Scaramucci Listed As Dead In Latest Harvard Alumni Directory

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It was a bad day for Anthony Scaramucci: first the Mooch was fired just ten days after he was first hired, in the brief process getting served with divorce papers and missing the birth of his baby while unleashing a bizarre rant for the ages, and then shortly after, his now former boss, the president of the US, the same one who earlier said there was no chaos at the White House, tweeted that it was "A great day at the White House"

In this case, one of the responses to the Trump tweet was substantially more informative than the original:

And then, adding insult to pink slip, CBS reported that Harvard Law School apologized for erroneously listing Anthony Scaramucci as dead in its new alumni directory.

No, really: a directory mailed to alumni this week included an asterisk by the name of Scaramucci, a 1989 graduate of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, university, indicating he had died.

A statement from the law school apologizes for the error and says it will be corrected in future editions. It doesn't provide an explanation for the error. The directory is published every five years and is available only to alumni of the Ivy League law school.

If there was any consolation for Scaramucci, it came from People Magazine, which reported that the lawyer representing the estranged wife of ousted White House communications director denied the NY Post report that the couple ended their marriage because of President Trump.

"I don’t know where that came from, but it is not accurate. It is a false fact,” divorce lawyer Jill Stone, who represents Deidre Ball, told People magazine on Monday.

So at least that wasn't Trump's fault. And now that he is once again out of the public eye, Scaramucci may finally get what he requested just 48 hours ago: a plea to leave his family out of it.

To top off an emotional day for all, here is some humor from The Onion:

Following his abrupt dismissal just 10 days after being named White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci reportedly received an outpouring of sympathetic texts Monday from friends and family expressing that they were “so fuckin’ sorry to hear about this shit.”


“My deepest motherfuckin’ condolences, Tony, it’s terrible to hear you got shit-canned by these ass-munching cocks in D.C.,” read a text message in part, just one of dozens sent by old buddies at Goldman Sachs, current business partners at SkyBridge Capital, and extended family in New Jersey in response to his “goddamn bullshit” dismissal.


“Sorry to hear those bitches gave you the fucking ax, Mooch. That jackass [John] Kelly got no fucking clue what a good fuckin’ dude you are. Just know your mother and I always got your fucking back.” At press time, Scaramucci’s New York office was reportedly filled with flower arrangements and handwritten cards lamenting that this was “absolute fucking trash.”

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barndoor's picture

I think Hillary is going to have him killed and the libtards at Harvard jumped the gun!

barndoor's picture

If you liked my first comment you are grasping for straws in order to maintain your pre-existing world view.  It's called cognitive dissonance.  There is more incompetence in the world than malice.  

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You rang?

I charge by the hour so take your time.

Jayda1850's picture

You would be a billionaire on this site by now Cog.

NotApplicable's picture

I almost feel sorry for that lousy cork-soaker!

El Oregonian's picture

Now if we could only get these "Investigative Journalists" on the scent of the Debbie Wasserman Schultz crew (including Hillary & Bill and the Clinton Foundation) as they apparently are over Anthony "the Mooch" we'd have solved this B.S. months ago.

wee-weed up's picture



"Mooch, you're DEAD to me!" -- Trump

"Yeah, Mooch... Me too!"  -- Gen Kelly

oDumbo's picture

Someone should sun flare Harvard, put us all out of its misery.  Vile training shithole for oppressive elites with nothing to offer except more anti American oppression.  

The_Juggernaut's picture

I'm going to miss Joe Peschi light.

Manthong's picture


Damn, just when I got the 55 gallon drum filled with popcorn, … this.

eatthebanksters's picture

The deep state holds weekly organizational meetings at Harvard.  The place is a swamp of inbred treasonous elitists.

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

Epic. You should include the link to that YouTube clip of McCoy saying it.

bonin006's picture

You are correct. It was incompetence. I heard Hillary screaming at them: "You Fucking Idiots! I told you to wait until after he commits suicide!"

SmedleyButlersGhost's picture

You post a comment that gets 5-1 poisitive votes, then answer yourself getting 7 negatives. That is some kind of fucked up

barndoor's picture

Only if you give a shit about the votes, which most grown-ups do not.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Harvard Accidentally Lists Scaramucci As Dead In Alumni Directory

My response: POOR ANTHONY! When it RAINS it POURS!

Talk about putting SALT on an open WOUND.

JRobby's picture

Yet another fraternity prank!

These sociopathic, sick, manipulative fuckers have run the world into the ground.


peopledontwanttruth's picture

Like announcing building 7 collapsed 27 minutes before it actually did even though it wasn't hit by a jet, hmmm.

HamFistedIdiot's picture

We have one poster who is paid to downvote anything RE 9-11 Truth. That's all he does. Doesn't even need to formulate an idea. Good work if you can get it. He's either in a kibbutz in Israel, or sitting on David Brock's lap.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Thanks man but the truth is the truth

HamFistedIdiot's picture

BTW: Amazing 7 minute vid that is a parody of the official story, a re-do of a James Corbett report by High Impact Flix. Starts at about 50 seconds in.

Bill of Rights's picture

Maybe he was just to short and no one noticed him in the room.

HRClinton's picture

He's short and his wife divorced him?

Does he have small hands and a short tongue? 

Bill of Rights's picture

Why ? Does he remind you of Bill and all his short comings...

roadhazard's picture

After today, classic.

wisefool's picture

His name was Lucca Brasi.

HRClinton's picture

His wife is represented by Jill Stone?  Is that English for Jill Stein?

Not only did she hire a nasty (((female lawyer))), but got one with a heart of... Stone. 

Max Cynical's picture

That was NOT accidental...just another petty political statement.

Jayda1850's picture

Couldn't think of a better end to a wallstreet hedge fund scumbag. You play with fire you get burnt bitch.

Son of Loki's picture


Anonymous sources told me Whore-vard [ allegedely] reserved 20% of their acceptances based on race instead of merit for a certain group of peeples. That should make the kids who actually studied hard in high school feel really good.


Dumbing down our society, one yute at a time!

Sam Spayed's picture

How do you think the previous president got in??

sinbad2's picture

Harvard is like Eaton, it's not about education, it's about grooming future rulers.

The very rich send their children to Harvard, because it's a respected degree, and worth every penny, especially if your child is an idiot.

Nobody For President's picture

So that's why Bush II got his mba there...

Doom Porn Star's picture

sMooch of Death?

It's a long bus ride back to Long Island in the luggage hold...

johnnycanuck's picture

People aren't giving Trump appropriate praise for his latest accomplishments.  Another American first for example.

First President to hire a Suicide Bomber for the White House Staff.

Frugal too, keeps the severance pmt low...yuggely low.

PhiBetaZappa's picture

Down the memory hole he goes.

Sleep soundly Oceanians, Winston Smith is on the job.

WillyGroper's picture

made him miss the birth of his child?

if anything was the catalyst for his divorce, me thinks this is the driver.

i too was listed as no more.

that's a good thing!   ;)

Shpedly's picture

Indeed. That's just something you don't do as a father.

Cassandra.Hermes's picture

The next one fired will be Melania, because of her involvement with him and asking the president to hire him.

Schmuck Raker's picture

Actually, Harvard thought we was dead when he entered the WH. Now that three days have passed, they're naturally suprised.

"Our Mooch is Risen!"

Can I get an AMEN?!?!

Ink Pusher's picture

Harvard, alma mater of Hitler's best friend/piano playing super spy. Fuck Harvard.