North Korea Fires ICBM Missile; Flies 45 Minutes, Lands In Japan Waters

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Perhaps sensing that Trump is rather vulnerable right now, and confirming reports from two days ago that an ICBM launch is imminent, moments ago Japan's NHK reported that North Korea has fired "what appears to be a missile", which Kyodo has since classified as an ICBM, which landed in Japan's exclusive economic zone. The Pentagon, as reported by Fox news, confirms that Japan has indeed launched a ballistic missile, and is assessing the results.

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on comments carried on TV that North Korea has again launched a missile, which may have landed in the waters of Japan’s exclusive economic zone, confirming an earlier report by NHK which said the missile may have landed in the waters near Japan, citing Japan Coast Guard. NHK adds that Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga to give briefly shortly.

Japan Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says that the missile flew for about 45 minutes before landing in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The landing zone is shown in the map below:

According to the Pentagon, the missile reached altitude of 3700km (2300 mile), prompting defense reporters to speculated that a "good portion of US is within striking range. Reliable ICBM by early next year."

According to VoA, statement from the Dept of Defense is expected soon on the latest DPRK missile launch.

As Citi writes, the current confused US and China policy on North Korea is doing little to stem these tests. On Wednesday we reported that NKorea was preparing for another launch. Meanwhile the Washington Post reported earlier this week that NK will likely be able to produce a nuclear-capable warhead by 2018 – a full two years ahead of schedule.

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they seem to be getting good at this

NoDecaf's picture

DPRK must. not. have. deterrent.

More Sanctions!

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North Korea Fires Another Missile


Wonder if the US can vaporize one of these missiles on the launching pad with the new laser technology?

Based on recent events, the TRADER WHO PLACED A 262 MILLION DOLLAR BET ON HIGHER VOLATILITY IS LOOKING LIKE A GENIOUS RIGHT NOW. This person could be the first TRILLIONAIRE is things go really, really wrong!

Chuck Norris's picture

I think the strategy is to fly McCain into north Korea so he can negotiate even more nuclear weapons transfer to the terrorists. I mean North Korean's.

Then the U.S will puppet NK into picking a fight with China.  They can nuke each other.

Then McStain can sit in his throne and diabolically laugh as his brain tumor explodes in ecstasy.

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A little too close to Misawa for comfort.... everyone keeps droning on and on about the continental U.S., but there are plenty of targets of opportunity already in range.

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this article is so full of basic errors, just two on the top of my head:

1) says Japa aunched the ICBM: Confirms that Japan has indeed launched a ballistic missile, and is assessing the results.

2) that altitude : "reached altitude of 3700km (2300 mile),"

WTF Really?

svayambhu108's picture

Reached an altitude of 3700km for 1000 km?

Is someone here knowing about ICMBs, this really sounds bulshit!!

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McStain can be put in his pine box earlier for everyone's sake.

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I am no rocket surgeon but "flies 45 minutes" and hits the sea off japan?

Was it a rocket powered balloon?

researchfix's picture

It was a steep shot. A more flat shot of 45 min is something else. I think the next shot will fall down on the other side of Japan. To get the message delivered.

toady's picture

They already did that years ago. 

Déjà view's picture

Phat Boy to Mr. one up yours...

El Vaquero's picture

If things go really wrong, we could all be trillionaires. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

If it flew for 45 minutes, that could reach anywhere on the planet.

Countrybunkererd's picture

LOL.  Take your pick.  It appears Iran did the same thing (for a satellite).  Coordinated or just odd timing?

lucitanian's picture

Lets be clear:

Japan waters = Territorial waters = 12 kinotical miles


Economic zone = Exclusive economic zone = 200 knotical miles (international water)

big difference - Headline meant to scare you.

Countrybunkererd's picture

I could care less where it landed.  I want to know how HIGH it went / flight time /speed(velocity). 

toady's picture

It's all in there, you just need to read more than the headline....

Countrybunkererd's picture

Good one.  Only 45 min. was there in the original.  I estimate the range capability if it is what they say, at about 6500 miles give or take 500.  Payload?...who knows, maybe just the fuel it had at the start, maybe they put an extra 1000 kg weight on it.  Devil is in the details and I don't have those details.

oncemore's picture

U r wrong arround the planet at 150km , it takes 90 minutes.

3000 km height is impressive .  One more kick and they go arround the planet.

BocceBaal's picture

$262m was the maximum profit from that 3-legged options trade. If the VIX spikes too high he actually loses money.

fattail's picture

My understanding is he did a 1x2 on the top side so his breakeven is somewhere above 45.  Vol goes too much higher and he gets to make margin calls.  

So no free lunch and no trillionaires until the lights come back on and the rebuilding starts.

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Question should be: Is this where NK wanted the missile to land?

Never One Roach's picture

Unfortunately, it's still a long way off from LA or SF.

espirit's picture

Wow, a 45 minute flight?

Wonder if Kim was using the 'new and improved' Acme catapult?

Countrybunkererd's picture

Oops.  I was a minute late.  To my point above.  45 minutes of flight could hit anywhere on the planet if true.  My mind tells me it would be in orbit, not off of Japan.   Maybe it is a hover-rocket.

IronForge's picture

45 min is plenty.  probably a Parabolic Trajectory like the previous Launch.

jjtech's picture

Maybe it can't reach anywhere on the planet, just somehwere close to Japan. Maybe it flew for 45 minutes but must have been damn slow to only reach somewhere close to Japan or was flying in circles or zig-zags. Would take a couple hours to reach mainland US and suckers of the zionist cock (aka US govt and army) would have time to send superman to intercept it

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And they state that the think it might have reached within 200 miles of Japan. How far must a missile be able to travel to be called an ICBM? And how far is it from Korea to 200m from Japan?

I did not take the shortest route to account for inland location of launch, but I measured 400 miles from estimated launch to Japan's economic zone. And it took 45 minutes. So less this terrible threat travels at less than 530 mph. Not impressed.

Bunga Bunga's picture

IC = inter continental ... maybe Japan is another continent for them. 

Countrybunkererd's picture

For those capable and inclined to do so...


Be warned, this is not a wiki summary.  Just a small bit of rocket science.  Enjoy your weekend.  So the question high did it go?  The last one was some 1,700 miles if I remember correctly.

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"So the question high did it go?"

Dude, read the fucking article like someone else already told you to do.

"According to the Pentagon, the missile reached altitude of 3700km (2300 mile)"

Countrybunkererd's picture

Come late to the party?  If you were here on time (before 12:00 EST) the original had... 45 minutes.  Nothing about altitude or distance (except in Japans EEZ).  Sometimes it pays to get out of bed early.  Sometimes people shouldn't wake up.

Dsyno's picture

Bullshit, dude. It was there from the beginning. Either you didn't read the article, or you lost the details between the ads.

jjtech's picture

just a tiny bit faster then Bugatti Chrion... a good helicopter would overtake it if that's what it was

toady's picture

They may have targeted  (or wanted to show they could target) Misawa AFB... usaf, navy, marines are all there...

toady's picture

They may have targeted  (or wanted to show they could target) Misawa AFB... usaf, navy, marines are all there...

double post... twice as nice!


CurveBall's picture

Or should Japan be sanctioned? So confusing when news is reported incorrectly. Last line of first paragraph: "The Pentagon, as reported by Fox news, confirms that Japan has indeed launched a ballistic missile, and is assessing the results."

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Next article: Trump fires a twitter rant storm in respond to latest NK missile launch.

bfellow's picture

The better approach would be just to ignore the little shit. He's like a child acting out for attention. Sanction everything and turn your back to him. Takes away all the fun. Besides, if we really thought their was an immenent threat, it's not like the US, SK, and Japan couldn't launch a massive retaliatory strike. Nothing like a MOAB over Pyongyang to wake someone up.

espirit's picture

I'm attending to a 6 yo grandson. Perfect behavior for me, a little shit for his mother.

jjtech's picture

when you said "little shit" I thought you talking about Trump...

and nothing like NK turning Seul into a crater, don't you think? Are you basing your information about NK leadership based on CNN daily news?

DosZap's picture

Worse yet, they are ALREADY able to deliver Nukes to the US mainland,Japan, and almost anywhere they want.

Trump should get with the leaders of SK and tell them to evacuate Seoul,and then pull back our 30k+/- service folks from the line separating the two countries.............then rain HELL on NK, and I mean non stop, and not cruise missiles.

First multiple strikes,is the only way this ends well. Iran is going to be the catalyst for WWIII.

HoyeruNew's picture

wowo yet another blood trursty dumb 'Merican thursty to kill people to feed the deamon in the Pentagram. Evacuate 10 million people? The minute it starts the minute NK obliterates Seoul. and most of South Korea.

cheech_wizard's picture

The last industrialized country left standing wins, have history's lessons been wasted on you?

Do you think the deep state gives a rat's ass about South Korea?