Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline

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Authored by Brandon Smith via,

Tracking geopolitical and fiscal developments over the past several years is a bit like watching a slow motion train wreck; you know exactly what the consequences of the events will be, you try to warn people as much as possible, but, ultimately, you cannot reverse the disaster. The disaster has for all intents and purposes already happened. What we are witnessing is the aftermath as a forgone conclusion.

This is why whenever someone asks me as an economic and political analyst "when the collapse is going to happen," I have to shake my head in bewilderment. The "collapse" is here now. It is done. It is a historical fact. It's just that not many people have the eyes to see it yet, primarily because they are hyper-focused on all the wrong things.

For many centuries now, elitists in power have understood the value of geopolitical distraction as a tool for controlling the masses. If you examine the underlying motivations behind the majority of wars between nations regardless of the era, you will in most cases discover that the power brokers on both sides tend to be rather friendly with each other. In fact, monarchies and oligarchies are historically notorious for fabricating diplomatic tensions and conflicts in order to force populations back under their control.  That is to say, wars and other man-made conflicts give the citizenry something to react to, instead of hunting down the establishment cabal like they should.

One of the greatest illusions of human progress is the notion that most conflicts happen at random; that there are two sides and that those sides are fighting over ideological differences. In truth, most conflicts have nothing to do with ideological differences between governments and financial oligarchs. The REAL target of these conflicts is the people — or, to be more precise, the psychology of the people. Conflicts are often engineered in order to affect a particular change within the minds of the masses or to distract them from other dangers or solutions.

These scenarios are taken at face value by many because, unfortunately, most people have short attention spans. If an observer in 2007 was to be transported 10 years into the future, in 2017 they would find a world in dramatic and horrifying decline. The shock would be overwhelming. Ask an observer today what they think of the state of the world and they might not see much to be concerned about. The human mind becomes easily acclimated to crisis over time. We are resilient in this way, but also weak, because we forget the way things should be in order to deal with the way things are.

We only seem to take drastic actions to improve our situation after we have already hit rock bottom. The year of 2017 has so far been host to some extreme accelerations in crisis and collapse, and rock bottom is not looking too far away anymore.

Four trigger points around the globe concern me greatly, not because I think they will necessarily lead to a disaster any greater than the one we are already living in, but because they have the potential to effectively distract the public from more serious concerns. I am of course talking about the powder keg issues of Syria, North Korea, China vs. India, as well as Russia.

First, let's be clear, the ongoing destabilization of our economy should be the primary concern of every person on the planet, most particularly those in the West. We are living within the husk of a dead fiscal system, reanimated with the voodoo of central bank stimulus, but only for a limited time. Economic decline is the greatest threat to cultural longevity as well as to human freedom. Even nuclear war could not hold a candle to the terror of financial disaster, because at least in a nuclear war the slate is wiped clean for establishment elites as well as the normal population. At least, in the event of nuclear war, the elites face anarchy just like we do.

In an economic crisis, the establishment maintains a certain level of control and thus its arsenal of toys - Including biometric surveillance grids, standing military support in the form of martial law, as well as the delusion among the populace that things "might go back to the way they were before" given enough time and patience.

There will be no nuclear war.  Perhaps a limited nuclear event, but not a global exchange. There will be no moment of apocalypse as it is commonly displayed in Hollywood films. However, we WILL witness lesser conflicts as a means to turn our gaze away from the economy itself.

To give a quick summary of the economy so far from an American perspective, I must first remind readers of the constant misinformation that is often used by government institutions and central banks in order to hide negative data.

For example, recovery proponents will sometimes cite the supposed "decline" in the number of people registered for food stamp (SNAP) benefits from the 47 million peak in 2013 to 42 million recipients today. Yet, they rarely mention the fact that much of this decline is directly attributed to states now enforcing work requirements instead of simply handing out SNAP cards like Mardi Gras beads.

They also still, for some reason, like to cite the decline in the unemployment rate to 4.4 percent while continuing to ignore the fact that 95 million working age Americans are no longer counted as unemployed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They argue that this is an entirely acceptable condition, even though it is unprecedented, because "home surveys" from the BLS claim that most of these people "do not really want to work." These utterly ambiguous surveys leave open ended data to be interpreted essentially however the BLS wants to interpret it. Meaning, if they want to label millions of people as "disinterested" in employment, they can and will regardless of whether this is true or not.

Retail store closures have tripled so far this year, with 8,600 stores projected to close in total in 2017. This far surpasses the previous record of 6,163 stores in 2008 at the onset of the credit crisis.

This incredible implosion in brick and mortar business is often blamed on the rise of internet retail, or the "Amazon effect." This is yet another lie. Total e-commerce sales only accounted for 8.5 percent of total U.S. retail sales in the first quarter of 2017 according to the commerce department. This means that internet retail is nowhere near large enough to account for the considerable loss in standard retail business. Thus, we must look to the stagnation in consumer spending to explain the situation.

Auto sales continue their steady decline in 2017 as the short lived boom now faces death as ARM-style loans turn over and new buyers become scarce.

U.S. home ownership rates have collapsed since 2007. More households are renting than at any time in the past 50 years.

U.S. household debt has now hit levels not seen since 2008, just before the credit crisis.

Those looking for government spending to save the day should probably look elsewhere. Nearly 75 percent of every tax dollar goes towards non-productive spending on the part of government.

I could go on and on — it is simply undeniable that nearly every sector of the U.S. economy is in steady decline compared to pre-2008 levels. This instability in the fundamentals will eventually weigh down and crash stock markets, bond markets, currency markets, etc. Such markets are the last vestige of the U.S. economy still giving the appearance of health.

So, there will come a time, probably sooner rather than later, when the piper will have to be paid and someone will have to take the blame for our fiscal non-recovery. The international banks and central banks are certainly not going to volunteer for this even though they are the real perpetrators behind our incessant financial rot. But how do they avoid accepting responsibility?

First, by setting the stage for another scapegoat. As I warned for months before the 2016 election, Donald Trump is the perfect target for a redirection of blame for a market crash. He has even been avidly attempting to take credit for the current market bubble, making it easier for the banks to lay blame in his lap when the entire edifice crumbles.

Second, by warping public focus away from the economic collapse altogether and presenting them with a seemingly more dire threat.

In Syria, this has developed into potential conflict with the Syrian government, Iran and Russia. The establishment could at any moment initiate an attempt at regime change. Not necessarily with the intent to actually unseat Bashar al-Assad, but with the intent to create as much chaos as is necessary to terrify the unwitting citizenry.  While Donald Trump has been recently credited with "ending the regime change program" in Syria by ending the CIA training and funding pipeline to "moderate rebels", this by no means equals an end to the plan to unseat Assad.  ISIS has moved west into Europe, and now direct action against Assad by western governments is more probable.  The Turkish government recently leaked the locations of multiple US bases within Syria, indicating that troops will remain on the ground and that the fractured country will continue on the same path of instability.

The next and most likely scenario for distraction is North Korea. With North Korea's latest ICBM missile test, the perceived threat to the U.S. is now complete. The idea of North Korea striking the heart of America with a nuclear weapon is enough for many people to rationalize U.S. strike operations. That said, an invasion on the part of the U.S. makes little sense. Any strike by North Korea would be met with immediate nuclear annihilation; meaning a ground invasion to "prevent" an attack is unnecessary and might actually provoke a nuclear response rather than defuse one. Of course, it is likely that the goal in North Korea is not to prevent a nuclear event, but to once again catalyze chaos and confusion while the global economy and more importantly the U.S. economy sinks further into oblivion.

The US government has just issued a travel ban to North Korea starting September 1st.  They have asked all Americans already visiting the country to leave immediately.

Next, Russian tensions are reaching a new level, as the U.S. Senate has passed new sanctions based on nothing but fabricated hearsay, and Donald Trump proves me right once again with his signature on the same sanctions, calling the legislation "flawed" while at the same time displaying overt cooperation with the establishment agenda. The Russian response has so far been to expel hundreds of U.S. diplomats from their country, and warn that the sanctions constitute the beginning of a "trade war".

My readers know well that according to the evidence I view the East/West conflict to be farcical and theatrical, but this does not mean there will not be real-world consequences to the "little people" caught in the engineered crossfire. I believe this will culminate not in a shooting war, but in an economic war. While the international financiers constructed our bubble economy and will benefit from its failure, it will be eastern nations (and Trump) that receive much of the blame for the destruction of these bubbles.

Finally, an uncomfortable level of discord has been sparked the past month between India and China, both nuclear powers, over a border dispute in a remote valley connecting India to its ally, Bhutan.  My feeling is that this is leading to diplomatic breakdown, but not necessarily an open war.  Unfortunately, the trigger point stands ready to be exploited by globalists any time they need greater distraction.  And, to be sure, a war between two of the world's largest economies would wreak absolute havoc and provide an excellent diversion for a fiscal crash already set in motion by international banks.

I do not see the timing of heightened geopolitical tensions in 2017 as coincidental. It appears to me that these events are perfectly organized with maximum distraction in mind as we hit the top of perhaps the most massive stock and bond bubbles in modern history. The effectiveness of the smoke and mirrors will depend on the ability of liberty proponents to keep our analytical teeth sunk into the jugular of the establishment elite, as well as our ability to remind the public that these conspirators are the true criminals behind our national and international pain. The more extreme the geopolitical disaster, the more frightened people will become and the harder it will be for us to do our job. Knowing the level of difficulty involved in preventing the terror and madness of the mob, it is not a struggle I look forward to in the slightest.

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Tallest Skil's picture

Economic decline, huh? So tell me: CRASH. FUCKING. WHEN. How the hell is anyone supposed to plan for the future? Can I build the addition to my house I've wanted for years now? Should I wait until it actually collapses? Will prices be higher or lower then? How much long-term food should I stockpile? Any?

Bill of Rights's picture

This should answer your question....

Build it enjoy it, it's all .Fake anyway

armada's picture

It'll be CATACLYSMIC and Bloody as well.

winged's picture

Prepare, prepare, prepare.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Squirrel!     .... ICBM!    Not quite the same. 

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline

My response: Creating a distraction sounds plausible. Anyone looking at the financial data can get really depressed. Below is a little reality prior to tomorrow's manipulated jobs report.


The latest from John Williams’


“No. 902-B: Second-Quarter GDP, 2017 Annual Benchmark Revisions 

Posted August 1st, 2017

Mr. Williams once again informs us.

– Positive Variance (Nonsense Reporting) in Revamped GDP Detail Intensified versus Softening, Non-Expanding Underlying Economic Reality 

– Advance Estimate of Second-Quarter 2017 Real GDP Came in at a Near-Consensus 2.57% versus a Revised First-Quarter 1.24% (Previously 1.42%) 

– Despite Rapidly-Faltering Activity in Key Underlying Economic Series, Second-Quarter GDP Gained both Quarter-to-Quarter and Year-to-Year 

– With Headline Real GDP Growth Approaching, but Still Below Historical Averages, Slowing Quarterly Inflation and Relatively Stronger Inventory Changes More than Accounted for the Increase in Real Second-Quarter Growth 

– Benchmark Revisions Lowered 2016 Annual Real Growth to Its Lowest Reading Since the 2009 Depths of the Recession 

– With Advance Second-Quarter Activity Yet to Be Reported, Real First-Quarter Gross National Product (GNP) Revised Lower to 0.94% (Previously 1.07%) 

– The Theoretical GDP Equivalent, Real Gross Domestic Income (GDI), Revised Higher to 2.23% (Previously 1.01%) in the First-Quarter, Thanks to Massive Downside Revisions to Second-, Third- and Fourth-Quarter 2016 

– Better-Quality Series Continue Showing Protracted-Economic Collapse, with No Recovery of Pre-Recession Highs, No Economic Expansion

silverer's picture

Don't do the house.   Stockpile supplies you need to stay alive.  Food is good that lasts and stores a long time.  Since food is always going up in price, it's a smart move, and you will eventually consume it all.  The crash that's coming will be anything but cyclical.  It will be progressive.  Be ready.

allgoodmen's picture

I have to disagree... the only winners, other than the bankers when they pull this rug out, will be those people with DEBT

Even in 2008, many mortgage holders who went into foreclosure remained in their homes for years, 100% rent and payment free, during the heavily backlogged foreclosure process

Other winners included defaulters with loads of unsecured debt such as credit cards. I personally know two or three who unloaded more than 100k in credit cards for the price of a credit rating hit (at a time when banks were not lending anyway)

In the scenario, there will be no loans made even to the best of credit ratings. Run your personal finance like a corporation, embrace default as a strategy. You get to stick it to the man, sort of as a bonus.

Raging Debate's picture

Silverer - Sure get beans, bullets, ways to start a fire, fish and info on foraging and purify water as a first priority. Basic prep can be $1,000. Then go buy that deck or have some fun. 

 We will have a bond default and that will ripple through stock market and main street. That can be at anytime and Trump is willing to be Mr. Bankrupt restructurer he signed up for it so a premise that Trump is and will be blamed is true but he is willing and yes I would rather have Trump admin then Hillary any day of the week. 

 I agree governments create hobgoblins but there is real geopolitical tension that can kill you, a nuke strike between major powers wouldnt be just  couple it would be all that is ready to go. So hundreds. I would pray such dont reload! Because if they do no prep outside of a deep bunker or living in a very remofe and distant place will help. 

El Vaquero's picture

Why on earth do you think that anybody could predict that?  We've been in a state of economic collapse for sure since around 2000, and arguably going back to the early 1970s.  These are slow processes that take years and decades, but that are punctuated with major events.  The Western Roman Empire had been in a continual state of collapse long before Alaric sacked Rome.  

Captain Chlamydia's picture

One year of food. Water filter. Solar panels. Deep cycle batteries. Etcetera 

Kidbuck's picture

This is essentially the same doom I have been reading for the last 50 years. My life would have been much happier if I hadn't learned to read.

Boomberg's picture

What geopolitical tension? North Korea was an imminent nuclear threat with war breaking out killing millions two days ago. Now the story is not in the news anywhere.

totenkopf88's picture

India vs China in a nuclear exchange- sounds good to me

Boomberg's picture

That would bring millions of IT and manufacturing jobs back to the US.

runswithscissors's picture

"at least in a nuclear war the slate is wiped clean" except for the all the residual radiation...the slate is not really wiped clean.

runningman18's picture

The after effects of a nuclear attack are overrated.  It basicaly takes two-three weeks for the nuclear half-life to break down the radiation until it is tolerable by the human body.  A couple of months after and you can farm again.  What you really have to worry about is not nuclear bombs, but nuclear power plants, because they pump out radiation non-stop if they melt down.  They have fail safes even without people to maintain them, but it can still happen as Fukushima made obvious.   

Toshie's picture

Once we run out of foreign enemies ,there are always the Mexicans. Blacks, Muslims etc domestically to single out and attack.

So the politics of hate is never going away. Unless the slate is fully cleaned.

Good luck Americans.

Secret Weapon's picture

Pro Tip. Watch Asia.

VWAndy's picture

 Im tellin ya folks! Its a never ending chain yank! Really! They are hoseing everyone. As much koolaid as you can drink.

Free Rose colored glasses for everyone!

Cabreado's picture

The simple remedy is a vigorous protection of Rule of Law.

Is there anyone left who even understands why Rule of Law comes to be in the first place(?)

Boomberg's picture

Willard: Who's in charge here?

Soldier: Ain't you?

--Apocalypse Now

Cardinal Fang's picture

And then Willard asks the Roach after he blasts the commie on the wire with an M79 grenade launcher 'do you know who's in charge here?'

The Roach says 'Yeah'

Classic fucking shit

idontcare's picture

.... and if geopolitics doesn't work, NASA is sure to come up with something clever to distract the people!

rlouis's picture

“We have a government that we can’t afford, and now all of it is converging,” said Holland Redfield, a former six-term U.S. Virgin Islands senator who hosts a radio talk show about politics in the territory. “We’re getting to the point where we may have a potential meltdown.”

Cardinal Fang's picture

Just remembered that the Winter Olympic Games are in South Korea this winter...

So the Nork /ROK thing should be interesting in a few months...

WTFUD's picture

That's ok then, Vichy DC's Wars are generally over in weeks. s/c

This coming winter's supposedly going to be harsh in Ukraine . . i'm gutted for them, choked . . . The Russian Crimea supposedly will fair a lot better. Wish i could vote for Vlad here in the UK; he currently seems to have the Midas Touch, whereas poor Don can't catch a break even from his own Party.

Most likely an insight into the Future well-being of their respective country's.

daveO's picture

NBC covering them again? If so, they'll probably be running the most NK war stories within the next 6 months.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


So that's what this Russia-Gate mess is all about?!!!

I wonder what the American people would do if CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS stepped forward with a broadcast and told the World that the reason why we hate the Russian Federation so much is because A) They are the biggest producer of oil and natural gas selling to other Countries in denominated currencies other than the petrodollar which is wreacking havoc on our dependency to the USD. B) Russia paid off all of it's foreign debt obligations in March of this year which means they have a surplus while the U.S. (petrodollar) is + $155 trillion in unsecured liability. C) Russia has it's own balance of payment system MIR which is replacing the Western CBs system SWIFT that will make Russia completely independent in it's transactions with ANY OTHER Country D) Russia is fast eclipsing the U.S. Military hardware sellers with aerospace and missile technology that is in some case 10 years ahead of the U.S.'s

And here's the kicker...

I'll place a bet with anyone out there in ALL 50 States that if the media and government dropped those "bombs" as to why we hate Russia so much the American people would STILL be indifferent AND DO WHATEVER THEY ARE TOLD!!!

WTFUD's picture

Spot on Captain. Jealousy is the biggest disease among sociopaths.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"Jealousy is the biggest disease among sociopaths."

WT the most dangerous thing of all in what I said is that not only are a vast majority of the lemmings in this Country "jealous" that they are being lapped by the Russians, not because they know there government is responsible for all the poor choices that got them where they are now...

They are jealous because their own government is simply telling them THAT THEY "MUST" BE "jealous"!...


Al Bondiga's picture

Yep, they are totally conditioned to believe what they are told by the MSM. What's more, if you try and tell them any different they become indifferent, dismissive, and even hostile. I don't even bother anymore. I just smile and nod, try not to roll my eyes.

WTFUD's picture

Great Article!

If we were in New Zealand or Australia now, we'd have missed a good night's sleep!

It's no coincidence that the biggest sponsors of terrorism have very little of it in their own countries - USA, UK, Israel, Saudi to name not one but four; 'bout time therefore that every country increased its terrorism budget in order to achieve peace at home.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"The disaster has for all intents and purposes already happened."

Overshoot in a nutshell ... Human ecologies, along with industrial and natural ecologies, must go through radical transformations, which, BY DEFINITION, require radical transformations in the death control systems, which, generally speaking, most people can NOT agree upon.

runningman18's picture

The banksters are controlling the death of their own systems and replacing them with others.  This is NOT a natural process, it's engineered.  You're waiting around for an evolutionary change that isn't coming.  The banksters have to be erased from the picture before anything can happen "naturally". And make no mistake, the banksters are completely unnatural. 

Radical Marijuana's picture


I agree with the gist of your factual assertions.

I do not agree there are fundamental dichotomies between


My view is that natural selection pressures were internalized as human intelligence, which was then applied to the most important selection pressures, which were other groups of humans. That drove the history of warfare, where success depended upon deceits and treacheries. Hence, the human artificial selection systems were driven to become expressions of the principles and methods of organized crime on larger and larger scales, which resulted in those artificial selection systems becoming as dishonest as possible.

The international bankers became the best organized gangsters. Through the vicious spirals of ALL aspects of the funding of the political processes, the banksters captured effective control over the powers of public governments, in order that the banksters could accomplish the supreme achievement of organized crime, which is legalized counterfeiting. The banksters are able to create the public "money" supplies out of nothing as debts, while public governments enforce frauds by those private banks.

Banksters are "natural" in the sense that ALL human beings still live INSIDE the natural world, and therefore, ALL forms of artificial selection continue to operate INSIDE the overall context of natural selection pressures. The banksters developed as the best organized predators, of the men that preyed on men. However, their excessive successfulness has resulted in those banksters degenerating into becoming worse and worse parasites. But nevertheless, the ways in which the banksters act as predatory parasites within the overall human ecology are STILL manifestations of artificial selection systems WITHIN natural selection systems.

runningman18's picture

No, the banksters are an anonmoly, a mutation, because they sit outside of normal cultural interactions and manipulate them instead.  They also do this without consequence, unlike other predators in other systems.  They've been doing this for centuries, maybe as long as human civilization has existed.  The banking cartel started in Babylon, after all, and their control methods have been passed on through heritage and apprenticeship.  There is such a thing as natural and unatural in social evolution. Ignoring this dichotomy and the poison that is the banking cartel doesn't change the reality that it exists and needs to be removed.  We've never had a chance to develop society without their influence.  I think if we did, things would turn out far different.  But to claim the banksters are an inevitability is just an assumption, not a fact.         

Radical Marijuana's picture


While we may agree upon basic facts about history, we disagree upon the ways that history works.


"They've been doing this for centuries, maybe as long as human civilization has existed."



A long essay on the ancient history of Neolithic money:

The Babylonian Woe

By David Astle, 2010.



"We've never had a chance to develop society without their influence."


There has never been a time when some people did not act like predatory parasites upon other people who were productive prey. 


I will NOT attempt to repeat all of my political philosophy regarding the banksters in this reply.


However, I have been recording that:

Excellent Videos on Money Systems

Electoral District Associations 

JailBanksters's picture

Well it's working a treat then

Because that's all people are worried about, and a lot will agree to spending more money on Weapons of Destruction.

We all know, Weapons means Jobs Jobs Jobs, so War isn't just a GOOD thing, it's FANTASTIC !


Now here's the Crazy bit: The Elites always, always want the opposite of what the majority want,

so if EVERYBODY started thinking War is Fantastic, lets go ....


samsara's picture

"Geopolitical Tensions Are Designed To Distract The Public From Economic Decline"

Generally yes. Nearly all distraction

Al Bondiga's picture

This is a brilliant piece. Thank you.

Rebelrebel7's picture

I would be completely floored if even 15% of Americans fell for yet another international distraction! The Navy has been zipping around attempting to provoke war with Iran and North Korea , the airforce had what apoeared to be an attempt to provoke Russia. People are entirely Fed up and see these separate attempts! Since that wasn't working, they attempted to impeach Trump, nobody is falling for that bogus Russians claim either! The establishment has attempted to even incite civil war! The only thing left that they haven't attempted is a an outer space alien invasion!

Here is a clue- stop LYING! 




Americans should unite around issues that we can all agree upon. These issues are all ignored by the establishment elites of the neocons and neoliberals.



1.We must repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and abolish the Federal Reserve. Congress must resume its responsibility and coin money and regulate its value as granted to Congress in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 5 of the constitution.



There would be no need for income, estate, capital gains,  or corporate taxes, and no need to reduce spending! The government could create the money required to fund it debt free! If we pay off the national debt,  we destroy the money supply and the economy, since the money supply is based on government debt! During the middle ages in England, when the banks did not issue currency and England used the tally system, the average man provided everything necessary for his family by working 16 weeks a year! The rest of the time was spent learning, traveling,  on the arts, and volunteering for the church! 



2.The military should be used for defending our borders. We should close the 698 permanent foreign military bases and 400 temporary military bases. Our international meddling is jeopardizing national and international security, human life, and economic prosperity. We should retract from all war on foreign soil.



3. The prison industrial complex and the war on drugs must end. It is a horrific human rights abuse and is completely unacceptable.



4. All laws which violate the Bill of Rights must be immediately repealed. The NDAA, The Patriot Act, HR6393, The American Freedom Act are all grotesque unconstitutional violations of the 4th amendment.  



5. Freedom of speech and of the press , and  the right to assemble, must be protected. 



The government has removed the common thread that wove the fabric of our nation, our liberty, in a futile attempt to take the heat off of them, where it rightfully belongs, and to incite civil war, leaving corruption as usual in charge!

I think that the secret corporate crony socialist economy is the hotel California.  Originally, I started thinking of the economic unfeasibilty of paper towels, being large, cheap, resource intensive, shipping product all over America and found out that International Paper and Koch Industries are the two primary resources for pulp, which ship to other organizations to process it. International Paper is listed as a defense contractors and receives government subsidies. I do not know if Koch Industries does or not. There are 45,530 square feet per acre. I would guess that 20,000 heads of broccoli could grow on an acre. The cost is $2.00 to the consumer. The farmer would likely sell at $1.00 A head. So he would recieve $20,000 in income before expenses for that acre. Expenses would involve equipment, and any fertilizer or chemicals that he would use, ( i prefer organic) and paying wages for any employees.  Del Monte has changed hands many times over. So is it economically feasible to compete without government subsidies as a business in the current economy with 190,000 companies listed as defense contractors receiving government subsidies? I would like to abolish the Federal Reserve, but many things must also happen, like businesses, the government, and the banks being honest!  Currently, 8 out of 10  new businesses fail within the first 18 months. This is not surprising if they are competing against government subsidized corporations. Please, stop the lies!!! This is an economy that nobody can believe in! I would like to study and investigate these 190,000 corporations to determine the impact that it would have on our economy if the subsidies were to completely stop. We need to know the supply chain and how many businesses would be affected by the disruption and how many are employed as a result of it, and whether or not they are sustainable in a free market, and if not , why not, and how to resolve these issues!
Rebelrebel7's picture

Facebook received over $170.7 million in local, state and federal subsidies. I doubt that anyone would argue that Facebook is even remotely essential for existence!

gregga777's picture

Geopolitical tensions serve two purposes:

• they are a distraction designed to disguise ongoing financial, economic and political collapse due to the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse; and
• maintains the processes put into place by Western governments to extract as much fossil fuels as possible from the petroleum exporting countries using worthless fiat currencies.

Just imagine what things would be like if we had to exchange gold for petroleum.

DEMIZEN's picture

its like saying: it is good to have a broken leg because it masks your cancer pain.

CatsPaw's picture

I came up with a theory a while back, let me know what you think (in short points):

1. Humans have no natural predator, therefore the growth in population is only controlled by the resources they require to live.

2. Humans created an economical system to create an artificial barrier that would notify us when we would be reaching a critical point. Meaning once we reach a point when we no longer want to share the resources as it diminishes our quality of life, we reduce the birth rate as a counter measure.

3. The elites decided they want to control this system but they forgot that that the only reason this system works is because it gives everyone a "vote" in a way, and each one matters.

4. After failing at this control, they decided to use a different way to make us accept their view, by stacking most of the wealth away from the general public so the general public will reduce the birth rate due to lack of purchase power.

5. This is where we are now, and because it is not working they are now going one step further trying to force a war between Europe and middle east, or even russia, or china, or North Korea... anything that will kill people in large numbers.


RhoneGSM's picture

The fallacy humans live by is that we have no natural predators. Look in the mirror. Any sentient being that looks like you is a potential predator.

Just let one get hungry and you'll find out.

Kidbuck's picture

Correct. You can meet all the predators you want by simply leaving your doors unlocked or taking a walk in any major city. You could also visit any government office, especially one with politicians. Bonus points if you visit a bank or the Fed.