Is The Mafia Helping ISIS Smuggle Oil Into Italy?

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Authored by Irina Slav via,

The Italian mafia may have teamed up with the Islamic State to smuggle crude oil from the Middle East into Italy, an ongoing police investigation has suggested, according to The Times who cited a report by La Repubblica.

The Italian daily noted that the police had found substantial amounts of Libyan and Syrian crude that were greater than some local refineries’ inventories, with sources connected with the investigation saying that crude, “should not have been there.”

Yet the police have no evidence that the oil came from IS, or whether it came from another non-extremist group of traffickers, because the cargoes passed through intermediaries, which helped the original senders mask their tracks.

The way the mafia smuggles oil into Italy is by setting up shale companies abroad that act as oil exporters. They sell crude directly to gas station operators at much lower prices, and then close the shell companies. The mafia uses the scheme to avoid VAT payments and to launder money.

The logistics involve tankers rendezvousing with smaller vessels out of Turkey and Libya in the middle of the Mediterranean.

The smugglers transfer the oil from the smaller vessels to the larger ones, and then return the small vessels to their country of origin while the bigger tankers set sail for the southern Italian ports. 

It seems that the IS-mafia hypothesis has emerged because of the terrorist group’s heavy reliance on revenues from oil contraband, but recently IS has lost most of the territories it controlled in Syria and Iraq, so its access to oil to smuggle has also declined sharply.

Experts who spoke to La Repubblica were skeptical of such a connection, but last month, journalist Francesca Astorri reported on a propaganda e-book titled Black Flags from Rome, in which the Islamic State said support from the mafia was crucial for its penetration in Italy.

The question remains whether the two organizations are rivals or partners. Their revenue-generating activities are similar, including drug trafficking, goods smuggling, and kidnappings, but the mafia would hardly be well-disposed to a group that essentially wants to encroach on its territory.

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MuffDiver69's picture

Come on..Turkey was the transit point via airports for jihad's and the destination of oil..Perhaps a map might help...

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>The Mafia is helping ISIS

Which one?

Actually, scratch that. Just kill em all. Let Moloch sort them out.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Quick, someone contact the CIA and the Clinton Foundation to find out how these types of operations work. 

Winston Churchill's picture

The mafia has been partners with the CIA since they were called the OSE, and Donovan ran it..

Just substitue CIA whenever you see mafia.

There are no white hats.PERIOD.

Ms No's picture

Exactly.  They FBI was also crawling all over the KKK in the US, which was revealed during Church Committee proceedings.  It's pretty obvious they were crawling all over 80s gang activity in the US and the current cartel activity in Mexico, fast a furious style.  I don't know about the Mob in Italy but there were Fed City here.

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buttmint's picture

OSS--Office of Strategic Services

OSS were also the first to arm and train Ho Chi Minh' cadres...why?

Ho Chi Minh rescued many American pilots downed by the Japanese. He personally hiked with them back to Kunming,

jamesmmu's picture
How Did The Awan Family Become Respected And Trusted Washington Insiders? Is DC The Zoo It Seems To Be?

quadraspleen's picture

The cosa nostra ultimately work for/with the blessings of the Vatican. Wheels within wheels

SmackDaddy's picture

So they manage to find and assist every fucking raft full of African invaders.  But can't figure out how the fuck a tanker's worth of oil end ups getting on shore......

Are Sicilians even considered Italian?  They sure as fuck aren't white.  Look and behave like semites.

Juggernaut x2's picture

"Africa starts at Naples"- old Northern Italian saying

7thGenMO's picture

"Africa starts at the Pyrenees" - I've heard this is an old French saying.

Europe has been invaded so many times from the East and South in history and pre-history that it can be a grey area when it comes to determining what originated in Europe.  For instance, for many years it was thought that the Basque language in the Pyrenees was not of European origin since it is not related to most of the other "European" languages.  It turns out that it is in fact an ancient stone age European language and the common root to most of the other "European" languages actually originated in the East around the Caucusus region.  This is why the British were surprised to discover that the Sanskrit language of India is related to the European languages.


shizzledizzle's picture

If you haven't watched True Romance, go do so now. Dennis Hopper has the best answer you will ever get in regards to your question.

4freedom78's picture

Sicily was under Muslim control in the middle age . From the Muslim the mafia learn the art of control through terror and deceive,  they came from the same evil. 

bosoxfan1971's picture

Sicilians are a different "shade" of Italian since Sicily is made up of Italian, French, Visigoths/Vandals, Normans, Arabs et al.  The melting pot of Europe.   La Cosa Nostra was actually derived from Arab.  

PontifexMaximus's picture

you know, the mafia, the cosa nostra, the corona sacra and the 'ndragheta, they want to have their share. so, they won't like to be in this blog, basta.

bosoxfan1971's picture

'ndragheta is the new Mafia in Italy.  Grossing around 60 Billion per year, and you can't really trace them to "families'.   Broken up in cells of families.  

gunzeon's picture

Maybe there paying Euros for it; can't have that, quick ! bomb them !

Vageling's picture

And the Italian government is crying, why again... Pfff... It should not be there... What an fucking idiot! NEITHER SHOULD THOSE DAMN INVADING ILLEGALS, Captain Obvious!  Looked around lately? The law is DEAD! Thank you inspector Clouseau for your input! Veev vaze noz notized... Fucking spaghetti slurpers. DUH! Sjees... 

Incorporated by inference's picture

The US got lucky when the offspring of the former five families moved on to different rackets, I heard most of them joined wallstreet.

wjkins's picture

Take the cannolis..  leave the oil

sinbad2's picture

The mafia moving into CIA territory, or is it an alliance?

Hikikomori's picture

Trade tends to end war.  Maybe Trump should open trade negotiations with ISIS?

10mm's picture

Mafia has no loyalty to but itself. However,the government is no different, even in tandem with so. 

Rabbi Blitzstein's picture

LOL! When comes to goyim understanding of jewish control of media, and jewish control of governments, banks, etc., we have wrapped goyim minds with impenetrable, anti-truth fabric. But of course (((mafia))) protects ISIS. Why? ISIS is creation of international jewish mafia. One of many useful tools to destroy white western Christian civilization. We have long ago declared total war on anything that is not jewish for over 2000 years. But stupid silly gullible goyim eagerly eat whatever we feed them. Just wait until we deploy real food deprivation soon. Hunger has always been such a useful tool for accomplishing our goals. Just wait until we fully arm the dark water flood that we have unleashed into white Christian countries. Moloch will be very satiated. Oy vey!!

fulliautomatix's picture

Where did the Swiss contracts go when Mr Q got the Moloch treatment? Can the French only get so much and no more out of their newest Euro-colony? I wonder why that might be?

Angry Plant's picture

Did you mean Shale are Shell companies? Now Ii the mob is involved in fracking that would be story.