NASA Confirms Falling Sea Levels For Two Years Amidst Media Blackout

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Most media outlets cannot be bothered to report something that dramatically deflates their narrative. So it goes without saying that when NASA confirmed that ocean levels have actually been falling for the past few years, the media would be more than silent.

As the global warming narrative quickly unravels, and leftists scramble to throw accusations at those who dare question the false data, the media brushes facts under the rug. Amidst revelations of scientific fraud, data alteration and faked “hockey stick” data models, the fake news media remains suspiciously silent over the fact that NASA now confirms ocean levels have been falling for nearly two years.

On a NASA page intended to spread climate alarmism (, NASA’s own data reveal that worldwide ocean levels have been falling for nearly two years, dropping from a variation of roughly 87.5mm to below 85mm. 

This data clearly contradicts the false narrative of rapid, never-ending rising ocean levels that flood continents and drown cities. The narrative is climate alarmists key element of the climate change fear mongering fiction that’s used to scare gullible youth into making Al Gore rich.

Global warming alarmists might say this is only a “pause” in the rising ocean levels, and that the long-term trend is clearly in the direction of rising oceans. However, these people wildly exaggerate the degree of ocean level increases to the point of absurdity and have been caught red-handed completely fabricating data to continue scaring the public into supporting a non-issue.

Even in a worse case scenario, sea levels will rise only about a foot over the next 100 years. That amount is far short of what climate alarmists would need to create an apocalyptic event based solely on the weather.  Looking at current events right now, we’d say that Armageddon would more likely be created by a world war or a global economic collapse. 

Even a warmer planet would be more hospitable to plants. But again, warmth as a benefit for plant life is not something climate alarmists want to hear. They need their backsides patted by the same lies.

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giorgioorwell's picture

Draw a trend line, retards.

What is The Hedge's picture

Trend lines are not a forecast. Learn something about forecasting.

Jason T's picture

mini ice age is coming.  soon..

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Current solar activity very low, there appears to be a correlation between absent Sun spots and subsequent global cooling. See Maunder and Dalton minimums.  I expect this coming winter to be harder than last year.

Bigern's picture

Minimums also invite massive extra solar bursts of energy to penetrate the heliosphere and bombard the earth


Ntoxic8ingWave's picture

Which, scientists have atcually proven causes increased cloud creating at the level of 13k to 18k feet, which then leads to cooling...

garcam123's picture

Guess who doesn't give one flyin FUCK?

I'll be happily DEAD!

Robert Trip's picture

Obama promised to drop the ocean levels and he succeeded.

How about a round of applause and a raised glass for our ex Leader?

EBT excepted's picture

o 'yeahs, dindu dat, but he say he wud gon' paht da watahs...

oDumbo's picture

Why, done be, tank you yung man!  That be articulation of pontification in admiration of what I says must be confirmation!  Where da OJ be anyhow?  

MagicHandPuppet's picture

OH NO!!!  "Ocean change" is gonna get us naow.  Must have more goobermint taxes to fix it. /sarc

Hikikomori's picture

Two years data is static either way.  Bogus article.

Robert Trip's picture

Jesus parted the Red Sea and Obama dropped the oceans.

JohninMK's picture


Think you should check the source documents again.

Syrin's picture

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Climate change isn't over until we say it is!

directaction's picture

Was it over when the Soviets attacked the Falklands?

Newspeaktogo's picture

Now that we have the Global Warming issue debunked, it's time to worry about the real problem. Some how we've got to prevent the sky from falling. Could be the end of it all if we don't. Write your congress person. We need a new government program of some sort. Any goverment program will do.

Dumpster Elite's picture

That's right...AlGore predicted it years ago. Increased CO2 levels would weigh down the atmosphere, and cause the sky to actually FALL on us, unless you give all your money to him (errrr....I mean, the UN). They'll know what to do with it.

stormsailor's picture

well, chicken little said the sky was falling cause a pinecone popped him in the noggin.

al gore says the oceans are rising because ____________________.    


be creative

Fundies's picture

I can confirm they have risen where I live....using my ruler 

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can any news be demonstrated to be objective let alone true these days??? i just come here for the p0rn !

spieslikeus's picture

We drowned some folks

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

+1 for bringing back an oldie but a goodie

replaceme's picture

Hot land expands. For fuck's sake, it's not rocket science...

o r c k's picture

Sombody pulled the plug.  Peak leak.

rp2016's picture

My dehumidifier in the basement collect 3 gallons of water every day. Liberals!! are you getting any ideas?? 

Dugald's picture


Nice sideline there bro, jug it, sell as distilled water, good for terrarium plants, electric irons,

car batteries if you still run that old stuff......

taketheredpill's picture



3 Points:


1) The Peak on the Chart was March 2016.  The Chart runs to March 2017.  My math says that is one (1) year, not 2.

2) Even if it was 2 years, how does that compare to the long term chart.  It doesn't, and looks like Noise in comparison.  Now who's the alarmist.

3) Why, if THOUSANDS of scientists are colluding in a vast conspiracy to hide the truth, do we not hear from any "insiders".  By this point there must have been a few scientists who were kicked out  of the "secret club" for some reason, or might have confessed the awful truth to their wives or family? Or were they all picked up by unmarked NASA vans and "dissapeared".


Tallest Skil's picture

You're a retard, global warming doesn't exist, and this has LONG been proven.

See here for clickable links:

SMC's picture

Retractions in peer reviewed journals are always entertaining...

Soph's picture

One thing is for certain, that chart DEFINITELY does not show sea levels dropping in any meaningful way. The trend is VERY much in place and, quite frankly, if the authors of this report are suggesting otherwise, they are complete buffoons.

Now, whether or not the entire global warming thing is a hoax, real, or martian implants in our brains, I genuinely do not know (or care really).

But I do know how to read a chart and identify trends, and that trend line is certainly not broken, and that's all that matters (assuming the underlying data is of course correct/accurate) for the purposes of this article.

bonin006's picture

The 20 year trend is in place, but doesn't anyone want to know what is looks like going back 50, 100 500 or 1000's of years?. That might help get a better perspective.

Soph's picture

Another poster, "TheAnsweris42", provided a good link that is relevant here...

It provides a much more historical look at sea level increases. In short, the trend is not new, and seems to be pretty consistent for quite some time.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Probably the warmists can extrapolate satellite data from the 19th century.  

Anglo Hondo's picture

Trend lines are great.  At six am today (Eastern Mediterranean) it was 16 C.   By midday it had risen to 24 C.

My trend line shows that by 10 pm the temp was going to be at 36 C.

Nature showed me that was crap, as it had fallen back to 18 C.

Stick that in your trendline, sideways for full effect.

Oh, S&P will be at 138,000 by 2035.  Trendline says bet on it.


Peak Finance's picture

#1 & 2- That 1995 date is arbirtary and looks cherry-piocked, lets see it back 100 yearts.  What happened in 2010 - 2011?

#3 There is no "conspiracy", just thousands of scientists working in "their own best intertests" which is to score some easy goverment global warming grant money. If there is any collusioin going on, it's the media deciding to only present one side of the argument, and media is controlled by a small handfuil so a conspiracy there is not really far fetched.  

LOL about #3, LOL dude, they are not "hiding" anywhere, there are 1000's of scientists that doubt glolbal warming, they just get ZERO media attention!

Vangelis's picture

Those "1000's" of scientists are 1. Have no sceintific background in climate science 2. get support from the fossil fuel industry 3. dont fucking well exist.

This is a financial website, I have to assume that everyone knows the difference between trend and noise. Tyler, stop publishing this fucking crap. I like my climate denial with a little less obvious bullshit.

Vangelis's picture

Those "1000's" of scientists are 1. Have no scientific background in climate science 2. get support from the fossil fuel industry 3. dont fucking well exist.

This is a financial website, I have to assume that everyone knows the difference between trend and noise. Tyler, stop publishing this fucking crap. I like my climate denial with a little less obvious bullshit.

TBT or not TBT's picture

We're clickbaiters here.   

Gerrilea's picture

Hon, don't you recall the UN's IPCC head was a railroad engineer, porn writer and EMPLOYEE OF EXXON, before he became a "climate scientist".

Reality: it's the Sun stoopid!!!  Over the past 1 billion years the Sun has gotten 10% warmer.  It will go through peaks and minimum's of output, which allowed life on this planet to fluorish.  The Sun will get warmer...

Man having anything to do with that is crack "science". 

AND NASA lies about everything.  2 years ago Niagara Falls froze over, record continuous cold temperatures here...BUT alas they claimed in the month of Febraury there was no change in temperature from the previous years!

I'll end with this, a warmer climate will allow humanity to move to the stars.  WE do have some rough years ahead with the Sun going into another Maunder fact, it will get colder for the next 40+ yrs.

Anyone telling you anything else is lying.

stormsailor's picture

click baiters?  don't be so modest, master baiters

Dugald's picture


If you wish to prove global warming there is lots of grant money available for your research, but if you wish to prove otherwise.....not a single dollar.....

GoldHermit's picture

Watch the Libbys say that water expands when it freezes and global warming is causing the ice to melt which is making the water levels drop! those geniuses have an answer for everything. I personally stayed awake in physics class and think global warming is occurring because the earth is slowly getting sucked into the sun. A dirty little secret they don't want you to know!

Dugald's picture


FACT...!!  The Sun is getting hotter and will continue to do so....check it out.....!

afronaut's picture

Both bismuth and water expand when they freeze. This is a well known fact 

Fundies's picture

They're draining the swamp. 

Mini-Me's picture

Something tells me that the giant economic reset looming in our future will finally put to rest the farce called climate change.   When people are wondering where their next meal is coming from,  they aren't going to give a shit about polar bears or the ocean levels.

Nobodys Home's picture

Where muh next meal cumin from? Polar bears? Yumm! Seafood? Yumm! Oh they'll care alright!