Gold Erases Flash-Crash Losses As Dollar, Bond Yields Slide After Dismal ISM Data

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When even the 'soft' survey data is disappointing - catching down to collapsing 'hard' data - it seems markets can't ignore reality any longer. While stocks are marginally lower following the collapse in ISM Services, Bond yields and the dollar are tumbling as gold lifts...

The Dolar Index is testing yesterday's lows (and cycle lows)...


And the 30Y yield is back at two week lows...


And gold has erased all of its flash crash losses overnight...

So let's see what happens at 1906ET tonight?

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Stocks stumble? I guess it's all relative

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Flash crash , smash frash…

The Rolex President still keeps good time and is as shiny as ever.


..and as "pre-owned" worth more than I paid for it in 1988.


..ask me something about money and "store of value".


.then ask about the M82 from ten years ago.



edit... libtards abound.



LawsofPhysics's picture

paper gold, yes.  Still at "all time highs" in equities, have been for years...

Now remind me, why do bankers and financiers still need access to trillions of dollars AT 0.75%?!?!?!?


"Full Faith and Credit"

tick tock you useless overcompensated paper-pushing fucks!!!

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Stunning.  A 1260/0z asset drops 10 bucks and thats now called a crash.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Indeed.  The definition of "crash" has been stretched so thin that it's nearly invisible.

I'm waiting on the next big overnight dump of notional ... suspect it will happen around $1280-$1290/oz.

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Yeah I am only hanging around here to see the Tylers run out of Adjectives, when the shit really gets messy.  my luck  when  ZH finally gets it right, the site will be down from to much traffic or denial of service, by the pissed off, Algo servers.

Vorian Atreides's picture

Why is a 0.8% move downward considered a flash crash?

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Because it's nearly a totally rigged market.  If not rigged those same  flash crashes and smashes would be in the 100s of dollars.  That would then be a free market similar to what the bankers are allowing in cryptos at the moment.

Manthong's picture

hey... anybody remember when there was a real market ???

10% swings were the norm as the frantic hedgies and specs were piling in and out.


Those were the days,  my friend.


We'd sing and dance forever and a day.

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Click bait. You clicked didn't you? Why is this so hard to understand? You expect Tyler's to work for free?

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Everyone should just put the corks back in the champagne bottles and stop with all of the 22,000 hype. PLEASE. Here is a little reality check:
On Jan. 3rd, 1987 the Dow broke 2000.
30 YEARS and 8 months later we sit at 22,000
Of course, during that same time period, the dollar lost 140% of its purchasing power due to a cumulative inflation rate of over 43% so YOU do the math.

The Dow broke 10,000 March 29th, 1999. It pretty much stagnated for the next 10 years while inflation ate away at the minuscule profits until March 6, 2009 when "investors" found themselves looking at 6,443.97. GULP.

But here we sit 8 years later at 22,000!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!! And if history is any lesson, it will all come crashing down, as it ALWAYS does, suckers will gamely BTFD, then it will climb a little, then stay flat for years while inflation erodes the value of the dollars invested in it, then.....FINALLY....the casino will start ding-dinging once again and the whole crazy-ass dog and pony show will start ratcheting up.....again.

Thanks but NO THANKS! If my husband and I had invested in gold in 2000 at $262/ounce and stuck it in a sock drawer we would be looking at over a three-fold return on our investment today and had none of the stress induced heartburn. Not to mention it would be beyond the reach of the government and IRS. I'm desperately trying to convince my husband to cash out of our measly 401k while we can and buy some gold. This is flippin' nuts.

indygo55's picture

Right, and that's using the manipulated, slammed down numbers. Same with silver. They would be way higher if the criminals could/would be stopped. I have silver I paid $4, $8 and $11 an ounce.

tropicthunder's picture

I'm sure they will jack hammer gold yet again shortly.. Just another day in the life when the system strives to beat the shit out of gold and ass blast stocks...

GodHelpAmerica's picture

Entertaining to watch the BS stop running attempts being deployed by the big bank crime syndicate in this 1260-1270 range. They periodically run it to the upside to eliminate a build up of momentum around 1270, and then wash it down to 1260 to see if they can trigger the paper sell limit orders that may have been defensively placed near 1260.

All this done to prolong the inevitable, and steal money from the ignorant paper traders in the process.

macdavy's picture

no everybody is over thinking it, this is just that guy fat finger again, he makes this mistake from time to time, I'm surprised they keep him around the office.

swamp's picture

Flash crash is nothing more than ripping stops. Thievery.

Ink Pusher's picture

Gold is set to peak again in the beginning of last week of August, and then to be smashed back down again by the end of the first week of September.

Pretty disgustingly consistent over the past 6 months eh?

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