Bolivia's President Declares "Total Independence" From World Bank And IMF

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Via The American Herald Tribune,

Bolivia's President Evo Morales has been highlighting his government's independence from international money lending organizations and their detrimental impact the nation, the Telesur TV reported.

"A day like today in 1944 ended Bretton Woods Economic Conference (USA), in which the IMF and WB were established," Morales tweeted.


"These organizations dictated the economic fate of Bolivia and the world. Today we can say that we have total independence of them."

Morales has said Bolivia's past dependence on the agencies was so great that the International Monetary Fund had an office in government headquarters and even participated in their meetings.

Bolivia is now in the process of becoming a member of the Southern Common Market, Mercosur and Morales attended the group's summit in Argentina last week.

Bolivia’s popular uprising known as the The Cochabamba Water War in 2000 against United States-based Bechtel Corporation over water privatization and the associated World Bank policies shed light on some of the debt issues facing the region.

Some of Bolivia’s largest resistance struggles in the last 60 years have targeted the economic policies carried out by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. 

Most of the protests focused on opposing privatization policies and austerity measures, including cuts to public services, privatization decrees, wage reductions, as well the weakening of labor rights. 

Since 2006, a year after Morales came to power, social spending on health, education, and poverty programs has increased by over 45 percent.

The Morales administration made enormous transformations in the Andean nation. The figures speak for themselves: the nationalization of hydrocarbons, poverty reduction from 60% to less than 40%, a decrease in the rate of illiteracy from 13% to 3%, the tripling the GDP with an average growth of 5% annually, the quadrupling of the minimum wage, the increasing of state coverage on all fronts, and the development of infrastructure in communications, transportation, energy and industry.

And above all, stability, an unusual word in the troubled political history Bolivia, of which today, with the economic slowdown experienced by many countries in the region, is a real privilege.


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NoDecaf's picture

Boliva just went up a few lines on the USSA 'To Do' list

Croesus's picture

Tonight on the 11 pm "news":

"Bolivia interfered in the US election, working in tandem with Putin". McShithead will vote in favor of a new war on Bolivia, since they are a grave threat to the free world.

toady's picture

Time to nuke Caracas!

Mazzy's picture

La Paz?  Sucre?

Bolivia has two capitals, but neither of them is called Caracas.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

They elected Ponch from CHiPs to be their president? Or is Estrada the stand-in during public appearances?

jcaz's picture

Someone found a Bolivian Bitcoin source....

stacking12321's picture

bolivia, even though it's a landlocked country, has a navy, with dock facilities on 99 year lease from neighboring peru:



Mr. Universe's picture

Loading Bolivian take down scenario, implementing Bankers War in 3, 2, 1...

peddling-fiction's picture

Kudos to President Evo Morales. Grande Evo.

I live here in La Paz, Bolivia.

Four chan's picture

hitler had the same plan and look what the jews got out of that, millions

of whites murdered, creation of isrial, and a handful of jews was the cost to them. oy vey.

armada's picture

Evo Morales should watch it. The Long Arm of the USG, as wagged by Jewish bankers, might come for him.

in4mayshun's picture

Morales better hire John Perkins as a consultant if he wants to survive.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

ok then ISRAEL will have to send the USA to

-bomb brown people and/or

-a color revolution, or

-freedom fighters

for a regime change into a central banking compliant goyim government!

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture


oh, you are right" almost forgot it: CANCER.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Israel to cut off all relations with Bolivia due to the rise of anti-semitism.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Kudos.An intelligent ,informed man.He knows where the EVIL is

Reichstag Fire Dept.'s picture

Congratulation to you and your countrymen in making good progress! know the US Gov takes a dim view of countries that stop issuing high-ratio debt?


Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

You start dealing in real money and Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid will be back to blow up your bank vaults and rob payroll donkeys.

Joe A's picture

Chile took a part of Bolivia with access to the Pacific away from them. That was over a century ago. Every new government in Bolivia tries to get that back but Chile won't negotiate. Bolivia also has part of the Titicaca lake.

N0TME's picture

I always laugh when I hear the name of that lake.

caca coming from titi

Is that mother's milk?

peddling-fiction's picture

Bolivia can ship using Amazonic waterways all the way to the Atlantic.

Urea and Iron ore is already being shipped via these waterways.

Soon there will be a transoceanic railway between Peru and Brazil, that will go through Bolivia, in case the Panama Canal gets blocked, and simply to improve profitability, and skirt around Chile.

old naughty's picture

what's a flat top from Russia?

doctor10's picture

Somebody obviously without enough Freedom down their in the Andes

tmosley's picture

Bolivia is one of the shitholes that has banned bitcoin.

While is sounds great to declare independence from these (((globalist organizations))), they are going the wrong way--the way of Venezuela. Except they aren't nearly so wealthy as the Venezeulans were at the start of their "grand experiment".

yomutti2's picture

The dude looks like a major disco douchebag.


therealestg9's picture

No he looks like a Hispanic Trudeau

N0TME's picture

Your Avatar looks like the douchbag known as the unknown comic.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Well, the capital of Saudi Arabia wasn't Bagdad, either.

stacking12321's picture


since when have facts ever been allowed to interfere with USSA foreign policy?

Akzed's picture

He didn't say it was.

claytonmoore50's picture


Failed geography did you?

Rusty Shorts's picture

Morales is the one of the few who showed up at Fidel Castro's funeral...

HRClinton's picture

Bolivia has a color revolution in <2 years

Morales dies of cancer in <2 years

Tallest Skil's picture

BREAKING NEWS: Bolivia's president is Adolf Hitler reincarnated, as confirmed by Professor Moishe Shekelstein of Harvard University. The Congress of the United States has already drafted a bill to officially declare war on Bolivia to restore democracy and diversity and whatever the fuck else; I can't even keep up this parody.

just the tip's picture

but you did your best while it lasted.

Dead Canary's picture

Looks like Morales just became the latest target of the "Nail Gun Killer".

tmosley's picture

Not really. Moishe, Schlomo, and Eliezer actually admire him for his socialist street cred. He'll get the kit glove treatment, just like Chavez did.

Ms No's picture

Is Chavez still considered socialist or is it full on Communism now?  I don't remember who all owns Citgo and all that now but most of their local business has probably shuttered and certainly they ran off most of the US monopolies.  They probably don't miss the monopolies but all the other shuttered businesses sure will hurt.  They have armies of state workers and nothing left but the oil, which wont feed everybody.  He is dictating prices and wages.  People are dying.  Sounds Communist to me.

Edit: Not Chavez Maduro I mean.  I always switch those two.

Placerville's picture

That's not a parody, that's the script.

gregga777's picture

I think it's the "Do Unto" list, right?

Miner's picture

I don't know where Bolivia is, but we're going to freedom the shit out of them.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

' freedom the shit out of '


Mr. Universe's picture

They will be so free they won't know what hole to shit out of.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Just 3 words...balls-of-steel.

The Wizard's picture

Balls, with BRICS behind him. The breakaway. This might be a domino effect of countries migrating to BRICS banks. Still fiat but probably with a good percentage of gold backing it. Loans will be coming from BRICS. What country will be next?

TheReplacement's picture

I sure hope the Greeks don't get any silly ideas. 

peddling-fiction's picture

He caught my attention after he dropkicked the US Ambassador out of Bolivia, for being involved with USAID Eugenics programs planned for Bolivia.

He cares about his people, and that means a lot these days.

Putin and Correa are in his league, of ballsy but productive leaders.