Illinois Had The Worst Personal Income Growth In The U.S. Over The Past Decade

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Illinois’ jobs growth was worse than every neighboring state, and half the neighboring state average from June 2016 to June 2017, according to a new report. Data released July 27 by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES, reveals Illinois’ jobs growth from June 2016 to June 2017 was 0.9 percent, compared with a national average of 1.5 percent.

The greater Chicago area fared far better than the rest of Illinois with 1.2 percent jobs growth, but still lagged behind the national average. The rest of the state saw just 0.2 percent jobs growth.

The new IDES release also contained data by metropolitan statistical area, or MSA. Of Illinois’ 14 MSAs, eight saw jobs growth of less than 1 percent. Only five of Illinois’ MSAs saw jobs growth higher than the national average: Springfield, Kankakee, Lake County-Kenosha County, Bloomington and Carbondale-Marion.

The Decatur MSA experienced no jobs growth over the year. Rockford and Danville each lost 200 jobs over the year, on net.

The IDES data underscore a lack of economic reforms in the budget passed by state lawmakers earlier this month, which included the largest permanent income tax hike in state history.

Take Decatur, for example. Moody’s Analytics revealed earlier this year that the former manufacturing titan was one of four Illinois metro areas where the recession recovery was at risk of “coming undone.” Researchers also included Danville on that list.

Decatur residents are in dire need of healthier incomes. Even the hope of decent jobs growth would be a vast improvement.

Instead, the tax hike will force the average Decatur resident to send $580 more each year to state government, according to the Decatur Herald & Review. That’s money that could have been spent locally at struggling small businesses, put toward college savings or spent on household essentials. Instead, it will vanish into Springfield’s sinkhole of debt.

Illinois’ sickly economy doesn’t just show itself in poor jobs numbers, but in paychecks as well. The Land of Lincoln is home to the worst personal income growth in the United States over the Great Recession era.

Illinois’ lawmakers have failed to pass the pro-growth reforms from which neighboring states are reaping benefits. Take property taxes, which are higher in Illinois than in every state with no income tax at all.

Neighboring Wisconsin’s property taxes as a percentage of personal income are the lowest the state’s seen since the end of World War II. Illinois property taxes are nearly triple those in neighboring Indiana. But reforms to address the cost-drivers of Illinois property taxes have been stonewalled in the General Assembly.

Illinois is also home to the costliest workers’ compensation system in the region, yet serious efforts at reform have gone untouched by legislative leaders. And as neighboring states such as Missouri are on the path to income tax cuts, Illinois lawmakers passed a 32 percent income tax increase.

Until lawmakers get serious about economic growth, don’t expect Illinois’ jobs trend to diverge from the weak path it’s been treading for years.

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Do you know who is doing great in the State of IL? Anyone drawing a paycheck from .gov

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Average income ought to be up though with the attrition in sensitive neighborhoods. The denominator goes down so.

armada's picture

Americans need to come to grips that their country is under a thick dark cloud.

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Politicians won't fix squat.

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"I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

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Illinois Had The Worst Personal Income Growth In The U.S. Over The Past Decade

My response; PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL economic plans in action. Americans who live in Illinois must be so utterly frustrated.

Who was a US Senator in Illinois? OBAMA

I would love to see OBAMA picked up and put on some of the worst streets of CHICAGO with no Secret Service protection and with no weapon. I wonder if he would survive?

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Illinois may have had the worst personal growth rate, but the murder rate in Chicago is Number 1 with a bullet. 

Anon2017's picture

Baltimore is worse than Chicago, on a per capita basis. Last year, Chicago ranked only #8.

just the tip's picture

why not weapon?  give him a pair of scissors at least.  i'd give him an AR, with about 10 of those mag5-100 magazines, but that's just me.

helloimjohnnycat's picture

Sure he would.

All the bros like 'em some Down Low action.

And there ain't no brother going lower on the Down Low than Mr. LowBama.

If that fails, he can always show the bros where to hook the grinder's tether.

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As a willing faggot whore ex-president Obuttfuck would thrive.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Would the dumbshit libs have it any other way???

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1.5 Va. is all right outside of DC!

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Life is Good in the Capital District.

navy62802's picture

I'm sure the Democrats are going to try to find some way to blame this on Trump. Not that anyone will buy their excuses, but this is my prediction nonetheless. Undoubtedly they will pronounce that Trump's treason for Russia is what caused this.

Proctologist's picture

What they need in Chicago is some KGB agents on the police force.... that would be a Tangible Russian connection;)

navy62802's picture

Chicago needs a cleansing force. One which is free of political obligations. One which can move from crime to crime and isolate and eliminate the problem.

just the tip's picture

i detect a lack of cynicism in your comment, mr. or ms. 6+ years.

over 65% of the dumbfucks in this country, and at ZH will blame him.

Yen Cross's picture

   California isn't far behind.   The eighth largest economy in the world and their current GDP was a paltry [ .1%]

mmm. If the Military~ federal $'s left California, it would be a third world shithole!

rockstone's picture

Dumbest white people on the planet.

BeepBeepRichie's picture

I've seen it with my own eyes. I think its the water, i used to drive through illinois often and you would hit pockets of pungent oil burn off smells. That and all the years of pesticide and fertilizers from farming have definitely seeped into the water table. A recipe for chemical retardation 

Kprime's picture

at least they compensated for slow wage growth by having the highest tax increases.  that will keep things balanced.

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Sorry to be OT but does anybody know anything about large white grub invasions in AZ?  I just had one fall out of the AC vent into my bed and they were everywhere outside last night.  They try to crawl up your legs.  They are about 2-3 inches long.  I don't know if they mistake people for a tree or if they some type alien invading land leach.  I can't believe this shit.  I tried looking it up but they just talk about a hundred different types of larvea grubs.  Mr Roper is gone and I'm freaking out.

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No but I can Google ...

You can discern some species of white grubs by looking closely at the last abdominal segment of the white grub with a hand lens. Ohio State University has an excellent color publication on the various white grubs and their hind ends (see link below this column). Pick up the white grub, flip it over on its back. You are looking for the arrangement of spines and hairs on the last abdominal segment called the rastar. These spines and hairs form a distinctive pattern on all white grubs other than the bumble flower beetle.

Hope that helps.

Wish that was the worst problem in the world.


Ms No's picture

Thanks. I already looked at that stuff.  This is a very big event of some kind and they are almost acting agressive.  I'm not even sure that they are grubs.  They look like giant maggots.  Its like a horror film in the making and I need to know how bad it could get and if they are blood suckers.

Edit: I think I found it on your stuff.  Thanks. Now I just need a drug dealer that sells street valium.   

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Hmmm ... agressive ... giant maggots ... horror film ... blood suckers ...

Oh, I see the problem, you have a banker infestation.  Could also be politicians, but it's difficult for the average layperson to tell them apart.  Either way, I believe the remedy involves rope and lamp posts, with the addition of flaming torches and pitchforks for particularly bad cases.

Good luck!

Ms No's picture

Maybe now would be a good time to practice making flame throwers.  I have acetylene and O2 here, propane and hairspray...

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Worry when 6"-7" are reached...those are 'pricks'...
Sans DDT...DT is still amongst some...

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take off and nuke them from orbit. it's the only way to be sure. (if you can, drop another one on McCain's house. same reason)

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If it helps, as a general rule grubs like that don't bite.  They are far more worried about eating as much as they can until they become beetles.  Unfortunately, that can seem pretty aggressive when they are wiggling your direction.  Also: I'm kinda jealous.  They're fantastic.  We've got some fun larval forms for a few species in the area, but nothing that big and interesting.  The only real "bloom" we get for insects is our 17 year cicada, which is awesome but not unique to our region. 

If they are really bothering you, (and I know this is counter-intuitive) make a little home and put a few in it.  Find out what they need and put it all together.  Then watch their life cycle and habits.  You'll start to notice different markings, and discover how unique each individual really is, and if you're really lucky you'll even get to see the eventual resulting beetle.  Pretty soon, you'll discover that they are no longer the really friggin' creepy thing covering everything and chasing you, but your little buddies out in the wild.  You'll even start to get excited when you see them starting to pop up.  And there are few things better than picking a big bug up and being able to confidently talk all about it while it wriggles around in your hand, while the other women and kids look on in terror.

Sorry, I tend to kind of go all Irwin sometimes, especially about bugs.  "Just looooook a' these li'l beau'ies!"

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Heroin is cheaper and easy to find.

But the grubs will feed on you after you nod off.

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Gosh!  Giant bugs.  Has Arizona had any radiation releases recently?

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Those are the worms that fall from McCain's ears when he sleeps.

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I think that might be it.  Oh man, I didn't know those beetles could bite.  It sure would suck for somebody on a motorcycle to get hit with one of those.  Wham!  Screech!  Boom!  God damn pterodactyls really.


lasvegaspersona's picture

Great...Nevada is tied with Illinois and behind Mississippi and West Virginia.

...and our governor is an 'R' ....a RINO but still....

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Money can't buy you love.

Unless you really have a lot of it.

venturen's picture

Wait was that under the President who was from IL....Obama will go down in history as the worse thing to ever befell the USA 

Anarchyteez's picture

Already did. Worst by a large margin.

libertyanyday's picture

obama will be credited as the test bed dictator............the real one is coming by 2026

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You mean that plague of "community organizers" hasn't created any paying jobs?

FoggyWorld's picture

Well they get paid and then dole out hourly sums to protestors.   Doesn't add up to a hill of beans though.

Ms No's picture

I wonder if this type of thing could have something to do with Chicago being at forefront of the US collapse.  Nah...

"When the American Sociological Association meets Aug. 22-25, its section on Marxist sociology will be celebrating its 40th anniversary in a most appropriate venue: Chicago, the historic center of struggle for the rights of working people and the birthplace of many progressive organizations....During the ASA meeting, the Marxist Sociology Section will host a reception at the editorial offices of the People’s World, the online successor to the original radical working-class newspaper, the Daily Worker, founded in 1924. These offices are housed in Bridgeport, a neighborhood just north of the famed Chicago stockyards, which employed numerous African American and immigrant stockyard workers, in a building named Unity Center. It is owned by the Workers’ Education Society – originally the Lithuanian Workers’ Education Society. Lithuanians made up a substantial number of the immigrant stockyard workers. The stockyards were the setting for the famous novel by Upton Sinclair, “The Jungle.” The center boasts a substantial library of books relevant to Marxism, labor, civil rights and political struggles, as well as a collection of unique working-class artwork."

How the hell do they get away with the obvious and constant correlation of their programs destroying the US when these bastards were already discredited long ago for destroying every society that their system touched?  And they are tied to the banks.  Apparently this is rocket science.

shovelhead's picture

Just a few more tweaks and they'll get it right. Communism via Marx always works great when there's somebodies property to expropriate.

After that, not so much.