Caught On Tape (Again): Baltimore Cops Keep Accidentally Recording Themselves Planting Drugs On People

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Authored by Everett Numbers via,

Officers planting evidence appear to be growing a tree of corruption at the Baltimore Police Department, as the second release of suspicious body camera footage in two weeks has led to more dropped drug charges.

On Tuesday evening, Baltimore defense attorney Josh Insley released BPD body camera footage showing officers apparently faking the recovery of drugs from a woman’s vehicle. The three videos led the Baltimore state attorney’s office to drop charges against Insley’s client, Shamere Collins, on Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Insley plans to sue the police department to seek justice for Collins, 35, who was pulled over on November 29, 2016, when police say they observed what looked like a drug deal involving the passenger of her vehicle, according to the Sun.

None of the names of the seven officers who responded to the traffic stop have been released by the BPD. Two of those officers, however, have been suspended pending an internal affairs investigation, and other cases involving those two officers are also being delayed, the Sun reported.

The city’s public defender office described the video as showing “multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence,” according to the newspaper.

At one point in the recordings, after officers found nothing around the driver’s seat or in the rest of the vehicle, body cameras were turned off.

A half hour later when they were turned back on, a different officer appeared at the driver’s side of the car and passively asked, “Did anybody check this compartment?” while simultaneously leaning down and soon standing back up with a black plastic bag in hand.

The move was quick, but it’s unclear whether that was why none of the officers standing by responded to his question. Police also claimed that the officer who picked out the plastic bag had been conducting surveillance before the traffic stop and therefore knew better where to look.

“Oh here you go,” the officer then stated. “Oh yeah. That’s the weed smell right there.”

Body cam footage from earlier in the traffic stop showed a man who appeared to be the passenger being handcuffed as he told the officers, “You crooked. You set motherf***ers up. That’s what you do.”

What a generalization. Not all cops are crooked. But just in case, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis sent a reminder memo this week to all officers regarding body camera policy.

“In the event your body worn camera is not activated during the recovery of evidence, under no circumstances shall you attempt to recreate the recovery of evidence,” Davis wrote, according to the Sun.

Tampering with or planting evidence isn’t specifically mentioned in the letter, but so-called recreating the recovery of evidence is. The fact remains, however, that there are now multiple ongoing internal affairs investigations into multiple officers over body camera footage of evidence mishandling while other officers were nearby.

Two weeks ago, body camera video of a January incident was released. Officer Richard Pinheiro inadvertently filmed himself placing a baggy of pills in an alleyway as Officers Hovhannes Simonyan and Jamal Brunson stood some distance away on a sidewalk. Pinheiro was suspended and the other two are on administrative duty as the investigation continues.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby has confirmed to multiple news outlets that she dropped 41 felony drug and gun cases that would depend on those three officers’ testimonies. The Baltimore Sun reported that an additional 55 cases are under review, 27 of which will not be interrupted as they reportedly contain strong evidence that is independent and corroborative.

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thevekja's picture

The corruption (at all levels) is going parabolic as Baltimore circles the drain. I can't wait until all cities are as culturally enriched! If the dindus don't get you, the dirty cops sure will.

Stay alert, stay alive

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

We are not far from being shaken down by cops during traffic stops.

thevekja's picture

Isn't neo-feudal America grand?

Manthong's picture



Don’t cops understand how digital storage before/after trigger and recording works…????

Maybe they should study how red light scam cameras work.

We are so f’d.

espirit's picture

This is what Banana Republics do.

Ask anyone from Panama how to bribe the Guardia roadblocks.

NoVa's picture

... Mortimer, Randall - come in here.  I caught him.  Look here, Valentine has all the bad drugs,  Pot, crack cocain, pills,  ...





eforce's picture

Are they trying to normalize it?

yomutti2's picture

In Balitomore, you can't throw a rock without hitting a monkey that's stoned on something. Why in the world would the cops have to bother planting evidence to get busts??

TheDude1224's picture

In Soviet Russia, drugs plant you!

J S Bach's picture

100 years ago, when our country was - more or less - a body of homogeneous European Christians (who LIVED their religious tenets), there was total trust and faith in the Irish or Italian cop who walked his neighborhood beat.  The blacks had there own law enforcement and lived in relative peace themselves.  What held it all together and acted as the "glue" against crime, vice and other forms of hedonistic sin was morality.  This has long since been (purposefully) eroded away which is why our societies are crumbling.  When there is no self-restraint, by EITHER side, then chaos rules the day.  Things will only get worse until there is a true spiritual epiphany on the part of the general population.  This doesn't mean any specific religious dogma, but merely an inner ackowledgement between right and wrong, good and evil... in another word, "conscience".  To me, the conscience is the voice of God which speaks to all of us.  Not in any spoken language, but in a feeling... a sense.  When one is about to say or do something "wrong" or "sinful", there is a twinge inside.  The same applies when one is going to say or do something "right" or "virtuous".  Of course, some people build a wall around their inner conscience and thus are impervious to its proddings.  These are called psychopaths.  Most politicians fall into this category.

totenkopf88's picture

Chicago cops have ALWAYS been as crooked as a hog's rear leg.

besnook's picture

great fiction. cops have always been corrupt everywhere in the world. the usa made the stupid mistake of giving dumbass cops a lot of power and qualified immunity to exercise that power. the result was predictable.

Jim Sampson's picture

And they wonder why people are shooting them.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Beautiful,just beautiful.

Many people here will attack you on the ground of"religious beliefs".If you look closer,you realize that there is more to this life that we all know or are told about. Quantum physics realizes that if you want to understand its theory,you need to apply some spirituality to it.And universal conscience.There are multiple dimensions accepted by physicists now.Some say 10,some say 11.We do not see them directly.And so,we don't see any other possible purespiritual forms that may be there.And we "see" only a limited part of the vibrations that repressent our world.So for the people who say"how can you believe in a flying man in the sky?".I do not.I believe there is a universal conscience and we all are part of it.That we are light beings(what is called soul),stuck here in material form.If you bend the balance too much toward materialism,you lose your soul.You need to "feed" your spiritual side with beauty,doing the right thing,listening to true music(Orthodox church has awesome music,very spiritual,classic music too),real art,not the BS that is sold as art(like Koons et comp),appreciating the beauty and purpose of every living being and nature.And having morals,knowing right from wrong and fighting to express it.

Materialism rules the western world.Their Gods are Mammon and Satan.Look at all Satanic videos from fashion,music,advertisement industries,at the TV and Hollywood productions.Is there ANY doubt at all whom they worship?All have the one eye of Horus/Satan/Sauron(and representetion of Saturn ,which they consider the true sun,the black one).All masonic symbols celebrate Saturn.Look at the videos done by Madonna(they like to mock religion),lady Gaga,Katty Perry,and so on.Disgusting.And this is fed all day long to the youth. Without of peep from the population,because Americans worship only materialism.No spirituality or moral values.What morality has a society which accepts same sex marriages?Killing innocent children abraod through non stop war and here through state sponsored abortions?

I'll stop here because you can talk about this the whole day and still not say enough.

And now,downvote me.I don't care

J S Bach's picture

Thanks for the kudos, Veritas.  And to be honest, I don't give a shit about "up" of "down" votes.  I write what I observe and truly believe.  No, I don't have all the answers, but I think I've lived long enough to know that what I wrote is the root cause of our current decadent plight.

And you couldn't be more correct about filling your soul with the right "food".  My avatar brings me the most spiritual sustenance in the form of music.  But, there is so much more.  Great literature, great architecture, great thoughts, great deeds.  All of these are there to be imbibed by everyone if they have the courage to turn off their poisonous Talmudvision sets and seek out real beauty.  Our ancestors left us a treasure trove of greatness from which to suckle.  It is pathetic that so many prefer the kosher gristle to the filet mignon.

veritas semper vinces's picture

You're absolutely right.I believe the same=the downfall of Jewmerica comes from two problems:

1) on the material side,the whole system is based on fake money,usury(which is considered a great sin in the Koran or Orthodox religion),which corrupted everything else.It is the root of all evils and Americans allowed this.And most of them don't even know about  it

2) there is no moral or spiritual values.There has been a constant attack on all Christian moral values. It started  with the so called separation of state/church.

When you accept that there is a higher order,a spiritual life that is superior to every human being,because humans are not perfect,you may want to improve and live your life according to this.When you put man above everything,you end up where we are now.Total depravity,corruption,lies,etc

The two are interlocked and feed on each other.

This is why I believe that America will go through all 5 stages of collapse.

When USSR collapsed,they stopped at stage 3(financial,economic or commercial,politic).Maybe that's why they were able to recover so quickly under Putin.They did not lose their soul,even after the horors of communism.

Jewmerica is going to have social and cultural collapse,because it's lost its soul

J S Bach's picture

Interesting insights, Veritas.  I would opine that the USSR was able to "regain" its lost soul because the lies inflicted upon it - as a nation - were physical.  The horrible form it took - Communism - was a system of repression and slavery.  Once the oppressors lost power, their collectice body was able to right itself. (Why they don't harbor an undying vengeful spite against (((those))) who inflicted this upon them is beyond my ken.)

Here in the U.S., however, the bolshevics used MIND control (a far more insidious method) to infect their prey to their own undoing.  I believe THIS is a far more difficult barrier to break down due to the life-long propaganda used against the population's own essence.  But, I am a firm believer in Nature's ultimate laws and thus, victory.  We may not live to see the end results, but they WILL herald the truth.

PhilofOz's picture

Well stated, and too close to the truth for many!

Tiwin's picture

And how we GET to banana status is via cop-lovers like YOU espirit, not giving a shit or just plain ole being cop apologists. Maybe not on this thread but ........

Is this late enough in the day to make a comment?

Kill them all , kill their families. The only good cops are dead ones. Everytime a cop gets killed , an Angel gets her wings.

Thugs in uniiform tasing a restrained kid and laughing on video- and Tylers dont run the story. Why? Because the kid is white? No racial component? Zero Hedge approache MSM status.

Cue the next Ramirez cartoon so the Righties can virtue signal.

In the meantime , American thug peice of shit police have murdered 722 americans so far this year without the benefit of trial and conviction, but that dosent bother people like espirit.

SixIsNinE's picture

maybe your forgot the WHITE teen who was harassed by a WHITE cop - manufactured violence because the teen was asserting his rights and only bringing the window down enough to talk through.

The cop was roided up and pulled the kid out of the car, handcuffed him, threw him down face first into the concrete, busted his face up BAD -  

then, get this,  TASERED the kid and in the nuts, multiple times, for the Violent LOLz

so the kid went into coma -   

and i don't know if he is alive now.  

now get this - the teen's father is also a WHITE police officer. 

i'm sure it's still among the thousands of videos up on youtube about this sort of thing. 

if you want to have fun with white on white police violence,  & Matt Agorist covers it well - that would be a site well worth supporting $$ if 

you are really against this injustice.  I believe after a few years the cop got a one year sentence - probably did only a few months in lockup.


You can offset the grief and stupor of that one by the time that DEA employee was conducting a live classroom demonstration about handgun safety and happened to be playing with a loaded gun and shot himself in the foot.   The DEA dude continued to attempt to conduct the class as he grimaced and hobbled pretending that he hadn't shot himself in the foot.


Oh, also :  G Gordon Liddy's son, the deputy California Attorney General was arrested last week for child porn on his computers. !!!

ZH should put that up

Tiwin's picture

white on white dont fit the aganda

should be blue vs us all

Heres some white on white violence for all the cop lovers to masturbate to.

Once again memory holed by the MSM  , and completely ignored by the obviously agenda-driven Tylers

Cardinal Fang's picture

Unfortunately, due to these cases, the cops know about 'wraparound' data now.


Apocalicious's picture

Bingo. Socialism vs. capitalism is a red herring. We are full on feudalism now, baby. 

The central planners's picture

The problem is that theres too many Russians in Baltimore's police dept.

Blanco Diablo's picture

They need some Somalis for diversity. Moar Noor!

Doom Porn Star's picture

"We are being shaken down by criminals self-identifying as law enforcement officers."




divingengineer's picture

Why is Baltimore squandering it's already understaffed police resources on the aggressive prosecution of fucking marijuana?
Muffuggas got pretty serious problems and the cops are running around shitting their pants over weed?
Get your shit straight Baltimore.

mkkby's picture

You must be young, or stupidly uninformed.  The theory is in crime ridden areas to prosecute/jail even the most minor offenses.  Clean up the streets so decent folks can live. 

The drug user is probably pulling robberies, but you prove what ever you can to get rid of vermin.

mkkby's picture

This is why you always treat officers with total respect.  If he doesn't like you for some reason, he can really fuck up your life.  It might not feel good to "yes sir" a jagoff in blue, but your life may depend on it. 

If you have a beef, take it up with the judge later.  Don't argue with the cop.  Let him do his job and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Even if you beat a false rap, you'll lose at least $20k in legal fees.

aurum4040's picture

I'll up that - I've been shaked down by two cops during a traffic stop, no joke. I beat the charges after spending $15k on an attorney...fucked up shit 

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Sounds like you were shaked down by your lawyer. Did he split the fee with the pigs?

DuneCreature's picture

Funny that Tcp mentioned the Russians below.

The way they deal with corrupt cops in Russia is by having personal dash cams. ......... Sometimes even a hidden second camera in the backseat area. ... Cheap anti-corruption and collision insurance protection. .. These cams are wired so they come on and loop record automatically when ever the car is started and for 5 minutes after the car is turned off.

You never even have to think about them until you need the video.

Live Hard, The Russians Have Been Dealing With A Corrupt Government And LEOs For Decades,....They Know How It's Done, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Dunkin Donuts has a new ap...eating a donut records all activity to the cloud for two hours after consumption.

SixIsNinE's picture

it'll be years before that gets put into place - the police unions have drawn a huge red line with Big Pharma on that one. 

NO RFID tracking donuts under NO CIRCUMSTANCES !


SgtShaftoe's picture

That's the main reason we run a dashcam in our cars.

MFL5591's picture

Fake News by the Globalists.  All designed to detroy the structure of America and cause chaos.  What they do not know is that 90% of the people are wise to them!

Killtruck's picture

When you corrupt the money (which is the stored labor of men), you always corrupt the morality of a society.

Good Job, Federal Reserve. Oh, and it looks like that Drug War is just a successful as ever! 

Ben Tornilloed's picture

I have always thought that thieves should face capital punishment.  I convert part of my life into something valuable due to work.  When a thieve steals that they are taking my life.  Put them down.  Immediately.  That would also solve most of our political problems.

canisdirus's picture

It works in Saudi Arabia. They have ultra-low crime rates because most crimes have severe undesirable consequences.

Theft from an individual could be described like this, but it shouldn't apply to the neo-feudal robber barons. They don't work much for anything they own.

strickler's picture

I completely agree with the philosophical point.  Death is perhaps a bit harsh.  Perhaps the perp should have to pay it back 2 times so they feel the full effect of what they would have taken.

Bes's picture


blue lives matter????


so should these cops get their heads banged going in to the paddy wagon?

or did the poor schmuck get his banged?

"I am the law and order president." = "I am the Police State president."



yogibear's picture

Shows cops are not the brightest in the crowd.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

True story. Many decades ago on a lark I took the exam for a local police department. Two weeks later I get a call from the chief, who delicately explains to me I am over qualified intelligence wise to become a cop. "We prefer average or lower" is a direct quote.

Spankotron's picture

LULZ... where was that, Managua?

Bes's picture

what do you expect when it is now a jarhead militarized police?

full with brainwashed grunts who veiw any citizen (of any country) as a threat and who will use deadly force for any provocation and "fear for their life"

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

This was back over 30 years ago and it was a relatively small town police force.

Back when we believed in the rule of law.

In fairness to the chief, he said I would become bored and move on. That I would be starved for intellectual stimulation. He was obviously intelligent and probably correct in his assessment.

I did ask him when his job would open up. He laughed and hung up.

totenkopf88's picture

It is legal for popo depts to not hire someone for high IQ based on the case of Robert Jordan VS City of New London, CT

aurum4040's picture

Key word being local...state exam is not so simple...bro in law cop. I live in different state...but overall lack of intelligence in policing, according to bro in law, is absolutely astonishing. Most are dumb as a rock...

Apocalicious's picture

Same exact phenomenon occurred to me. I was actually on a wait list, and continually leapfrogged for openings by individuals far lower on the scoring. Most of them had relatives that were already on the force. Shocking, I know. 


So, I gave up trying to help, and went into finance. If you can't join em, beat em.