Caught On Tape: Explosion Rocks Caracas, Injures Police As Venezuela Votes

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With opposition parties boycotting what they call a rigged election, Reuters reports the streets of Caracas were deserted on Sunday as a minority of Venezuelans trickled to the polls to elect a constitutional super-body that unpopular leftist President Maduro vowed would begin a new era of combat in the crisis-stricken nation. That is good news as, following the death of two people yesterday, shortly after a large group of motorbikes sped through the city, and explosion hit, reportedly injuring a number of police officers.

A number of police officers were injured in Venezuela's capital Caracas after an explosion during an anti-government protest decrying a vote for a constituent assembly on Sunday, according to a Reuters witness.

Further details were not immediately available.

The moment of the explosion...

Social media is awash with clips of injured (it is uncertain if this is from the explosion)...

For now, the fire from the explosion continues...

As a reminder, Reuters reports, Maduro, widely disliked for overseeing an economic collapse during four years in office, has pressed ahead with the vote to create the all-powerful assembly despite the threat of further U.S. sanctions and months of opposition protests in which more than 115 people have been killed. Opposition parties are boycotting what they call a rigged election. Their sympathizers planned protests on highways across the South American country and scuffles were already reported in the provinces - raising the prospect of violent clashes with tens of thousands of troops deployed to safeguard the vote.

Authorities confirmed there were two deaths on Saturday, including the killing of a candidate to the assembly during a robbery, while the opposition put the total death toll in Saturday's protests at five.

Critics say the assembly will allow Maduro to dissolve the opposition-run Congress, delay future elections and rewrite electoral rules to prevent the socialists from being voted out of power in the once-prosperous OPEC nation.

The opposition has vowed to redouble its resistance and U.S. President Donald Trump has promised broader economic sanctions against Venezuela after the vote, suggesting the oil-rich nation's crisis is set to escalate.

"Even if they win today, this won't last long," said opposition supporter Berta Hernandez, a 60-year-old doctor, in a wealthy Caracas district. "I'll continue on the streets because, not long from now, this will come to an end."

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 Where is Vicky?

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The name of the bomber is… Marco Rubio.   ;-)


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Explosion Rocks Caracas, Injures Cops As Venezuela Votes

My response: I don't know about everyone lse, but there was a brief moment in time during the 2016 POTUS election that I thought we might see a situation similar to what is occuring in Venezuela today. I know OBAMA was prepared to use force if the need arose. Thank GOD we never got to a place where civil war broke out at the polling locations in the USA.

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Fuck Socialism! Now with that out of the way…  ;-)

How is what’s going on in Venezuela OUR business?

Anyone who wants to help poor Venezuelans, North Koreans, or anybody else, should get the fuck out of the comfy La-Z-Boy and go there on their own dime and at their own risk.

Remember the Dixie Chicks?

I was so fucking pissed at them! Opposing our Righteous War? How dare them!

I never knew or cared whether they were Democrats or Republicans – I just blocked out them Bitches completely, until today.

As it turns out, THEY were right all along and I, along with millions of other “patriotic” Americans, was wrong.

BTW… I still don’t care about their whiny songs, but that’s another story…  ;-)


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It's socialism for the rich and poor only. The rest of you-BACK TO WORK!!!!

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need to remember the smell of the napalm, early morning, smoking forest.



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Meanwhile, on Friday the bolivar cracked 10,000 to 1 USD.  Those shiny new 10,000 notes they ordered back in December, are now worth less than $1.  How long until the 10,000,000 note shows up?

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Venezuelan "police officers".
More like thugs and thieves in uniform.

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They are in a past parallel existence right now. Here is the future   

Zimbabwe is stockpiling gold and diamonds to back a new ...
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Come on man, its the Russians!

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Yep, it's also high time to abandon Israel.

They seem to be the cause of all our foreign entanglements, and the sum total of our nation's problems.

Russia: not a problem.  China: not a problem. Iran: not at all a problem.  Venezuela: not our business.  Israel: huge problem.

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Peeps be starving. I think we could slice of .5% of our military budget for humanitarian aid.

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Every time we drop guns off in the jungle it bites us in the ass and costs the taxpayer. They have food, oil, other but the communist government will not budge for the welfare of the people. This is a oil price control thing in my opinion.

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You (we) need to add Ehren Watada to that REAL patriot list.

Refused to deploy. 

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In response to your question: "How is what’s going on in Venezuela OUR business?", the only thing I can think of are CITGO gas stations.

Latest updated count of US CITGO gas stations as of 07/10/2017 was 5,396. In addition, these people also have credit facilities.

I am sure someone like the RUSSIANS would be willing to buy them.


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Not the Cookie Monster - ay caramba.


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Looking for a gmo compliant burrito caterer?

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Israel must have a big boner thinkng about controlling all that Oil when the UN steps in to run the country after the CIA assassinates Maduro.

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Operation Gladio S.A.

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I prefer to call anything on the other side of our border South OF America, that little preposition drives liberals loony.

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Maduro would not allow a vote unless it was rigged. Everyone down there knows what he's up to.

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Voting for your self is so outre.

How's your coup going against Duterte? Not so well. Your ISIS stooges are getting their ass handed to them.


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I shook my maracas in caracas as the crowd grew raucous.

And then we burned the mother fucker down.


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Explosion Rocks Caracas, Injures Cops As Venezuela Votes....

....With Their Bullets

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Ice Cream Vendor passing thru

All Is Good

Fucking Fake News

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It had to be the Russians and not CIA. We never collude with foreign elections. We are a marxists democracy. Everyone has to be equal. Two balls and a vagina.

Purification - YouTube

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....did it.

They're behind everything.  Always look for the Mossad connection.

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Nah. This is pure US. They are desperate to distract attention from the Syria fiasco. They have had their asses handed them yet again by a load of 'sand niggers'. The SAA is rapidly approaching the beseiged city of Deir ez Zor. Even the Kurds now agree that Deir ez Zor is more significant a prize than Raqqa. The liberation of Deir ez Zor will go down as the end of US influence in non-ZIonist ME.




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If it's a rigged election then how come so few people are turning out to vote?  Seems like an odd way to go about rigging.

Is this the first election where the side with the least votes wins?


An objective view of the situation;

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Wow, page 32 of The Color Revolution Handbook in action

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Hmmm...  Soros or Putin?

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Far more likely our own CIA is behing the violence.

  "Putin"... LOL!!!  You sopund like the typical hysterical snowflake.

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it is the "democratic opposition" doing colour revolution...

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Venezuela appears for the first time as "not free" country report of Freedom House organization attributed the new category to "the combination of extreme economic mismanagement and heavy-handed Government" of President Nicolas Maduro.

Maduro is a keen supporter of Argentina's mythical Malvinas claim even speaking at regional conference on behalf of Argentina (CELAC).

How can Argentina claim the Falklands when she has never legally owned them?

Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina:


Still, why let a good old socialist distraction get in the way of the truth.

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Your UK troops helped train ISIS you scum-fucking spamming twat.

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"Caught On Tape:" WTF, are they still using Beta or VHS tape??

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Look at Maduro voting. He knows he is a dead man.

Look and learn totalitarians. Eventually death comes for you all

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It doesn't look to me like the rebels or any opposition did it. Having a camera ready and filming when the bomb detonated plus having the photo signed are all indications that this was a government setup. No photographer associated with the rebels would announce him or herself by autographing and copyrighting the picture of the actual detonation! It's in color, this isn't CCTV. He or she would be facing the famed "paredon" if it was a rebel!

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That's a little baby blast. When do the big ones come out?

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When our Dear Leader went to vote today and his ID was scanned: "Person does not exist or ID has been annuled"   LOL


check it out:

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Explosion! Venezuela VP a muslim as well as drug kingpin. Coincidence.

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Maduro opposition is just not credible. They are just preventing elections as they are guaranteed to loose them, not because they are not democratic, but because opposition is not a majority.


They are just violent extreme-right wing backed by CIA, and playing the same tume as it was played in 2014 in Ukraine

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  Maduro votes from cardboard box.  How apropos.

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On the good side, the Venezuelan tourist industry has some real bargains now.

Yen Cross's picture

 So does Sudan, South Africa, Syria, North Korea, and most of the Stans'.    Is anyone seeing a pattern here?