Meet "Aida" - The Perfect (Robot) Banker: End Of Branch Banks Coming Soon

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

Sweden’s biggest banks are on a mission to get rid of branch banks and all the branch bank employees too.

That’s where “Aida” comes in. She’s available 24/7 and supposedly can handle all but your most complex needs. Your Banker, Aida Is Always In.

Aida is the perfect employee: always courteous, always learning and, as she says, “always at work, 24/7, 365 days a year.”


Aida, of course, is not a person but a virtual customer-service representative that SEB AB, one of Sweden’s biggest banks, is rolling out. The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks.


After blazing a trail in online and digital banking, Sweden’s financial industry is now emerging as a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence. Besides Aida at SEB, there’s Nova, which is a chatbot Nordea Bank AB is introducing at its life and pensions unit in Norway. Swedbank AB is adding to the skills of its virtual assistant, Nina. All three are designed to sound like women, based on research suggesting customers feel more comfortable with female voices.


“Basically all banks are closing branches,” Mattias Fras, head of Robotics, Strategy and Innovation at Nordea, said in a phone interview. “This is a way to return to full service again.


Swedish banks have already seen their customer satisfaction scores drop to a 20-year low after shutting branches and pushing people onto online services.

Satisfaction Slump

Fastest Way to Full Services

As banks closed branches customers satisfaction dove. Obviously, this is one of those cases where if it doesn’t work, you need to do more of it.

The fastest way to get to full services is to get rid of all the employees. Well not quite all of them, just those Aida, Nova, and Nina cannot handle.

“The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks.”

Yeah, right.

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Sanity Bear's picture

Aida, meet Mohammad.

I got 50 bucks on the stanky one.

techpriest's picture

Aida-3PO can speak migrant languages, so it's all good.

BorisTheBlade's picture

The fastest way to get to full services is to get rid of all the employees. Well not quite all of them, just those Aida, Nova, and Nina cannot handle.

“The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks.”

Yeah, like hacking Aida, Nova and Nina. All those virtual assistans will be good for: embarrassing banks, be conduits for sophisticated criminals and be stupid in actual service.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Welcome to X Bank. Thank you for opening you new checking account. Here's your new robotic toaster named Aida.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

So why do they need infinite sand niggers?


Chuck Walla's picture

 "The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks."

Like alcohol, sex, and suicide? Or more time to convert to Islam?

SoDamnMad's picture

Aida. My name is Mohammad. I have no money but I would like a 100,000 kroner loan.

NO problem, Mohammad. We will just shift it out of the National Pension Fund and credit it to your account. Is there anything else I can do fo ryou?

No, see you tomorrow Aida.

SheepRevolution's picture

No cash and no employees. Hopefully people in Sweden might start think about what banks actually are and what they really do, but I wouldn't bet my money on it. This is still swedes we're talking about.

fleur de lis's picture

The dodo bird Swedes are so stupid that they do not know that they are at the top of the extinction list.

They are so stupid that they import and feed their own exterminators.

No way will they figure out a bank AI or employment problem.

The dodo bird Swedish industry and employment systems are being eliminated because there won't be any dodo bird Swedes to employ, and the new angry, psychotic, illiterate Swedes won't lift a finger.



Veritas X-'s picture

Normally you, fleur de lis , have a credible argument and facts supporting your opinions.

What makes you "an expert"  regarding Sweden?

Or perhaps instead of using generalizations & diatribes, be more specicific?


Rigger's picture

Great, coffee sprayed out both nostrils and covering my phone. Mrs Rigger looking at me like I'm a moron. Funniest comment in months!

techpriest's picture

Funny, my friend is studying programming so he can quit his bank job and start building robots. Maybe he sees it coming to the US?

buzzsaw99's picture

i'd rather have aida perusing my accounts than some hag with a bad attitude.

DIGrif's picture

“The goal is to give the actual humans more time to engage in more complex tasks.”


Yeah like sitting around on their un-employed asses all day.

cluelessminion's picture

I think I see where this is going.  Banks of the near future are going to be completely different from those in the past.  The few humans associated with transactions will be taken over by robots.  Someone wanting to withdraw, deposit, transfer money can use an atm already for that.  Now the more complicated tasks are going to be done by a robot.  No direct human interaction, unless over a telephone.  


Makes bank runs much safer for the banker.  

buzzsaw99's picture

in the future bank runs will be met with the carl's jr self serve response:

motto:  fuck you, i'm eating.



East Indian's picture

"We are running out of working population; let us import some men from Africa"

"Meet Aida, who will render some Swedes jobless" 


NewHugh's picture

Can the bank at least have a PICTURE of a chesty teller with a low-cut blouse present while I'm conducting business with the teller robot? :-P

pparalegal's picture

No options, no humans and she says you have not paid all your taxes and that parking ticket. No transactions for you.  Please call our 1-800-F-you call center in Pakistan for assistance. And by the way, the milk carton in your Samsung refrigerator is almost empty.  

Thank You. Would you like to participate in our customer satisfaction survey?

1stepcloser's picture

Nothing like saying "And its gone" in binary

Byte Me's picture

Will these Bots be wearing a burqa when the Swedes go over to Islamic banking?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

I see a bank teller about twice a year, usually when the ATM is out of money. Nothingburger article.

SubjectivObject's picture

I don't use atm's and always go to the teller.

for those regular big draws.

come to think of it, the last atm i attempted to use was non functional


Ive noticed that the term "nothingburger" was not very popular and was not used all that frequently before about 2-3 months ago. Then hildabeast got on teevee and used the term about her fbi probe during the elections and, voila, every asshat and his brother just has to copycat her and use the super cool freshest linguity thats out there. Right outta the beasts own jaws. It makes me cringe whenever i hear it and makes me think the idiots using it are about as smart as a fucking burger. Idolize much you fucking pansy ass commy loving peices of shit? I hope ANYONE who has ever spoken the tard term dies along with their pos goddess hitlery and the rest of her ilk. Ussa is becoming the biggest shithole ever known to curse this planet.

A. Boaty's picture

If it will make you feel better, I will describe your comment as a nothing-hotdog.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Wait till the cop that responds to bank robberies is a robot also.

markovchainey's picture

I smell a stainless steel rat...

SubjectivObject's picture

I suppose any historical or colloquial reference to the Vandals has bee removed from the public discourse.

any_mouse's picture

Nothing like an automated female voice telling me what to do and where to go.

I like to set a GPS with one route and set Google with another route. Then ignore both female voices as I drive a third route.

Savvy's picture

The bank that keeps it's employees and branches open is going to do very well.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Does Aida also come with it's own "printing press" when it runs out of cash?...

Might as well remove the middle man of cash delivery and just make all of the function(s) in-house!...

They should have named the robot "Janet" but knowing the psychopaths at the Fed I wouldn't put it past them to name it after her second cousin.

Veritas X-'s picture

"They should have named the robot "Janet" but knowing the psychopaths at the Fed I wouldn't put it past them to name it after her second cousin."...

... Barbara Lerner Spectre maybe?

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of ... - YouTube


looseal's picture

Perhaps as a nod to Ada, Countess of Lovelace, 1840.  She is often regarded as the first to recognise the full potential of a "computing machine" and the first computer programmer.  Ada Lovelace was the only legitimate child of the poet Lord Byron.  

Moe Howard's picture

My credit union [over the last couple of decades] has expanded into more branches with humans, not less. More brick and mortar.

During peak pay periods, the facilities are crowded both inside and at the drive up. I do most of my stuff online, but when I need cash I go to a teller.

Haven't used the ATM in years. All the ATMs I used to see in gas stations etc seem to have gone away. EBT card maybe part of the reason. No reason to access a cash machine if you have nothing in the bank.

True Contrarian's picture

Can you trigger Aida with the Super Mario cheat? And I'm assuming it is a "hen."

Sweden is a great example of what happens when leftie libtard feminists and cucks take over a county.

Sweden is truly Megafucked.


And aida will promptly tell you to go fuck yourself when you try to withdrawal more than $500. Then you will realise that youre fucked and cannot access your $ anymore unless the joooos robot says its ok. The war on cash is heating up. Didnt pay .gov enough? Didnt pay that "speeding" ticket? How bout the ridiculously extreme hospital bill? Or your mandatory "donations" to the dnc? Well guess what? Aida would like to inform you that luckily she didnt forget, (couldve REALLY cost you some $ then) and she did what any good christian would, she emptied your acount so you didnt make a late payment, which the account is now -, so including ser charges, user fees, postage and handling, taxes, below the limit fee, above the limit fee, late fee, on time fee, and robot training ser charge, you are now in debt to the bank for -$14,327. You may not access the account again, even to make a deposit,  until all fees are paid in full and the account is back in good standing.

Thank you for banking at goatfuckers r us, happy ramadan and see you at the snackbar;)

any_mouse's picture

As far as I know only that Awan dude can transfer money from an account over the phone.

I, myself, have to fax a notarized transfer request or overnight the hard copy.

Not seeing how a female voiced AI is going to replace branches totally.

Do they make loans over the phone via a voice response unit?

Maybe they are expecting bank runs and massive protests in the near future and are retreating to a fortified central bank.

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Talking to an AI is like talking to customer service in India. 


No thanks.

any_mouse's picture

They should give it the vocalizations of a call center in Chennai.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

One more step to cashless.

Fox-Scully's picture

Does Aida come as a blonde?

StreetObserver's picture

Patriots use cash and only deal with bank tellers.

Ever see what happens to an atm card slot if you accidentally put a piece of American cheese into it?

DaBard51's picture

Which one is Aida?



When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.