The French Government Built A Migrant Shelter In This Small Town – Residents Responded By Building A Wall Around It

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When most people consider how many migrants have entered Europe in recent years, they probably assume that the whole continent is a beacon of tolerance and love for foreigners who are seeking a better way of life. But a more accurate picture of Europe would suggest that the only thing most Europeans are tolerant of, is their corrupt governments who aren’t willing to close the borders. That tolerance is quickly wearing thin however, as most Westerners reject the migrants, who are burdening the social fabric of their communities.

Which would explain a recent incident in the French town of Séméac, where the government recently bought a hotel in the hopes of turning it into a migrant shelter.

Protesters in a town in southwest France have built a nearly-two-metre-high wall around the entrance to a disused hotel to try to prevent it being turned into a migrant shelter.


Working under cover of darkness, a few dozen residents of Semeac in the Pyrenees mountains erected a wall 18 metres (60 feet) long and 1.8 metres high barring access to the Formule 1 hotel, a spokesman for the group confirmed.


“We not against taking in migrants,” Laurent Teixeira told AFP. “But you have to take account of the citizens.”

The locals are frustrated with the government for not being transparent with the public, and not really having a plan for the migrants. The French government is currently under pressure to establish as many shelters as they can, in anticipation of another spike in migration later this summer.

Teixeira accused the authorities of failing to consult residents about the project to turn the former budget hotel into a shelter for up to 85 migrants.


“Nothing is planned for the migrants’ daily life,” he said, arguing that schools and other public services in the town of 5,000 people would be unable to cope with the newcomers.


Protester Hugo Lacoue, a tobacconist, said he was opposed to migrants being hosted in a suburban neighbourhood.

But it’s safe to say that those aren’t the only reasons why these French villagers are concerned about the migrant shelter. The politically correct media in that country probably wouldn’t publish the fears that are really on the minds of these people.

Like the fact that rapes and other violent crimes are skyrocketing in countries that have accepted the migrants with open arms.

Or that the countries which haven’t brought in so many migrants don’t have any terrorist attacks.

Or that migrant shelters often devolve into drunken riots where refugees burn down their own shelters, and assault police officers and their fellow refugees. Surely, that’s not something that this small town is equipped to deal with.

But most importantly, the media will never report on the fact that walls really do work.

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Europe for the Europeans!


(See? I'm Jewish and I oppose mass immigration to Europe from the third world, so maybe there isn't a Jewish conspiracy to Islamize the west after all...)

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It is clear all across Europe that the people realize that this is an invasion.  Just as with the EU/ECB coup over the sovereign states of Europe, the people didn't want it.  If there were a fair and honest vote, a crackdown on immigration would be the result.  But Europe is a goy colony to Israel, just like the US, Australia and Canada.  That is why millions of goyim had to die in two world wars, and that is way they are passively witnessing their own genocide.

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At least in Ukraine at Chernobyl, they filled it with concrete.


oh... I'm sorry... my bad


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Yep, it's just a coincidence that Israel rtakes no rapefugees, and jews push open borders for all white countries!

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Or that migrant shelters often devolve into drunken riots where refugees burn down their own shelters, and assault police officers and their fellow refugees. Surely, that’s not something that this small town is equipped to deal with.

Maybe they could burn down the hotels to ashes, it would safe lives, since the rapefugees do burn down their shelters with other "inocent" rapefugees inside...

The Ram's picture

Why a wall?  Burn the fucker down.

Dormouse's picture

They should have built a bridge around it.

Griffin's picture

If Christianity would more or less fade away in Europe and radical Islam, with sharia laws and things like that would become dominant, then Israel would have no future.

If those who run Israel are supporting or working towards a goal like that, then they are either very dim witted or very determined to destroy Israel, which i find very unlikely.

tuetenueggel's picture

Zionists never needed Israel and never will.

The coldblody kill their own people. Take a look at criminal Soros. Jeews´ ugliest enemy.

Jubal Early's picture

Zionism is just the tool that they use to brainwash and manipulate the jewish people.  The gangsters that manipulate jews with "zionism" do need their own country, Israel, as a safe haven to use while they wage their war of total hegemony against the cattle and the jews.

Jubal Early's picture

Mohammed was illiterate.  The Koran was written by Jewish Rabbi's and the Saudi Royal family is likely also jewish.  

Besides clearly their plan is to have both of their biggest enemies destroy each other.  Kind of like how their control of banking and media was used at the turn of the last century to get 5 empires, 3 run by cousins, to bankrupt each other and murder the cream of their peoples.  

JRobby's picture

People are sick of GOVT?

There's an idea to run with. 

tuetenueggel's picture

Oh yeah, there is indeed.

Ask Taliban.

random999's picture

well the fact that you are jewish doesnt mean the people arranging this invasion arent jews.


the question is if we should call em jews, satanists, paedophiles or just traitors.

Scrimpy's picture

Maybe you are just too stupid to see what is happeneing before your own eyes, or maybe you are a lying sack of globalist neocon jew dogshit?

tuetenueggel's picture

I´m German. You should consider, that Jees and zionist are 2 different worlds. Zionists want to be the new Hitlers with opposite interests: Deport all patriots who are against NWO and globalism. Got it ? Communism is the new religion. It failed thousands of times and it will fail in eternity.

Sean7k's picture

Unfortunately, jews follow the dictates of the Sanhedrian, regardless of the consequences. The idea there are innocent jews and evil jews is just propaganda.

Unless you are in favor of letting all those nazi's which were "just" following orders of the hook?

Communism is not a new religion, it is a jewish construct, approved by their international congress, financed by the bankers and instituted by their faithful.

SubjectivObject's picture

can we dicriminate between Jews as a civil, sincere, ethnicity and Zionist [or not really really] jews as a malignant power mad cult?

Nostradumbass's picture

No we cannot. jeuws must be regarded as a single celled organism - like an amoeba, suffocating and devouring everything in it's path. This is not unfair treatment at all, it is imperative that White People learn to hate as the jeuw hates.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Read the Tamud. That should answer you questions.

MK13's picture

Israel was interested in euro invasion initially, but it's gone wrong (as it always does) - damn Muslim migrants carry votes and Western euro politics are turning pro Palestinian.

Nothing that repeat of 1930s won't solve. Euro citizens will get to pick by the end of a gun whether they want to be sharia compliant or not.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Barbara Spectre would disagree with you.

Because a Jew (or several or even many Jews) oppose mass migration from third-world countries does not mean that there is not a plan (conspiracy has such a 'crazy' connotation to it) to destroy the white, Christian demographics of Europe....

...any more than the fact there is a core group of very leftist, very powerful people who identify as Jews and whose ideology and strategy is to help Jews first and foremost above all other goals means that all Jews are a part of or support that plan.

Kevin MacDonald in "The Culture of Critique" does a good job of analyzing those select, few Jews that have been a part of this plan for the better part of a century.

Ofelas's picture

Jews came from where exactly? 


Now I am its different

poetic justice's picture

You would know what happened at Sandy Hook then? Renounce Judaism and come back and tell us your story then....

I really have nothing against any person in this world... except... when they want to kill my family. I wil do everything necessary including "extreme use of force". Don't insult our intelligence, by giving us a bullshit story about it being a conspiracy, etc. 


It is all about Multiculturalism. So sunshine, just who are the most fervent supporters then?

any_mouse's picture

And there is at least one Muslim who doesn't want to kill infidels.

oncemore's picture

For the last sentence you got a downvote from me. Go and search Soros, his statements about immigration, his NGOs.

A hint: he is a zionazijew. He sold 500k jews to Himmler, as you know,  he has stolen all possessions of those people and established his todY wealth on it. You do not believe, that he could be the main culprit????

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Has anyone actually checked to confirm that the migrants actually come from the Levanti and Africa? Maybe they are new prisoners appearing here through portals and being distributed to various countries.

That would make more sense in explaining why governments are all on board and possibly why the so called refugees act like criminals.

I have often wondered how the population of this world has grown so quickly, even with disease, wars and relatively low birth rates. Even the baby eating elitists can't keep the population down.

tuetenueggel's picture

not enough wars as it clearly shows.

MK13's picture

People from third world shistholes bring in ideas that recreate shistholes they left. Example numero uno of idiocy that should not be allowed to enter

Sort of like liberals leaving Cali recreating liberal shistholes in other states. If you move to different state, consider why you were leaving and stop voting demtards and RINOs in.

tuetenueggel's picture

Patience please. They´ll get it. Won´t take long.

nmewn's picture

Does Pope Francis know about this wall? And if he does, why isn't he condemning Frenchmen for building the wall...ya know, instead of bridges? ;-)

RadioactiveRant's picture

The wall around the Vatican is to keep the sex offenders IN not out.

Griffin's picture

I am sure Francis has been shouting and condemning the French from the top of the highest walls of the Vatican.


julian_n's picture

The French blew their chance to end it - so they must put up with five more years.


tuetenueggel's picture

French idiots elected motherfucker Macron. You got what you ordered. Too late for complaints.

Now they are astonished about what happens ? How stupid can one be ? There are many more waiting of

these goatfuckers for entrance to France. Have a nice day. Help yourself than help you God.

Joe A's picture

You all in Germany voted for Merkel who opened the door for migrants into Europe. She did that without consulting her European partners. And now she wants "European solidarity" of other EU countries to take over some of these migrants and the ones in Italy and Greece. And you know what? You will vote for Merkel again in the upcoming elections in Germany.

Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, the EU and now Macron are responsibe for this situation and it will continue. Not for Eastern Europe if they manage not to give in to pressure.

LOL123's picture

You are right the Germans will vote for Mutti again because she will put on her steel undies and pretend to stop them from entering more just in time for elections then take off the unterhosen and open the gates again.... Commis are like that... Sneaky little turd droppers.

poetic justice's picture

 You mean litterally the "motherfucker Macron". Do you realise the election was probably rigged. So maybe the French didn't really vote him in.

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What? not all warm and fuzzy in immigrant land? Suddenly realizing those mental midgets you're bringing into your country are fully intent on YOU integrating into THEIR society? Wow, what a epiphany that must be.

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Tick tock...tick tock...wonder what the catalyst is going to be that finally breaks the camels back. 


indygo55's picture

Yeah well we've been tick, tocking for a long time now. The alarm bell needs to be going off and people getting the fuck out of bed. Time for action. 

poetic justice's picture

Where are the gun runners when you really need them? Oh.. I forgot... All those nefarious individuals really work for the Government. Fat chance then to arm the local population, in any would be campaign to overthrow those arseholes.

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Kind of a fake news. For those who can read French you will learn that the wall was built by a small group of people in this town of 5000 to block the entrance of the hotel that can at most welcome 85 migrant. These people wanted to make sure that there was more than just a roof that was offered to the migrant but also all the help to adapt to their new life.  And MOST IMPORTANT the wall was remove by the same people on July 25.    Checking facts is not the strengh of Zerohedge staff.  if any..