UN Ambassador Haley Warns - America's "Done Talking About North Korea..."

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Just hours after showing "lethal, overwhelming force" with a 'drill' sending two B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula, US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, appears to ratcheted up the warmongering to '11' with her latest tweet...

She also retweeted a report about the bomber jet drills...

It appears Haley has moved on from her anti-Assad rages and found an easier-to-accept target.

This latest escalation in rhetoric - getting increasingly close to 'red line' from the so-called "warmonger extraordinaire" follows her comments earlier this month that..."Today is a dark day - it is a dark day because yesterday's actions by North Korea made the world a more dangerous place."

Antonius Aquinas had some less than complementary comments about the UN ambassador recently...

That Haley was even chosen to become part of the Trump Administration has been odd from the beginning, but as things have unfolded quite telling.  Haley was a vociferous critic of the future president.  She, and the likes of another war-monger and Russophobe, Lindsey Graham, were consistently attacking candidate Trump for being “soft” on Russia and his immigration stance especially his wildly popular border wall proposal.  To Haley and Graham, Donald Trump was out of step with the Republican Party’s values such as diversity as represented by Haley who, herself, is of Indian heritage.

Yet, despite all of the vitriol heaped at candidate Trump, the newly elected president, in a surprising and ominous move, decided to make the South Carolina governor, UN ambassador.  This, and a number of other selections to foreign policy posts, signaled that President Trump would abandon his promises and vote-garnering campaign talk of peaceful coexistence with Russia, a reduction of US presence in the Middle East, and in other hot spots across the globe.

While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start, President Trump did not have to select her for the post.  There were other more competent and surely less belligerent candidates available.  More than likely, the choice was probably a nod to his “advisor” daughter Ivanka, to curry favor among feminists.

While President Trump’s pick of Haley was an implicit betrayal of a large segment of his base, his foreign policy actions since becoming chief executive have been an explicit rejection of putting America first which he spoke of at his inaugural.  From escalating tensions with puny North Korea, dropping the mother-of-all-bombs on Afghanistan for no apparent reason, to making multi-billion dollar armament deals with the despots of Saudi Arabia among other troubling endeavors, Trump’s foreign policy is little different than his infamous predecessors.

While it looks like President Trump may have won the war, at least temporary, over the press and the anti-Trump Congressional forces about the fake Russian election involvement, he and his bellicose UN ambassador are now using the same underhanded methods to instigate a conflict to depose President Assad.  While the alternative media rightly showed how the mainstream press and politicos made up and manipulated stories to undermine President Trump, it should now be intellectually honest and call out the president and his UN ambassador for what they are doing in Syria.  In doing so, it may prevent the outbreak of WWIII.

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UN Ambassador Haley Warns - America's "Done Talking About North Korea..."

My response: Yes indeed, it does appear that the period for negotiation is coming to a swift end. 

OBAMA's lack of action early on has created a very difficult situation. Truly sad.

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Bush 1 , Clinton, Bush 2, Obama. Put the blame where it belongs. Really though, why wouldn't ANY small country NOT want nukes or ICBM's?!?! That the only way to prevent getting invaded. Ask Qaddafi or Saddam. Oh wait.... you can't. They're dead. See how that works. Iran will have a nuke very, very soon if they're smart. South America will also work on it soon enough. America loses its grip in a multipolar world. Nukes mean everyone has to talk it over. Do you really want war? Do you really feel like burying your children in a nuclear grave?

toady's picture

Meh. We're fucked. By we I mean the planet.

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... Haley who, herself, is of Indian heritage.

I thought the Hindus are against wars.   ;-)


Haus-Targaryen's picture

They aren't going to do dick.  

In order for the MiC to be even remotely interested in taking out a country, it has to be a country that lacks the ability to wipe-out the world's financial system as it gets bombed into the 3rd Century.

North Korea can turn Seoul into a pile of rubble in a few hours, the insurance claims alone would wipe out the world's financial system, forget forex, manufacturing, R&D, transport and various supply chains of publicly traded companies various stock index's rely upon (think Tesla).  

No, they'll keep talking about it because they lack the ability to actually do anything. 

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I upvoted because you make a valid point. Otoh, if someone gave you 20 nuclear missiles would you act like the Kims? Probably not.

HowdyDoody's picture

Nikki Haley- giving ISIS a good name.


SafelyGraze's picture

Kunstler: "Decades From Now, They'll Say Haley Had 'The Tweets'"

willy up the creek's picture

I pray to God that you are wrong, my friend.  I've seen a lot in my many years, and I truly believe, with every tiny bit of wisdom and experience I've managed to pick up, that this is an existential threat to us.  We are in mortal peril with N. Korea under Fat Boy.  The sooner we act the better.

Faster, please. 

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Whats this "we" shit?   You first, I insist!  Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc are not enough for you? I'm an old dog too, but Fat Boi is scared for his very life.  He saw Saddam, Ghaddafi, etc and shit his pants.  If we quit threatening them, firing missles off their coast, and engaged them like people he likely would stfu.  There is NO military solution to the Nork problem.  I remember when India and Pakistan where setting off nukes at each others border (testing) and the world freaked. What happened? Nothing. They went back to work feeding their families and praying. Something about having a will to survive kicked in.  Same thing here.  All we are doing is pissing in the wind and getting our own clothes wet, we aren't gonna do jack shit, but tough tweet.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Who said this?  There will be peace in the world when "everyone I don't like" is dead.

Give up?

No one ever says it, "they" just hope and pray for it.

micksavage2010's picture

ur not my friend "we" willy. i've had to put up with "existential threats" since duck and cover daze. ur in mortal peril my ass. why don't u act quick and crawl back under your bed with ur wet diapers you twit?

micksavage2010's picture

and what is with this whacko delusional "pray to gawd" blather? bite me

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Their conventional artillery alone is enough to level Seoul. The standing thought is that all of those troops that will be pulling a retreating action out of Area I will probably be dying there, or running to a ruined south. That lone single Brigade force there is not enough to stop any serious push that the N. Koreans could possibly make. All of that heavy armor is basically useless if it gets caught in the open over there.


Think driving cattle through canyons with Indians on all sides.


If China gave N. Korea actual support, they would take the whole peninsula within three months. There is no way we are going to war with N. Korea any time soon. The logistic nightmare of trying to get back on the land again makes it nearly impossible.

any_mouse's picture

Back in 2001-2003 all US troops were pulled back away from the DMZ and out of artillery range. [Perhaps the one sane act of GWBushCheney.]

Has that changed?

Bay Area Guy's picture

I agree with you completely.  The problem I see is that all this rhetoric is pushing the US into an absolute no-win situation.  If they do nothing, it's paper tiger time.  US threats will be taken for what they are.....posturing.  If they do something, Seoul, and possibly parts of Japan, have large scale reconstruction projects on their hands.....that is, after the radiation subsides.

Bigern's picture

Are insurance claims valid for damage recieved from acts of war? In my misty memory, a vague recollection of such exemption exists on many policies.

earleflorida's picture

John (blasphemous UNs temptress`baptist of fire) thy`Haleys`Bolton astroid in cosmic`drag,...[and] is this thing, this abomination, this dual entity... this hal[l]ey's comet ambassadors`ship all but a martian vassal offering up a great war for the galaxy's entertainment, being on the fringe, never eccepted in the celestial nebulus club, although.. ironically we finicky`nikki's humanoids name a 'candy bar' as tribune?--- as we blow the third rock from the sun to smithereens thus imploding our outlander solar system for 'Milkyways` Sensual [aphrodisiac] Pleasure'?!? 

HRClinton's picture

<<  Hindu muffin

<<  Hinjoo nuffin

Herp and Derp's picture

She is Sikh which is a warrior/assassin religion and culture.  They talk of peace, but are very militant in actions.

silverer's picture

The face belongs on one end of a prospecting hammer.

Ignatius's picture

We live in a system that elevates cunts to the highest levels, both male and female.

And the future is marked out to include cunts of undetermined sexual origin and identity...

Psst, hey Jesus, I think it's time.  God save us all.

HRClinton's picture

I can tell her cat is black. Same color as her eyebrows. 

She looks like a witch. Seriously. Burn her! See if she floats. 

cowdogg's picture

Yea look at that face. Already contured to fit McStain's ass.

dirty fingernails's picture

The Sikhs are supposed to defend the weak and innocent. Note the wod supposed.

silverer's picture

That might be the Buddhists?

Idaho potato head's picture

Then you have Shiva, a fairly rough customer.

Falling Down's picture

She is a Sikh, the warrior caste of India.

silverer's picture

If Trump left office today, I'm sure everything would be fine. Just like when Obama, Clinton, and Bush were in office. Yeah, there. Fixed it for you.

dirty fingernails's picture

Same shit, different face. but but but the little people will be represented in the next election, Charlie Brown.

WillyGroper's picture

looks like it.

worse...war with russia, iran, nk.

HR3364.  41 min in.

wait till you hear how they passed it.


djt's nads are in a vice...willingly.

cocksuckers that won't be sending their kids.


mc888's picture

wait till you hear how they passed it.


That is some shady shit right there... no debate, no time to read it, no democratic process whatsoever. They were told what to do and they did it.

Only 2 Nays in the Senate - Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders.

soyungato's picture

Rand Paul for president !!

zee9876's picture

ANd let it be clear AMerica has fucked it.

Freddie's picture

F*ck this Poon-Jabi Hin-joo cu*nt.  The SC GOP-e spews out the worst NeoCon shit like Lindsay Graham et al.  the Boy Scouts which are HQ'ed in SC caved to the gay lobby.   Endless war from SC because the military is big there.

Make Tulsi Gabbard Sec of State.  She is not a war monger.

Blankone's picture

And she was selected by Trump for those reasons.

When Trump met with Putin recently and afterwards stated the positive nature of the meeting and hinted there would be future meetings - that was just for one side of the audience. The next day he had this representative of his officially state that Russia did meddle in the election and that the US would Never trust Russia. That was Trump playing the other side of the audience.

karenm's picture

"Done talking!"


"Just like we were 3 months ago" And will be in 3 months from now!"

WillyGroper's picture

worse...war with russia, iran, nk.

HR3364.  41 min in.

wait till you hear how they passed it.


djt's nads are in a vice...willingly.

cocksuckers that won't be sending their kids.


Falling Down's picture

So true.

You can't throw a stone very far in Columbia, without hitting a Millenial or Gen Xer who is a Guardsman.

I'm a Marine vet, but more of a Smedley Butler type than some warmongering idiot like Haley. I lived in Columbia for a few years, and met Haley at a tea party event (before I got out of that mess of a movement). Just another political climber, in fact the way she looked at me told me she's an arrogant POS and probably views the world as being a hostile place which needs to be conquered, or whatever. Shortly after we met, that idiot Palin started pushing for Haley to be elected governor of SC, after Mark What's-His-Face beclowned himself by flying down to S. America to see his girlfriend.

Other than the sane people I met there and hung out with (half of them were transplants), I found S. Carolina to be full of niggers, white trash, illegals, and a lot of people who are paranoid about "turrorizm". Outside of Greenville, most of the rest of the state is just trashy and dysfunctional, a dumping ground for the M-I-C, the Savannah River Project (nukes), and tourists who trash places like Myrtle Beach. It's no small wonder to me why they keep re-electing that fag hag Lyndsay Graham, the military pumps a lot of money into that state.

If Fort Jackson, arguably the softest boot camp in the Army, and it's a training base for active, Guard, reserves, Marines, etc., ever shut down, parts of suburban Columbia would be overrun by niggers, and many rented houses would go vacant. You know, the cheaply-built homes built by "brown labor" in the last 20 years. Fabrique Nacionale (FN) has a plant there, and there's some other M-I-C stuff made in the general area around Columbia, and down in Charleston. Trying to have an adult conversation with locals about U.S. foreign policy is impossible, they just don't get it, and how the economy in parts of SC would collapse if the DoD shut down a couple of bases, there.




micksavage2010's picture

oh gag me u f*cking raycess marine vet. u ain't no smedley butler type asshole.

Eyes Opened's picture

If Falling Down is a "rayciss" (?) , at least he is an equal-opportunity rayciss & I applaud him for that.

The cry of RACIST is now as hollow as ANTI-SEMITE....

Using either of these phrases simply means you've lost the argument.

micksavage2010's picture

oh really? check out her part in the coup in ukraine and get back with me about not being a war monger and her particpation in irag fiasco.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Hear Hear!


EDIT: There is a candyass troller out today downvoting everwhere I post.  Little butthurt snowflake apparently doesn't like reason but lacks the testicular fortitude to say why it downvotes.  Kinda cute, silly little exceptional snowflake really. I'll post somewhere else and look forward to your downvote.

BrownCoat's picture

"Nukes mean everyone has to talk it over. "

Wrong! Nukes are just another weapon of war. If used, they have the added benefit of being an attrocity. If unused, the resources required to make and maintain them contaiminate the world with radioactive half-lives of over 10,000 years. No human political entity has remained stable for even 10,000 years.
BTW, even First World countries like Japan and USA have failed, and failed again when dealing with nuclear technology. What do you think giving nukes to every petty dictator is going to do? 

Bottomline: Nukes are death.