Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud

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Just a day after reports emerged that the FBI had seized a number of "smashed hard drives" and other computer equipment from the residence Imran Awan, the IT aide of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, we learn that Awan has been captured at the Dulles airport while attempted to flee the country.  According to Fox News, Awan has been charged with bank fraud.


Inexplicably, or perhaps not, Awan has been kept on the payroll of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz despite a rapidly escalating scandal that potentially involves multiple federal crimes.


Meanwhile, here is a list of the 30 other Democrats that had the Awans on their taxpayer-funded payrolls.


For those who have managed to avoid this story, which wouldn't be difficult given that the mainstream media has made every attempt to ignore it, the Pakistani-born brothers Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan are at the center of a criminal investigation by U.S. Capital Hill Police and the FBI.  Up until now, allegations of wrong doing have varied from overcharging taxpayers for congressional IT equipment to blackmailing members of Congress with secrets captured from the emails of their Democrat employers.

Just yesterday we learned that FBI agents reportedly seized a number of "smashed hard drives" and other computer equipment from the Awan's former residence in Virginia.

FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to an individual who was interviewed by Bureau investigators in the case and a high level congressional source.


Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get the hard drives back, the individual told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.


The congressional source, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the probe, confirmed that the FBI has joined what Politico previously described as a Capitol Police criminal probe into “serious, potentially illegal, violations on the House IT network” by Imran and three of his relatives, who had access to the emails and files of the more than two dozen House Democrats who employed them on a part-time basis.


Capitol Police have also seized computer equipment tied to the Florida lawmaker.



As background, Imran was first employed in 2004 by former Democrat Rep. Robert Wexler (FL) as an “information technology director”, before he began working in Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office in 2005.

The family was paid extremely well, with Imran Awan being paid nearly $2 million working as an IT support staffer for House Democrats since 2004. Abid Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were each paid more than $1 million working for House Democrats. In total, since 2003, the family has collected nearly $5 million.

The staffer’s services were so important to congressional members, that on March 22, 2016, eight democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence issued a letter, requesting that their staffers be granted access to Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI). Of those that signed the letter were representatives Jackie Speier (CA) and Andre Carson (IN), the second Muslim in Congress, both of whom employed the Awan brothers.

The brothers were also employed by members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, such as: Jackie Speier (D-CA), Andre Carson (D-IN), Joaquín Castro (D-TX), Lois Frankel (D-FL), Robin Kelly (D-IL), and Ted Lieu (D-CA). Lieu has since openly called for leaks by members of President Trump's administration despite the fact that he may until recently have been under surveillance by a foreign entity.

One bombshell that has been all but ignored by the main stream media is that Imran Awan had access to Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s iPad password, meaning that the brothers also had direct access to the notorious DNC emails.

The brothers are accused of removing hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment from congressional offices, including computers and servers, while also running a procurement scheme in which they bought equipment, then overcharged the House administrative office that assigns such contractors to members.

Some congressional technology aides believe that the Awan’s are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, due to the fact that these representatives have displayed unwavering and intense loyalty towards the former aides.

Meanwhile, back in March the Daily Caller reported that the Awan brothers were essentially holding their stepmother in "captivity" in order to extort her for money she had stashed away in Pakistan.

Congressional staffers allegedly held their stepmother in “captivity” with violent threats in a plan to use her to access money stashed away in the Middle East. The staffers are suspected of using their positions to enrich themselves.


Days before U.S. Capitol Police told House members three Pakistani brothers who ran their computer networks may have stolen congressional data, their stepmother called Fairfax County, Virginia police to say the Democratic staffers were keeping her from her husband’s deathbed.


A relative described the woman’s life as being completely controlled by the brothers for months while they schemed to take their father’s life insurance.


The brothers — who as IT professionals for Congress could read House members’ emails — allegedly used wiretapping devices on their own stepmother and threatened to abduct loved ones in Pakistan if she didn’t give them access to money stowed away in that country.

Of course, if Republicans and/or members of the Trump administration hired foreign-born IT specialists who were suspected of committing a laundry list of federal crimes and then smashed a bunch of hard drives just before skipping town...we're sure the media would still gloss right over it in much the same way they're doing for the the Democrats in this instance.

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The chickens come home to roost? Or the opposite?

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Thought the chance of them getting caught was Awan in a million

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So this guy's choices are go to Prison or get Suicided?  Must suck to be a douche.

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5:1 says he gets "Arkancided" coming in < a month

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funny.........not a peep on drudge eT. Al.

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Seth Rich murder maybe one step closer to being resolved



Vatican_cameo's picture


This begs to ask, so what has become of the other two DNC hoodlums?  Did they make a clean getaway?

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I think we are going to wake up one day very soon and find that the Democratic Party has collapsed and its former leadership is being brought up on a variety of charges which will give them life sentances.

Very, very soon.

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Given the choice of prison or freedom, Awan will sing like a baby...and bring down Obama, Hillary et al.

Decay is Constant's picture

One can only hope. Perhaps pulling on this thread will unravel the whole thing. Then again, maybe not.

I for one will not be holding my breath.

Jim in MN's picture

There is a LOT of unraveling going on, even just this evening.


Another bombshell on domestic surveillance from The Hill (where John Solomon has moved from Circa News)

"The NSA now targets more than 100,000 individuals a year under Section 702 for foreign spying, and some individual targets get multiple taskings, officials said.

'The actual number of compliance incidents remains classified but from the publicly available data it is irrefutable that the number is in the thousands since Section 702 was fully implemented by 2009,' said a senior U.S. official with direct knowledge, who spoke only on condition of anonymity."

armada's picture

Could it be that IsraHell and its minions finally got the attention of the NSA. After all, IsraHell did 9/11. http://goo.gl/l6d22d

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All I know is that I want to see the headline of Debbie (does Dallas) Wassername Slitz being arrested. Along with the Pedoestas and Clintons.

nmewn's picture

And just to think, it took her muzzie computer nerd being arrested at Dulles international airport, while trying to flee the country! (lol) for Debbie Wassername-Schultz to finally fire him?

I think I can surmise what's going to be found here, we are going to find out that Debbie Wassername-Schultz was at the center of a kickback scheme involving 30 democrats where "her IT staff" was paid outrageous sums of taxpayer money for "computer work" and they in turn gave a portion of it back to said democrats...laundered money if you will.

Follow the money ;-)

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FrozenNuts and Nickpeeonme are mysteriously quiet about this. I guess  their handlers haven't given them the spin yet.

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Take a look at FrozenGoodz posting hours:


Def has the look of a paid troll working 7-8 hours a day to post pointless drivel, or else a major cuck loser who has nothing useful to do with his life...

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cool, thanks. I didn't know you could do that

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Third option:
found dead in his cell  
suicide by a shot to the back of the head from five meters distance
no traces of gunpowder detectable in the hair

The Ram's picture

Maybe.  They need to keep the dude alive.  Cannot release him on bail or he will be nailgunned, shot, helped out a window, etc.  They could give the guy immunity in exchange to sing on all the democreeps, but his life span will be very short after his testimony.  Witness protection, maybe.  

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So a bunch of Pakistani nationals are sucking up millions in taxpayer dollars for the privilege of having access to classified files of up to 30 people associated with the United States government.... it's obvious Trump is working with the Russians.

If this isn't an invitation to drop the hammer and get the ball rolling I don't know what is...

Dancing Disraeli's picture

It's worse than that.  Through their ability to 'sync' the blackberries they had access to with all the blackberries in Congress, they had access to everything.  And I read Imran has already been sprung and is out and about as I type.  Some posit that the Awans are all CIA assets.  Probably untouchable.

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No worries though Deb, I'm POSITIVE this guy won't throw you under the bus for a plea deal...

Jim in MN's picture

Shit, I'm gonna have to decide which champange to open.  I only have it on VERY special occasions. 

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Pop the good shit. This is the type of winning you won't see for another hundred years--IF it happens.

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The face of this jewess scares the fuck out of me.  Her muzzie slave wanted to make a quick getaway.

ATM's picture

Isn't that list of Dem Reps the same list as the Congressional Black Caucus?

dr kill's picture

I'm in Alcee Hastings' district. He ain't on there. Frankel, Deutsch, DWS are all the other locals . Maybe it's a Hebrew - only club.

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I haven't seen DuneCreature for a while.  Take care bro.

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Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud

Now we're talkin, ..

Let's get down to brass tacks, what this is really about ..

All fiat corruption, all the time ..

Bank fraud indeed ..

I foresee a nailgun in his immediate future ..

Lot's of budding nailgun incidents, waiting on deck

Batter up ~ 

doctor10's picture

All of Congress is manipulated by the Deep State. This is about to spill out. It will ALL be dumped on the Awan's and the Democrats.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Dumped???    Are you kidding me. You say that as if they are innocent and are being set up. The DNC and the Clintons are major Deep State Shit.  

yogibear's picture

Clintons have good hit men Wasserman-Schultz can borrow.

Giant Meteor's picture

A pull of the string. Each pull works to unravel the entire ball ,,,

Corruption on a massive scale is the issue here, and political protection rackets, cloaked under "the cover of law."..

Murder is assumed .. a by product, a "neccessary evil" to the practicing sociopath ... retain power and status at any / all cost ..

Exposing, dealing with this massive corruption is the Achilles heel, to bring the entire shitshow to a screeching halt  ..

Which is exactly WHY it has not yet occurred ..

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heard of george webb ... check him on you tube ... 

jeff montanye's picture

probably.  but the news of imran awan arrested attempting to escape the country and charged with bank fraud did make me glad (all over).  plus i like cream and, less, the dave clark five.

the really unattractive, unhelpful, people who are part of the problem not part of the solution are gravitating to the hillary clinton wing of the democratic party at the same time the seth rich/bernie sanders/tulsi gabbard wing of the party is disassociating itself from the neocon/bankster/mic(clinton/obama/biden/podesta) part.

the neocons appear to be migrating from the republican party as it is becomes more hostile to the deep state following the more open than usual battles with president trump.  https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=neocons+migrating+t....  thus their political influence seems to be declining, not too strange after 9-11, starting and losing a half dozen wars, killing a million largely innocent people (and the ones that fought back were, after all, fighting in their country against invaders) and pissing away trillions of dollars we could have spent far, far better.

while the fbi, capitol hill police and the d.c. police appear nearly unrelievedly corrupt in national security matters, some small lights appear from time to time.

the arrest of imran awan is one of them.

new game's picture

fleeing the country? from what? certainly not an arrest. wtf could they be running from? that would be very unussual behavior. killary has their back(hehe)...

strange, i just don't understand


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They day they haul that commielib bitch up in front of a camera and she's crying like Tammy Fay Baker with her eye shadow running down her eyes as she please for help is the day I will spend walking around with a hard-on, permanent smile, and an empty bottle of scotch.

DWS needs to be hauled out in an orange jump suit and leg irons just for all of us to laugh our ass off.

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Fuck that, have her "resist" arrest and save us the time and money.

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'Wasserman Schulz - one ticket to Tel Aviv please - yes one way'

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DWS is just like Hyman Roth:

No way they let the skank in.

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The wheels are turning.....  Slowly, but they've been rusted for 20 yrs, so understandable.....

Hey, is Barry still in that non-extradition country "vacationing"?

Anyone seen HillBilly lately?

jeff montanye's picture

re drudge, maybe several more litmus tests, like the awan brothers, seth rich and the d.n.c. servers have been added to our old standby 9-11.  

this is starting to get interesting.  don't fire mueller; see how much evidence needs to be developed before he will stumble across it.  after all he did find that "arab terrorist" passport near the wtc, not to mention the head scarf at the "plane crash" in pennsylvania.

and don't try any of these people quickly, let them have all the chances in the world to turn state's evidence.  if you know their name, they are small fish, something tells me.

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Cleaning crews can and will cross any border undetected.

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Podesta has been strangely quiet. Last tweet was July 13.

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Maybe he is wondering if this guy had thumbnails sewed into his luggage? Knowing that group, Awan would be chopped to pieces and incinerated in some kind of sick ritual. Book deal in jail?

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He has to eat $50,000 worth of hot dogs before the police show up and find them.