Iran May Start Giving Drugs To Addicts In Effort To End Illegal Drug Trafficking

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The Trump administration continues to demonize Iran, advocating regime change even as the U.S. acknowledges that the country is complying with the nuclear deal.

Defying Western perceptions, however, the Middle Eastern nation recently announced its plans to move toward decriminalizing drugs in order to combat addiction and weaken the power of drug traffickers. If the plan receives final approval, the country will join a handful of other nations that have opted to help addicts rather than punish them.

The Independent reports that “[b]y allowing the government to give out diluted drugs to addicts, the proposal aims to cut the relationship between drug addicts and drug traffickers.

The plan would allow the government to distribute methadone to addicts in place of heroin, cannabis, and other commonly used drugs in Iran. It would also allow the government to provide addicts with diluted forms of these commonly used drugs to help wean them off the substances.

Hassan Norouzi, a spokesperson for the Parliament’s Judicial and Legal Commission, said that in order to undermine the relationship between addicts and traffickers, “we decided that the government hand out diluted drugs to addicts, so that they will be able to give up their addiction gradually and, instead of being drawn to drug-traffickers, turn to the Establishment and meet their needs through official channels,” Iranian government-approved outlet IFPNews reported.

These drugs include methadone and substances more diluted than previous ones, and the authority to decide on that rests with bylaws which are to be jointly drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and [Iran’s] Drug Enforcement HQ, and which could come into effect after getting the all clear from the Cabinet,” Norouzi said.

Norouzi noted that “The plan to distribute [low-grade] drugs is similar to what used to be implemented before the [1979 Iran’s Islamic] Revolution.”

IFP reports that Norouzi said “all relevant authorities have given the go-ahead to the proposal,” though it has not been finalized.

The Independent reported thatThe judicial committee has also proposed a draft law halting the death penalty for carrying and distributing less than 100kg of traditional drugs such as opium or less than two kilograms of synthetic drugs.”

Iran has employed militarized anti-narcotic measures against traffickers in the past, even while showing some sympathy to addicts. Human Rights Watch previously reported that authorities often obtained forced confessions for traffickinf and also imposed the death penalty on indivuals possessing large quantities of drugs.

The latest measures come in response to skyrocketing rates of addiction in Iran in recent years, particularly in regard to opium. According to Iran’s Drug Control Organization, there are roughly 2.8 million people in the country consistently using drugs.

Despite Western perceptions that Iran is country doomed to the dark ages, some of its relatively progressive stances on drug addiction prove otherwise. In 2015, Maziyar Ghiabi, an Iranian-Italian Ph.D. candidate at Oxford University discussed rumors that the Iranian government would legalize cannabis and opium.

This is an actual possibility but not in the short term,” Ghiabi, who focuses on drug policy and use in Iran, told Salon two years ago.


One institution is really discussing measures to regulate the drug market. By regulation of the drug market, we can mean many different things. One of the ideas is to allow certain substances, in this case cannabis and opium, to be used under specific circumstances. It hasn’t been clearly stated what these circumstances are. What is interesting to me is that the discussion is open. It is a very interesting fact that in the Islamic Republic such discussions are taking place.

Though Iran is far from completely ending its war on drugs — and its government is indisputably repressive in a variety of ways — its openness to a more lenient policy mirrors some Western nations like Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs in 2001, and parts of Canada, where injection centers have been established to allow addicts to consume drugs like heroin in safe environments. The Iranian government already has some 8,000 rehab clinics that offer methadone treatment for opium addicts  (however, it has been reported that addicts are tennis forcibly admitted to these clinics and arrests still occur).

Norouzi said the Judicial and Legal Commission will continue work to finalize the latest policy change.

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gmak's picture

They'll stone raped women accusing them of committing adultery. But drug addicts....


"it has been reported that addicts are tennis forcibly admitted to these clinics and arrests still occur)." So that's what happened to Bjorn Borg's money!

earleflorida's picture

you don't read much do you..[?]

Doan's picture

just having a little pun...

armada's picture

"its government is indisputably repressive in a variety of ways"

As if the USG is not as repressive a regime as Iran's.

Zero Point's picture

Taking on the drug traffickers eh? So Iran is finally getting serious about combating the CIA.

python_snake's picture

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land_of_the_few's picture

Amazing, I should get some AntiFa riot gear and a gasmask, too. Paid vacations?

Future Jim's picture

Portugal style legalization is superior to US laws.

Giant Meteor's picture

Without having read the article, knowing the details, based upon the tagline ...

Seems extremely sensible to me ...


nmewn's picture


we decided that the government hand out diluted drugs to addicts, so that they will be able to give up their addiction gradually and, instead of being drawn to drug-traffickers, turn to the Establishment and meet their needs through official channels,

Giant Meteor's picture

Well, personally I have no problem with that, as the alternative sure as hell has not worked. I understand the nature of government control. and of course anything that .gov involves itself in, is immediately ripe for abuse, goes without saying ..

I 'd simply settle for stop fucking locking up non violent offenders, or lopping their heads off perhaps.

I am not generally for lopping heads off, of the the traffickers either, unless of course we are talking aphabet soup agencies, operating clandestinely to aggravate the problem, under the cover of darkness if you will. But then I do realize all manner of trouble that our alphabet soup, 3 letter, word salad "agencies" has wrought in the America's, and other lands, and of course as other's rightly point out, there is the police state, drug interdiction, recovery for proft, courts, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, prisons industry ..

 what we do know, using the USA as example, prohibition does not work, has never worked, will not ever work, to mitigate the problem, but it sure has created a few ...

CIA term, blowback is applicable here ..

Lore's picture

Speaking of CIA, from whence do we think the drugs come? 

It's the modern equivalent of Opium Wars.  Iran is doing its part to help President Trump "drain the swamp."

Giant Meteor's picture

And by the way, I do not consider banksters, various state actors, deep state, THE feral reserve etc, it's a big list , including the likes of  Jon Corzine .. , many, many others ..

Point being, I do not consider them "non violent offenders", 

At all, at all ..

Yukon Cornholius's picture

If I didn't know better, I'd say Iran is trying to push America's buttons. At least the nuclear one.

BigDuke6's picture

Only Isreals buttons matter when it comes to their slave USA

earleflorida's picture

how bout i give you a lesson in how to read a map...[?]

nmewn's picture

Not to worry, they had an Imam bless the kilos so its well within the bounds of Sharia Law!


Well, there's f-whore muzzie fanatics on board the Hedge tonight, jus keepin track ;-)

curbjob's picture

I'm sure there's a # you could call.

nmewn's picture

Did you know Kamala Harris married a jooo?


Wow, eight muzzies now ;-)

nmewn's picture

I think they already know she married him ;-)

curbjob's picture

Jihad ,  semtex, dushka , daesh ....

there, I just put your tax dollars to work.

booboo's picture

Iran would be the most western of Muslim dominated countries, jews, christians and muslims proving they can live together. You need to get out more. Did not down vote you because ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge. They make KSA look like a bunch of....well, they actually are a bunch of Wahabi goat fuckers.

nmewn's picture

The ignorance is on your part.

I know "some of the people" of Iran and I also know their government. And no, no down vote from me either if it ever comes ;-)

land_of_the_few's picture

I'm an f-whore Lutheran, I'll have you know, Sir!

MFL5591's picture

Best way ever to put the Bush cartel out of business in Afganastan!

earleflorida's picture

yeah, build a trump`wall along iranian/afghanistan border

hoytmonger's picture

Iran has an opium problem.

I wonder where it's coming from?

Nekoti's picture

Same place the U.S. gets its supply?

Hikikomori's picture

Meanwhile, the USA continues to shovel money into militarized police, for-profit prisons, and the Mexican cartels at a breakneck pace, certain that "any day now" , it will win the War on Drugs, launched by President Nixon in 1971.

peddling-fiction's picture

Lots of Nixon EO's are about to hit the fan.

Dollar gold convertibility comes to mind.

Giant Meteor's picture

As you are supremely aware, it was never meant to be "won." Although in another sense, it has been "won." Won by .gov / deepstate, which obviously includes FOR and NON -PROFIT corporations .. ..

Bloody fucking hell ....

Al Bondiga's picture

Yep. What most people fail to understand is that the war on some drugs has been a resounding success for the CIA, and a host of other evil psycho fucks who are making billions from the global drug trade. They have no interest in shutting it down. Private prisons are booming. Lots of poor non-white people locked up, plenty of black money for off the book ops, etc. Those annoying foreign governments aren't gonna overthrow themselves. The oligarchs love it.

sinbad2's picture

Even back then, it was the US Government(CIA) that arranged for opium to be grown in IndoChina, and shipped back to the US to kill American kids.

As soon as the US was defeated in Vietnam, the drug problem eased. When the US went into Afghanistan, the first thing the US did, was start growing opium, something the Taliban had all but eradicated. When the US is defeated in Afghanistan, once again the world will be free of American drugs.

gregga777's picture

The war on drugs was launched largely as payback against those who overwhelmingly voted against Nixon.

ScratInTheHat's picture

No one is going to win a war on drugs! It just produces a police state!

earleflorida's picture

remember this guy: Drug Czar -- McCaffrey

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Ummm Hat, stating the obvious, there's your winner.  And members of that police state get to retire around 50~55 and lifetime pensions.  Do you ?

FreeEarCandy's picture

Doesn't go far enough in my mind. Perhaps offer a complete program that isolates them from the main population until they are weaned off. After released they should be advised that if caught again they will be life timers in jail. Therefore, if anyone attempts to deal drugs to them, they should report the drug dealer to law authorities and be given a $200 reward for the info that leads to an arrest & conviction. 

Shpedly's picture

Nice idea but if if you've ever known a true addict you would know that would never work.

FreeEarCandy's picture

 if you've ever known a true addict you would know that would never work.

Perhaps not, but I do like the tail end of my idea. $200 reward put a price on their pelts and they may go the way of the buffalo to the edge of extinction. 

Drugs for everyone looks like Sweden, am I right? Seems like such open mindedness could lead to ones common scene falling out. Where will we find all of these addicted people. Will they be running heavy machinery? Driving school buses? Politicians? Lawyers? Judges? Police? Babysitters? 

Easier yet, where will we not find them?


Is drug testing any different than big government?

gregga777's picture

You must be a cop looking to supplement your income by being a $200 a pop rat.

FreeEarCandy's picture

Or I could be a bored capitalist looking for ways to stimulate the economy via cleaning the environment.  Just tilt your head the other way. 

TemporarySecurity's picture

Stop being a progressive.  You will be no more successful than the communist party.

Freedom works big government never works.

FreeEarCandy's picture

Freedom works 

That is funny and I can see you wrote it with such sincerity.

If freedom works then why do you depend on so many people?

Giant Meteor's picture

People taking responsibility for their personal lives, their own actions, works ..

Really there can be no clearer definition of it ..

Most folks here agree, a lack of real consequences, "moral hazard"  - zero accountability has not worked .. Cannot ever work, and yet government by various means, and within it's own actions, encourages it just the same, and within the general population. One cannot rightly expect justice, dispensed from a criminal enterprise.

There are good answers to your questions above , unfortunately time does not allow me to answer them point by point at this time .. or perhaps I'm just not inclined to do so, as sleep these days, is at a premium ..

Suffice to say, the populace has been encouraged, programmed, or a great many of them, conditioned to these troubles , in a world that little understands the nature of those same troubles .., their "roots" so to speak ..

Alcohol, for the alcoholic, as well as drugs to the addict, are mere symptoms for each individual. certainly symptoms that kill them, drive them mad, other happenings, or God forbid harming, killing others's, but they are symptoms none the less, Prison. jail, death, is a consequence yes? Well there is of course a question of "scale" and as far as I can assertain, stacked up against deep state crimes, the scale for the drug offender is, how shall we say, off the charts, when in the example above, should be exact opposite ..

In other words, whose crimes are greater ?

There are ways to handle, remedy your other concerns ..

Frankly, all drug. alchohol, testing should first takes place in the halls of congress and so called "halls of justice." I mean why not set the example eh ?

FreeEarCandy's picture

"People taking responsibility for their personal lives, their own actions, works .. Really there can be no clearer definition of it .." 

A very fundamental necessity and inescapable verdict-good or bad. But one point about responsibility. I am bound to my action, works,  etc., and in that general sense I am not free unless I can relieve myself from all the listed. If I were truly free I would be free of my responsibility at the behest of my own freewill at any moment in time-forget about moral consciousness. Excluding the laws of nature, which is a type of bondage that is beyond the scope of this conversation, most of what you are listing as virtues of freedom are more to the side of less freedom in my accounting. Nevertheless, I am sure your statement s that followed confirms my assessment here...

"Most folks here agree, a lack of real consequences, "moral hazard"  - zero accountability has not worked .. Cannot ever work, "

This seems like a social or legal contract, because most folks "AGREE". In this statement I read consent among people who have freewill consenting to be bound by a set of taboos, laws, etc.. Thus here again I see bondage and less freedom. Mind you, I am trying to observe this topic as objectively as possible and make some conclusions as to what we are really talking about when we reach the bottom line. I don't necessarily like or dislike the conclusions.

"government by various means, and within it's own actions, encourages it just the same, ..."

Yes! A one footed man cannot step on its own toes. Criminals cannot serve justice when they work so hard to run from it. This is the paradox of Government and Justice. The glue of any agreement is the just compensation of all involved. Like any accounting ledger, when ones liabilities/bondage exceed the profit/freedom, bankruptcy is at hand.

Justice is a paradox . As you pointed out, pots calling all the kettles black. The law condemns us all, and if not for mercy and lax enforcement we would all be in jail. Lax enforcement aside, from the frame of reference of pure justice mercy looks like injustice, and we find ourselves down the rabbit hole. I have thought about this for some time and the only solution that seemed practical was to dispense mercy according to regret or the victims wishes. But I'm sure that barely covers the surface of the problem in terms of equal justice.

"In other words, whose crimes are greater ?"

Which is greater? The seed or the tree that comes out of it? Deeply philosophical and good arguments on both side of this question. Greater good and bad is a mine field when stretched across a time line. If I had killed Hitler's mother and father before he was born they would have hung me on a tree. Nevertheless we do live in the now moment and thus we weight the greater good and bad.

I agree that most of our problems are symptomatic, but not all. We live in a strange reality were we find dichotomy everywhere we look. We walk into a room and judge one side left and the other right. Then we turn around and start the mistake all over again. Most of this is all self serving and has little to do with what the truth really is. The truth is not left or right. The truth just is, that is to say it is abstract certainty. It's not red or blue or any modifier one can subjectively invent to serve ones need to communicate and navigate our condition here. In the end I find the whole affair surrounding our subjective constructs pure vanity when measured against truth and justice.


We are born without anything and we leave the same way. We do not own anything here, but we believe we do until the end. We make these false claims and boarders without consideration that we must enforce them in lieu of the fact that reality does not defend our illusions. Thus violence enters into the system and we point the finger at each other to blame. Another fact is we must kill something in order to eat and live another day. Where is the justice? These problems we did not create and I would argue that the vanity in this also explains the symptoms you speak of. In a world of vanity, there no real hope to hold it all together. Thus I argue that even false hope is necessary to strive for?  If not for our false hope and illusions, what is left to lessen the sting of pure vanity and the symptoms that follow?

I enjoyed your comment. You are a good writer and you think. Thanks!