Democrats Introduce Absurd Bill To Muzzle Trump's Tweets, Release Taxes, And Stop Saying 'Fake News'

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The rolling tantrum from the left against President Trump has stumbled into absurd territory. In a bill unveiled last week and co-sponsored by 28 House Democrats - led by Rep. Steve Cohen, who looks dead on the inside, H. Res 456 "Objecting to the conduct of the President of the United States" details how mean and unpresidential Donald Trump has been.

Packed with laundry list of grievances and remedies - including a demand that Trump "refrain from posting video of himself wrestling with a press logo," the bill is nothing more than a sad screed written by a pack of losers.

And people wonder why the DNC has become a laughing stock...

Here's a sample of Trump's crimes, misdemeanors and mean comments - according to H.Res 456:

Muh Taxes

  • Whereas President Trump has refused to release his tax returns, in a break from the practice of United States Presidents for more than 40 years;

(We haven't had a billionaire with corporate adversaries as president in 241 years)


  • Whereas the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, has actively courted foreign diplomats for their business and, whereas, some diplomats have said spending money at Trump’s hotel is an easy, friendly gesture to the new President;
  • Whereas, on February 22, 2017, the Embassy of Kuwait held its National Day Celebration at Trump International Hotel Washington, DC;
  • Whereas President Trump is an executive producer of “The Apprentice” and the state-owned television station BBC One in the United Kingdom pays licensing fees to broadcast the show;

(Ok, let's pretend Qatar spent the same $1 million at Trump hotels they gave Bill Clinton for his birthday six years ago. Out of that, say Trump nets around $100k. Going further, pretend Trump lied and he's only worth a paltry $500 million instead of $3.5 billion - and you're looking at just .002% of the President's net worth.)

Poor Browbeaten Comey (who democrats hated before they loved) 

  • Whereas, on January 27, 2017, President Trump invited FBI Director James Comey to a one-on-one dinner at the White House, during which he told Director Comey he needed loyalty;
  • Whereas, on February 14, 2017, President Trump told Director James Comey, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” and, “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”;
  • Whereas, on May 12, 2017, President Trump tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”;

Muh Russia

  • Whereas, according to a published report [New York Times, anonymous sources], President Trump told Russian officials, “I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job … I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off.”;
  • Whereas President Trump prohibited American press from witnessing his May 10, 2017, meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak at the White House, but allowed a Russian photographer to have access;
  • Whereas President Trump has refused to acknowledge, unequivocally, that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election;

Muh Foreign Policy

  • Whereas, on April 29, 2017, President Trump invited Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to visit him at the White House, despite the fact that Duterte has been accused of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects;
  • Whereas, on March 17, 2017, President Trump refused to shake German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand in an Oval Office meeting;
  • Whereas, on May 25, 2017, President Trump pushed aside Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in order to move to the front of a group of NATO leaders;

Muh Muslim Ban

  • Whereas, on June 5, 2017, President Trump tweeted, “People, the lawyers and courts can call it whatever they want, but I am calling it what we need and what it is, a TRAVEL BAN!”;
  • Whereas, on May 25, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit upheld a preliminary injunction blocking President Trump’s revised Executive order, saying it “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.”;

Trump's a Meanie

  • Whereas President Trump used Twitter to circulate a video of him violently wrestling a man covered by a CNN logo, which, according to the Reporters Committee on Freedom of the Press, was a “threat of physical violence against journalists;
  • Whereas, in a February 4, 2017, tweet, President Trump referred to a Federal judge with whom he disagreed as a “so-called judge”;
  • Whereas, on June 29, 2017, President Trump tweeted, “I heard poorly rated @Morning_Joe speaks badly of me (don’t watch anymore). Then how come low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho Joe, came … to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row around New Year’s Eve, and insisted on joining me. She was bleeding badly from a face-lift. I said no!”;
  • Whereas, on April 28, 2017, President Trump referred to United States Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” in a speech to the National Rifle Association;
  • Whereas President Trump has called press reports, “fake news” and in some instances his administration has prohibited video recordings of White House press briefings;

What, nothing about TWO SCOOPS?


H. Res 456 demands the following of President Trump:

  • Release his tax returns;
  • Place his private business assets in a blind trust or to divest from them;
  • Refrain from using Twitter inappropriately
  • Refrain from calling reporting “fake news”
  • Refrain from posting video of himself wrestling with a press logo
  • Stop limiting full electronic press access to White House press briefings;
  • Unequivocally acknowledge that Russia interfered in the 2016 United States Presidential election, and work to protect our electoral process from any future foreign interference;
  • Conduct United States foreign policy in a manner that reflects the United States traditional role as leader of the free world.

Sorry losers - the United States elected an outspoken billionaire with a vast business empire, who's been tweeting whatever is on his mind for nearly a decade, and who can shake whoever's god damn hand he wants. The madman can order his press secretary to conduct briefings by candlelight - or play the clip of himself beating up the CNN logo as an intro to every White House youtube broadcast. 

Trump also negotiated a ceasefire in Syria and ended covert operations in the country, secured billions of dollars in commitments towards US jobs, given ICE and DHS the freedom to perform a record number of human trafficking arrests, pulled out of the hugely unfair Paris climate accord, and made French President Emmanuel Macron his bitch - all within his first 6 months as President.

Here's an idea: 

H. Res 457 - "Figuring out why the hell Democrats lost the House, Senate, Oval Office, and Supreme Court Act"

  • Whereas, in the 2016 election the Democrats ran a criminal establishment candidate;
  • Whereas, in the 2016 election the DNC conspired to cheat against candidate Bernie Sanders;
  • Whereas, after the 2016 election Maxine Waters and a bunch of other nutbag Democrats ranted on national TV about conspiracy theories involving the President - turning the DNC into an international laughing stock of temper-tantruming children;
  • Whereas the MSM has colluded with members of congress to smear President Trump on a daily basis;

Resolved, that congressional Democrats

  • Grow the f*ck up;
  • Figure out why you lost;
  • Don't hate the player, hate the game;

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_SILENCER's picture

I love watching leftists drown in their own hubris and dingbat idiocy

Pitchman's picture

Speaking of FAKE NEWS", Inflection Point has been reporting since February; It's A Leak, Not A Hack! 

And the people selling the Russian Hack And Collusion "Conspiracy Theory" Are Complicit!!!

FBI Says 'Awan Brothers' Hard Drives Were Smashed After Confiscated As Law Enforcement Evidence

Mike Masr's picture

Fuck the crooked Democrats!!!

DarthVaderMentor's picture

The American SNOWFLAKE Act

veritas semper vinces's picture

Hahaha! Peak stupidity in Jewmerica.These are your lawmakers. The country has become the laughing stock of the world.Even a third world country has more dignity.

This country is done.RIP

DarthVaderMentor's picture

The American SNOWFLAKE Act

King of Ruperts Land's picture

And Whereas 28 House Democrats - led by Rep. Steve Cohen are loony as bat shit....

I move we fund padded walls for their congressional offices and keep them locked inside for the remainder of their terms, after which they can be moved to a facility in their home state.

VWAndy's picture

 An yep he got the glassy eyes too. Like he is in a trance or somethin.

VWAndy's picture

 All for show folks. They are just playin. An endless stream of BS.


Hard to imagine anybody writing this POS House bill

did it with a straight face, but then again, they are


moneybots's picture

"Democrats Introduce Absurd Bill To Muzzle Trump's Tweets, Release Taxes, And Stop Saying 'Fake News'"


To introduce such a bill, the democrats who did, violated their oath to uphold the Constitution.



veritas semper vinces's picture

What Constitution are talking about ?The Constitution that exist only on paper and is mentioned only for convinience from time to time?

There is no Constitution anymore.Americans chose to ignore it for a long,long time.we live in a PARASITOCRACY,ruled by a few parasites who don't give a f..k about the Constitution.And the people let them do that.

The One...'s picture

The ravings of a party in a death spiral into hell... Have a nice trip!

Madcow's picture

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

Dems should come clean about emails, servers, bleachbit, wikileaks, destroying evidence under subpeona by the FBI - else people will continue to put 2+2 together and naturally conclude that the Obama White House and Clinton State Dept had turned the US Government into a giant global child sex trafficking ring. 

Some US states may support pedophelia and child sex trafficking - but most people around the country - at least Trump voters - believe that it should not be funded by taxpayers.



aloha_snakbar's picture

Cohen looks like a clown sans makeup...

Winston Smith 2009's picture

Based upon the actions of the Dems, their lapdog media, Hollywood celebrities, SJWs and etc., particularly after this election, I will forever more make sure to vote in every election and for only Reps even if their candidate is a species of plant. I want the Dem party to simply -DIE-.

GreatUncle's picture

The Democrats by their behaviour are revealing their globalist attributes and how they are now 100% globalist owned. Ay Soros? You own the Democrats so the Democrats are not Democrats they are Sorosites. In politics if you lose then you should, reposition yourself for the next election and get elected but not when the paid for side loses ... like the Democrats.


All my life politicians have been elected to office, pissed and shat on entire sections of the population who have had to wait and hope for a poltician gets elected who might do something for them for a fucking change. Now of the Democrats, if you demand to have your your way even after an election, all those who you will piss and shit on in the future do have a right to kill you because what you are demanding is the removal of all moderate arguments going forward to allow you to do what you want.


That last point is the real danger here ... for if you lose the political process, moderation and arbitration then it becomes a free for all where mob rule, rape, murder, and all heinous crimes are legal because you demand those rights and no longer have to accept any state body that would try to stop you.

Democrats are either to dumb to see it or this is what they actually want ...


Conax's picture

They have gone crazy. He did it. He drove them over the edge.

LoL!  Not the way to win the midterms, pobrecitos. Going full retard, I mean.

Ntoxic8ingWave's picture

I think it is time to pass a bill which declares liberalism a mental health epidemic.

MrBoompi's picture

I'm glad to see Democrats are hard at work making me and my family's lives better.  

Reaper's picture

A plague of moronity. Take the victims to FEMA camp and lock the gate.

Phillyguy's picture

There is nothing “left” (or progressive) about the behavior of anti-Trump Democrats. Like many Republicans, most Democrats are beholden to Wall St., the health care industry and military contractors.

Budnacho's picture

"Cohen" eh?....Shlomo von Fuckstick more like it....

lakecity55's picture

These people are actually deranged. And Dangerously so! Don't they need to be actually working considering their pay and Cadillac benefits?

I have never seen such abject worthless motherfuckers in my life!

GreatUncle's picture

Trying to work that one out ...

You go away having lost, strengthen yourself for the next election in 4 years time.

Not this time  ... *** SO WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THIS TIME ROUND? ***

Personally reckon in the next year or so something has been planned and it is on a timeline that cannot be changed.



The One...'s picture

But they have been waiting so long for communism to save the world... They just cannot wait any longer so they will just burn it all down in a sour grapes rage fit... Just a little tip. Aim for center of mass. "fait accompli"

QIG's picture



100% engaged with appearances.

0% engaged with substance.

crazzziecanuck's picture

The only thing in that entire Democrat bill is the demand that Trump create a blind trust.  He should have done that, and it should even be mandatory.  If the role of President is as high-stress as they say, then distractions arising from private interests should be eliminated or minimized.

Democrats are working overtime to do the impossible: get Trump reelected in 2020.

Ace006's picture

I could get behind a ban on his tweeting.

Aussiekiwi's picture

The last thing anybody needs is everything in the Whitehouse filtered through a dozen liberals with the combined emotional and moral integrity of a Womans studies Liberal at the University of Berkeley...sure that would be accurate, keep on tweeting Trump.

shovelhead's picture

The whole Dimmo Party has become a hormonally imbalanced Anti-fa pajamaboy with a bikelock.

The One...'s picture

Professor bike lock got his thanks to the awesome power of weaponized autism and the will of Kek. The Dimwits and Dindos shall reap the whirlwind. Shadilay brothers.

OCnStiggs's picture

How about a ban on your posting?

Just sayin'


Ace006's picture

You have harshed my mellow.

LyLo's picture

Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.  I'm sure I read that somewhere, but for the life of me I can't remember...

BetterRalph's picture

So basically, no First Amendment. He, Rep. Steve Cohen an other scorpion minions hold office with CONTEMPTUOUS OATH, like big dictators do, at what exact point in time they became so emboldened across the spectrum I am not sure, but it was with attacks on Trump from the beginning, and that's at least 6 months, but really it's been a year behind the scenes.

Starting to think here most of Congress has Awan brothers blackmail on him or something, e.g. "introduce this bill or we show the (fill the blank) thing to world + doggie."

silverer's picture

It seems that's all Democrats know how to do: take things away from people.

Bondo's picture

the best thing trump did was shake these fools so hard that in their triggered panic they dropped all pretense and revealed the freakshow they really are. 

The One...'s picture

Bingo! Bondo, you have struck the proverbial nail on its head. Thumbs up sir. I still think he's an evil genius out to destroy the dialectic that holds the electorate in eternal thralldom. 

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Dear Dishonorable CONgresscritter Cohen,

Go fuck off. Kiss my Presidential ass.
The Don

gmak's picture

Whereas Hillary and the DNC conspired to prevent Bernie from getting the Democratic nomination.

Whereas Hillary enabled the murder of the American Ambassador in Benghzai.



C'mon. Let's keep this going... #Whereas anyone?

Boubou's picture

Conspred to murder Seth Rich

Agstacker's picture

I guess freedom of speech doesn't apply to Trump, according to democrats.

gmak's picture

WHereas Obama said to Putin: "Wait until after the election and I can do more then".


johnjkiii's picture

It's Bizarro world but let's not discourage our brave lefty snowflskes from proving to the world every day, in every way that they are not qualified to govern. As Mark Twain said "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." They love to remove the doubt. 


crazzziecanuck's picture

I guess Mark Twain was the Nostradameus of his day.  He knew of the Trump Presidency before anyone else.

Trump does make fool of himself and his tweeting, which is wierd because silencing Trump helps get him reelected in 2020.  So, Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot or they are working hard for the donor class to keep Trump in office.

null's picture

The movements of someone drowning are rarely rational, so there is no way to describe what the Dems are doing.

The irrational movements of a highly successful individual are obviously a distraction. He ain't be making no fool of himself.

Northern Flicker's picture

The Democrats are only happy with Trump if he is announcing plans to attack Russia, Syria, Iran, etc. He could sucker-punch these Demo-crises guys by announcing a build-up of US arms in the ME to overthrow all governments acting against the interests of the US - then overthrow Israel and Saudi Arabia. The world would be a much happier place.

GreatUncle's picture

Must be the Democrats are running out of migrating vitims from war torn countries that they can treat and pretend to be nice.

Munchausen Syndrome.

The One...'s picture

That's OK for them because soon there will be tens of millions of radioactive North Koreans to bring in...  ;-)