S&P Slumps To Slowest Market In 90 Year History As Dow Hits 7th Straight Record Close

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While hard data has been hovering at 2-year lows, soft data has been rebounding recently... until today - The ISM Services index saw its steepest m/m decline this month since the financial crisis.


Mueller headlines spooked stocks at the end of the day but the machines had one message for investors...


Trannies had a great day - what were you all worried about? as oil tumbled; NOTE the dip on Mueller headlines...


But The Dow 20,000 was rescued again with a healthy VIX clubbing...even as it plunged on news that Mueller would impanel a grand jury in the Russia probe...


The Dow is extremely overbought...


The Dow is up 8 days in a row and 7 record closes in a row, dramatically outperforming everything else...


We note that the Russell 2000 broke below and closed below its 50DMA... (more reliant on US domestic revenues as opposed to the handful of names driving the Dow higher every day that are dominated by overseas revenue)


And for now Trannies are trading between their 100- and 200-DMA for the last 5 days...


While there has been some wild action in Nasdaq and The Dow, the S&P has gone nowehere in the last 11 days...


Making for the lowest closing range this year...


In fact - the last 11-days have been the quietest in the 90 year history of Bloomberg's S&P data...

this is the lowest max-min range for 11 days of closing S&P 500 levels in history, log scale used to show just how extreme this 'slowness' is.

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without some market shenanigans - this happened to AAPL around 1245ET...


Treasury yields tumbled once again on weak data and the Mueller headlines...


This kicked 30Y yields to 5-week lows...


Meanwhile yields on US Corporate High Yield bonds dropped to 3-year (near record) lows...


The Dollar Index ened the day lower once again, kneejerked lower on ISM early and Mueller later...


EURUSD remains unsure if it wants to break up or down...


Gold bounced back to almost unch from its flash-crash last night and crude slipped back to post-Inventory data lows as the oil market's biggest bull shuttering his fund sent WTI to its lowest close in a week...

“When you don’t have a lot to go on, sometimes a headline like that can be enough to get a few people to cover and get a few computers to light up,” says Phil Flynn, senior market analyst at Price Futures Group.

Let's see what happens with Gold tonight at 1906ET?

Reminder - its payrolls tomorrow - so buy any reaction dip!

*  *  *

Finally, it is perhaps worth noting that 'Murica is becoming less relevant in the world of stocks too... US market cap as a percentage of world market cap dropped to its lowest since May 2015 this week...


Bonus Chart: The Trump-Anxiety-O-Meter hits a record high...

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takeaction's picture

Should have bought at 7000  I blame ZH...................../s

No I don't...I got caught up in the "Scare" that always goes on in the PM pushing world.

No more....

30,000...here we come...woooohoooo

Traderone's picture

I'm getting a bit fed up with you Yanks, in nearly two weeks you have been unable to breach the Globex high during your cash session, what gives man?

Mumms's picture

Sux to be on wrong side of market. Thanks to Zh

Traderone's picture

Oh God, I'm being trolled by a wankwave dickhead , how depressing. 

vegas's picture

Nothin' says lovin' like a PPT ramp at the close; what a fucking joke. Maybe Globex can offer online baccarat or craps, and shelve the pure bullshit, manipulative Unicorn meat futures they offer now in the Dow30 or SP500. 



two hoots's picture

When all the stock of companies of worth is bought and held as the safest haven, then what? 

eltxamo's picture

they sell to a bigger fool, it's a gigantic ponzi scheme no better than Bcash

NEOSERF's picture

450 S&P stocks can decline but as long as the other 50 are heading to the moon, the index looks fine, Murica is fine, the world is fine....

Rainman's picture

The China trade war should make things fun ..

debtor of last resort's picture

Sell in august
On lack of trust
But remember
Be back in fedtamper

Mumms's picture

What happened to your sell in may? MORON

Mumms's picture

I don't think ZH readers will be able to thank Shep Wave enough. Thanks guys for some brilliant signals. AT least not all analysts are wrong. LOL

Brooks_Orpington's picture

Is Shep the guy who started that whole stadium wave thing that was popular 10 years ago?  If so, I'd like to know how he got the whole stadium to know they were supposed to stand up and raise their hands.  Someone had to pull that off.  That kind of crowd participation isn't easy.  Maybe it was Shep.  If it was, have him DM me.  I could use that kind of power.

Mumms's picture

I don't think ZH readers will be able to thank Shep Wave enough. Thanks guys for some brilliant signals. AT least not all analysts are wrong. LOL

Bill of Rights's picture

Another Biotech stock drops 11% Biotech is insanely bearish

debtor of last resort's picture

Guess we have to wait until mr Panikos buys up US small caps Zimbabweans.

Juggernaut x2's picture

In these lame-assed markets CNBC's total viewership must be whatever the VIX is at

nostromo17's picture

are they buying bonds FIRST to then shortly dump stocks?!?

RawPawg's picture

doing some running around tomorrow with some fresh fiat in my pockets...help me decide

More Silver?

More Ammo?

so far,i gots plenty of both...lost my mojo for obtaining more 

Brooks_Orpington's picture

Don't know where you live, but here the weather is gonna be great.  I'd take that extra cash and buy a couple of nice, thick steaks and grill 'em up with some sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Maybe some fresh local corn as a side.  Seems to me that sometimes it pays to live in the moment, when the moment is right.

Especially if you're already good with the heavy metals.

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Love it love it tylers.  Your end of day charts are the first thing I look for when I log onto Zero.

More market talk and less scare politics.

ciaou (chow)