Zuckerberg's Recent Hires Tell Us A Lot About His Worldview And It's Not Good

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Increasingly, a number of influential people in Silicon Valley seem to think that Mark Zuckerberg will likely run for president of the United States one day. And some people, including myself, believe that he could indeed win. “He wants to be emperor” is a phrase that has become common among people who have known him over the years.


From January’s Post: “He Wants to be Emperor” – How Mark Zuckerberg is Scheming to Become President

Mark Zuckerberg wants to be President. That much is obvious, and it’s been obvious for quite some time. I’ve written a couple of articles about it, as have countless others. Then yesterday, there was a lot of chatter about the Facebook CEO hiring Joel Benenson to advise him and his wife on their charitable giving. Most of these articles focused on the superficial “does this really mean he’s running?” angle.

In contrast, I want to dig into why his recent hires tell you all you need to know about who Zuckerberg is, and why his worldview is nothing more than technocratic neoliberalism.

Let’s start off by examining a few excerpts from yesterday’s article from Politico about the hiring of Joel Benenson:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have hired Democratic pollster Joel Benenson, a former top adviser to President Barack Obama and the chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, as a consultant, according to a person familiar with the hire.


Benenson’s company, Benenson Strategy Group, will be conducting research for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the couple’s philanthropy. The organization — whose mission statement, according to its website, is “advancing human potential and promoting equality” — is endowed with the couple’s Facebook fortune.


In January, the couple hired David Plouffe, campaign manager for Obama’s 2008 presidential run, as president of policy and advocacy. Plouffe had previously worked at Uber. Ken Mehlman, who ran President George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, also sits on the board.


And earlier this year, the couple also brought on Amy Dudley, a former communications adviser to Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine.


Benenson’s involvement in the group gives them access to someone who was one of the top lieutenants of Clinton’s doomed campaign and Obama’s longtime pollster, just as speculation about Zuckerberg’s political ambitions is mounting.


Even before his is-he-or-isn’t-he road trip, Zuckerberg had shown an interest in politics and social issues. In 2010, he announced during an appearance on “Oprah” that he was donating $100 million to help fix the Newark City public school system in New Jersey. The influx of Facebook cash, however, didn’t generate the desired results, and the gift became a nationally recognized failure of good intentions.

The above is a great indicator of what a Zuckerberg presidency would look like.

But the hiring of Benenson is sure to fuel speculation that Zuckerberg is getting more serious about how he plays in the political and policy worlds.

Let’s start the analysis with Joel Benenson, since he was the topic of the above post. He made quite a name for himself during the Democratic primary by blasting Bernie Sanders and defending the bailed out, welfare queen TBTF Wall Street mega-banks. As reported by David Sirota in the International Business Times:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign held a conference call Thursday with reporters to deride Bernie Sanders for airing an ad that criticized Wall Street firms and the politicians who accept their donations. Though the ad did not mention Clinton by name, the conference call featured her top strategist Joel Benenson portraying the spot as an inappropriate attack on Clinton, whose 2016 campaign has accepted $5.7 million from executives in the financial industry.


On the call, Benenson accused Sanders of going negative, asserting the U.S. senator from Vermont had “decided to do something that he had said so proudly he would never do.” What the Clinton campaign did not say when announcing the call is that Benenson’s firm not only consults for Clinton — it also lists as clients the kind of Wall Street banks that Sanders’ ad assails, as the Intercept’s Lee Fang pointed out.


According to its website, the Benenson Strategy Group lists Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase among its clients. In a 2012 press release, Benenson listed JPMorgan Chase — whose executives are collectively among Clinton’s top 2016 donors — as an example of how the firm “has guided many Fortune 500 companies and leading advocacy groups through critical strategic and communication challenges.” The section of Benenson’s website listing the banks as clients says the firm is focused on “delivering strategies corporations need to stay ahead of the curve.” Other clients listed include McDonald’s, Pfizer and Walmart — the last of which once had Hillary Clinton on its board of directors when she was first lady of Arkansas.

Benenson also proved himself to also be a fierce opponent of transparency during the primary. Recall what he said about Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches:

So far, the Clinton campaign has shown no inclination to release the texts of her remarks to Goldman or anyone else. At a debate in New Hampshire last week, Clinton said she would “look into” the matter. A day after the debate, Clinton pollster Joel Benenson told reporters, “I don’t think voters are interested in the transcripts of her speeches.” On ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, Clinton pushed back even harder on calls to release the speech transcripts.

Now let’s take a look at some of the highlighted clients from Joel’s firm, The Benenson Strategy Group:

The political clients are particularly telling.

Do they represent the views of so many of the people across rural America Zuckerberg claims to be trying to understand? Do they represent anything radically new or populist at all? Of course not.

Moreover, it’s not just Benenson that Zuck is hiring as we saw in the Politico article earlier. He’s hiring a smattering of corporate Democratic strategists and consultants (and even a George W. Bush alum). This tells you so much about who this guy really is and what he believes. He wanders around the country claiming to want to understand “the people” and then he shuffles right over to Clinton/Obama people for wisdom. He doesn’t really want to hear from the rabble or promote genuine populist change, he just wants to be the technocratic leader of another firmly neoliberal American government. That’s all this is.

Much of how Zuckerberg operates focuses on image instead of substance, as we saw throughout his cross-country narcissism tour. Not that this should be a surprise coming from the creator of Facebook, a platform designed so that people can carefully craft a fake public image of themselves for their “friends” to admire.

All of this proves that Mark Zuckerberg has absolutely no creativity or genuine insight when it comes to political thinking. He runs straight to the same neoliberal strategists and corporate Democrats that Americans are sick and tired of, and offers nothing new other than a technocratic face on a failed and expired political class. Ten million cross country road trips to Iowa will never alter this reality.

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go ahead dimocrats


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This madness cannot persist

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Zucky's claim to fame: stole some code...

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exclusive TM of the cabal:

as is Amazon.

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Thumbs down for NEROberg. Not even for dog catcher.

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Not to worry, He'd be JFK'd before then...

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Campaign slogans......

Hey… ZuckerF*ckr  for 2020

…in your faceF*ck

...Oy kevoy.. he ain’t no goy

...Got gook?


oh, I apologize... do not want to sound razist, anti-oligarch, anti-semen-tic, anti-f*ckschmucker, anti--slope, or anything like that.


you cannot criticize me... I sincerely apologized immediately after the offense.


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A turd has more personality and appeal

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and is absent the wirery doo.

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Not sure PHP can really be considered code.

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Yeah, it should be python by now, but probably continues to be php making the cloud servers smoke.

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..it’s the reason why the “market” preferred VHS over Beta.


..also the reason why clinton, bush and obama destroyed 24 years of america.


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'...and that's why, I am formally declaring my candidacy, for President of You Dumb Fucks.'

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A rich jew who never worked a day in his life, what could polsibly go wrong?

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Shouldn't be tough to run against. All he has done is steal a website idea from someone else and improve it. That's it. That's how he made his fortune. But he does seem like a perfect person to run as a dem these days.

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What difference does it make if he runs as a democrat or a republican?

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Imagine the Citizen Surveillance Sellout King as your VR Emperor


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Zucky the doll says Hi goyim, in his Nero costume.

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I don't know what the problem is. The guy went all the way out to meet some slobs in an oil field and feel up a waitress in a phone booth. He got to put on coveralls and work gloves and everything. He returned with such incredible insight and compassion that he knows. He just knows now. He knows what we think, he knows what we feel, he knows us so well it feels like he's cupping our balls right now.

Clearly this man has been anointed to lead us into the future and beyond! And beyond that!

If you like this and my other great comment-responses please like me, friend me, share me and totally cup my balls!

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I realize that you intend satire here... however.

I do not care that a president knows what I think, or feel. To be honest, that is dangerous territory anyway, as I am a known eccentric. On the other hand, a president who was a principled statesman schooled in natural law would be nice. Someone with a clear historical perspective who had mastered the lessons of history would be nice. A man of courage... and I mean man, not woman... and vision steming from his mastery of history, and his principled positions as derived from natural law, would be a true blessing.

I think we have a better chance of seeing the American people vote in a demonic thug such as Zuckerberg... but who knows. I have been wrong before... well, once... a long time ago...

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Just for that? I'm un-cupping your balls.

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They are grooming a potential anti-Chrisr

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If you are going to spew shit about the anti-Christ, you could at least be bothered to learn your own lore on the subject.

Zuck is way too well known and hated to be the anti-Christ. Obama was a good candidate, but he's fallen off the stage.

No, he has to be some guy no-one ever heard of before that suddenly becomes extremely popular and is universally loved.

Iron Age fanfics really aren't a good source of inspiration for political decisions.

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He just has to be young and evil is all.

From what I read lately he fits both.

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I disagree that Obama was a good candidate for the anti christ. He too was well hated and globally, he wasn't too well known outside of western society.

Whoever it may well be, they will come after the great war between the USA and China for all the chips. The antichrist could well be a Chinese Emperor under a communist/capatilist technocratic enslavement system. Vice versa of course. Lots of things still need to happen

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>Billionaire faggots see another billionaire get elected

>Think they can get elected


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Zuck has a bigger security team than the President, he's waging war against America, America needs to wage war back against him, if you have Facebook use it to attack the Democrat party or cancel it.

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I only use FB to inform about the Beast of big govt collectivism. aka- The deep state. MIC(Congressional)C, Neocons/neolibs, America's failing religious institutions; which should be the watchmen in the tower regarding the Beast instead of colluding with.

Not much can change unless some honest Americans, who love freedom make opposing businesses that cater to small govt supporters, true conservatives and natural law constitutional principle supporters. Something along the lines of Target-C, Amazon-C, FB-C, C for conservative, or some other identifier showing that our $ are not going to be used to support big govt. that we who love freedom can quit supporting the opposition that turns about using our money against us.

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A friend of mine worked with/for Zuckerberg early on from a contracting capacity. He said he was the biggest asshole you've ever met, and this guy doesn't swear often. I think Zuckerberg is a complete idiot who hardly understands technology or how anything works. Hell, look at him and the shit he writes...

Doom and Dust's picture

So, how did he become what he is?

No apparent outstanding intellectual, emotional or ethical qualities, yet the richest man of his generation?

And remember, he's just the figurehead.


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Rumor has it he was spawned by a Central Banker.

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As. Someone said above David rockerfeller grandson


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Not sure about this one, but here's the original researcher who has lots of biometric info to share.



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He is heading towards being the Shia Labeouf of the tech world. Woah! sounds like a good choice for VP!

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Is this the real life?
Or is this just fantasy?

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I have been web-enabling processes since 1996 for Fortune 500 companies, and I can tell you that Facebook has the lamest and weakest user interface around. Zero effort. Slow to load sections.

Lots more has been invested into spy-tech features, and cointelpro online harrassment routines and algos.

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i guess the left doesnt understand that just because you have a well known name it doesnt mean you are fit to be president......Mark Zuckerberg running for POTUS without any experience is a pretty clear indication that he will either be a total front man or the left is dreaming up something as ridiculous as Miley Cyrus getting her name written on the moon for the whole world to see.....

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Wait Miley Cyrus is getting her name written on the moon? Now that is news. For time immemorial men have looked to the night skies and seen the same old moon. Now we get to look up and see


Now that would be pretty huge indeed. But that's gonna set off a race to be the guy that adds to it thus:


And then it's up to the next man to raise the funding and get a crew together for....


And that's about as far as we can push that joke. There won't be any visible surface left.

So future generations will give the moon a spin and make it rotate so then we're getting scrolling messages. Just imagine the editorial enhancements that will be possible.

The future! It's gonna be wicked!

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What the hell is "a smudge by any other name? What did you do to come up with that name, wipe your ass and got a little dookie on your finger?

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Shut The Fuck Up, IDIOT!!!!

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Heh heh heh...he doesn't realize that I am the bucket in this formula. And he's just a smudge on my floors. Who will shortly be sanitized.

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Just another clueless twit who developed the mother of all mind and time sucking pastime.

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Zuck stole an idea, was good at programming and the rest is history. the fact that he has a staff of 10 people around him to try and make him look like a human is absurd. this guy is a lizard and/or some type of robot. if the demokkrats run this cyborg, he will somehow be even more impersonable than hillary

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Nah, he's simply an agent of the Deep State (aka The Great Red Dragon.)

To get along, you have to go along.  That simple.

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he is definitely deep state, but even more unlikable than any of the swamp creatures. what is it with all these silicon valley Execs being in bed with dems and neocons?

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Shit did you see the code for the original Facebook? He's not even a good programmer, just a clever thief.