Turkey Bans Concerts, Hunger Strikes, Public Gatherings And Protests In Ankara

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In the latest Turkish crackdown on civil freedoms, the governor's office in Turkey's capital, Ankara, announced a month-long ban on public gatherings and all forms of protests, including sit-ins, hunger strikes, concerts and similar gatherings in order to "protect public order" claiming that such activities increase the chances of terrorist attacks. The statement from the Ankara governor's office was released amid fears of protests following the arrest of two Turkish teachers, Nuriye Gulmen and Semih Ozakca, who have been on hunger-strike for 140 days after losing their jobs during the public sector purges that followed the failed coup in July 2016.

The governor's office said all mass events such as sit-ins, hunger-strikes and open-air concerts offered a target to groups like the Islamic State terror organization and are therefore to be banned in Ankara throughout the month of August.

Previously, the Turkish Constitutional Court rejected a petition for the release of the two fired educators and argued that being in prison did "not pose a threat to their lives and physical or moral integrity" although a statement by the lawyers of educationists said their health was deteriorating and they were facing heart failure.

This crackdown on virtually all forms of public gatherings was put in place in accordance to an article of a law on meetings and demonstrations under the national state of emergency that has been in effect since the failed coup.

Officials gave further justification to their latest ruling by linking the detained teachers to the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party, a far-left group that is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union.

Under the current - and unlikely to ever end - state of emergency, Turkish officials can cite public safety concerns to directly impose laws that may strip away fundamental rights, such as the right to peaceful protest, without having to pass legislation through the traditional channels.

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Those activities have become a cost center for Erdo's government, they would prefer to put their bombing expertise to work elsewhere.

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Tomorrow he'll ban fun.


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Did they write in an exception for the Muslim practice of "men" gang raping young boys?  Banning that could be too much. Violence "protests" to ensue...

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As long as those boys are Kafir(non-Muslim), Allah approves. The exception is already written in...no need to write another. 

Besides, what's the use of raping all of your goats? Then you have to kill them or sell them outside of town, and soon you have no goats! Why not use the little boys instead?  

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Geez… I was so looking forward to the Gary Glitter Ankara show.

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Trump called Erdo to put congratulate him on his recent victory.  Trump wants to be dictator of the USA.

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you sir are a fucking idiot.

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Sit in this jail cell.  It's for your protection.

Killtruck's picture

The Most Transparent Jail Cell Ever.

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I don't suppose Turkish radio stations are allowed to play "When the Whip Comes Down."

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Hey Erdo! Bang your head against a wall and yell for help! Go eat a big pile of pig and puppy poop! Go fuck yourself with a load of bricks sideways! Now arrest me, you stupid piece of ant shit!

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How do you ban a hunger strike? Execution?

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Yes, and still in the eyes of the Lib'prog's, Trump is still the totalitarian tyrant...... Not a peep about this guy.....

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That's enough of Striking, good times are over 

grunk's picture

No Katy Perry and Ariana Grande for you!

The Concert Nazi.


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Won't be long before this happens in the Land of the Free. USA USA USA. 

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Making Turkey grate again.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

They do love their parmesan cheese

koaj's picture

I don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadents....

surf@jm's picture

So, if I refuse to eat, I`ll be arrested and forced to eat?.......

So, everybody who is poor and starving, in Turkey, go to a cop, and say your on a hunger strike........

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"...hunger strikes, concerts and similar gatherings in order to "protect public order" claiming that such activities increase the chances of terrorist attacks."


You know, because NOTHING brings on a Terrorist Attack more than someone doing a Hunger Strike.

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Bans Concerts, Hunger Strikes, Public Gatherings And Protests


Sounds like The People's Republic of Santa Monica

BeepBeepRichie's picture

Dang, i didn't know Roger Goodell was the commissioner of Turkey too!

There's picture

Coming soon to America.

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Always thought I would like to visit Turkey. No more. With Hitler/Stalin wanna be in power, Turkey isn't what it once was. Secular Turkey is being killed and radical Jihad Turkey is being promoted. I feel bad for the people who don't want this. Like every country, including our own, much is done in the name of the people that they have no say in.

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Don't bother. I was there years ago with my girlfriend and most of the time I had to defend her from the advances of sweaty, hairy, foul-smelling, knuckle-dragging cretins (a fitting description of the standard Turkish male). Istanbul was interesting from a historical standpoint, but not worth the hassle and brain damage of constantly being on guard against getting ripped off, scammed, robbed, or worse.  Watch 'Midnight Express' as it gives a pretty good account of Turkey and the Turkish.

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Erdogan, his family, friends and all those approving of him require some good psychiatrists as they are suffering from some sort of psychosis that requires heavy medication...

OCnStiggs's picture

Its called "Sharia Law."

lennysrv's picture

How the fuck does one ban a hunger strike?

gdpetti's picture

By saying so in the mainstream media, giving the state legal reason to arrest you for even thinking of resisting its domination overr you.... same everywhere, in every empire and the wannabes.... you know the saying... 'in thought, word and deed'.

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Maybe there should be more terrorist attacks against government... and Government would ban itself?

reductio ad absurdum

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It is a little surprising that this site and our govt isn't suggesting how terrible this 'dictator' is and how 'regime change' is needed. Guess that's because he's still currently 'our guy'... sloppy coup de etat aside... Perhaps as long as Erdo the Idiot is provoking global chaos, our 'deep state' has been told to not interfere? So, Maduro, holding a public vote is the 'evil' one? As long as Maduro arrests our jackal crew, he's a bad, bad man; but if Erdo the Idiot does it, well..... sort of reminds me of Saddam... asking about Kuwait and getting a blase answer saying much of nothing... so he invades, giving us an excuse to invade his country and start all this Middle East 'fun'.... the same 'fun' we seek in Venezuela and around the world.

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Maduro too should ban hunger strikes, so that his people can start eating again!

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Hunger strikes are illegal? What if you miss breakfast? Is that an imprisonable offense?

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What an insecure baldy prick.

All hail baldy.