Sanders: "I Am Absolutely Introducing Single-Payer Healthcare Bill"

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Now that Obamacare repeal is dead for the foreseeable future thanks to John McCain, the full court press to expand on the existing system has begun with Bernie Sanders saying Sunday that he will “absolutely” introduce legislation on single-payer healthcare.

“Of course we are, we’re tweaking the final points of the bill and we’re figuring out how we can mount a national campaign to bring people together,” Sanders said on CNN’s State of the Union.

Sanders. who if it weren't for the DNC's collusion with Hillary Clinton would likely have been the Democratic party's presidential candidate and perhaps current president of the US - a truth which the public must urgently forget and thus the daily barrage of "Russian collusion" headlines - promised to introduce a “Medicare for All” proposal once the debate over repealing ObamaCare ended. He is one of several progressive lawmakers who back the healthcare model that has divided Democratic lawmakers.

It’s unclear exactly when he will introduce the legislation, or who will support it. The Senate has two weeks remaining in sessions.

According to The Hill, Sen. Steve Daines, a Montana Republican, attached an amendment to one version of the ObamaCare repeal bill Wednesday that would have created a single-payer healthcare system. Daines, unlike Sanders, does not support a single-payer system but used the model as a political maneuver. Sanders’s spokesman slammed the amendment as a “sham” at the time and said Sanders and other Democrats would refuse to vote on the measure.

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This reminds me of something... What could it be...? Could it be... Maybe, uh, Republicans voting to repeal Obamacare KNOWING Obama would veto it? Is that the same sort of deceptive cheap-ass stunt Crazy Uncle Bernie's playing right now? Hmm....

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Because socialists treat adults like children. They refuse to acknowledge our freedoms or liberties. They enslave us through mandatory government programs. How ironic that one of the first is named SOCIAL Security. They refuse to acknowledge the American individual, submerging the individual you into the masses.

I trust no one who goes to the USSR on their honeymoon. If that's your idea of paradise, please move to Venezuela. It's getting more beautiful every day. It's your new paradise, Bernie, now that the old USSR went away. I know that broke your heart.

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You are free to go bankrupt paying for your cancer treatments.

I want the same medical care that congressmen get, already paid for by my federal taxes.

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When the time comes, I am not paying those insane prices for cancer interventions that only give you a few more weeks or months of misery.

You do know, most of this crazy health spending is on the last two hopeless weeks and to no avail? Except to the pharmo companies.

Fuck that.  Fortunately my wife says she won't let me anyway.

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I agree. Eat organic only, lay off the meat, exercise and be proactive. It's cheaper than medical care and you'll look better, feel better and have a higher quality of life.


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Good, now let's see which DINO's,-Democrats In Name Only-vote against it.

The Value of President Trump is that he is not only destroying the corporate whore Republicans but also the corporate whore "Democrats" who are handing Americans to the insurance corporation profiteers and racketeers.

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The truth is this: The more the gubmint is involved in whatever sector you can name {ed-jew-cation, housing, agriculture, healthcare, etc, etc}, the higher and higher the price of said product rises.  So, if you want to see when the prices of something started to go parabolic, just look at the date of when Congress voted to involve the government into it. If the gubmint was out of our lives, we could easily afford to pay for these things ourselves. Once they are involved however, the price gets so high, that gubmint continued involvement becomes a necessity, and not only that, but it expands it's involvement until rationing becomes mandatory. We are already seeing this happen; ed-jew-cation is becoming too expensive {loan burdens are crushingly high at graduation}, people are being priced out of home ownership {unless you want to buy a house in the ghetto} and already people are having to take out "reverse mortgages" just to pay for their healthcare. There never was any need for such a product until recently. No wonder packed to capacity buses leave the US daily for Mexico for the sole purpose of medical tourism. Funny how there are no buses going to Canada for medical tourism, even though they have "free" heath care for their citizens. Does that tell you anything? If you think health care cost are expensive now, just wait until it is free. Make no mistake, socialism is the road we are on. Both political parties agree with it, so don't make the mistake of thinking the repukelicans are going to save us from it, because they aren't. How fitting for a Jew {Sanders} to lead us there.

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Sanders:...."I am absolutely introducing Venezuelan style democracy.....and will have my supporters shoot anybody who disagrees".....