VIX Spikes To 11 As Equity Market Liquidity Dries Up

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The plunge in US equity markets continues - led by big tech names...


Sending VIX soaring to 11 for the first time in 3 weeks.


As stocks slip, and VIX spikes, liquidity is also disappearing from futures markets, setting ETFs up for a potentail flash-crash...

Source: Nanex

Trannies are down over 3%...

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NugginFuts's picture

Oh no, the trannies are getting down....

NotApplicable's picture

I wonder why 2:00 PM is so meaningful lately?

phatfawzi's picture

liquidity is drying up? Really did the fed run out of ink for the printer? or lower the price enough and buyers will jump in. 

Gordon_Gekko's picture

They will get "liquidity" from me when SPX has fallen at least 90% and not a single point above.

Not gonna happen? Well, then I guess I'll just have to spend the rest of my life without buying THIS PILE OF SHIT called "STOCKS". Something tells me I'll be much happier without participating in this CRIME SCENE known as the "market".

Erwin643's picture

But at least you can be richer, though.


small axe's picture

clearance sale on falling knives, half off

NugginFuts's picture

Get'm while they're hot and covered in trannie sauce!

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Wow, this is just too predictable. Get everyone to fear the "big crash" is today, and get all the dummies short. 

Not me, not falling for it. I have just spent this weeks paycheck on 3x Long Leveraged S&P 500. This is a perfect opportunity to buy the dip as we are still on the path to 3000 by year end and 4500 by Q1 2019.

NugginFuts's picture

Go 100X next time. Go big or go home!

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

If you are that bullish then just load up on $300 SPY calls.

Devils Advocate's picture

What triggered this?

Devils Advocate's picture

What triggered this?

Latitude25's picture

Wow.  Liquidity sure dries up in a hurry.  Do algos really supply it?

malek's picture

Everybody is saying so, so it must be true.

Lewshine's picture

Liquidity drying up? HA!...Seriously? Watch how fast the needed liquidity back stops this sell off and we see the biggest stick save this year...In, 3-2-1



Nothing to see here but a great economic bull market...Tell your friends and neighbors.

order66's picture

Not this time. That selling is profit taking, not news based. Everyone is using the same strats here and leaning on the dip buyers. 2448 on deck in #ES_F.

onthedeschutes's picture

"Trannies are down over 3%..."


Trannies are down 100% in the military.

Honest Sam's picture

Only new ones, and those who decide to out themselves. Those who keep their secret are untouched, as it should be. I don't want to know about anyone cutting off their dick and replacing it with a vagina.  I cannot comprehend this surgery without also establishing the need for Tampax, and other menstrual pa.........what?   They don't insert fallopian tubes, wombs and ovaries, and don't menstruate once a month till they hit their 50s??  

How can you call yourself a woman if you don't have ALL the plumbing that makes you a woman?  Or if you don't bleed once a month and tell your husband you have a headache?? 

I think these male to female trannies are faking it. They are really just savvy men who can get a look at Margot Robbie's and Liz Wheeler's naked bodies in the shower, where they pretend to slip on the soap. Clever, boys, very clever.  

I'm going to have Michael Keaton, a personal friend, get me a pass to the movie studios where JLAw, Sofia Vergara, and Anne Hathaway, are filming and going to the ladies room. They should have no objection to me calling myself a gurl, even though my po-po is swingin in the wind. 


RealistDuJour's picture

And crude hit a $49 "handle"...

Bill of Rights's picture


AlphaSeraph's picture

It's like the algo's have ZH rated as the #1 site to look for. Whenever the words "plummet" or "plunge" appear in an article, the algos step in and BTFD hard.

Amazon went from -10$ to green just like that. Lol. 


Latitude25's picture

This must be the ECB cutting off the funding of US equities via their QE in response to congressional Russian sanctions.

Lewshine's picture

Watch these shameless moron's walk the Naz right back to the flatline by close. They don't care how obvious the intervention becomes - Whose gonna complain?

NEOSERF's picture

PPT just stepped in here...nothing to see, move along

HominyTwin's picture

Got some short straddles on those FANGS. Swiss National Bank moved in and saved my ass. Don't fight the SNB (or the BOJ).

AlephZero's picture

It's the Russians, Stupid.

Gordon_Gekko's picture I thought HFT's were providing liquidity, no?

What a CROCK OF SHIT this fake "market" is.

jamesmmu's picture

Is time for shorts to get in today?

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

Why is everyone acting like QE will never ever happen again. The net is still there, people!

Erwin643's picture

At the close: The 4, 10 and 20 hourly EMA are all inverted on SVXY; unable to get above its 10-hour MA.

This means either more drop, or based on the daily MA's, since it stopped PRECISELY at BOTH the 20-day and 4-week moving averages, then went up, that this is our periodic pullback. Judging from RSI on the daily and weekly charts though, I don't think so.

Also: Full Stochastic indicator on VIX is pointing straight up from the bottom. It normally doesn't stop here.