The Military Industrial Complex Is Undermining US National Security

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Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The ongoing problems with the F-35 and other military programs, stemming from virtually unlimited budgets, underline the inefficiency of the American military-industrial complex (MIC). In contrast, Moscow develops armaments capable of counteracting the latest technological advances of the US at minimal cost.

One of a state’s most insidious mechanisms is the inefficiency of the military-industrial sector. When looking at the world's first superpower, this becomes all the more pronounced. Still, the ongoing problems highlighted by the F-35 program and failed missile interceptions by ABM systems are a good demonstration of how inefficiency in the US military sector has risen to worrying levels.

The main cause of these issues is related to the huge military-industrial complex that employs hundreds of thousands Americans directly or indirectly. The unhealthy composition of this power conglomerate often employs a revolving door involving politicians and board members from large arms-producing companies. This situation raises questions about corruption as well as a number of obvious conflicts of interest.

It is no surprise, therefore, that Congress is increasingly willing to grant what almost amount to blank checks to finance military budgets, numbering in the hundreds of billions of dollars. The second factor that impacts negatively on the efficiency of the MIC is the propaganda to which the entire American system is subjected. Looking at the example of think-tanks, they are all practically funded, directly or indirectly, by the military-related industries or foreign governments (especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel). The role of think-tanks is to influence policymakers, creating a common view between components of the (deep) state.

A problem arises when almost all experts and politicians participating in these Washington based think tanks come from federal agencies or industries tied to the military through contracts worth billions of dollars. Hardly offering any dissent from official or mainstream opinions on issue ranging from Russia to the F-35, politicians, experts and journalists all agree that Russia constitutes the main danger and that the F-35 program does not have any critical issues and is actually a superior weapon, two lies in full swing. Think-tanks and their guests promote an erroneous narrative that seeds, nourishes and sustains the problems and inefficiencies that beset military systems and Washington's strategic vision. They offer no criticism, no change of policy, only echo chambers of lies and propaganda.

In addition to the think-tanks and the revolving doors involving board members of MIC companies and Congress and Senate members, a major problem concerns the timing of projects and the contemporary technological advancements of geopolitical opponents. The cost of projects such as the F-35, the ABM system, and the new supercarrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, have reached astronomical figures, following decades of development. The immediate consequences are the obsolescence of these systems once they come into service, especially when compared with weapon systems developed, or being developed, by countries such as China and especially Russia.

Despite the fact that US spending is unmatched in the world, amounting to about half of that of all countries combined, the weapons systems of competitors often cost less and are more efficient.

The survival of the MIC is inextricably tied to the US dollar and its role in the world as a reserve currency. With almost $700 billion a year worth of military spending, it is easy to reach a nationwide debt of over $21 trillion. The only way to sustain this kind of debt is due to the credibility of the dollar itself.

The reason why US treasury bills are considered safe and a great way for a foreign investor to diversify in long-term assets, despite $21 trillion of debt, is because of US credibility and the dollar’s status as reserve currency. The dollar, being the main global reserve currency, continues to be purchased by foreign countries to pay for commodities as well as for trade between each other. Just as the MIC warns breathlessly of all the dangers and threats through propaganda, resulting in enormous investments in unnecessary and obsolete weapon systems, the dollar is also printed by the Fed without any fear of devaluation or inflation risk, providing Washington with virtually unlimited funds for defense budgets and the ability to carry out massive wars. If you combine the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone and add to it the cost of the F-35, it amounts to more than $7 trillion. It is an almost incomprehensible figure that is at the same emblematic of how the global economic system is at the service of American warfare imperialism.

In response to this dysfunctional system, we find a diametrically opposite situation in Russia. With a budget that is about one-tenth that of the US, but with the need to keep pace with the world's most powerful war machine (at least in terms of quantity; we can discuss quality at another time), Moscow has had to optimize costs to get the greatest possible benefits from its weapon systems. This has led to a much more logical management of the Russian military apparatus.

By carefully observing the most important American technological advances (fifth-generation aircraft like the F-35, new ICBMs and aircraft carriers), it is easy to discern two asymmetric strategies by Moscow, one defensive and other offensive.

With the defensive one, for each American action there is a corresponding Russian response. The F-35 and fifth-generation aircraft become easy targets thanks to complex systems such as the S-400, the future S-500, and cutting-edge radar technology. The Gerald Ford supercarrier becomes a simple target to hit if attacked by a Russian supersonic Zircon missile (ready to be put into production in 2018). The S-500s will also be able to intercept any kind of ICBM directed at Russian territory, thus succeeding in sealing Russian skies, a goal the United States is light years away from achieving.

In terms of offensive strategy, Moscow's capabilities are even more impressive. Emphasis must be placed on the most effective system possible, the SS-28, better known as the Sarmat, a nuclear missile capable of modifying its own trajectory in descent, accelerating or decelerating, thus becoming impossible to intercept for American ABM systems. It is thought that the overall power of a single Sarmat missile (armed with up to 24 MIRVs) is likely to reduce to ashes an area as large as Texas or France. It is the ultimate deterrent weapon.

Other programs related to the development of fifth-generation aircraft or aircraft bombers (PAK-FA and PAK-DA) have slowed down to facilitate the upgrading of aircraft such as the Su-34 and Tu-160, with the Su-35 already within the category of 4++ generation. Such choices can only be made through an military-industrial system that favors the strategies of the nation and not that enrichment of individuals, corrupt shareholders or politicians.

Finally, an operating mix capable of providing defense or attack performance certainly involves cyberspace and, more generally, electronic warfare (EW). Of these systems we know little to nothing; they are secrets jealousy guarded by the Russian defense ministry. But from what many experts write, Moscow could be far ahead of their American colleagues in this field.

It is no exaggeration to say that the technological gap between Russia and the United States is being overcome by the need for Moscow to efficiently optimize its key weapons systems. The main problem for the United States concerns its maintenance of the status of military superpower. The continued issuance of dollar-denominated bonds, the use of the dollar as the main reserve currency, provokes a dangerous sequence that allows the US to print unlimited amounts of money, therefore being able to invest incredible amounts of money in old and vulnerable weapons systems.

The blatant squandering of hundreds of billions of dollars over the course of two decades, without anyone ever being held to account for it, has produced enormous damage to the reliability and effectiveness of most of the advanced American military systems and those still in the process of being developed. The military-industrial complex continues to spend large amounts of taxpayers' money without fulfilling the need for concrete or tangible results. Dozens of failed projects costing tens of billions of dollars have ended up allowing competitors to close the gap enjoyed by US military superiority.

A new era is opening up, one where the United States will no longer possess military and technical superiority over its geopolitical opponents in all domains. This will certainly bare consequences for Washington’s present and future strategy of power projection, possibly deterring the US from further engaging in failed policies, leaving countries completely destroyed and millions of lives lost.

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julian_n's picture

It is time the narrative was changed.  China is the enemy, not Russia.  The west needs to keep Russia and China apart and not drive them closer together.

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Ding, ding, ding!

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If you check the MIC shareholders, you'll get to:

AIPAC a.k.a. The Deep (Jew) State.

That is the enemy, Not China, Not Russia.

Let’s See How the Deep States Operates

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Ding, Ding, Ding !

NOW we have a winner !


new game's picture

hey dumb fuks, what if we treated them as allies and turn on the real enemies(within)the USA?

wake the fuk up! what part of propaganda don't you understand? start with the word defense...

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Only in your sad, pathetic little world of self congratulatory upvoting by multiple accounts. Get a life, and get your own material, instead of cribbing off Tyler.

Seriously, do you actually get any benefit from spamming here? Are the ZH readers dim enough not to work out what a waste of space you are?

Déjà view's picture

Chicom is buried under $2 Tn worth of U.S. debt holdings...they indirectly finance are they an enemy?


The days of on the ground shooting wars is over. It's all economics now. And it's pretty ironic that the MIC spending is helping us to lose it. What happens when China when China cashes in all their US bonds?

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China has the bonds, the factories, and the jobs. We have the debt, piles of shit in landfills, and 20 million unemployed. China wins.

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The ZioTalmud atheist/satanic Khazar false-Jew, descended of Uz-ben-Shem, from Gog and Magog, works hand-in-glove with Rome in "good cop/bad cop" satanic psychopathy, whether doing crucifixions' handwork for Roman gold under sub-contract to Roman law courts, running "the Wall Street of slavery" at Rome for over 2,000 years, the FedScam JFK ended, or promugating (((Fake News))) for our Organized Crime ruling false-elite.

Though their demise is fated and foretold: Until all Americans - they teach their children are "sub-human animals," "Goyim," "a mindless herd of cattle" their duty is "to lie to, cheat, rob, enslave, and kill, with impunity" - come to the realization the two elements combine to form what Mr. Jefferson, our founder and prophet, termed "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind," their Fifth Column Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon all know runs the unconstitutional FedScam, killed John and Martin, did 9/11, and sends us to kill and die in false-war, will not yet be fully cast down.

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Let’s See How the Deep States Operates

That was an excellent read!

Ink Pusher's picture

The "dailywesterner" is a clown show publication.

Not credible , Not accurate and highly suspect for repeatedly publishing partisan fake news or offering his own opinion as "news".

Just check his ARIN registry.

uhland62's picture

They are doing the exact opposite. When the first sanctions on Russia came out, people warned that they'd weld Russia and China together. Now they are doubling down, but the MCI does not learn. 

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Thats the problem with a circle jerk.


4freedom78's picture

The mic elite know their day are numbered, they are just rushing to stack as more money as possible before the doom that they created and send all the world to hell, we are fuck.

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Germany/EU is the fucking enemy man

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Germany/EU is the fucking enemy man

fortunately for the USA, Germany is a vassal of the occupation forces (USA + UK)...
Germany owns the EU...
and NATO is always under command of a US Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR)...

Déjà view's picture

Germany does not hold much U.S. debt...despite having a huge current account surplus...'friends'...don't act as such...

Btw...U.K. troops to depart Germany 2019...just in time for Brexit...
Decided during 2010...amazing, fricken' 9 years to move...

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

The term 'friends' is meaningless in this context. Countries don't have friends, neither do corporations. Forgive me, but that's really quite a naive thing to say.

The Ram's picture

Yes as Winston Churchill (Zerohedge commenter, not the former Prime Minister), 'countries have interests, not friends.'

Krungle's picture

Why do you need enemies at all? Stop making everything a zero-sum game. We can actually all share the pie.....

Killdo's picture

because psychopaths 

Lea's picture

Maybe you'd like to explain why and how Russia and China are "enemies" of the US.

I mean, instead of parroting neocon propaganda.

FoggyWorld's picture

Believe Julian said Russia is not the enemy.

malek's picture

I thought everybody not accepting US unilateral world power is the enemy?

roddy6667's picture

You must be one of the Neocon Jews (pardon the redundant terminology) pushing America to perpetual war.

DoctorFix's picture

If the Russians can keep Uncle Scam at home then all the better for everyone

roddy6667's picture

The MIC should have more funding. Build 10,000 F-35's. Build huge military bases in 100 more countries. Nothing will speed up the demise of America faster.

taggaroonie's picture

You're quite right. America's over-investment in overpriced security is strategically damaging for it and its allies.

Enemies, whoever they are perceived to be, need only sit and watch defence and welfare burdens break the country's back.

Semi-employed White Guy's picture

Unnecessary Costly Wars + Mass Immigration of Unassimilable Peoples = Destruction of a nation.  Or as Pat Buchanan calls it "Invade the world. Invite the world".   Thanks neocons!   When do the treason trials and hangings start?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Build huge military bases in 100 more countries."

There are only about 70 countries left that don't have a US base, and most are in Africa which is Chinese territory.

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The MIC is controlled by the pedo homo Anti-Christ's Beast of (((Gog))) and Babylon - the JFK-assassinating, 9/11-committing Fifth Column Vatican banker/FedScam Mob JFK ended - through the pedo homos placed on Capitol Hill, at the Pentagon, and in the alphabet agencies.

Rome and their false-Jew Khazar partners own D.C., and have since before they nailed their logo to the front wall of the U.S. House, the Fasces.

Yars Revenge's picture

Surprised the author didn't mention Russia's 5th gen stealth fighter jet the pak fa t-50.

Stinkworx's picture

The US is starting to look like the huge goliath who's muscle bound, inflexible and heavy footed geared up to fight a giant but instead, trying to swat a thousand Mosquito's. A death by a thousand bites.

Really, I think the US will become a victim to it's own greed and corruption

iconic's picture

They've been doing a fine job of that for the last 100 years, and quite proud of their accomplishment.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Thank you for stating the obvious.

Calculus99's picture

Those (nasty) Russians are very clever when it comes to costs re their military. Hence a $100 million system can defeat one that costs $10billion. 

And it all started with the famous space pen. 

NASA's biro pens wouldn't work in space so they invested $1million to design a pen that would ($1million in 1960s money)

The Russians had the same problem but got around it by using pencils. Cost $0.05.

arrowrod's picture

What's the difference?  Welfare.  Defense.  At least a few get to fly around in fast jets.

Interesting that the author repeats the same "the Russians are military giants" that the MIC sells.  The Russians got stomped by the Chechens (another military giant) and Afganistan.

High paying jobs...  Generals with enough medals to have won ten wars.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Thank you for tbis excellent article Federico and Tyler! I believe that the U.S. military should be responsible for the production and development of our weapons programs since there is no incentive for peace when weapons systems are developed by the private sector.

The defense contractors have been telling our government what we will need to defend ourselves since at least the 1980's possibly way before that dating back to Ike's time.

I was surprised to see the Buisiness Insider link once again attributing the DNC hacked emails to Russia, when wikileak has made it abundantly clear that the source was not from Russia, but consider the source, a symposium for paid military cyber contractors.

Of course since the majority of newspapers, all TV and radio stations are listed as defense contractors, receiving government grants, included in the 190,000 companies listed as defense contractors, it is unlikely that DoD propaganda media will ever admit that Russia is not the enemy, they are.

FoggyWorld's picture

Business Insider is owned by Jeff Bezos.  Enough said.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Besoz owns a 3% stake  of Business Insider. Axel Springer owns 97% purchased from Kevin Ryan.

peterk's picture










Rebelrebel7's picture

There is truth in that statement but ultimately, it was the golddmiths that destroyed Rome, and the gold standard destroyed the economy in the U.S. too. 

They realized that they could lend through fractional reserves with a ratio of 1/10.

That is fraud.

Sandmann's picture

USSR collapsed in 1991 without firing a single ICBM

Miss Informed's picture

Gold coins remained gold in Rome, it was the silver coins that were debased, all the CAPITAL LETTERS aside.