Earnings Bonanza Sparks Dow Buying Panic As VIX Nears 8 Handle

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Thanks to 'beats' by MCD, CAT, and UTX, The Dow is soaring in the pre-market - up over 110 points, back near record highs.

Despite GOOGL hovering near post-earnings lows (-2.8%), Nasdaq Futs are levitating along with S&P Futs...

as VIX is clubbed like a baby seal to 9.12...

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Oboy. Free money! lol

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But the dollar is dying, down again today whilst EUR is surging.


If it wasn't for the BoJ self suiciding there would be major carry trade problems.

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VIX is clubbed like a baby seal


Heh heh......nice!

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Looking forward to seeing a ZH one day with the vix rocking a 4 handle and the S&P at 3,000. 

This is so ridiculous its become funny. 

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i mentioned this in another story......fake earnings to support rising p/e problem.......solved........the blow off top from november continues.....GOOG was almost $800 just 90 days ago.........so a this is a blip in the farce

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Reminds me of a joke:

"So this baby seal walks into a club."

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A matter of national security. What a joke.

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Fun Times!!


Until it's not fun times

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No worries, Janet has everything under control.

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yes let's see if she changes her "long-term" forecast of a multi-trillion dollar economy after just 4 weeks lololololol.

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I don't know when but it won't end well. Absolutely nonsensicle!!

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Lower the bar so they can 'beat' then raise the 'expectations until just before the next 'earnings' and again drop the bar - rinse repeat ad infinitum - snake oil sales patter

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A fucking TwilightZone episode.

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Inflation is here folks. And this time they can't raise rates to stop it.

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I've got a serious question here forex related

US Data is about to be published... and not sure I can hold this pair anylonger USD/CAD same as USD/JPY

thoughts on this one ? how low can it go ? will it bounce back ... USD / JPY was trying to rocover and it just droped again even more 

:D help me out... 

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

CAD at $0.80, highest in two years. I think the question is, "How long can you hold it?"

Technicals are neutral.

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If the CAD goes above 80.5 on a weekly basis you might want to rethink what you are doing.

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if it goes above 80.5 I'll have to rethin my life :D


mehhh It's recovering ;) 

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Can't we just get it over with already, .... so tired of the nonsense.

Every article does the same thing too for instance GM today,....net income down 42% but all the headlines focus on them beating earnings. I can see why the public thinks everything is great though as when all you see is "earnings beat" and then every "analyst" says "earnings look strong" (I really wish they'd correct them on air and say "why?!...even though earnings are flat for years now?")......you'd be forgiven for thinking that means companies are making more and more money......but they don't understand that the market could be losing money every year (or just treading water like it has) while if you lower expectations to companies losing 10% every year the headlines still read "beat earnings" year after year which partly creates these bubbles as most just don't know what is actually happening.   

It's just so frustrating.  

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This buying started on the EU open long before these earnings.

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PPT have been up all night cos of Google disappointment

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pass the crazy pills and what time does Cramer come on again?

edit: cat is up $5 now

MOAR crazy pills please

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So VIX is at an all time low, something like that won't stay that way forever. This guy I follow has been calling for a drop in the near future, and the current moves have been matching what he says to expect. His track record is actually great for his market timing. I definitely would recommend taking a look at what he has to say. 


Check it out