Iceland Could Be About To Experience A Major Volcanic Eruption

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

Iceland’s largest volcano, Katla, was just moved to yellow status.  

But that isn’t all that’s concerning. There have also been over 500 earthquakes in Iceland in the last four days.

Experts now believe that a volcanic eruption that could be quite large, may soon occur in Iceland. A series of 40 small earthquakes occurred just North East of Mount Fagradalsfjall two days ago, with the final one felt in Reykjavik, measuring at almost 4 on the Richter scale.  Following tremors at Katla in South Iceland and a glacial river flood in Múlakvísl, the Icelandic Met Office has raised the status of the famous volcano on its “Aviation Colour Code Map for Icelandic Volcanic Systems” from green to yellow. People have even been warned to stay away from the Múlakvísl  River because of the odor of sulfur. 

An earthquake of the magnitude of 3 occurred in the Katla caldera at 00:48 last night followed by a series of smaller tremors.  The seismic unrest could be connected to the glacial river flood and not connected to a possible eruption at all but the Iceland Met Office cannot be certain at this point.


Alert code yellow means that the volcano is active but that nothing points to an immenent eruption. If the colour code moves up to orange it means that the volcano is increasing its activity and an eruption is becoming likely. –Iceland Monitor

“It’s quite normal for Reykjanes, there have been a series of quakes there in the past few years,” the Met Office commented. And according to a post on volcano enthusiast site Volcanocafé, eruptions occur in Iceland every three to seven years.

“We have never seen a large powerful intrusion at a Mid Oceanic Ridge at such a well-instrumented place,” Carl Rehnberg wrote on Volcanocafé. “We now know that the initial swarm rapidly transformed from tectonic earthquakes, via volcano-tectonic, to earthquakes consistent with moving magma in a surprisingly short timeframe. As such this is turning into a potential eruption or a state of volcanic unrest.”  Rehnberg believes that a major eruption could be just hours away. If, however, the “current unrest” stops, there will be no eruption.

But, he explains, “At the intensity and force of the current seismic unrest, it is likely that an eruption will occur if the seismic crisis is prolonged.”

Rehnberg speculates that there is a 50 percent chance of an eruption, and that chance is increasing by the hour.  But the Icelandic Met Office, who are currently not concerned about a major volcanic eruption, citing the recent seismic activity as “normal for an active region”.

As a reminder, in response to concerns that volcanic ash ejected during the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland would damage aircraft engines, the controlled airspace of many European countries was closed to instrument flight rules traffic, resulting in the largest air-traffic shut-down since World War II.

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dirty fingernails's picture

Historically every time Ejiajdnfkskaima (the one that disrupted air traffic for months a few years back) volcano erupts, Katla , a supervolcano connectwd to it erupts.  Every time. It might be 50 years in between, but it's only a matter of time.

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"Volcano might erupt." No shit, Sherlock. That has to be one of the most laughable headlines ever.

NoDecaf's picture

This volcano has Russian meddling written all over it.

Manthong's picture



Global climate change  and my Jeep SUV CO2 emissions will offset the volcanic winter to ensue.

I am sure the UN Agenda 21 and Paris Accord folks are on top of this.



Dead Canary's picture

Ford "EARTH RAGE". 500 cubic inches of carbon footprint. Grrrrr.

Manthong's picture


But this earth fart might have great timing… I will defer the 200 square photo cell install on the south side roof until the cloud dissipates.

Automatic Choke's picture



When in Trouble,

Or in Doubt.

Run in Circles,

Scream and Shout !!!


Troy Ounce's picture


Rather talk about Seth Rich

Four chan's picture

his name was seth (vincent foster) rich.'s picture

We can chalk it down under CERN effects.

Since they first ran the Large Hadron Collider and now they increased the collision energy (almost doubled it from 7-8 to 13 TeV) shit seems to happen on a regular basis, like earthquakes, volcanic activity and maybe even more...

VIDEO – The Mandela Effect: The Smartest Kid on Earth Blames CERN for Destroying our Universe and Explains It

Art Van Delay's picture

If Trump and Lil Kim won't hurry up maybe there won't be anything left to bomb.


Déjà view's picture

Make Iceland Great Again...


Automatic Choke's picture

Can I get that on a bumper sticker?


HockeyFool's picture

Oh lookie, ArtVanDumbass has his Blue@ssclown account posting links to the virus infected trojan horse site the dailydouchebagger.

Do not click on this link. You will regret it when your computer ends up at the geek squad for repairs and removal of shitware installed by the dailydouchbagger web site.

Gert_B_Frobe's picture

I heard it's also causing a bright, hot, glowing orb to appear in the East every 24 hours. WTF is up with that???!!!


You dumbshit

logicalman's picture

LHC doesn't even come close to energies produced by nature. Not even a fart in a hurricane, by comparison. Everything that's happening on minute scales at LHC is going on all over the place in the universe all the time and on much larger scales.

The kid might have been the smartest in the room, but that just says that everyone else was dumb.

Sod all to do with 'earthquakes, volcanic activity and maybe even more...'

medium giraffe's picture


Ffs, it's just a bloody cyclotron, not the Event Horizon.

lakecity55's picture

Quick! Thrown in some Banksters!


logicalman's picture

Quick! Thrown in some Banksters!

Will it appease the volcano?

No, but why waste the opportunity!


N0TME's picture

Listen to John Casey here.

The sun has entered another hibernation.

smacker's picture

Well spotted! We'll know for sure it's the Russians if it actually goes off and clouds of dust and stuff spew out because that only happens when the Russians are behind it!

I know this to be true because an anonymous source inside the CIA told me.

/s :-)

spieslikeus's picture

Are you cerain it wasn't DWS and her voice-modulater controlled by a Pakistani? They're tricky mate.....

smacker's picture

Yep, could be, could be. But then DWS has got secret links with the Russians. Can you ((believe)) it? ;-)

Apeon's picture

Actually it was the Icelanders that interfered in our election---they just blamed it on the Russians----both countries are good at chess!

SoDamnMad's picture

I'm still under the table reading this on my laptop because Yellowstone swarmed with earthquakes and they said it was going to blow.  Now Washington, Oregon and California are under threat because of the swarms.  And Italy or Greece. NOW Iceland. I'm going to get drunk in this safe space I tell ya. 

lakecity55's picture

"The NYSE May Go Up"

"The NYSE May Go Down"

Apeon's picture

Well that is 50/50


I prefer

NYSE may go up

NYSE may go down

NYSE may stay unchanged

swmnguy's picture

About 20 years ago we were traveling as a family and I picked up the local newspaper in (I believe) North Platte, Nebraska, though it might have been Grand Island.

Anyway, there was a story in that local paper with the headline "Small Brush Fire Causes Little Damage."

The story was pretty long, considering.  It turns out there was a small brush fire, but it really didn't burn anything of value and died out about the time the fire department showed up.  There were several quotes, too.  The property owner and Fire Chief agreed that it was fortunate the fire hadn't been larger, or it might have burned something of value.

I meant to save that paper for posterity, but if you know how it is traveling by car with little children; well, that newspaper was only one of the casualties.

Apeon's picture

Maybe the paper got burned

Anteater's picture

Magnitude 3 is like 'Turn your head and cough', lol.

When it's Magnitude 7 and the plume is 30,000 feet

high like Mt St Helens, then write a blog article on it.

Wait until the Yellowstone Super Volcano blows on

the full solar eclipse passing directly over it! Wow!!

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When I was in Kef, I just wanted them to be big enough to massage the kinks out of my back in bed.

Rusty Shorts's picture

Mt Jazjuwqquxxzccnllpawqtyy again?? jeeesh

Automatic Choke's picture

right.   here is hoping that it is Katla that explodes....much easier on today's journalists (with their 3rd grade education).

logicalman's picture

If you think Icelandic names are strange, here's the name of a town in Wales


I shit thee not!

swmnguy's picture

It's pronounced just like it's spelled.  Jeez, no need to make a big deal out of it.

Apeon's picture

It was probably named by Viking Marauders----hahahahahahahaah

Twee Surgeon's picture

50 % chance of an Eruption. That is like saying " It might but it might not." It is Iceland. It's a giant volcano field full of Viking babes. It might blow up like the stock market might, some day,

The Fed's will just pump in some extra funding, they have this shit under control.  Bjork, the President of Iceland has released an Advisory announcement though.

just the tip's picture

this could be the CIA getting even for locking up all those bankers back in 2009.

Twee Surgeon's picture

It's all about Cod and Lava. There are no bankers sitting in prison cells in Iceland. Enjoy the myth.

wally_12's picture

Without prior knowledge of any event, a mathematician will always assume 50% probability that the event will occur. Intelligent information of the event will produce a likely probability of the event occurring or not. Bayes probability analysis will produce an accurate predication of the event.

Apeon's picture

It will or it Won't

Your in or OUt

your Up or Down

If it did NOT happen, was it even potential

Sanity Bear's picture

Man that Mac Salvo is a true Renaissance man, ain't he? Who knew he was also a geologist?

just the tip's picture

he keeps it real don't he?  one sentence he states 500 earthquakes have hit.  the next is some source saying that's a normal day.  that's the kind of info to keep linda blair's head busy.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

There is a silver lining to any giant ash cloud over Europe. Such a cloud would block the view of chemtrails. No more visible tic-tac-toe games played with silver iodide, and aluminum oxide as well as dessicated human blood cells to paint the sky a sickly whitish blue. I hope, nevertheless, that the chemtrail planes continue to fly so that the ash destroys their engines. 

This would also be a silver lining for a Yellowstone eruption.

Ah, to see natural blue skies and clouds once again!



Apeon's picture

Tierra Del Fuego would be a good place for you

Hillarys Server's picture

Where is the God of the Old Testament? Shouldn't the volcano be erupting closer home?

Or maybe Iceland is being punished for having place names like Eyjafjallajökull that even God can't pronounce.

Twee Surgeon's picture

God is right where he wants to be and you, and I, calculate as less than half a molecule in his eyes. Less than fly shit. I try to get his attention by praying but he's not talking to us directly, he just makes nice things happen, he's a bit pissed off and everyone has to decide for themselves. welcome to the Second Earth age that follows the first Earth age when the War in Heaven was, the stuff the Church Industry people do not want you to know. He will hear your prayers though but he shows up when he is ready, not at your or mine beck and call. If Prayer is Bullshit and Christianity is Bullshit, how is it that so many brilliant people have given their lives up for it ?

Where is the God of the old Testament ? He is right by you, right now. Just ask him, all quiet while no one is near. He might have an Epiphany stowed up, just for you, just for the occasion on the day he knew you would ask. That is some fruity poetic religious stuff right there and it is all true.

lakecity55's picture

I see small miracles happen every just have to look for them.


Apeon's picture

Actually Scripture says that I can---as ALL believers---Walk BOLDY into His Throne Room. He is Always available!