Beware The Ides Of October...

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Via Global Macro Monitor,

“History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” –  Mark Twain (maybe)

We have been speaking a lot about how the liquidity in the market today is different than in the past.   The chart below reflects this better than anything we have seen.

M1_Monetary Base

The monetary base in the U.S. has exceeded M1,  the most narrow definiton of money,  since the financial crisis.   The monetary base consists of money in circulation and reserves held at the Fed (see definition below).

The M1 money multiplier is still less than one, which reflects that for every dollar created by the Fed – an increase in the monetary base – results in a less than one dollar increase in the money supply (M1).   Credit and deposit creation of commercial banks  is thus still impaired, though improving and its repairment may be one reason why the Fed is a bit nervous and in tightening mode.

Watch This Space

A rapid turnaround and improvement in the money multiplier, which may be also be reflected in improving bank net interest margins and growing balance sheets,  could act as an early indicator of potential inflationary pressures and a flag that the massive amount of high powered money in the financial system is being converted to credit based money.

The Fed is therefore walking a tightrope of an unstable equilibrium with inflation on one side and deflation on the other, especially if your main policy tool is to pay interest on a large portion of that high powered money.   This, as the markets become increasingly convinced the global economy is now in a “Goldilocks” scenario,  justifying extreme asset valuations and the record low volatility.

Note, the secular decline in the money multiplier, which reflects many factors,  including the almost irrelevance of M1,  foreign capital flows, financial innovation, technology and the rise of non-bank banks.   For example,  private direct lending is all the rage now with hedge funds and other non-bank banks.

Different Kind of Liquidity

The above  illustrates why we are in a period of mainly central bank based liquidity rather than credit based liquidity — which can evaporate almost over night with, say,  a financial or economic  shock — as it did in 2008.

Upshot?  It’s all up to the central banks, mainly the Fed and ECB, and when markets perceive it matters that they are removing money/liquidity from the system.  And there is a lot of it out there, folks.   Flooding the reservoirs with nowhere to go but to overflow into the asset and financial markets.

The stock of reserves in the financial system are what matter now (the Fed’s position), but flows will dominate when the market perceives they are approaching drought level conditions.

There is also a tipping point policy interest rate that will bite the economy and destabilize the markets, but we believe that is at least 100-200 basis points higher.  After all,

“John Bull can stand many things, but he cannot stand 2.0 , [-1.5 or 1.25] percent”Bagehot

Maybe Caterpillar’s earnings release this morning reflects that the excess liquidity is starting to kick into the global economy.   Take a look at Dr. Copper breaking out to a two-year high  today,  though is doesn’t take much copper to write an AI program, does it?

In additon, the future trajectory of the economy and risk markets are also dependent on how and how much credit, liquidity, and “money” —  economists can’t even agree on what is money — are now being created.   Good luck measuring that.

Markets are acting as if  “money” is far from “tight” or nowhere close to getting there.  And central banks are too nervous to tighten up monetary conditions to any significant level.

That, in our opinion, is another reason why volatility is breaking to record lows and risk markets are so elevated experiencing only just very shallow pullbacks.   And it can, and is, lasting longer than many have expected.

October Correction Is Our Best Guess

We are are waiting for Mr. October to step up and knock the risk markes for a loop, however, resulting in a nice fall correction (pun intended).  We believe many factors will be converging  by then, including:

1) seasonality; 


2) the Fed balance sheet should, or could be shrinking ; 


3) China’s Party Congress may have concluded, removing the country’s  implicit policy put, and thus increasing the risk of a China policy or economic shock; 


4) the new U.S. Federal government fiscal year begins October 1 and if the Trump administration has not passed any significant economic legislation, the markets may begin to throw in the towel; 


5) there will be more clarity on ECB tapering;


6) even more elevated asset prices as the risk markets grind higher through the rest of summer as we suspect, setting up for a potential blow-off by the end of September;  


7) nervousness over the debt ceiling;  


and, finally,  8) by then, the souffle now being baked and puffed up by the markets should barely be able to withstand the slamming of the oven door.

Will it kill the bull?   Not until monetary conditions tighten up significantly in our opinion, and the Fed believes the economy can survive a prolonged bear or sideways market,  which probably won’t happen unless John Taylor replaces Janet Yellen.

Central banks now, not even with the undercover of, say, a plunge protection team,  buy equities outright  if they think it will help stimulate aggregate demand.   The Bank of Japan is now set to become the number one shareholder in 55 of the Nikkei 225 companies  How did we ever get to this place?

A Caveat:  Difficulty of Fully Understanding The Global Monetary System

Trying to understand the global monetary system,  a black box, in our opinion,  is similar to watching shadow puppets dancing on the side of the wall of a cave or seeing through a glass darkly.

The monetary system is too complex and too dynamic for you to understand it all. So it’s better to understand enough that you can be competent, but not so much that you become a danger to yourself.  – Cullen Roche

A good friend of mine and great economist,  David Herstle Jones,  describes the execution of monetary policy as,

“…driving on a narrow mountain road in the fog.”  – DHJ

Good luck.

*  *  *


M1 Money Supply

M1 includes funds that are readily accessible for spending. M1 consists of: (1) currency outside the U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Banks, and the vaults of depository institutions; (2) traveler’s checks of non bank issuers; (3) demand deposits; and (4) other checkable deposits (OCDs), which consist primarily of negotiable order of withdrawal (NOW) accounts at depository institutions and credit union share draft accounts. Seasonally adjusted M1 is calculated by summing currency, traveler’s checks, demand deposits, and OCDs, each seasonally adjusted separately.  – St. Louis Fed,  FRED

Monetary Base

The Adjusted Monetary Base is the sum of currency (including coin) in circulation outside Federal Reserve Banks and the U.S. Treasury, plus deposits held by depository institutions at Federal Reserve Banks. These data are adjusted for the effects of changes in statutory reserve requirements on the quantity of base money held by depositories.
– St. Louis Fed,  FRED

Money Multiplier

The M1 multiplier is the ratio of M1 to the St. Louis Adjusted Monetary Base. For further information on monetary aggregates, please refer to the Definitions, Notes, and Sources at  – St. Louis Fed,  FRED

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order66's picture

Wake me up when Central Banks stop printing.

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Short the shite of the market for that date.

You can thank me later.

It's esoteric, numerological.... ;-)

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100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun,

as someone else posted a few days ago.

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Are we rally going to make it to October?

Aug 23 is solar eclipse: Yellowstone will blow sky high, the flat-earthers are going to fall of the edge, chaos every where, and worst of all - everyones mother-in-law is coming for a three week long visit. OMG!

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For the record, the great American eclipse is actually on August 21.

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Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes... Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

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a correction of 10% on a "market" rigged by over 300%?



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Oct in what year? 2025? cause I had my calendar marked for crashes every month  since 2012,  I have no more room to set market crash reminders until 2025... lol 

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If Kabala numerology is applied, then after 9/11 comes 10/11.

Ask Christine La Garde, of the IMF.

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Just like last Oct. was.

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Beware of ZH bewares...

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I for one would like to see more bankers jumping out of windows...

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Only if the printing presses break down...

Otherwise, we might just have to push them.

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Said the same shit would happen in October 2011.  Just setting up a massive short squeeze to all-time highs.

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I've got my birthday on the 27th of October 


so ! Mr October all I want this month is gold to be at 1500$ per oz 

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based on my simple charting methods, the Naz comp will be at 8,338.46 by then.

so just buy moar now,

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They'll drive it way up by then so if it does drop it will land about where it is now. It's the same tactic used against PMs (only in reverse).  Look at the flagpole they've put up today.

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October Correction is our best guess.


yeah.  good thing its only a guess




what a bunch of bullshit.

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Until then plz keep vxx falling so I can get to a nice round 1000 shares.

I don't care when it happens...I just know it will, whenever. Date callers are clowns.

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I`ve been listening to market crash horsecrap for over 8 years now.......

Personally, the only way this propped up market will crash, is when all the pension funds have to start selling stocks to pay their retirees.....

Because government pensions are the majority owners of this worthless paper.....


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Funny how "the crash" is always two or three months away.

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good call on DRIP any other gems up your sleeve?

i may do a 50-50 fade of you and Gartman

even if one of you is half right, half the time

which is highly unlikely based on my back testing,

i'll still be up on 87.5% of the trades

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Yet another article calling for the market crash. Yawn.


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Everything will be fine by the Ides of October.  The Fed is about to re-juice the market as things are starting to fall apart.  Expect, interest rate redux and some form of QE or 'Twist'.  They are not going to let this baby fall.  Spoiler alert: a real shooting war with NK or Iran/Russia could negate the Fed's efforts.  Let's see how desperate the FED gets.  It's out of  .Gov hands at this point.

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Give me the Dent 50% off sale or Nibiru all ready.  I'm getting bored.

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And the boy shouts "Wolf!"'s getting really old, kid.