Scaramucci Fired As Trump's Communications Director After Just 10 Days

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That didn't take long: just over a week after Anthony Scaramucci was appointed as the new White House communications director, and just three days after Trump fired the Mooch's arch nemesis Reince Priebus, the NYT reports that Trump has removed Scaramucci from the role of Communications Director, under instruction from Trump's new chief of staff, Gen. Kelly.

According to the NYT, Scaramucci’s abrupt removal came just 10 days after the wealthy New York financier was brought on to the West Wing staff, a move that convulsed an already chaotic White House and led to the departures of Sean Spicer, the former press secretary, and Reince Priebus, the president’s first chief of staff.

The decision to remove Mr. Scaramucci, who had boasted about reporting directly to the president not the chief of staff, John F. Kelly, came at Mr. Kelly’s request, the people said. Mr. Kelly made clear to members of the White House staff at a meeting Monday morning that he is in charge.


It was not clear whether Mr. Scaramucci will remain employed at the White House in another position or will leave altogether.

ABC adds that Scaramucci offered his resignation to Gen. Kelly this morning, with a request to be moved to the Ex-Im bank.

According to another report, Scaramucci told Kelly "I don't report to you" to which the General replied "you're gone."

The White House had a brief, and polite, statement on the departure: "Mr. Scaramucci felt it was best to give Chief of Staff John Kelly a clean slate and the ability to build his own team"

And so, having first lost his now ex-wife to Trump, Scaramucci has also lost Trump himself.

Meanwhile, someone just made an absolute killing on PredicIt, with the
contract "Will Anthony Scaramucci's role as WH communications director
end in August 2017 or earlier
?" surging from 15 cents to 100 in the
blink of an eye.

Or, as Trump would say, no chaos at all, just look at the stock market.

Finally, with the ouster of Scarmucci, the list of high-ranking personnel fired by Trump rises to 12:

  • Sally Yates, the acting attorney general and an appointee of former President Barack Obama, was fired by Trump just ten days after he assumed office. Yates had refused to uphold the Trump administration’s controversial travel ban in January.
  • Michael Flynn resigned in February after serving in the position for less than a month. Flynn misled Vice President Mike Pence and other administration officials about the contents of his phone conversations with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador to the US. Flynn reportedly discussed the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia with Kislyak prior to Trump assuming office.
  • Katie Walsh, the former deputy chief of staff and close ally to chief of staff Reince Priebus left the White House just nine weeks into the job to run America First, a pro-Trump group outside of the government.
  • Preet Bharara, the former US Attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan and ‘Sheriff’ of Wall Street, was fired by Trump in March after Bharara refused to submit a resignation letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
  • James Comey, the former FBI durector, was fired by Trump in May.
  • Michael Dubke, the former White House communications director, resigned in May. Dubke was replaced by Anthony Scaramucci, the founder of a hedge fund and a top Trump donor. Scaramucci was fired after just 10 days on the job (see below).
  • Walter Shaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, resigned earlier this month after clashing with the White House over Trump’s complicated financial holdings. Shaub called Trump’s administration a “laughingstock,” following his resignation, and advocated for strengthening the US’s ethical and financial disclosure rules, per The New York Times.
  • Mark Corralo, spokesman for President Donald Trump's legal team, resigned on July 20 within two months of being on the job.
  • Sean Spicer, the embattled former White House press secretary, resigned on July 21 after telling Trump he vehemently disagreed with the selection of Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director.
  • Micheal Short, the former White House press aide, resigned the same day as Spicer, after Scaramucci revealed plans to fire him.
  • Reince Priebus, the former White House chief-of-staff, resigned just six months into his tenure after a public feud with Anthony Scaramucci, the White House communications director.
  • And now, Anthony Scaramucci, who "resigned" as the new White House Communications Director on July 31, after just 10 days on the job.

Meanwhile, live footage of Sean Spicer:

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SloMoe's picture

Thunderbolts and lightning..

BaBaBouy's picture

Very Very Frightening...&

Waz It By Tweet ???

LoL ... WH Freaking Chaos...

yogibear's picture

And US dollar index is dropping like a rock.

Nw down to 92.76, was 93 earlier.

Look at the chart.

tmosley's picture

Trump moves people in. Trump moves people out. This was always part of the deal.

froze25's picture

Priebus is gone, job done.

El Oregonian's picture

A-a-a-a-n-d, he's gone!

I wonder if he even had a chance unbox his office personals?

MagicHandPuppet's picture

I was just starting to like this guy.  But... The Show Must Go On!!!

Automatic Choke's picture

We elected Bill Clinton knowing he was a skirt chaser, anybody who was surprised by what happened wasn't paying attention.

We elected Don Trump knowing his favorite expression was "You're Fired!", anybody who is now surprised wasn't paying attention either.


FrozenGoodz's picture

6 hours ago ... 'No my WH is not in chaos' 


LMFAO  ... Wtf is this ....

The_Juggernaut's picture

THere wasw no way he would survive with Mr Discipline in as Chief of Staff.  The Mooch is anything but disciplined.

barndoor's picture

How many dimensions is this chess board again?

TheDude1224's picture

"James Comey, the former FBI durector, was fired by Trump in May."

I see what you did there ZH...well played!

Zero_Ledge's picture

<-- Lots more cooch for the Mooch

<-- No more cooch for the Mooch

(Geez, I ran the exact same poll a few days ago when his wife filed for divorce... "Lot more cooch" was the clear winner.)

Doom Porn Star's picture

But today Mooch is the cooch.

Dormouse's picture

Trump set him up; he knew this loud mouth prick couldn't keep quite. So he pumped him up and gave him some ammo and sent him out to kill the snakes knowing full well this loud mouth prick would shoot himself in the foot along the way and knowing his intended new CoS would not tolerate this crap after the job was done.

Al Bondiga's picture

It ain't even chess. It's checkers being played by a retarded orangutan
Three dimensional chess . . . LMAO. Idiots!

therealestg9's picture

More than your puny mind can handle.


barndoor's picture

I'm starting to hope that I just don't get it - that I'm missing something fundamental here.

That's now the least scary alternative.  Otherwise, one might have to accept the conclusion that there is presently a clown-cluster-fuck happening within the White House.  

Although, as it happens, this is a great place to come for pro tips on how to avoid that particular conclusion (through cognitive dissonance and other means).

Al Bondiga's picture

Clownshow clusterfuck pretty much describes what's going on.
The orange sack of shit is a deranged narcissist, psychopath that's in way over his bad toupee covered head.
I suspect this assclown will either get removed or resign before his first term is over.
I just hope the prick does not blow up the planet before he is gone.

Cabreado's picture

You could consider that an elected Trump inserted himself, with good intentions, into the Existing chaos...

and he's not happy about not getting anything done.

You ever try to put a wrench in chaos?

By definition, it's somewhere between not pretty and impossible.

barndoor's picture

Two things:

(1) there wasn't this much chaos prior to his arrival; and

(2) none of that explains him acting like an asshole.

Just today he tweeted that there is "no WH chaos".  That's like saying "no one here is panicking!".  If no one was panicking, there would be no reason to bring it up.  

He's a tool, and not not well intentioned.  He literally thought that this would be easier than real estate development.

techpriest's picture

The fact that he's playing doesn't mean he has your interests at heart, or that he's the best player. But I do have to wonder what's happening behind the scenes.

barndoor's picture

"or that he's the best player. But I do have to wonder what's happening behind the scenes."

No, man - don't do it - don't ask any questions.  Keep believing!  He's Neo and the Matrix is about to fall...

Just keep repeating - "3D chess, 3D chess, 3D chess..."

New_Meat's picture

Kelly: You're working for me now.

Mooch: I don't work for you,  I ...

Kelly: Your proposal is acceptable.

Not any doubt about the gist of this conversation.

"Take charge of this post and all government property within view."

barndoor's picture

Okay - but a mere 10 days ago Trump chose Scaramucci and gave him an important post within the WH.  If Scaramucci is unacceptable, what does that say about Trump's judgement?

fallst's picture

Chess Dimensions Reply is   Infinite! and Beyond! Strings !! Superstrings Baby

Moe Hamhead's picture

Takes one to know one!  (Your childish comments deserve a childish response.)

The Wizard's picture

The clown show was Barry and Crew. Ask leaders of most countries. I don't mean most of Europe which is in worse cultural shape than a close behind U.S.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Observation: Truly sad to see this kind of thing occur because it STAINS the POTUS office. However, the "Mooch Meltdown" made this an inevitable outcome.

We need to pray for Anthony that he finds his way out of the abyss.

DavidFL's picture

Screw the mooch - you pray for the looser if you like, as far as I am concerned; he has no redeeming qualities. Ever heard of karma - when you treat people like scum you reap the result. Trump has the same disease.

TheLastTrump's picture

Bullshit. President Trump has a decades long history of treating good people well, and staying loyal to those who are loyal to him.


You're pushing media narratives like a boss.

DavidFL's picture

Treats people great? - just ask all thethousands of individuals who have been screwed by his countless string of BK's. Really you should do a little research before idolizing someone!

Yog Soggoth's picture

I actually know someone who used to work for Trump, and he said he was a good boss. Guess that attitude depends on whether you get fired or not. I will only be dissapointed if he gives him the position he wants. Why did he ask for this new role so quickly? It is almost like he wanted that position before he got the one he just had. Don't show your cards when playing the game. I would double fire him. Maybe his wife knew something we don't?

New_Meat's picture

Dave, really, "countless"? businesses about, what four?  five?

JFC you NEA gradz can't count beyond one hand?  Bring on Common Core.  Billy's work is well done so far.

- Ned

RTP's picture

He was just too mooch!

Eyes Opened's picture

The POTUS office has had worse stains believe u me....  

TheReplacement's picture

Ex-Im.... for the plunder or to clean it up I wonder.

idahobandito's picture

Mooch did his job and got rince leakus out. Something Trump couldnt have done without reprocussions from the rnc.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Scaramucci!  Scaramucci!  Will you do the fandangoooo?

froze25's picture

I saw a bolt of lightning, very very frightening!

toady's picture

"Someone made a killing on scaramooch not making it to August...."


logicalman's picture

Coming up to the election I said that I hoped Trump would get in, for 2 reasons.

1. Not Hitlery

2. He'd likely act in a way that would show up the US political system for the (sick) joke that it is.

I think I may have been onto something with '2'

toady's picture

The R & D bullshit is being shown for what it is.... Trump 2020!

Implied Violins's picture

I think this whole shitshow is scripted, and purposeful.

What better way to take down a government than by getting its own citizens to beg for its removal?

The problem is: what takes its place? And will it actually be better, in the long run?

I don't know, but I'm afraid we are going to find out... N(o). W(ay). O(ut).

Dukes's picture

Strip it back to the Constitution of 1787 and start fresh. Coincide with the election of all new representatives. As clean a slate as we can get without complete chaos.

Doom Porn Star's picture

"Strip it back to the Constitution of 1787 and start fresh. Coincide with the election of all new representatives. As clean a slate as we can get without complete chaos. "


^^^THAT ^^^ is actually one of the only two logical and realistically available choices as personally explained to me by none other than Oliver E. Williamson.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

The problem is: what takes its place? And will it actually be better, in the long run?

Does it make Anderson Cooper happy? That would be an important tell for me.