Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter: FBI Report Shows It Was Seth Rich – Not Russians – Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks

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We’ve noted for many months that the DNC emails were leaked by an insider, not hacked by the Russians.

Pulitzer-prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh – who revealed in 1974 that the CIA was spying on Americans, who broke the story of the Mai Lai massacre in Vietnam and the Iraq prison torture scandal – said in a recent phone interview linked by WikiLeaks:

[The DC police took Seth Rich’s computer, but couldn’t get past his password.] So they call the FBI cyber unit.




The Feds get through [the password-protection on Rich’s computer], and this is what they find. This is accoring to the FBI report.




What the report says is that – some time in late spring or early summer – he [Rich] makes contact with WikiLeaks. That’s in his computer.




They [the FBI] found what he [Rich] had done was he had submitted a series of documents – of emails, of juicy emails – from the DNC.


By the way, all this shit about the DNC, where the hack, it wasn’t hacked …


He [Rich] offered a sample, an extensive sample, I’m sure dozens of emails, and said I want money. [Remember, WikiLeaks often pays whistleblowers.]


Later, WikiLeaks did get the password. He [Rich] had a dropbox, a protected dropbox, which isn’t hard to do.




They got access to the dropbox. That’s in the FBI report.


He also let people know with whom he was dealing … the word was passed, according to the FBI report, “I also shared this box with a couple of friends, so if anything happens to me, it’s not going to solve your problem”.




But WikiLeaks got access, before he was killed.




I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began.   It’s a [former CIA director John] Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation [campaign].



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Who is Seth Rich???? Have you guys debunked this yet? Seth and his nice time in Israel? Hmmm




Paddyo2's picture

You can forget the new FBI GUY,  Wray, doing anything about this.  When anyone is APPROVED 92-5 by THIS TREASONOUS CONGRESS then he is another CRIMINAL.  NOBODY with morals and patriotism to our country would be given THAT job. 

redmudhooch's picture

Yep, if the democrats approved, you can bet a deal is in place to stay away from Clintons and 0bama.

redmudhooch's picture


The silence is deafening, and tells you all you need to know.

If its called a conspiracy theory by state media, then you can bet its true.

That DNC server, Awans HDD's and Weiners laptop will clear all this up.

RubyPetunia's picture

You buried the lead. 


Trump Scandal Brennan Operation Says Seymour Hersh  http://billlawrenceonline.com/trump-scandal-brennan-operation/

VWAndy's picture

   When do the perpwalks start Donnie?

Paddyo2's picture

If you are not sure where to point the blame for all wars I suggest you look into the most RIDICULOUS push for a new Law to PREVENT BOYCOTTS OF ISRAEL!  Is there ANY more obvious breach of First Amendment rights than that?  

BDS has the right idea.

How badly must patriots flush the ENTIRE CONGRESSIONAL LIST that votes FOR THIS BILL out of office and down a sewer drain? 

redmudhooch's picture


What the Israelis and Zionists don't realize is that pushing for laws like this is only making our job easier.

The ADL youtube and twitter censoring is a blessing in disguise for our team. Backfire?

Keep it up Zionists, I don't have to work as hard exposing your evil deeds when you do it for me.

HAHA, keep spreading the truth, its obviously working. We all have to do our part.

Remember this Israel, don't bite the hand that feeds.


Paddyo2's picture

We can all comment how scared one side is while thinking our side is ever closer to exposing the whole crime spree. Deep down, most of us here at ZH who are utterly sickened by the loss of our country, we ALL (both sides) must come to realize that we will be plunging EVERYONE's family into WAR! No deep state or oligarchy, elites as some say, will allow it.  Buttons pushed. False flags executed. Breaking stories (lies) will bombard our lives before it ALL comes to light. 

Pray to God for your family's safety. 


bigkahuna's picture

someone tell that parameter setting propagandist michael savage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfyoxsOf34I     .........go to 7:52

Kina's picture

The Grounds for a Special Counsel are now gone.

The dossier, everything shown to be a sham.

Instead we have a rabbit warren of DNC Obama FBI Demosrat DWS criminal activity.

  • I can bet there is atleast one person in the DNC who is shitting himself over the Seth Rich assasination.

Deep State is now desperate for Meuller to dig something up, or atleast invent something on Trump.

mc888's picture

They never had grounds for a Special Counsel.


A Special Counsel can be appointed for a domestic criminal investigation.

An investigation concerning a foreign power falls outside the scope of DOJ and is called a counter-intelligence investigation. If some evidence is uncovered to warrant a domestic criminal investigation, that would be a seperate and different investigation.

But you're right about Mueller's squad chasing it's tail, trying to produce some reason for it's own improper existence.

Grumpy Vermonter's picture

Holy shit are the Deep State trolls rolling today with this article!  Tee-hee.

Dickweed Wang's picture

My only question is when are the public executions going to start for this bullshit?

Paddyo2's picture
Paddyo2 Aug 2, 2017 10:46 AM

We can all comment how scared one side is while thinking our side is ever closer to exposing the whole crime spree. Deep down, most of us here at ZH who are utterly sickened by the loss of our country, we ALL (both sides) must come to realize that we will be plunging EVERYONE's family into WAR! No deep state or oligarchy, elites as some say, will allow it.  Buttons pushed. False flags executed. Breaking stories (lies) will bombard our lives before it ALL comes to light. 

Pray to God for your family's safe

Kina's picture

The whole Obama administration, DNC, Democrats, Intelligence community were fucking colluding on the murder, cover up of Rich, and the invention of the Russia story. And then criminally using the intelligence community to spy on political opposition.

Jim in MN's picture

And all for Her Fury, how ridiculous. 

'She's Come Undone'.....

Kina's picture

Did the CIA murder Seth Rich?

roadhazard's picture

Why not everybody else did.

surf@jm's picture

And if this proves true, will the lame stream media have the cricket chirping drown out the story......

mrviolin22's picture

Thanks to Hersh....I've been saying for a year...it was a leak NOT A HACK !!!!!

roadhazard's picture

Donald Trump = purveyor of fake news. Trumpsters should be so proud.

OCnStiggs's picture

Did you make that up because your daily Soros instructions didn't tell you what to say?

Please go away and take your dozen other screen names with you.

roadhazard's picture

ooow personal attack. Do you feel better now.

devilsporkchop's picture

and this is fake news.  


in what part of Moscow are you living George Washington?

Harnar's picture

When in doubt... cry Russia boogy man. That tactic is losing its luster.

Reaper's picture

The idealist Seth wanted cash for the truth?  There is no honor among Demorats?   If the FBI can release the report blaming Russia for the hacking, the FBI can release this report showing the reverse, too.   Sessions, head of the DOJ and its agency FBI, where are you?

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Reaper,

The "FBI" is Criminal. That statement has been proven Irrefutably time & time again.

Like here:

A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.

This explosive information was being suppressed by James Comey...FUCK the Criminal FBI!

Kina's picture

Oh good

Comey in for more questioning under oath.

I want him to lie himself into prison.

ChanceIs's picture


Guiccifer 2 was a fabrication of the Dems to i troduce the concept that the Russians were involved.

Unconfirmed.  Original content released by Bill Still last night/this morning:


Bombshell - Guccifer 2 0 Was An Obama Tech Guy 




Guccifer 2.0 is the DNC




SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Just keep on contributing to the truth GW. Most don't pay attention to the MSM these days and these little tidbits, make the rounds and enlighten those of us who are alert, awake and still give a shit.
Just keep on shooting yourselves in the foot Libtarded Snowflakes, with your "narratives, fairy tales and school plays."

NickPeeMe's picture

Wikileaks is so 2016. We want to hear about the crimes of the person that is supposedly in charge. We want to know about the dead bodies in Drumpf's history. Mueller is getting closer by the day and Hot Head drumpf is panicking. How long will general Kelly be able to keep his client under control? Will the Generals have to step in with 8 cabinet members, a straight jacket and a hypo full of enough Thorazine to keep Drumpf from hurting himself. Time will tell. 

Harnar's picture

30+ down votes and counting.... You'll have to try harder deep state shill

hoytmonger's picture

Hey, I got  close to fifty yesterday for badmouthing the Fox propaganda network.

A. Boaty's picture

When asked why he does't leak dirt on Fearless Leader, Assange said everything he gets has already appeared in print. You don't need a whistle-blower for this. Use your favorite search engine.

mc888's picture

Mueller is getting closer by the day

Mueller was the bagman for Hitlary in 2009, who personally hand-delivered uranium to the Russians.

The only thing he's getting closer to is termination and indictment on conspiracy charges.

NickPeeMe's picture

Wrong again my faithful Trumptard. Trump is being removed from office by hook or crook, and hillary has nothing to doo with it. 

Kina's picture

New FBI Director in place now.

That should make you sweat.

Honest Sam's picture

Since both hilary and President Trump were (are, now, even more so) two of the most hated candidates to ever run for office since Richie Kuszak and Don Sebastian ran for Senior Class President in my High School (this is an all male high school and they lost in a landslide to the school mascot) it is fitting, if you are correct,  that President Trump not finish his first term, year or election cycle if there is any real justice in the cosmos. If you are not correct there are likely 4 to 8 more years of Trump Entertainment in store for us.

Howsomever, President Trump has achieved the most upsetting victory in the history of Presidential elections in our lifetimes.

So from that standpoint we have him to thank, nay, bow down to his bare feet, for ending one of the most criminally inspired political careers in the last 2000 years.  HE stomped clinton and Company's face into the mud, along with you and 64,000,000 in a few states, a victory no one can ever take from him and which will be remembered long into the future.  A nobody beating the most pumped, financed, and 'fixed' candidate to be offered up by the democrats who  could not in 30 years present that opportunity to one other democratic female who would have been electable at least 4 times.  Shame on them.  

The result of this electoral equivalent of the atomic bomb?

President Trump's opponents, are reduced to the infantile imagining of ways to add letters to his name and his supporters, which has all the impact of a flea fart in a hurricane.  Thats' it. That is all you can do:  ridicule his name to attempt to make him look worse than he portrays himself. 

Have at it while you are permanently sucking hind tit, as we say on the farm.


Arnold's picture

Have a coffee, and get back to us.

Bastiat's picture

. . . maybe a high colonic.

tangent's picture

If this is true how could the story not have come out sooner? How would this hot-shot reporter get this kind of information when others have not? If true, obviously its one of the biggest stories of the year.

hoytmonger's picture

How did Hersh get the FBI report? Why not publish that? I'd like to believe the story but there's that 'evidence' thing.

Everything is fake news until proven otherwise.

swmnguy's picture

Nobody has better sources than Hersh.  That's because he isn't a partisan, and he doesn't burn sources.  He'd rather take the hit and stand on principle even if it dooms his story, rather than grab at the spotlight and burn his sources.  He won't publish the report because it would burn his source.  He'll find other ways to corroborate what he already has.

Hersh isn't going to become Hannity's co-host.  But he has a long, long record of revealing the stories which are true, which many people know are true, but which the existing power structure conspires to conceal.  Until quite recently, it's been the Right who have hated Hersh the most, as he did as much as anybody to destroy their narrative of the gallant US military, and the conscientious intelligence/security state.

NoPension's picture

Breaking news!!

CNN just gave 15 seconds to the DWS/Awan story. Followed by a 90 second clip of a comedian impersonating Mooch and mocking Trump.

Move along....nothing to see here.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

obviously true, that is why the MSM will never report this..

if it is not in the nyt or wapo, can it be called news??

eyes wide shut public says NO.

otschelnik's picture

Hersh was right about the red line / rat line too..... should have gotten a Pulitzer for that to.  


swmnguy's picture

The corporate state hates Hersh for a long litany of reasons.  My Lai.  CIA spying on Americans.  Abu Ghraib.  The Syrian chemical attack hoax.  Hersh has always been a hero on the Left, but the military, intelligence, law enforcement, Deep State, and their servitors, patrons and fans have hated him so intensely for so long it's a wonder he's alive.

That includes the entire Democratic and Republican Party.  

Hersh isn't a partisan and he's nobody's operative.  Those giddy over his finding this conveniently forget their past positions.  Hersh hasn't forgotten them, you can count on that.

nmewn's picture

"I have a narrative of how that whole fucking thing began.   It’s a [former CIA director John] Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation [campaign]."

Completely shocked to find the communist troll (Brennan) up to his beady little eyeballs in all this.

Shocked I say! ;-)