Scaramucci Singles Out Obama's "Political Holdovers" As White House Leakers

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Having 'terminated' his first White House leaker yesterday, President Trump's newly-minted comms director has wasted no time in making many feel uncomfortable in the their roles (and rightly so).

Speaking on Fox News, The Hill reports that Scaramucci said that "political holdovers" from the Obama White House "aren't helping," and hinted that more staff changes could be on the way.

"Listen, we have to crack down on leaks on a number of different fronts," Scaramucci told "Fox and Friends."


"There seems to be some holdovers, political holdovers from the Obama administration that are not helping," he added.


"I certainly have the full responsibility in the comms shop, which I do believe will be corrected shortly."

Scaramucci cautioned viewers to remember that it's impossible for him to reach a point of absolutely no leaks, but pledged to clean up the White House press office.

"People are suggesting I'm going to try to get the leaks down to zero, that is absolutely impossible in Washington, I'm learning a little about this town, but what I do want to have happen is people who report to me, if there are senior people in the administration trying to get them to leak information on each other, we're getting that to stop right now."

Finally, Mooch The Merciless told Fox:

D.C. is the kind of town where people are "very nice to your face," but then stab you in the back.

"I'm more of a front-stabbing person," he said.

It appears that is just what The White House needs.

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MalteseFalcon's picture

Obama holdovers on the White House staff?
Am I taking crazy pills?

Vatican_cameo's picture


He should eliminate an "Obozo Holdover" everyday at noon, just for fun. 

"Musical Chairs" at the Executive level, how great is that?

Chuck Norris's picture

I already love this guy. 

Does that make me gay?

Manthong's picture


Can Bannon come back now?

This reminds me of the Rambo dilemma… “Do we get to win this time?”.

gilhgvc's picture

you are more likely Bi-Sexual...which doubles your chance of a date on Saturday night, so.....

therealestg9's picture

Not going to lie, he is a very sharp, handsome looking fellow. 

Never One Roach's picture

Scaramucci is simply stating the obvious, or at least obvious to 99% of ZH'ers.


These holdovers are lucky to be fired instead of thrown in jail. There's hundreds if not thousands more to go such as in the FBI and state department.

JRobby's picture

These people are still around why again!?!?

Oblivio, one of the most destructive administrations in modern history. Things just got worse and worse and worse. But notice the beautifully timed financial system crash right at the end of the Bush administration as Oblivio's "popularity" spiked, right into the WH. You can't make this shit up.

fleur de lis's picture

When one company takes over another, everyone knows that the staff will be pared down across the board.

It is simply standard practice.

Part of the reason is to eliminate understandable loyalty issues to the previous system, or disgruntled employees unhappy with the new rules, or the friction that comes with demotions and promotions among the remaining previous staff.

So in light of all the animosity between Trump and the Democrats, it is astonishing that the Trump administration did not quickly set about replacing all staff members.

Surely the Obama holdovers were expecting to be let go and were in contact with potential employers.

Surely Trump could recruit enough employees to take their places. 



83_vf_1100_c's picture

  You don't get special preferences that easily.


"I'm more of a front-stabbing person,"

  60s jive translation - "I'll cut a nigger!"

Sanity Bear's picture

No, I love him too and I'm not hot for anybody but your mom.

Palerider1861's picture

Only if it's phycial...silly rabbit!

froze25's picture

Yeah, seems the former RNC chairman has been delaying their replacements.

chunga's picture

Gee whiz, do you think they might be causing trouble for Trump?

This guy has amazing deduction powers we haven't seen yet. Maybe he'll make the connection to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of the DNC staffer?

MsCreant's picture

I hear your oozing sarcasm, but if this is where we are at, then it is where we are at. Any movement towards swamp draining is probably helpful (unless it is only about manipulating image).

VD's picture

singling out versus imprisoning. sure.

MsCreant's picture

Looks like Sessions might really be making a move. Tyler has posted it now.

Meanwhile, Sessions has a rep for having all the ducks in a row. This may be the first time he feels confident to move on this.

chunga's picture

If Trump is legit I think he just has to go for it and fire a whole bunch of people. Not only holdovers but some of the duds he's picked already.

Don't bother trying to curry favor with his opponents or the fake news experts; they're always going to hate him no matter what he does. The longer he waits the moar he pisses off the people that voted for him imo.

W270's picture

So most of us must feel as though were enlightened because we choose ZH over MSM but if we are to really believe that the White House didn't think of canning all of Obama's clingons then we in way worse trouble that I could have imagined.  So I propose this was somehow useful.  Not sure as to how, but Trump didn't make all of that money or into the White House by lacking savvy.  Now if were dealing with the least common denominator I say this is all staged.  We will never know unless someone writes a book that explains it all and if that is the case that means that they were successful in doing whatever they intended to do all along.  RUNON SENTENCES ARE MY SPECIALTY.

chunga's picture

I want to believe that but watching this stuff for so long has made me very cynical.

swmnguy's picture

I'd have a lot more sympathy if the Administration had even proposed names for half the politically appointed positions they're supposed to fill.  Seems like Transition Coordinator Chris Christie didn't do a damn thing, which isn't that surprising.

Why are there Obama holdovers in those positions to begin with?  Because they haven't been replaced, that's why.  That's simple laziness.

ReZn8r's picture

If that is the excuse then fire onigga's people immediate. the worthless fucks are doing anything anyway except still costing us money.

JRobby's picture

I thought Priebus was supposed to do a lot of that heavy lifting? Yet there are hundreds, if not thousands of them remaining.

fbazzrea's picture

totally... i'm likin' the Mooch. (:

JRobby's picture

"The Mooch" needs to explode some heads. NOW !!!!!!

Erek's picture

What?!? Obumfuk is still leaking all over us?

Cynicles II's picture

No surprise that no one w/in the admin could have figured this out ages ago.

It was painfully obvious to most on ZH from the get go.

Jim Sampson's picture

Most companies need this as well.

froze25's picture

Well Duh, a blind man could see that 

Bay of Pigs's picture

Ther are just now figuring this out?

I call bullshit.

tmosley's picture

Just figuring out? No. Just completing their investigation? Yes.

Shit is about to get real.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Well, I hope you're right but I scoured the net last and saw that FOX was the only MSM outlet to cover the Awan arrest story. Hardly gives the impression that the FBI is about to round these criminals up.

fbazzrea's picture

i'm gettin' this warm fuzzy feeling that i may have to take back all my criticism of AG Sessions regarding investigations into the Clintons et al. maybe that WAS a sparkle in his eye.

would be extremely rewarding to have been wrong.

Playtime's Over's picture

Think of the egg on those slimeballs faces when Sessions drops the hammer right after they get done praising him.  

docloxvio's picture

I think you have put your finger on the plan.

JRobby's picture

The fact that these Paki's were so entrenched with high security clearances is mind blowing and a great example of how fucked GOVT is. Just FUBAR.

Zarbo's picture

But... but...but they were cheap, just savin' some taxpayer money.  /sarc

HonoraryCarioca's picture

Obama holdovers is a good start. Then move onto all other individuals that have made an oath of allegiance to any group other than the President of the US, such as (i) Israeli dual citizens; (ii) freemasons. 

bionicknees's picture

That would include most of congress. 95% is probably a low number of congress that have signed loyalty oaths to Israel.

JRobby's picture

Congress is Zionist operation.

Sue some Saudi's?

bionicknees's picture

That would include most of congress. 95% is probably a low number of congress that have signed loyalty oaths to Israel.

junction's picture

October 1, 2017 or sooner: "Mooch, you're fired!"

ReZn8r's picture

Mooch needs to be armed with a weapon legally and when he finds an O-Nigger person still in the white house he should shoot them on the spot. Do this once legally and many of these cocksuckers called bureaucrats and democrats would leave and quit intermediate. That is how you drain a democrat and bureaucrat infested swamp.

SMG's picture

"I'm more of a front-stabbing person,"

That was funny.