Crude Crashes, Bonds Bid, & Trannies Turmoil But VIX Vanquished To 9 Handle Again

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With oil crashing, 'hard' economic data slumping, political chaos ahead of the debt ceiling debacle, and The Fed about to embark on something no central bank has ever done (let alone done successfully), it should be no surprise that earnings expectations are being ramped exponentially higher and The Dow (thanks in large part to Boeing recently) has exploded near 22,000 today for the first time ever making yet another new record high...


Despite a mixed picture in soft survey data about the US manufacturing sector this morning, 'hard' economic data continues to collapse - even against severely downgraded expectations - this is the weakest for US Hard Data since March 2015


The Dow outperformed (again) as Trannies got trounced... (Small Caps and Nasdaq remain red on the week)...


Every effort was made early on to ramp The Dow to 22,000 - crushing VIX to a 9 handle once again... but it failed...


Trannies tumbled once again - to the lowest levels since May 27th - this time on crashing crude... (rails hit on lower auto sales)


Despite the plunge in the yield curve and Goldman's warning, Financials outperformed as Energy ended red...


Early gains in FANG stocks rolled over quickly in the afternoon...


Under Armor Under Water...


Carmakers continued their carnage



APRN tumbled again...


And SNAP crashed to new record lows... (this time blamed on the S&P index decision not include multiple share class companies)


Treasury yields tumbled today after dismal car sales and poor economic data...


30Y Yields have erased all the post-Fed move...


Amid a notably volatile day in FX markets, the dollar index ended marginally higher...


WTI Crude had quite a day - everything was awesome early on - WTI above $50... and then Bloomberg reported a survey suggesting OPEC output actualy rose in July and WTI tumbled...


Gold continued its push higher - back above $1280 and back to Fed hike levels...

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Kaiser Sousa's picture

once again, name any other "market that manages to close at the same price 3 days in arrow driven by “selling” in same venues every fucking day & after closing on the Crimex?????

July 31st $1268

August1st $1268

Today $1268

so fucking obvous…

and I’m still buying the Physical...


Truther's picture

If you don't hold it, you don't own it.

Got gold bitchezz?

Raffie's picture

'If you don't hold it, you don't own it.'

I agree.

Printed a paper wallet from my cryptos and hold it and my hardware wallet as well.

I put them on my stacks to see all the assets I can hold and own.

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khnum's picture

perhaps we have reached the singularity(sarcasm)

Raffie's picture

Once America turns into Mad Max society the PM's will be valuable.

In the mean time take your PM to Venezuela. 1oz silver can buy 4-6mo of food (unsure what KIND of food this is) and 1oz of gold buys a house.

Traderone's picture

What the fuck is wrong with you Yanks?  Us Europeans run the markets up for you but you lazy twats can't even muster up a run above the Globex high? Get your fingers out FFS.

Raffie's picture

Fix your Muzzie invasion 1st then get back with us.

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

So now a drop of 1.9% is a "crash".

Hikikomori's picture

You have to love a site that calls a less than 2% decline in value a "crash".

adr's picture

In the context of the past eight years, -2% is almost a world ending catastrophe.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

I figure at this point a 2% down day on the S&P would take the VIX to at least 15.

Snaffew's picture

my guess is that aapl used its' cash horde to buy back stock in a stealth attempt to mask poor earnings.  they will probably beat, the markets will rage and it will all be more of the same---financial engineering and masquerades.

Fundies's picture

Never seen anything like this in 50 years. 

PontifexMaximus's picture

Let's go for another half century

vegas's picture

Another bullshit day in Unicorn futures, a/k/a the SP500 & Dow30; the only purpose of New York trading is to "protect & deffend" the overnight manipulations. Nothing moves, nothing trades ... WTF is the point?

DrumpfFire's picture

Only analysts not vull crap is the wave. Lol

debtor of last resort's picture

Should one add Snap to FANG?

For the children?

DrumpfFire's picture

Wow crude stocks and vix nailed by shepwave again. Thanks ZH.

Yen Cross's picture

 Hey dumbass, I said to short CL two days ago. I didn't need a a subscription to schmegmawave to figure that out. You Elliot wave faggots are pikers!

adr's picture

One of my favorite things ever is the better than expected loss.

UA bulls said that even though the company lost money for the second straight quarter, the news that they beat expectations on the top and bottom line was supportive of a near term rally in UA stock.


D.r. Funk's picture
To the overseers, Trying to outlast bears: you.cant.get.under.11.vix.much.longer.NOW "John Henry" swung his hammer 1 more time than the machine. You are trying to outlast me. overseers of the vix game, i can wait
Rebelrebel7's picture

Yeah, totally awesome with the team in the blender together after jumping off the bridge together! 

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