CIA And Sen Marco Rubio Accused Of Plotting Regime Change In Venezuela

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Venezuela’s leftist dictator Nicolas Maduro plans to proceed with a vote to create a new constituent assembly to replace the country’s opposition-controlled Congress with a friendly constituent assembly, potentially enabling the embattled despot to redraft the country’s constitution and officially marginalize his political opponents, despite the US’s repeated threats of “strong and swift economic action."

In response to the US's threats of sanctions, the country’s senior leadership have accused Sen. Marco Rubio and CIA Director Mike Pompeo of "conspiring to overthrow" the country’s floundering leftist government and replace it with a friendlier regime, according to the Miami Herald. The escalation belies the healthy business relationship between the two countries, which is centered on the US's purchases of hundreds of thousands of barrels of Venezuelan oil a day.

“What this group is trying to do with Venezuela is basically divide the government, recognize other leaders and foment a conflict with the Venezuelans,” said Carlos Ron, the chargé d'affaires of the Embassy of Venezuela, to a small group of reporters in Washington on Tuesday. “This is absolutely unacceptable.”

Ron added that the American people are not hearing the full story and accused the US of unfairly attacking the country’s democratically elected government. Of course, opposition leaders are calling for protests at the country’s polling places to try and disrupt the July 30 vote, which is widely expected to be a sham.

Ron also criticied the US’s decision to sanction Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami over his alleged ties to the global narcotics trade, saying that the country's relationship with the US has deteriorated since President Donald Trump took office.

“At this moment, relations are not good,” Ron said.

Interim Ambassador to the Organization of American States Carmen Velasquez also criticized US threats of sweeping sanctions during a nearly two-hour discussion at the Venezuelan residency in Washington this week.

For his part, Rubio has warned of a “very strong response” from Trump if Venezuela goes through with the “fraudulent vote,” vowing to recommend that a host of other senior Venezuelan officials also face sanction.

“I hope every day this week the administration will take action to make clear that we’re not going to stand by and watch democracy be totally demolished by the Maduro regime,” Rubio said.

Pompeo recently admitted that the US would like to see regime change in Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves on earth.

During a Q&A at the Aspen Institute security forum, Pompeo “signaled CIA’s desire for a new government in Venezuela and acknowledged having conversations about the issue in Colombia and Mexico,” according to the Herald.

“Pompeo told the group the United States has a deep interest in a stable and democratic Venezuela and that he was 'hopeful that there can be a transition in Venezuela and we, the CIA is doing its best to understand the dynamic there.'

"‘I was just down in Mexico City and in Bogota a week before last talking about this very issue, trying to help them understand the things they might do so that they can get a better outcome for their part of the world and our part of the world.’”

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Veneuelans have heard Rubio and Pompeo’s names mentioned in the same breath, as the Herald explains.

“Under questioning from Rubio during a May Senate hearing on worldwide security threats, Pompeo warned that large caches of weapons in Venezuela were at risk of falling into the wrong hands because of the turmoil.


‘It is a real threat,’ Pompeo said.”

While Ron and another Venezuelan official hurled insults and threats at the US during a meeting with reporters, the two government officials also hinted that there could be further talks between the two countries, saying that the lines of communication remain open.

Despite the accusations, Moncada and Ron left the door open for more discussions to avoid the sanctions. They said the two sides remain in communication, but that the United States needed to respect Venezuela’s sovereignty. Ron emphasized oil sanctions would not only hurt the Venezuelan government, but it would also hurt the Venezuelan people.


“We don’t want this conflict,” Ron said. “We don’t want this tension. What we want is a dialog, but with respect. Not with threats. Venezuela is not going to sit down together at a table under threat.”

As Venezuela’s citizens starve amid a worsening political and economic crisis that has led to hyperinflation and shortages of food, medicine and other basic necessities, Maduro's approval rating has tumbled below 30% for the first time, a nadir his predecessor, the Latin American socialist icon Hugo Chavez, never reached. In addition to being unable to provide basic goods for their people, Maduro and his government of leftist thugs have allowed law and order in the country to deteriorate. In Caracas, mobs of angry citizens routinely lynch suspected criminals in the streets, and gangs of marauding bikers waylay trucks carrying commodities like sugar to market.

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I don't know... I felt like it was a little lite in a few spaces. I'll work on it for tomorrow:-) 

I've several thesauruses banked in my head for to let pour onto this governments diseased soulless creatures of whom I so generously slather and return the favor of thine vomit to their eyes. Here's to spitting into the eyes of evil eh?

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Big Jew controls Little Marco.  A couple of South Florida billionaires of the Tribal persuasion pull the strings on this one.

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Here's an idea.  How about the CIA and Marco Rubio stay the hell out of South America?  The Venezuelans will solve their own problems.  There was a similar crisis in Argentina in 2000-2002, not because of "soclalism," but because of corrupt government in the pocket of Wall Street.  Guess what... Argentines solved their own political problems without any help from Marco Rubio or the CIA.

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This article brought to you by Maduro, because dictators always get a bad rap!

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how bout taste my dicktater? asshole

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"Venezuela’s leftist dictator Nicolas Maduro": quit readin after the bullshit dictator phrase of post. u must be a ciaduh troll. y is it that alciaduh trolls like u get away with labelling democratically elected reps like bashar and chavez and maduro get away with that? we r doomed.

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Change the names Maduro and Venezuela to Yanukovich and Ukraine and the rest of the script is pretty much the same, including the slurs in this article.

Speaking of Ukraine, have you checked RT yet today for news on how that lovely US regime change project is going?  Between shooting themselves in the foot by cancelling Aircraft contracts with the Russians to putting the entire manufacturing entity on the block to be sold off to you know who,and the $3 billion debt to Russia, it's not going so good

Then there's that coal thing I read about last week.  Ukraine is now importing metallurgical coal from the US at 3 times the price it was paying it's previous sources.

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Accurate info on Venezuela is out there, just hard to find with the deep state msm (and sadly, ZH in this instance) spouting total CIA regime change bs.  US wants Venezuela oil reserves for itself.  Rest is ipso facto. 

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The fascitarian brigade of disinformation agents has outdone themseleves here in obliquely supporting the MUD/CIA coup in Venezuela.  Notice how they take violence at the 30 July vote as a fait accompli in order to defend (in advance) their ELECTION LOSING (again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again) CIA hooligans who have been making the economy 'scream' for months?

Dictators that were elected and unconstitutional aseemeblies written into the contsitution highlight the lie-peddling CIA line of the hack writer.  It's checkmate for the parasitic coup-plotters, and the fascist fanboys at ZeroHedge are bummed.

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What a mess.  I hope the Venezulean people figure it out before more kids end up fucked up for life because assholes continue to fight for the guns of the state.  Not much hope though.  Like 3 banannas worth of hope left.   

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Napolean would be proud of Rubio. Until he got to know him. What a little shit. When you look at the big picture and who is really running the country you can see why we love regime changes. I am sure the State Dept is involved. Maybe a Mattel Rubio doll would help his image.

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Would the Rubio doll be sans genitalia like Ken?

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Because it's what they get paid to do since 1947!...

"Ko-Tex" Tillerson appreciates the misery index Langley provides for the Venezuelan people and everywhere else there is oil to "LOOT"!!!

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Nobody's stopping them from extracting and selling their own oil.  Other than their ability to do it of course.  If you want Tillerson's company to do it for you, they'll do it but only if they can earn a profit.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Most of the fools on ZH, blame Maduro and socialism for all the ills inflicting Venezuela, without wanting to acknowledge, let alone recognise, the USSA has been meddling and molesting with Venezuelan politics for years.

The USSA and Tel-Aviv already had their opposition puppet in place, in a Jew called Henrique Capriles, where the Jewish population of Venezuela, is just over 1%, but things didn't go to plan.

The fall of Venezuela is shared twofold. Maduro not knowing when to call it a day, or recognise he is out of his depth and the Americans using every trick in the book to undermine the Venezuelan economy.

artichoke's picture

Is it our fault they kicked out the oil majors then can't extract their own resources?  I know they're not great engineers.  But that's why the oil companies were important to them, and they should have allowed those oil companies to make a profit.

Without oil they have little to export that anyone wants.  Therefore, the economy declines.  The rest is frills and decorations around that basic trajectory.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

You really do believe USSA propaganda. lol  USSA and western oil companies are parasites and their bullshit is about as honest and real, as the benefits of fractional reserve banking and the necessity of a Rothchilds run Central Bank, running the finances of your country. 

It's called technology transfer. PDVSA with its vast oil reserves can hire the necessary expertise. A multitude of close tender contracts to companies like "Ove Arup" and a plethora of ex REPSOL engineers desperately looking for work, is all the expertise you need. Given the size of the reserves, only a fool would not start an oil industry college and have a couple of universities, specialising in oil industry related courses. 

USSA oil companies are not the only option you have to extract your oil. We pushed the same bullshit narrative, when Yeltsin was selling Russia down the river, that only western oil companies had the necessary experience and expertise to extract Russian oil. Obviously it was complete bullshit and the same applies to Venezuela. They don't need us to extract their oil and anybody with half a brain knows it.


artichoke's picture

But they didn't.  They failed.  We did not attack them militarily and prevent them from doing it.  We just stopped helping them.  And they were stuck.

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No "To Hell In A Handbasket", not all of us are stupid.

Audio Seminars Sample: War & Peace Studies

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McCabe and CoIntell II have to go.

Inflection Point has been reporting since February it's a leak, not a hack!  Those selling the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative are those complicit in committing the crimes! 

Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud” 

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How did the Venezuelans find out? The New York Times must have told them. The Times gets all the good stuff, straight from central casting.