claim later retracted by Jordan). But initially suppressed surveillance footage captured the entire event, and confirms a methodical and willed attack as the Americans yelled in English and in Arabic, “We’re Americans! We’re friendly!" (the Jordanian military court refused to show the footage). As Foreign Affairs reported, "they were hunted down and executed at close range." A fourth US soldier was able to wound the shooter, bringing the attack to an end.

Watch the just released video (previously suppressed by the Pentagon, FBI, and Jordanian government) here:

Excerpt from the United States Special Operations Command 15-6 investigation report:



4 Nov. 2016 King Faisal Air Base Shooting AR 15-6 Investigation Summary

b. The Jordanian Air Force guard opened fire on the second vehicle of the convoy with his M-16 rifle, killing SSG Kevin McEnroe and mortally wounding SSG(P) Matthew Lewellen.

c. Within seconds of coming under fire, SSG James Moriarty and another Soldier exited the third and fourth vehicles in the convoy in order to seek cover as the shooter closed on their position. After unsuccessfully trying to communicate to the shooter that they posed no threat, the Soldiers returned fire. While the other Soldier maneuvered to gain a better position, SSG Moriarty stood and fired his pistol directly at the shooter, who was wearing body armor. After closing in on their position, the shooter shot SSG Moriarty twice mortally wounding him. SSG Moriarty’s actions enabled the remaining Soldier to maneuver and engage the shooter and seriously wound him.

d. SSG McEnroe died at the scene. SSG(P) Lewellen and SSG Moriarty were medically evacuated after receiving initial treatment at the local medical treatment facility but died en route to King Hussein Hospital in Amman. Autopsy results show that no amount of medical care could have saved these three Soldiers due to the nature of their wounds.

e. All team members maintained at least an intermediate language proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic. Prior to deployment, the teams conducted additional language training in Levantine Arabic, specialized weapons training, and advanced medical training.

f. There is no evidence that substantiates post-incident allegations and speculation that alcohol was involved, the Special Forces Soldiers were not complying with established procedures for entering the gate, or the Americans were the first ones to fire their weapons.

Read more about the circumstances behind the deaths of the Green Berets and the CIA program they were involved in here.

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historian40's picture

Paid mercenaries used to commit terrorism in the form of forced change of government.  These are the "good guys" just cuz.  They certainly aren't upholding their oath.  Their orders hold no Constitutional authority.

Barry Madingo-Odongo's picture

You defend on home soil and attack on foreign ground. Wrong place, wrong time..

stacking12321's picture


fuck em!

and, "heinous attack"?

no, the heinous attack was when some assholes in the USSA decided to send some brainwashed tools to go do their diry work for them halfway around the world, where the USA has no business.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

All died for glorious Greater Israel.

froze25's picture

Led by the same CIA DIRECTOR  that called for a Trump coup. CIA has armed and traiNed ISIS, just shows that OBAMA was just a extention of the Bush/Clinton Crime family. Globalist scum. Like I said before all the right Assholes hate Trump. Battalions of "moderate rebels" (ISIS) were trained in Jordan at CIA camps. I wonder if the ISIS sympathizer was in a photo with McCain? 

strannick's picture

Is overthrowing elected governments without congressional approval on behlaf of a secret Satanist Globalist cabal wrong always? Or except for when we do it?

strannick's picture

Is overthrowing elected governments without congressional approval on behlaf of a secret Satanist Globalist cabal wrong always? Or except for when we do it?

European American's picture

"CIA has armed and traiNed ISIS"

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

Mossad trained and participated.

InsaneBane's picture

MoSSad and the CIA/OSS are two hands on the same belly..James Jesus Angleton has even a memorial in Israel and was for many years liaison and member of the Mossad desk for the CIA.

A double agent and involved in the murder of JFK.

TungstenBars's picture

Dead merceneries doing the work of a hosile foreign entitiy don't deserve honour. Should've dumped their bodies in the ocean.

greenskeeper carl's picture

They do feats of will and endurance that are beyond what most humans can handle to earn that qualification. It is a shame that their talents were used and wasted in this manner.

As to what they were doing, they probably thought they had their countered best interests in mind when they were doing what they were doing. Rather than denigrating them in death, we would all be better served if you tried to prevent more such Americans from being sacrificed in such a foolish manner.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

"As to what they were doing, they probably thought they had their countered best interests in mind when they were doing what they were doing"

Hillary, is that you??

strannick's picture

Shit happens when youre up to unconstitutional, Globalist, no good

We'll wait for Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper to tell us what our proper emotional response should be.

Langley will be informing him what that should be shortly.

curbjob's picture

They were contractors motivated by a pay check ... which is why when the bullets started flying they ran backwards as apposed to the guy who was motivated by belief and ran towards them.

Eyes Opened's picture


Fuck you for your "service".... 

Lumberjack's picture

ZOA Calls on Trump to Fire Tillerson Over 'anti-Israel' Global Terrorism Report

Freddie's picture

Uncle Scholomo thanks them for their service as does Soros-Kushner.

Down the road - Their goy sons will be meth customers and goy daughters will be porn actresses so scholomo can make more shekels. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

Your statement just about sums this shite show up neatly....sad but true.... it's really one people against the world...

Buck Johnson's picture

Thats exactly what is happening.


SubjectivObject's picture

i agree

'last year's heinous attack on 3 Green Berets'

it's a fucking war, assholes

Conscious Reviver's picture

"Such a waste of life "

What? These three guys or the 1/2 million dead in Syria?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

You defend on home soil and attack on foreign ground. Wrong place, wrong time..

Hard to do the defending when you are killing your own to facilitate attacking on someone elses "ground"!

Sorry but these fucking Green Beret "zipper heads" deserved everything they got when they knew the truths behind 9/11 (,( as well as their comrade Pat Tillman and many like him that were fragged by their own for coming out of the closet with the unvarnished truth of the "mission"!

Left pity at the door after what was revealed long before Abu Ghraib in places like Kosovo and the pension for photos and vids of their trophy victims (

GoatHollow's picture

All so some rich guys can build a pipeline!!!

Barry Madingo-Odongo's picture

Check Genie Energy and Genel Energy...

Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.

with kind regards,
Heintz Kissinger

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

As much as I despise him, he never said that.

InsaneBane's picture

it's the mindset of the überjude to treat the goyim like fertilizer..

Read the Talmud

Freddie's picture

See tens of millions of innocents murdered in endless European war$ for the past 350 years plus $oro$ invading Europe with illegal invaders for a profit.

1.1 million murdered in the US Civil War so Rothschild agents could seize the wealth of the US South.

See 25 million Russian Christians murdered by non-Christian Bolsheviks for endless resorucesin Russia including oil, gold, diamonds and much more.


InsaneBane's picture

The cosmic debt they have created is unpayable, they just need to be eridacted..plain and simple. For the sake of mankind this slave system needs to end.

BTW: Hitler was a paid puppet and did a lousy job, read the 'Haavara agreement'.

svayambhu108's picture

You are an idiot, as long as the system is perpetuated no matters what entic group fuck you from behind, is the system not the people. Most of the jewish people are tools to their elite too because they don't have an option.

God is The Son's picture

Three Evil Men, Training Islamic Jihadists and the CIA is also Evil So is Jordan for allowing this on their Soil.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Reportedly, just after the attack began, McEnroe can be heard screaming, "YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!"

07564111's picture

" heinous attack "


Games Without Frontiers's picture

Should've done it with a drone, you can blow up entire wedding parties with a drone and you go "oopsie doopsie", and then no one holds you accountable.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...attack on 3 Green Berets by a Jordanian soldier and ISIS-sympathizer as they entered a desert facility to conduct training operations as part of a CIA secret program aimed at regime change in Syria."

Which of the two bolded selections is most heinous?

Normalcy Bias's picture

It's heinous because they were probably there training only 'moderate' Al Qaeda/ISIS/Daesh/Whateverthefucktheycallthemnowtoconfusethemasses Barbarian Muslim scum.

DollarMenu's picture

What kind of division are you trying to create?

If there was no secret program, there would have been no deaths.


historian40's picture

The second.  The US/empire's efforts to force regime change in Syria has resulted in hundreds of thousands dead, terrorized population, property destruction, etc, while the first resulted in 3 dead terrorists(under the US's definition of terrorism).

Freddie's picture

These guys are driving around with no rifles?  Shame on them that they allowed their zio bosses to allow them to only carry sidearm/pistols.

You would think they would know the Jordanian had body armor and would go for head shots not body shots. 

Dopes in country with Jordanian/Afghani and other allies holding rifles while you have a pistol.

Play stupid games for Uncle Schlomo and you win stupid prizes.

flyingcaveman's picture

This video showed the agressor has the advantage and a pistol still can save your ass even if the other guy has a rifle.

JuliaS's picture

American plan to bring democracy to the Middle East while removing democratically elected leaders of Syria and Iran. I get it. It's a democracy transfusion!


RedBaron616's picture

I think America is intent on removing Christians from the Middle East. Saddam Hussein's Iraq had churches and a thriving, protecting Christian minority. Even Tariq Aziz, the former Foreign Minister was a nominal Christian. Syria is the same way. Assad has protected the Christian community in his country.

N0TME's picture

I'm going to say door number ..........2 for 1000  Alex.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

(since we're mixing metaphors) ...A NEW CAR !!

Sanity Bear's picture

Begs the question whether the guys killed trained their own killer.

10mm's picture

Gentile names for what. Well we know what,right.

Normalcy Bias's picture

You'll seldom see them get dirt under their fingernails...

God is The Son's picture

Green Berts should be Disbanned and the CIA should also be Disbanned, Training Islamic Terrorists, is a crme, these Green Berts should of objected their Orders.