Kim Jong Un: "The Entire US Territory Is Now Within Our ICBM Range"

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Confirming a Friday report by David Wright, physicist and co-director of the UCS Global Security Program, that the newest North Korean ICBM - which on Friday night flew for 45 minutes, reaching an altitude of up to 3,725 kilometers and traveled just under 1,000 kilometers before landing in Japan waters - can strike half the major metro areas on the continental US, overnight North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un said that “we have demonstrated our ability to fire our intercontinental ballistic rocket at any time and place and that the entire U.S. territory is within our shooting range.

Quoted by the Korean Central News Agency, he also expressed his “great satisfaction” with the ICBM test - the country's second after an earlier test on July 4 - which reaffirmed that the missile was able to deliver a “large-sized, heavy nuclear warhead" to the United States. The test  was part of the "final verification" of the Hwasong-14 missile’s technical capabilities, including its maximum range.

As a reminder, Wright's calculations showed that the ICBM could have a range 10,400 km (6,500 miles), not taking into account the Earth’s rotation, which if added would increase the range of missiles fired eastward. And, calculating the range of the missile in the direction of some major US cities gives the approximate results in Table 1, which showed that Los Angeles, Denver, and Chicago appear to be well within range of this missile, and that Boston and New York may be just within range while Washington, D.C. is just out of range.

Melissa Hanham, a researcher at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California, confirmed the findings saying that the test showed North Korea is now capable of hitting U.S. cities such as Denver or Chicago.

Also on Saturday, Kim said the test was a “serious warning” to the US, which has been “meaninglessly blowing its trumpet” in threatening Pyongyang.

In response, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement that "as the principal economic enablers of North Korea’s nuclear weapon and ballistic missile development program, China and Russia bear unique and special responsibility for this growing threat to regional and global stability." He added that even as the US seeks a peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, Tillerson said, “we will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea nor abandon our commitment to our allies and partners in the region.”

In a late Friday statement from the White House, Trump rejected North Korea's claims that its nuclear program is designed to prevent an attack by the U.S. or other, saying it had the “opposite effect.”

“By threatening the world, these weapons and tests further isolate North Korea, weaken its economy, and deprive its people,” Trump said.

China also responded to the launch, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang saying in a Saturday statement in the People’s Daily newspaper that Beijing also opposes North Korea’s launch and its violations of Security Council resolutions, while calling on all parties to show restraint.

As Reuters subsequently reproted, Marine General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed “military response options” in a phone call with his South Korean counterpart, his spokesman said in an emailed statement that didn’t elaborate. While Trump hasn’t ruled out a military response, Dunford warned in June that an armed conflict with North Korea would leave the millions of residents in Seoul, South Korea’s capital, to face casualties “unlike anything we’ve seen in 60 or 70 years.” This month he told a security conference in Colorado that “what’s unimaginable to me” is allowing the capability for “a nuclear weapon to land in Denver, Colorado.”

Shortly after the North Korean launch, the US and South Korean militaries responded with their own display of military strength, firing live surface-to-surface missiles from rocket launchers, amid renewed tension on the peninsula. Videos posted by the South Korean Ministry of Defense showed the US-made Tactical Missile System, known as ATACMS, as well as its own Hyunmoo Missile II.

The missiles hit the East Sea on Saturday morning, where North Korea’s ballistic missile is believed to have landed, as part of a live-fire exercise to demonstrate its “precision firing ability,” the US 8th Army said. US Forces in Korea said two missiles were fired from the ATACMS along with two Hyunmoo system missiles. The ATACMS is a Lockheed Martin surface-to-surface missile, with a range of 160km that can be fired from a range of rocket launchers.

The South Korean ministry said it was responding “to provocations of North Korean ballistic missiles.” “The systems can be rapidly employed to provide deep-strike precision capability, enabling the ROK-U.S. Alliance to engage a full array of time-critical targets under all weather conditions,” the 8th Army said on Facebook.

South Korea also said it would deploy four additional THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] anti-missile launchers after North Korea’s test. The THAAD deployment had been delayed after South Korean President Moon Jae-in ordered an environmental assessment. Meanwhile, China on Saturday said it had grave concerns about the possibility of more Thaad launchers in South Korea. It called on the U.S. and South Korea to stop the deployment, saying the launchers hurt the strategic balance in the region.

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Just nuke D.C

Thankfully, most of ZH

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West coast & NY off limits...Chicom RE...

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If they nuke us, we'll apologize most fiercely.

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I wonder if US will put up a $1 Billion Price Tag to "Mess Up" his Hip Hairdo ???

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If you reflect upon his behavior….

Maybe we should be referring to him as “Kim Trum Pun”

Or even ”Kim Dutart Un”'s picture

Hopefully they'll nuke all democrat strongholds.

They are just subhuman cesspools and they reflect well in DNC politics.

The Jew, the FBI and the Pakistani IT Scammers

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LOL- fat boy couldn't find North America on a map of North America......

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The genie is out of the bottle. Every two-bit stinking little hell-hole country can do the same thing.

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Our government will hole up in Puerto Rico out of range, and prod NK to attack now before Kim expands the range further. That's leadership!

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We could drop the Obamas on them.  

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Do us a favor and start with the colony of Puerto Rico before it becomes a state. It will prove definitively your claim that ALL is within range.

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That would be crimes against humanity

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It's interesting how a vast majority of people don't ever ask the simplest question:

"Why on Earth, would North Korea want to attack the USA?"

The popular narrative spewed by the khazar gypsy cabal controlled mainstream media claim that "he (Kim Jong Un) is crazy", and people just take that as gospel.  Little to no critical thinking or analysis of the underlying motivations from either side of the manufactured conflict.

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Why did Sadam Hussain brag about having weapons of mass distruction?
To make himself look bigger in the eyes of his people and his neighbors than he was?

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Ding, ding, ding....Bingo!

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Hey Pot Belly-Jongun…

Every square centimeter of North Korea is a glowing ember if you step too far out of line.


This is all BS, but I still do not like hearing from that fat little shit.


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Does KIM believe that if he dies a Martyr he gets 7 American Babes of his choosing? He must be getting tired of those NK virgins. 

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No need to target the entire long as it can reach LA or Seattle, that's more then adequate.

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An airburst will do it so sadly doesn't have to be that accurate

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Actually, Russia is closer and much more efficient in every respect. 1st and formost is the fact USA will think Russia did it.

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Dont 4get SFO & drued up withered cunt botox face hair dye pelosi please.

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American babes have fallen out of first place a while back. Just look who Hollywood puts out there as "first rate". Enough to gag a maggot.

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I  concur, but there are still many beautiful women in the US. I just used the US because it always looks greener on the other side of the fence. There are beautiful women in every country.  

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Deep underneath those layers of fat, tats, bling, and rings are a lot of beautiful women.

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A pound of flour always comes in handy to find the wet hole

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True, there are beautiful women in every country but the US now has the least percentage wise... that is unless you're into big women.

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Come on, you know Lena Dunham is smokin'!

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Speaking of good ole Lena, did you know she lives in THE SAME building as Comey's Columbia Law Professor friend?


That's one hell of a coincidence...if you believe in coincidences.

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Kim knows Chicom has his back & holds $2Tn U.S. debt by the '$ack'...also has MFN Status from U.S.


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Virgins are over-rated. All fantasy, bad reality.  Kim needs a Lohan or Kardashian, those girls made their money fuckin n suckin. There is that throwing a hot dog down a hallway thing. Kim probably needs help finding his dick.

Fat'Un has a bad hair day and we better hope those high dollar interceptor systems work. A guy that threatens nuclear destruction as often as he does gets the goods, he may well pull the trigger.

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This guy comes across as a cartoon-like justification for MOAR WAR.

Something is rotten in Denmark...

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They've been beating those war drums purdy hard ..

I expect we'll be treated with "git some" in the very near future  ...

Something has got to cover for this massive shitshow, financial implosion in slo mo


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Thats how he's being portrayed, but remember only one country has used nukes.

Looking at it dispsionatley, all his actions are totally logical, he's no madman, however the empire

might pretent otherwise.The long list of double crossed leaders, who did deals with the US about WMDs

is testament enough to understand the Norks need to have a meaningfull deterent

NK can ill afford these weapons programs, but the no WMD option is worse.

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Must fix it for you: two countries used nukes    Israel used them on 9/11.

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Every government that has quality nukes is in effect using them, to cement their regime permanently in place.   

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He who launches first launches best.


Where's mighty Dick Cheney when once we need him? 


But if we're gonna do it, we should do it right. Releases the Kraken!  Use nukes. Quick and easy. 


The Europeans will bitch for a week or two and then forget about it. A little bit of fallout. Not a big deal if the wind direction is righ.

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Give me a break. Cheney had 8 years to fix this shit but the Bush admin decided to compltely fuck the ME up while NK was working on proliferation. Yeah, W called them out but didn't do shit about it.

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"Where's mighty Dick Cheney when once we need him?"

In the crypt ?

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Consider fleeing to Israel to be safe

TahoeBilly2012's picture

This is NOT Russian missile technology. 45 minutes to fly towards Japan? I could shoot this down with my 12 gauge. Just sayin', doesn't seem fast or missile evading to say the least.

I am not saying anti missiles sheilds are bullet proof, I don't think they are, just thinking a couple of these won't be hard to spot and drop.

xcct's picture

Yeah, let's just wait until he's got a thousand of them.  Have you been paying attention since Clinton let them have a reactor?

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I paid attention when they set off their first nuke weapon. Who was president then? The president does not determine this policy.

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30/45 minutes to hand crank missile inertia starter...

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It went high for duration,  on a cross country trip is where they get their range.

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You are absolutely correct.  The MIC has been prepping us for a war with North Korea for at least 5 years.  

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Of all the things that Trump has already done - or not done - that have been huuuge disappointments, for me this is tied for #1.  He said he would not allow Fat Boy to have a nuke on a rocket that could hit us.  Didn't he?  Didn't he say something like, "Not gonna happen!"  And, yet, now here we are.  What the hell is he waiting for?  However difficult this might be, and whatever are the unavoidable casualties/consequences, it will only get worse by waiting.  We have drones, missiles, and such that can 'loiter' so that they all hit at once.  Strike Fat Boy himself, his military command and control centers.  And, all that conventional artillery lined up and aimed at Seoul - take it out all at once at the same time.  Etc.  Sure, some shots would get through to Seoul.  But, which is better - that or maybe a hundred million dead Americans?  An EMP attack doesn't have to be accurate.  And, even spectacular improvements in our currently pathetic missile defense (thank you, Obama, the traitor) won't necessarily stop an EMP attack.  All they have to do is sail an innocent looking ship close to the west coast, and send up a balloon with a nuke.  The winds would carry it over us and then producing the EMP blast would be very simple.  This is an existential crisis for us, and unfortunately, it is them or us.  It's just that simple.   

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EMPs are so last century,with torsion fields you can select separate targets by their unique "fingerprint"

without causing general mayhem.No radiation and low power usage.

The USS Fitzgerald may well have been a field test by the Russians and/or Chinese and a final warning.

The whole crew was ordered to sign NDAs.