Fox Airs Allegations That Awans Aided Wasserman-Schultz With Voice Altered Phone Calls

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By Elizabeth Vos of Disobedient Media

Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer alleged on Fox News that the Awan brothers may have aided Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in making bizarre, voice modulated phone calls to the offices of attorneys currently pursuing a litigating a class action lawsuit against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC. If substantiated, the claims may have significance for the DNC fraud lawsuit proceedings, and add to the growing controversy surrounding the recent arrest of Imran Awan on bank fraud charges.

Jared Beck, and attorney litigating the DNC Fraud Lawsuit noted on Twitter:

Disobedient Media‘s previous coverage of the DNC fraud lawsuit discussed ominous phone calls received by the Becks’ offices. The individual called the Becks using a voice modulator with a caller ID corresponding to the Aventura offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Becks referral to the ominous phone calls  to the D.C. Capital police is potentially extremely significant in terms of both the DNC fraud lawsuit and the degree to which Imran Awan may have engaged in potentially illegal activity while serving in his role as an IT staffer. This came after a string of concerning events surround the suit which eventually resulted in the Becks unsuccessfully seeking legal protection for themselves and others involved in the suit. The the former DNC chairwoman’s representatives denied the call had been made by Schultz or an associated party.

Lt. Colonel Tony Shaffer appeared on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson where he made allegations that Imran Awan had helped Schultz make the disturbing phone call to the Beck’s legal offices. Schaffer also discussed concerns regarding sensitive information that the Awans were privy to during their employment by the DNC. In discussing the Becks, Schaffer commented that Schultz had employed the brothers to do “hideous things behind the scenes… they helped her make voice change calls…” Schaffer added that the sensitive information the Awans had access to were stored in a third database, which he said is now being called a “breach.”

If it is confirmed that the Awans helped Schultz contact the law offices of the Becks, this could have significant implications for the DNC Fraud lawsuit. Unsolicited contact from Schultz to the Becks would be highly improper. Such phone calls were one in a string of apparently threatening conduct by Schultz and her associated. The former DNC chair was reported to have threatened the U.S. Capital chief of police with “consequences” in a heated exchange after he refused to surrender a laptop seized from Imran Awan.

Disobedient Media previously discussed concerns that the Awans may have leaked sensitive data related to their service for Schultz and the DNC. Schaffer alleged that a “foreign intelligence service” may have been the recipient of the leaked information, referring specifically to the Muslim Brotherhood, which he speculated was what had prompted FBI involvement in the case beyond the initial wire fraud charges.

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MillionDollarButter's picture

Hahahahaha, burn, bitch!

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I'm starting to get giddy that this shit's actually hitting mainstream news.

NoDebt's picture

Unless this leads back to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I gotta tell you guys, I don't really think anybody is going to give a shit if DWS burns.  And.... just a guess here, I could be dead wrong, but it's not looking like it will.  

Sure, if the Rs had the media on their side they could blow this up into some big (fake) world-rocking scandal like the Russia thing, but they don't so it won't.  She burns, everyone else skates, the word keeps turning.


Never One Roach's picture

How is Bernie's lawsuit going against the DNC for defrauding him out of a primary win?

knukles's picture

Unsubstantiated, anonymous confidential sources who we cannot identify are rumored to have said that .....

nmewn's picture

Poor Burnie Marx, he finally succumbed to the But at least his third home is on an island. With its own dock!

Which is always helpful, when your home is, ya nooowah!...on an island ;-)

remain calm's picture

She needs to be ass raped by metally ill Gorilla (or Anderson Cooper) on CNN for her sentence.

jeff montanye's picture

alternatively (because anderson cooper is certainly not "up" for the job), think of the metally (pantera, slayer) ill gorilla as the rule of law and her having to confess to reduce her sentence as being ass raped on cnn.

i will.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Jeff,

*Attention - The Awans & Pakistani ISI are only "sub contractors" for Hillary (CIA since young/operative/ratline field commander) & Israeli Mossad (Debbie Wasserman, Weiner, Shumer & any other affiliated Zionist Jews). Both the CIA (Rockefeller>Kissinger down the line to CIA-op Hillary/all presidents except Trump) + Israel (Rosthchild) & Mossad (Rothschild private intel/military army) have compromised and co-opted the White House/US Presidency, US Congress, US Senate and much of state government.

Both CIA & Mossad farm out dirty work ops to other international Intelligence agencies & military, as well as criminal organizations in order to created a spider web of hard to prove 3rd, 4th, 5th party connections to their illegal operations in order limit their exposure to being outed by real journalists like the dead Michael Hastings.

Pakistan ISI, the Muslim Brotherhood or any other seemingly bad actors have 'not' infiltrated and taken over Congress nor anything else. The Awans and the Pakistani ISI were 'invited' & brought here by Mossad-Anthony Weiner & Mossad-Debbie Wasserman-Schultz here to run operations for CIA-international-crime-boss-Hillary Clinton.?

Never One Roach's picture

Nice house but not worth one's integrity. He sure did screw over his supporters.

FoggyWorld's picture

He had enough money to buy that house so if he wants to clear his name and if he can, he ought to just show all of the documents pertaining to the purchase of his three residences.   Totally up to him to clear up what he has to know is being said.

jeff montanye's picture

the best of a politician's supporters are better than the politician usually.  think of the real victims of the dnc defrauding of sanders as the defrauding of those voters (seth rich for one).  the monetary damages, paid to whom?, and the reforms, as well as the barring for life, whatever, from office, etc. will certainly blacken the name of the democratic party.

enough to create a third party that eventually replaces it?

we shall see.

the neocons can't be happy.

FoggyWorld's picture

He had enough money to buy that house so if he wants to clear his name and if he can, he ought to just show all of the documents pertaining to the purchase of his three residences.   Totally up to him to clear up what he has to know is being said.

Dennisen's picture

Isn’t that, like, just down the street from Jill Stein’s new place?

Stuck on Zero's picture

Debbie Wasserman Shithead is worried about her laptop being confiscated by the police?  Isn't that what law enforcement does to everyone these days as civil forfeiture?

bonin006's picture

Only the little people should have their things seized by the authorities.

--- Leona Helmsley

FoggyWorld's picture

They knew and she knew when she put on that show that they were holding it as evidence of a crime.

jeff montanye's picture

well yes but that doesn't mean a great deal.  why not negotiate the destruction of the computers as part of an immunity deal (which doesn't need to lead to an arrest, like in '20's chicago):

plenty of precedent.  these are very slippery fish.

nmewn's picture

The Burnsters have them over a barrel, the DNC may very well prevail in court stipulating its charter allows it to pick its candidate REGARDLESS of the peoples choice but in prevailing in court...destroy itself from within...this

...Pyrrhic victories and all that ;-)

FoggyWorld's picture

But Debbie seems to have started these things in Congress and then moved the Awan brothers services up a notch to include the DNC.

StarGate's picture

Was't there a story that DNC data was moved en masse around June 5th 2016 to Clinton Foundation just before the Seth good bye?
Were Awan brothers involved in that?

FoggyWorld's picture

But Debbie seems to have started these things in Congress and then moved the Awan brothers services up a notch to include the DNC.

NihilistZerO___'s picture

That Charter doesn't protect them from the fraud allegation. The DNC put forth their 2016 primary as a fair and open process. The DNC accepted donations based on this appearance. If it can prove they did not deal with Bernie and his supporters in good faith they are fucked. Mind you this organization is dead broke as well. I don't see anyway they are not found guilty of SOMETHING. And if it is as you say and they get off on a very dubious reading of their charter, they are effectively done anyway. Whoever wants to run to the left of Elizabeth Warren or that cunt Kamala Harris will run as the Green Party candidate and destroy the Dems chances in all the swing states they lost. That combined with the bother fraud investigation getting at least some of the illegals and dead people off the roles should flip Nevada and Colorado to Trump.

shovelhead's picture

Yeah, that Green Party is a real juggernaut of American politics...

All 18 of them.

NihilistZerO___'s picture

Irelevant. If they get 1% of Dem voters in a swing state, that combined with Trump's voter fraud probe could flip places like Nevada and Colorado.

nmewn's picture

Obviously a Russian agent ;-)

FoggyWorld's picture

Don't think Bernie has his own lawsuit.  The major lawsuit was filed on behalf of many small donors who contributed to Bernie's campaign via the DNC which then improperly allocated the funds to HRC.

FoggyWorld's picture

It won't go away though the Pakistanis may go free.   Too many people have been digging and if nothing else one hell of a book will come out of this.

Another place to check is George Webb but it's all over the place today.


Stackers's picture

This is the tip of the iceberg

Harrassing emails, calls, mysterious deaths

Must read

NoDebt's picture

The Awan brothers get you to DWS.  Good luck tying it back the next step to HRC.  I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer here (you see how I did that?), throwing cold water all over your guys, but the Clintons have been doing this shit for DECADES.  They are WELL practiced in the dark arts.  They've killed DOZENS of people.  Do you think the failure of one part of their power network (DWS in this case) is going to lead to their downfall?  Do you think you're going to find some fucking incriminating email that leads back to HRC or BHO???  NEVER going to happen.

There is a reason why the Clintons kill people.  Because it's permanent silence and there's no email trail.

Throwing a bunch of shit in a pot and stirring it around has NEVER brought the Clintons down before and it won't now either.



Theta_Burn's picture

Shes a good start, I always thought it would be Huma's little weiner laptop that would get the ball rolling. (what the fuck came of that to date)

I always said sooner or later they would nail a weak kneed hillary throw-away, and when faced with serious jail time all sorts of incriminating shit would come to light.

The not so funny thing about hilly? is most of her felonies are staring us right in the face, her appointed friends are her dodge, as is the fear of ruining ones career going after her.

One by one tho, they are dropping, till they nail that one weak kneed weasle...



jeff montanye's picture

i agree.  no empire lasts forever and the clinton/neocon hegemony over the u.s. empire is looking very long in the tooth. but don't let debbie get to israel.  though maybe it would be worth it as education for the sheeple.

just as hillary had to be thrown into the back of a van, blue glasses and all, at the last 9-11 celebration (depends on one's point of view, that's netanyahu's), so too busting this multi-faceted election fraud with murders and treason flapping about it (those awan brothers are probably isi or mossad or both, as well as u.s. citizens) brings the sheeple and the deep state closer to a nodding acquaintance (and many of those newly wise to the evils of the deep state are republican base folks, the deep state's natural ally, oh well too bad for the cia) such that as the prosecutions and convictions start to flow, and mueller comes up increasingly empty handed, the subject of 9-11 at each subsequent ceremony becomes a sharper and sharper double edged sword with regard to its early beneficiaries the clandestine services, the neocons and the rest of the deep state.

maybe even some of the true believer democrats that thought hillary was actually telling them the truth will become the most indefatigable truthers in order to bring down whichever survivors of the g.w. bush admninistration can be found this side of the no extradition border of israel.

Anunnaki's picture

These clowns are so sloppy, who knows what is on that server.

Sessions won't allow the Feebles to seize the server. Collusion between Clinton giving orders to DWS

FoggyWorld's picture

So far that isn't really clear and I do think Sessions can get involved.   It does show up that Hillary knew about a side business they ran modifying Blackberry phones though she thoght Anthony knew the people, but that's rather minor in the overall scope of what seems to be what Debbie was running on her own and without Clinton funds.  The US Congress, the Congressional Bank (via large loans) and the DNC seem to have paid for all of this.

jeff montanye's picture

well, not really fully.

but they may someday soon.

and the first one now will later by last . . . .

FoggyWorld's picture

I bet that data is now outside of the country and it won't be easy for it to be found.

BarkingCat's picture

I think I would change that statement a little.

It is Hillary that kills people or more accurately has people killed.

 She is definitely a psychopath. Bill is not quite at the same level.

He's probably only a sociopath.

 What a couple!

Mustafa Kemal's picture

They are indeed a charming couple

jeff montanye's picture

charmed and charming, the guy in the orange coat is george soros/baron rothschild/warren buffet/mark zuckerberg/arnon milchan/stanley fischer . . . .

jeff montanye's picture

earlier those in the baskets were dick cheney and donald rumsfeld.

Ms No's picture

I am pretty sure Bill is a Psycho too.  He was the original show back when they were running drugs and killing people in Arkansas.  He also bit that woman's lip that he raped and she was bleeding all over.  Psycho enough.  The look on his face when his beady eyes were darting around at the debates looking for his affairs and rape victims really revealed who he was.  He was straight glaring at them, like he wanted them dead, right in front of the world.  You could be right though, she seems way more impulsive and he is better at being fake.  They are both inhuman.


LyLo's picture

They're past their prime.  They fired/killed all their best and most loyal lackeys years ago.  And little Chelsea Hubble seems more of daddy's girl than mommy's, so no help there.  (OT: I have this fun game I play, where when I see a picture of Chelsea in public I say a little too loudly to my husband, "Who's that girl?  She looks like Webb Hubble.  You remember?  Guy worked for the Clintons?"  I don't watch teevee and need to entertain myself somehow.) 

Hell, Weiner would have been offed already if this was the Clinton's prime, and no one would have even questioned it

This ain't a former President and high powered attorney in their prime that rule a powerful party controlling most branches of government: they are a couple of old people surrounded by a bunch of really dumb handlers that hope to make names for themselves, fronting a minority party that is in the red and has no ground game.  So we'll see, I guess. 

jeff montanye's picture

no tree grows to the sky; these two particularly look short of green leaves; there are more people wandering the forest; an increasing portion of them are carrying chain saws . . . .

i just hope they don't get arkancided themselves before the trials are completed.

at least please have had the sense to send the "life insurance policies" or "dead man's (or woman's) switch" to zero hedge, a and e for 9-11 t, and info wars, as well as a dozen names at random, rather than the new york times, the washington post, abc, fox, cbs and nbc.  a helicopter drop over several cities is not a bad idea.

shovelhead's picture

"They'll never get Al Capone."

~ Al Capone~

junction's picture

The real implosion occurs if it turns out that the Awan brothers are intelligence agents working for the Pakistani ISI.  George Webb has said as much and if the CIA was handlling Imran Awan as a foreign asset, that would explain his charmed life.  The CIA got in trouble with corrupt Senator Feinstein for tapping Congressional computers.  Using the Awan brothers to tap the same computers is a good cover for the CIA.  Whether Imran Awan was part of the hit team assigned to kill Seth Rich is still unclear.  Maybe he was at the bar with Rich by coincidence, just hours before Rich was killed.