Vladimir Putin, At Wit's End With Washington, Opts For Poker Over Chess

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Authored by Robert Birdge via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a calculated bet that the embattled Trump administration will interpret his expulsion of hundreds of US diplomats from Russia as more of a friendly warning than an overtly hostile act.

As US lawmakers on the weekend sent to President Trump's desk a bill that would make it virtually impossible for the US leader to revoke a new round of anti-Russia sanctions without congressional approval, Putin announced that 755 American diplomats «will have to leave Russia as a result of Washington's own policies».

Speaking on Sunday, the Russian leader – clearly exasperated by the clinical bout of Russophobia that took possession of the American psyche long before a rich real estate developer named Donald Trump emerged on the scene – delivered a message loaded with both strength and regret when he said: «We've been waiting for quite a long time that maybe something would change for the better, we had hopes that the situation would change. But it looks like, it's not going to change in the near future ... I decided that it is time for us to show that we will not leave anything unanswered».

All things considered, Putin's response was exceptional for its balance and restraint. Although 755 diplomats may sound like a small army, slashing the US side by that number gives Moscow and Washington exactly 455 civil servants each. That sounds not only fair, but logical. 

At the same time, Putin announced the seizure of two US properties in Moscow – a warehouse and a riverside retreat nestled in a wooded area along the shores of the Moscow River. Once again, this maneuver is merely tit-for-tat on the part of the Russians, and lacks enough punch to inflict any mortal wound on US-Russia relations. That is, unless the Americans – who have until Sept. 1 to comply with the expulsion order – wish for it to. 

Importantly, Putin's expulsion order is not against the Trump administration. It is a well-timed response to a malicious move by ex-President Barack Obama, who, in the waning hours of his disastrous presidency, declared 35 Russian diplomats «persona non grata», while performing a land grab on Russian properties. He gave these officials and their families just 72 hours to leave the country – and right before New Year's, the most popular Russian holiday.

At the time, Putin, confident that bilateral relations would improve under Trump, shrugged off Obama's desperate last act on the political stage. 

«We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone,» he said. «Furthermore, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the Christmas and New Year tree in the Kremlin».

Ironically, then-President-Elect Donald Trump called Putin «very smart» for not allowing Obama to cause him to react harshly to the expulsion, thereby delivering a long-term setback to US-Russia relations. What could not have been anticipated at the time, however, was to what extent the 'Deep State' – that disruptive and destructive shadow force that comprises the real power behind the Oval Office – would go to destroy the Trump presidency (It is worth mentioning that the very existence of the Deep State precludes the ludicrous notion that Russia somehow «hacked American democracy» since Moscow understands better than anyone that regardless of the US political party in power – Democrat or Republican, take your choice – the real decisions are made by a monolithic, supra-political structure that does not tolerate political freedom in any form, and least of all democratic. Any attempt to rig such a fixed system would be pure folly).

The fact that Trump almost immediately declared his intent to sign the Russian sanctions bill indicates that he either caved in to the relentless pressure by the establishment, or he was never very sincere about restoring relations with Russia in the first place. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. However, judging by the unhinged anti-Russia comments by members of his staff (UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, for example, in March told NBC: «We cannot trust Russia ... We should never trust Russia»), it seems Trump was the only one in Washington in favor of fixing the US-Russia relationship

Indeed, after US lawmakers voted in favor of the anti-Russia bill, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a comment that was so stupid it had to be calculated. The House and Senate votes in favor of more Russian sanctions, Tillerson said, «represent the strong will of the American people to see Russia take steps to improve relations with the United States». 


And then Tillerson signed off with the following statement that actually carried a thinly veiled threat: «We will work closely with our friends and allies to ensure our messages to Russia, Iran, and North Korea are clearly understood». 

Tillerson, however, will now have to work extra hard to get the message across to America's European allies, especially the Germans, who are fuming mad about the latest anti-Russia sanctions. That's because the sanctions target any company that is involved in Russia’s energy export pipelines, like Nord Stream 2, a joint Russia-German project to carry Russian natural gas under the Baltic Sea, bypassing American client states, like Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States. 

In other words, what we have here is the American superpower attempting to deny the right of economic cooperation between two consenting states. In the event the US fails to get what it wants, which seems to be everything under the moon, its infantile will is enforced by the small yet lethal firearm known as 'sanctions.' Fortunately, such bumbling 'diplomacy' is transparent even to the most knee-jerk Russophobes for the very simple reason it places their own financial security at great risk.

So what is the source of this latest anti-Russia mood coming out of Washington? Briefly, it began in earnest in September 2015 when Russia made the decision to enter the Syrian fray – legally, it should be added, with an expressed invitation by President Bashar Assad – to fight against the terrorists of Islamic State. Strangely, the more damage Russian forces inflicted upon this malevolent group, the more it was criticized by US politicians. 

However, the anti-Russia witch hunt really hit its stride when it became clear that Hillary Clinton would lose the 2016 presidential election to the populist Donald Trump. The Deep State that backed her needed a scapegoat for the devastating loss, and Russia, as usual, provided a convenient suspect. To this day, seven months after Trump entered the White House, the world has not seen a single scrap of hard evidence to suggest Russian interference in the election. But that has not stopped the media from continuing its non-stop attacks on both Trump and Putin (We may eventually see Vice President Mike Pence, who espouses the world view of the US elite, take over the reins of the US presidency. This week, after meeting the trembling leaders of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Pence delivered this line of rubbish: «Russia seeks to redraw international borders by force, undermine democracies of sovereign nations and divide the free nations of Europe»). 

Although we may hope that Donald Trump will see the writing on the wall as far as US-Russia relations go, and find ways to restore bilateral relations between the world's two nuclear powers, things are not so simple as that. Trump has been assailed by a mainstream media that can only be described as out of control and half-insane. Worse than the military industrial complex, it is truly hell-bent on war, which became clear after Trump bombed a Syrian airfield in April and became an overnight darling of the Neo-Liberal goon squad. When Trump eventually curbed his appetite for violence and bloodshed, he once again became a target for media-sponsored destruction.

Clearly, either the media and its many powerful proponents will get their way and bring down Trump, or Trump – and in direct contradiction to history's tragic lessons (read Kennedy and Lincoln) – will somehow emerge victorious against the Deep State. The options for Russia, not to mention the American people themselves in such a dire and dangerous situation, are rather slim. A bit like leaving Las Vegas with more in your pocket than when you first arrived.

In conclusion, Putin's move was a long time coming, yet this may have been exactly what the Deep State – anxious for any excuse to permanently wreck US-Russia relations – had been eagerly anticipating.

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dogismycopilot's picture

President Putin is one of the world's greatest leaders in terms of his diplomacy and pure strength of will. All of this is tempered with an unusual degree of patience and humility.

I do think he now realizes that there can be no 'reset' between the US and Russia. He is rebuilding the Russian military and preparing for a NATO invasion that will come through Ukraine in the future. 

Just remember, Russia is one of the few countries in the world where family, christianity and national pride are still seen as virtues.

Learn some Russian, book a flight, and check out Moscow and St. Pete's on your own. It's an inexpensive trip right now and you will be surprised at what you see (Churches being built, children everywhere, and great inexpensive food) and what you don't see (homeless people, cops dressed as soldiers and 'refugees').

Oh regional Indian's picture

In case you all missed it the first time, meet comreade Yuri Bezmenov.....

America and a lot of the rest of the world was "taken" a long time ago.

The real, hidden Reds are masters of propaganda and subtle mind control...


Oh regional Indian's picture

Exactly Gregga. I was about to make that edit to my post....

Perimetr's picture

This article is bullsh*t

The deep state isn't waiting for anything

the US is at war with Russia, Congress just made that perfectly clear

now push comes to shove


Jubal Early's picture

Remember all those Russian diplomats that were dropping dead several months ago?  Or the shoot down of the Russian Airliner in Egypt?  Or the frame up of MH17?

Yes, Russia knows it is at war.  Putin knows that if he is to win he will have to peel the EU or at least a large part of it.

A lot of the economic fight is being conducted against Germany.  All the VW "pollution scandal" (GM and Ford were doing it too), the Nortstream 2 sanctions, now the accusations of German auto maker collusion.  DB has been slapped with multiple billion dollar fines when London or Wall street banks get a few million.  The heat is definitely on Germany.

Four chan's picture

putin knows its the globallist jews fucking both countries up.

Art Van Delay's picture

Looks like Putin has to fix things for Trump, since he is to scared to do anything so he just mingles with the crowd.

This way he won't finish the first term in the WH.

VIDEO: Instead of Stirring Up the SWAMP, Trump is Stirring up Only His Fans


King of Ruperts Land's picture

The US people need to put sanctions on Washington DC. Forget elections. They should be implemented now.

10% approval for congress. Pitiful.

If they think they can start nuclear war before we can do anything about it.

I say. The people should occupy and take over the government when the funding runs out. That might be an opening.

When congress has recess we should have our own peoples congress ready to go.

Lets restore the constitution and kick out these illegal bums.

DieselChadron's picture

As I've heard, the "globalist Jews" aren't at the top of the food chain in this rape of humanity.  (But they make good scape goats.)  Supposedly, above the Jews are those based in Rome.

Manthong's picture


If Putin was really smart, he would take a half dozen of the hottest most beautiful young sweethearts in Russia, form the Russian Bikini Team and put them on a tour promoting Beluga vodka.

How could you not love Russia then?


tonyw's picture

Defectors will often say what their new hosts (three letter agencies) want to hear.

The more evil and powerful the enemy is the more money and staff the new hosts (three letter agencies)need.

flaunt's picture

I'm glad this is becoming common knowledge slowly but surely.  Soon it won't matter what slurs the (((censors))) against those of us who insist on speaking the truth!

Déjà view's picture

Close Russian airspace to U.S./allied airlines...especially to U.S. airlines using Polar Route to expanding Asian market...
Major disruption...should raise quite a few eyebrows!

Blankone's picture

To what extent does the US and allies us Russian airspace and to what extent does Russia and russian allies use the airspace of (or controlled by) the US and it's allies?

Now add to that - territorial waters.

Déjà view's picture

GREAT EXTENT! Should have been more attentative in HS geography...

As a general rule, cross-polar routes provide time and distance savings only on flights from North America to Asia.

Today, hundreds of flights operate each week over the interior of Russia en route between Europe and Asia.


Colonel Shitzengiggles's picture

The russki obsession is bizarre, to a degree. The Putin love in some ZH articles & moreso in ZH comments is equally bizarre. Imo, neither come close to the middle gray reality.

Veritas X-'s picture

Clarify your position Colon__Shit___.

Trolling for $$$, shekels or ukie-hryvinas today?

"Imo, neither come close to the middle gray reality." , you say?

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.; Stop brown-nosing your bosses here at ZH.

As for your 'grey reality', I figure your grey-matter in your skull is the same color as your colon-shit.


deja's picture

Sadly, Putin is the only adult in the room.

espirit's picture

It's unpossible to play chess with a bunch of insolent 4 year olds.

Putin won't trade a game of strategy for a game of chance.

...neither will the Chinese.

Kabuki or faux news, you choose.

drgizmo's picture

I have to agree ... what country ended the USSR ... that would be Russia ... who killed ..65 million good Russians... that would be USSR ... who do you think hates the idea of the USSR ... yes Russia ... the rest of you Russia haters get a clue.


Blankone's picture

That just ignores - the actual Russian people.
A poll was taken of the Russian people of who was the greatest people in history of the world.

They chose Lenin and Stalin in the top two and Putin was 4th I think. The Russia people chose the two who under the USSR murdered them by the millions and oppressed them as their heros.

caconhma's picture

Fuck you ZH-groupies for Prostitutin propaganda. Pathetic.

Prostitutin Russia still exists because Agent Orange cannot do anything right. Hopefully, he will not be in the WH for too long.

Dr. Dooms-a-lot's picture

Yes.  Let's get the civil war started!  

drgizmo's picture

I would like you to know that ... it is easier and cheaper to start a small business in Russia... 

that it is to start a lemonade stand in Chi-town USA ...and safer too...just saying... who is freer...

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Hear hear!  Never met a Russian who didn't become a good friend.

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

If you Rooskies had any phucking brains, you'd corner the Gold market (along with China) and take Gold to $10,000 US per oz ... then the US banking cartel (who only owns paper Gold - mostly short) would call off their attack dogs in a New York minute.



Jubal Early's picture

If SNB alone had bought gold instead of Apple shares the gold market would have corrected.

Just as in how the all the worlds (((media corporations))) instantly jumped on the "Russia hacked the election" band wagon shows how deep the money-lender control goes, so in the case of gold does the failure of any interested party to break the CME price monopoly show that the same countries are completely under the domination of the tribe.  Fealty describes it well.

Singelguy's picture

What do you think they are doing? Russia immediatley converts all US dollar based oil revenue to gold. China and Russia have made it illegal to export any gold mined in their respective countries.

You fail to appreciate that the value of gold is not a function of supply alone. There is a demand component as well. That demand is a direct correlation of the market confidence in the currency in which gold is priced. As the confidence declines, the price of gold increases in that currency. Since all gold is fungible, it does not matter who possesses it.

tangent's picture

Looks like Russia is building gold at a $500 million annual rate. That isn't a particularly high portion of their $1.3 Trillion GDP. But, it is significant.


DjangoCat's picture

Already happening, I believe.  Buy the dip.

Blankone's picture

You do not seem to be aware that russia's central bank is not controlled by russia. It reports to London and is forced to use the dollar as the reserve currency.

Something about controlling a countries currency.

dunce's picture

The Russians understand that Trump is not their enemy. They understand our deep state is their enemy,

scaleindependent's picture

I gave you a thumbs up, but does it matter if Trump is powerless.

Not even a veto!

Gonzogal's picture

I too thought that he gave all his power away untill I read the FULL text of the signing statement he attached to the signed bill....it gives all the reasons he can, and seems to be intent on taking this to court, and even side-stepping the bill.

Here is the full text if you wish to read it (it was obviously written by constitutional lawyers) http://www.marketwatch.com/story/text-of-statement-trump-made-while-sign...

gregga777's picture

The AngloZionist Deep State is OUR enemy, too.

khnum's picture

Hes a circus clown the rest of the planet is over him and this Russian crap

drgizmo's picture

Trump is not normal ... few billionaires are ... they are extrodnany and in fact geniuses ... if you use this definition ... "tallent is the ablity to hit a target no else can hit" ...but Geninus is Gods gift ...to hit a target no else can see... 

They perceive the world in a view no else can ... is why they are perceived as "not normal" and depending on the gift ...either insane ... or extraordinary ... Trump gift is similar to Putin's ... to see "Bigger"  than most ... and see outcomes that normal people can not perceive.

Blankone's picture

Trump is the deep state puppet. All his children married jews. He said he supports Israel 1000%. He has increased actions against Russia greatly. He has increased the installation of missiles and forces along Russia's borders.

Trump makes press tweets/statements making it appear he is pursuing better more cooperative relations with Russia/Putin - all the while doing just the opposite in his actions. He is the orange joooo.

When Trump had his last meeting with Putin he spoke about how positive it was and he was looking forward to meet again. However, the very next day, for the international community, he had his representative to the UN make a press release in which she said - Russia had interfered in the election and that the US would NEVER trust Russia.

Putin is may be switching his style simple because he has been getting his butt whipped.

Rebelrebel7's picture

Poker is wayyyyy to sophisticated for Washington! They can keep a straight face, but can't keep track of their own hand, let alone other hands being played!

Please, support the mentally challenged and stick with pin the tail on the donkey!

daedon's picture

How many of those "755 American diplomats" are really diplomats ?

tonyw's picture

Very few since the choice of the 755 to go was left to the Americans so most are local (i.e. Russian) staff who have been laid off/let go.

gregga777's picture

The American AngloZionist Deep State is primarily composed of and led by the Jewish Neoconservatives. They are not Americans in the true sense of the word. They are almost all dual-passport holders with Israeli citizenship. A supermajority of the post-WW 2 American foreign policy debacles all stem from supporting the creation of the State of Israel, a decision with immense negative implications for US national security. All of the US wars in the Middle East and North Africa have been in support of Israel with immensely negative consequences for the United States.

See also:

The Neoconservatives and the “Coming World”: A response to the questions of a virtual friend


The end of the “wars on the cheap” for the United States


flaunt's picture

There are many allies in the so-called Christian Church which is a shell of its former self. They ignore all the Bible verse about the Synangogue of Satan and recite daily the ones demanding they worship the Jews or else they will "be cursed."  It's a mental sickness.  Many crypto-Jews in the Churches as well I think, pretending to be Christians just so they can push Holocaustianity. 

are we there yet's picture

Congress does not play chess or poker. Congress plays that game that monkeys play in the zoo of flinging their poo at each other, the US voter, or other countries. The democrats are masters at monkey poo flinging.

Manipuflation's picture

I would be happy to play both Putin and Trump some cribbage. 

c2nnib2l's picture

Deep state or not, Trump is a president. Putin when he was ellected it took him 2 years to eliminate Russia deep state and special interest. Putin was more violent but the bottom is.. is there a choice ?

Trump should get some trusted people together and start cleaning up Washington.. not in a legal way.. not in a fair way.. you cannot clean this toilet in a gentle way, you need to bleech it, and scrubb this shit off with your own nails. Eliminating two or 3 most anti ameeican deep state figures will make them fear of Trump a bit more. one thing to note.. you have to wear the glowes for this dirty work. 

lock somebody up, maybe somebody should land in guantano i dont know... just saying thinga can be done.. Trump was trying to hars to keep the balance in Washington.. maybe he should try another route

Mena Arkansas's picture

This is unfortunately true.

There will be no political solution even though people fervently cling to that naive hope.

The only way this works is by terminating our ((( domestic enemies ))) with extreme prejudice.

flaunt's picture

If Trump is for real, he will get more violent as well.  Most of us who spend time following and thinking about current events knew back in the primaries that he would have to go into War Mode and literally wage war against them once in office.  Maybe, MAYBE he thought he would not have to go to that extreme and was trying to play by the rules starting out, but if so clearly he's starting to understand that's not going to work.  He just put an actual General in as Chief of Staff, so he's at least starting to think about turning the WH into a military operation. Because that's exactly what it is.