Sorry Joe Biden And Eric Holder, Obama Just Picked His 2020 Candidate And It's Not You

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For months now rumors have circulated over who might step forward to lead "The Resistance" for the Democrats and make a run for the White House in 2020.  While many names have been tossed around, two candidates from Obama's administration, VP Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder, are the only ones to have seemingly taken the next step of directly hinting they would be interested in a run. 

Biden made his most direct expression of interest back in May at the SALT conference when he said "at this point, no one in my family or I have made the judgment to run...I may very well do it."

Meanwhile, Eric Holder recently raised some eyebrows about his future political aspirations when he told Yahoo News that he was looking "to be more visible." Here's more from the Washington Times:

“Up to now, I have been more behind-the-scenes.  But that’s about to change. I have a certain status as the former attorney general. A certain familiarity as the first African-American attorney general. There’s a justified perception that I’m close to President Obama. So I want to use whatever skills I have, whatever notoriety I have, to be effective in opposing things that are, at the end of the day, just bad for the country.”


“Now is the time to be more visible.  Now is the time to be heard. … I thought, frankly, along with everybody else, that after the election, with Hillary Clinton as president, I could walk off the field. So when she didn’t win, I thought, ‘We’ll have to see how this plays out.’ But it became clear relatively soon — and certainly sooner than I expected — that I had to get back on the field and be in effective opposition.”

But, while Joe and Eric may be interested in a 2020 bid, we suspect that neither potential candidate will get very far along the campaign trail without the blessings of their former boss.  Unfortunately, according to Politico, Obama seems to have gone all-in on his long-time friend and former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick.

Barack Obama is nudging him to run. His inner circle is actively encouraging it. Obama world’s clear and away 2020 favorite is sitting right here, on the 38th floor of the John Hancock Building, in a nicely decorated office at Bain Capital.


And Deval Patrick has many thoughts on what he says is Donald Trump’s governing by fear and a dishonest pitch for economic nostalgia, while encouraging a rise in casual racism and ditching any real commitment to civil rights.


Obama strategist David Axelrod has had several conversations with Patrick about running, and eagerly rattles off the early primary map logic: small-town campaign experience from his 2006 gubernatorial run that will jibe perfectly with Iowa, neighbor-state advantage in New Hampshire and the immediate bloc of votes he’d have as an African-American heading into South Carolina.


Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s close adviser and friend, says that a President Patrick is what “my heart desires.”


David Simas, Obama’s political director in the White House and now the CEO of his foundation, used to be Patrick’s deputy chief of staff and remains perhaps his biggest fan on the planet.


Obama himself—who is personally close to Patrick, and counts him among the very small group of people whom he thinks has actual political talent—has privately encouraged him to think about it, among others.


Patrick has, up to this point, denied any interest in the White House. That said, in the political world, as we all know too well, those who deny the hardest are usually the most likely candidates.

“I’m trying to think about how to be helpful, because I care about the country, and I’m a patriot first. It’s way, way too soon to be making plans for 2020,” Patrick told me in an interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast recorded at Bain headquarters in Boston. “So I’ll just leave it at that.”


Patrick fends off any attempts to corner him on the question, avoiding saying anything that could seem either cute or Sherman-esque—“don’t lead me down that path because it turns into something it isn’t, and I don’t want to go there,” he said. “I have no plans to make plans.”


But he’s clearly upset with what Trump is doing, on both policy and approach.


The president, I believe, is at risk of diminishing the voice of the presidency because he pops off so often, and so, kind of, carelessly. I think there is a risk both domestically, and internationally for that matter, that we’ll begin to tune him out,” he said.

Who is Deval Patrick?  Here's a little background on the future contender from Wikipedia:

Deval Laurdine Patrick (born July 31, 1956) is an American politician, civil rights lawyer and businessman who served as the 71st governor of Massachusetts from 2007 to 2015. A member of the Democratic Party, Patrick served as the United States assistant attorney general for the civil rights division under President Bill Clinton. He was first elected in 2006, succeeding Mitt Romney who chose not to run, and re-elected in 2010. He is the only African-American to have served as governor of Massachusetts.


Born to and raised by a single mother on the South Side of Chicago, Patrick earned a scholarship to Milton Academy in Massachusetts in the eighth grade. He went on to attend Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. After graduating, he practiced law with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and later joined a Boston law firm, where he was named a partner, at age 34. In 1994, Bill Clinton appointed him as the United States assistant attorney general for the civil rights division of the United States Department of Justice, where he worked on issues including racial profiling and police misconduct.


Under his governorship, Patrick oversaw the implementation of the state's 2006 health care reform program which had been enacted under Mitt Romney, increased funding to education and life sciences, won a federal Race to the Top education grant, passed an overhaul of governance of the state transportation function, signing a law to create the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, increased the state sales tax from 5% to 6.25%, and raised the state's minimum wage from $8 per hour to $11 per hour by 2017. Under Patrick, Massachusetts joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the planned introduction of casinos in Massachusetts. His second term began on January 6, 2011, and in an interview with The Boston Globe, Patrick declared he would not seek re-election in 2014.[1][2] He is a managing director at Bain Capital[3] and currently serves as the chairman of the board for Our Generation Speaks.

So, to the new DNC Chair, Tom Perez, you now have your marching orders for 2020: time to start undermining the campaigns of all other potential Democratic candidates and rally the support of those superdelegates around Deval Partick, in other words, time for your best Debbie Wasserman Schultz impression. And don't worry: if you get caught just blame it on the Russians hacking your servers, just make sure the FBI never gets access to them... again.

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Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Eric Holder - the DISGRACED, had to resign, former corrupt Atty General.  That Eric Holder?

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Everyone knows it's gonna be Kamala lama ding dong. neé Harris

Jim Sampson's picture

Joe would actually do well. He's a creepy pedo but isn't seen as part of the system. Would/would have actually given Trump a run for his money.

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I still like the Anthony Weiner-Eric Holder ticket, if nothing else then for the campaign signs and buttons.

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Wiener-Holder 2020

No Danger Here!

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Why would literally anyone care what an unemployed nigger thinks?

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The Democrats claiming that Trump is racist, yet Obama picks another black dude to run with him.  Seems to me the Dems is batting 100% on the racism-scism.

Is "Deval" a flamer too?


toady's picture

Saved me,from saying it..... thanks!

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At least we know Holder would have gotten all the mesican gangster votes. They owe him for all the assualt rifles he handed them.

toady's picture

Holy shit that's funny! Remember when they elected him even after they caught him smoking crack with that whore?

Too funny!

Stupid fucking niggers!

armada's picture

There's only one requisite to be Potus: be willing to be a mass murderer.

Manthong's picture


“Attorney General Eric Holder, …. next step of directly hinting they would be interested in a run. “

Bring it you CS’ng mofo…

You will be fast and furiously swift boated into black hell.

Manthong's picture


Crap… I think I might have to puke up the last few Everclear watermelon cocktails now.


jeff montanye's picture

there is a lot to be said for moderation, especially with cocktails.

imo there will be a rather different playing field in 2020.  there is no doubt, from the emails of the dnc, that they screwed bernie sanders royally.  whether this is legally vulnerable or not, the finding out which will cut the guts out of the democratic party base.  and somehow i suspect there's more.  here's a story by npr which tries to tie president trump to the fox news "bridge too far" seth rich story that said rod wheeler found evidence the fbi had linked rich to wikileaks.  apparently not true as the collapse of the fox story put the fbi on record (npr story strongly confirms it) that they didn't touch the seth rich case, reiterated by the d.c. police.

that the fbi didn't investigate seth rich when trying to determine the perpetrator of the dnc email theft is, to me, indefensible after julian assange offers a reward and implies rich was wikileaks' source.  as an investigator you don't get to say, "i don't believe julian assange."  or "the russians did it."  that's what a propagandist gets to do but not a detective.  

this unsolved murder is a lead.  rich could be working with the russians (as claimed here  the d.c. police aren't investigating the theft of the dnc emails by the russians or (just perhaps since it's an investigation after all isn't it?) maybe even someone else.  that's the fbi's charge and expertise (even if evidence poor since being "rebuffed" by the dnc when attempting to examine its servers).  

debbie wasserman schultz was chair of the dnc from 2011 until july 24, 2017.  imran awan had been "working" on computers in the house of representatives starting in 2004 with robert wexler (, one of the few in congress to really try to impeach the bush administration over its war crimes.  he resigned mysteriously in 2010.  debbie wasserman schultz hired imran awan in 2005 (

as the onion is peeled back, layer by layer, assuming (big assumption) that awan survives, doesn't escape and receives something like a real investigation, it is believable that obama's concern in 2020 will be his choice for legal representation rather than president.


GreatUncle's picture

Reckon moderation has long gone.

To moderate is to come to an agreement and it is not "do as I say" stlye dictatorships.

What I want to know is has Obama salted away in excess of $400 million into offshore accounts to avoid taxes whilst he was supposedly tracking down US tax evaders in Switzerland etc. If true then that is all you need to know about Obama and the legacy of his 2 terms maybe a future term presidency.

And ... did he declare this money in his presidential tax returns?

Sometimes once you have committed so many crimes it is best to sit back and enjoy your ill gotten gains like the war criminal Tony Blair than trying to make into the spotlight when the electorate can now focus on the criminality before you get started. This last point is what happened to Clinton, her criminality exposed and trying to stand for office when all eyes are on you and an MSM that is not politically independent to provide effective scrutiny.


TeamDepends's picture

It's kinda sad but it is definitely time to take the Dim Party out behind the barn and put 'er down. 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Please let them trot ought enough psychos and frauds in the next few cycles to permit clearing the damage in our judiciary and age out gramscian lefties in the executive.   

espirit's picture

Don't think that will happen, TD.

Not only would more light be shown on the Pug cockroaches, there wouldn't be an opposing team to fleece their serfs.

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If I hear, see or smell another Nigger close to the trough I will whip their ass back to Africa and feed whats left of protein to the pigs.

Hillary is my Man!

ChanceIs's picture

Marion "Bitch Set Me Up" Barry died a few years ago.

DC kept reelecting him no matter how much he messed up himself and the city.

That man got very close to earning a PhD in chemistry.  Then he got involved in politics and started playing the race card.

Wasn't Patrick Deval the man who refused to sit in the back of the bus with the other "colored" people and started the riots in Thelma?  Oh wait.  That was Rosa Parks.  Watch if Deval doesn't claim that act.  So much of history gets rewritten these days.

GreatUncle's picture

+1 Think you are right.

Funny part though his personal greed kind of prevented him from helping his own.

All part of the Soros global plan ... need slave handlers of all colors now being a multi cultural world.

DeadFred's picture

Obama is a sociopath. 'His own' stops at him, no others.

espirit's picture

Sort of like hiring a Mesican Leadman for a few dollars more to translate...

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"Deval Patrick, because the last Nigger we had squatting in the White House did such a Bang-up Job".

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I sure miss the rappers singing about sexual threesome on the couch to the four years olds during the Easter egg hunt on the front lawn.

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Have to get a young pretty one to appeal to all the white liberal females that will swoon, everytime he enters the room.  

Why do you think Trudeau was chosen as a candidate?  How many times have I heard moron males say that they'd "fuck" Sarah Palin?

Pandering to base instincts and of course the racism crowd.  Guarantee 90% of the blacks would vote for that ticket, despite Obomits history.  Oh and those liberal white females that are SOOOOOOOOOO anxious to prove how they are anti-racist by voting for blacks.  Its almost been implanted into their genes now from the non-stop propganda from Hollyweird and other sources.

robertsgt40's picture

The campaign logo can be "change and hope".  Get rid of the "hope and change" thinking.

Giant Meteor's picture

That hat trick will not soon be replayed ...

mickrussom's picture

A lot of people in Massachusetts, the land of Fauxcahontas/Crockagawea Warren, called him DEVIL Patrick. The guy sucked hard.

kellys_eye's picture

Q1 - does he have a genuine passport?

NoDebt's picture

"Obama seems to have gone all-in on his long-time friend and former Massachusetts governor, Deval Patrick."

The Michael Dukakis of the new centrury.  I hope the Ds keep following Obama's lead FOREVER.

Put him in a tank with a combat helmet on and blow a hole in the side of Massachusetts prison to let a bunch of felons out.  What the fuck could POSSIBLY go wrong?


daveO's picture

LMAO. Best post award!

wee-weed up's picture



NoDebt said:

"I hope the Ds keep following Obama's lead FOREVER."

Yep, in the long run... Obozo has been the WORST thing to ever happen to the DemoCrap Party.

Hitlery is a very close second... if not a tie.

MsCreant's picture

Sorry. Hillary is worse. 

There is a term, Akanicide. You know what I mean by it.

No one will say "He got Shitcagoed" or "Ill annoyed" and hear the same meaning.

Hillary is waaaay worse.

I'd take Merkel over Hillary. 

I'd take Bugs Bunny over Hillary (happily, that rabbit is cool man).

I'd take Donald Fucking Trump over Hillary...

Oh, wait...

TBT or not TBT's picture

Hillary 08 was the better choice for America, between the two angry Alinskyites running for the Dem nomination.  

malek's picture

Better choice to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, I agree

Mentaliusanything's picture

Waiting!!!!!! It's a circus. Hillary was a near miss and for that!!! ALL humans can live a while longer.

Hillary is so creepy I have trouble sleeping while she lives.

Luck has it American people still have a small functioning brain and know

Hillary bad!!


GreatUncle's picture

I would rather consider the Clintons as Obamas handler whilst he was in office.

SeattleBruce's picture

Yup.  They both expose that idiocy is the prevailing trait of the Dims.  Establishment Rs are right behind 'em.  And this band of nitwits is what TPTB masterfully guides around like corpses in some Weekend at Bernie's reprise, to do their bidding.

booboo's picture

I think the deplorables have had their fill and having been cleansed of guilt by voting for Onuggin especially after seeing him set back race relations for the next 20 years.

Handful of Dust's picture

Even blacks do not want another black president.

Under the last black president, Soweeto Hussein Nobama, black peeples poverty rate soared 48% and black unemployment nearly doubled.

There's actually alot of black people who want jobs also as well as safe neighborhoods and they are not going to be voting for another black traitor in the wh.

espirit's picture

MLK must be rolling over, and over, and over....

StaySunny3000's picture

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg would.  Personally, I hope this story makes that "asshole" seethe.

espirit's picture

Zuck could buy my vote for $10 million in Au.

I'm not easy, but I can be had.

HRClinton's picture

Holder - Weiner !

Fast & Furious 

Naked Gun 4.0