Baltimore Chaos - Ceasefire In "Violence-Plagued" City Starts Today

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A ceasefire between Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence” has been agreed on and will come into effect on Friday.

This is an act of desperation from a community that is currently experiencing a homicide rate doubled of Chicago’s and a murder count higher than NYC. The ceasefire aims to stop the killings for at-least 72-hours, starting on August 04-06.

The slogan selected by organizers gets right to the point: “Nobody kill anybody”.

Violent crime in Baltimore has flourished over the past few years, due to the “Ferguson Effect”, along with the death of “Freddie Gray” that triggered Baltimore’s April 2015 riots.

According to the EconomistBaltimore may see more than 400 murders this year. This would indicate 2017 will be the deadliest year ever on record.

August homicides are already in full-swing leading up to the ceasefire.

Yearly data projects many more months of violent crime for the city.

Mapping out the 208 homicides across Baltimore City looks like battleship.

If nothing else comes from the ceasefire, such gestures were a first step in helping residents feel that they were regaining control of neighborhoods, said Cassandra Crifasi, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins-Baltimore Collaborative for Violence Reduction.

“Even if it ends up being only one day without a shooting, that’s going to be good for the city,” Crifasi said.


It’s highly unlikely that Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence”  will take a 72-hour loss in profits and give up their corner where drugs are peddled from.

Baltimore is a chaotic war zone and it’s time we start treating it like one.

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$20K for Lois Lerner, Gruber, Deblasio

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Have you seen these bastards shoot? You'd spend more money in ammo and medical costs for bystanders than you did i the last bailout because they'd hit every one but the damned bankers.

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The Poor Yoofs and SOBs (Sons of Barack) Dindu Nuffin!

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Get out there and purge motherfuckers, purge.

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... and then they'll get back to "Everybody Kill Somebody" on the 7th.

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What are the Vegas odds?

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Asking nicely? Why didn't anybody think of that before??


Works in Canada.


Q. On a hot summer's day, how do you get 20 Canadian teenagers out of a swimming pool?

A. You ask them.



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What's wrong with them killing one another? These are subhuman anyway. Scratching head...

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Can you imagine the murder rate if negroes actually knew how to shoot? Elementary things like:

1)Hold the gun in a vertical, not horizontal position.

2)Center your target actually using the sights now that its in a vertical orientation as intended.

3)Use both hands to steady the firearm while staying relaxed.

4)Squeeze, not pull, the trigger smoothly while controlling your breathing.

Now that's the kind of gun control the NRA approves and teaches.

Good impulse control and not being easily "dissed" is the secret to low white on white murder rates.

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If Nobody was buying drugs.. Nobody would be shooting Nobody arguing over the right to Sell The Drugs to Nobody

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"Dindu no killin" would have been a better motto.

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Liberia. What Could Have Been.

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A complex problem with a simple solution - euthanasia/eugenics.


Don't be fooled thinking massive academic labs are required to tweak and tune the genome.


Amazon sells "genome editing kits".   Google "genetic engineering in the garage".   One person can fix the problem. 


Urban folks "whipping up bricks on the stove" are gaining valuable chemistry experience and will soon have the knowledge. 

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A .45 is also a "Genome Editing Kit" ;)

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My Opinion is that Baltimore is exactly what Black Lives Matter is seeking. They want the Police to back completely out of black neighborhoods (which they have in Baltimore) and let them do whatever they want to do. The result has been massive murder and mayhem. The MSM only reports the murder rate, but you can bet your last dollar that the rate of all other violent crimes is also setting historic records.

Just remember that: This is what BLM asked for. If it wasn't, they would be marching in the streets for "Black Lives" that "Matter", wouldn't they?

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I saw an interview with a woman, probably that Cassandra. She said something like, from memory, 'America is a very violent place and spreads violence all over the world. We should start doing something about it in our corner". I was surprised, and I wish it will succeed. You may say some are promoting anarchy by wanting to keep police out but the attempt of this cease fire shows that they are not happy with their anarchy or half anarchy. 

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What do you do to inspire knuckleheads with mostly illegal guns? Tell them not to shoot anybody!  Any bets this weekend beats all murder and shooting records in the city?  They want to stop this mayhem, they better do what they did in Boston looking for one scared kid. Better to start a shooting war with the knuckleheads and take the place over under Martial Law than to let the knuckleheads rule. Martial Law is forfeiture of civil law because the civilian population has lost control. I know it's kinda anti gun, but knuckleheads don't need guns. Responsible citizens do need them. Because there are too, too many knuckleheads.


The Old Man

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So let me get this straight. If I want to kill myself I have to wait for 72 hours.

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it is already illegal to kill yourself so you will go to jail if you do this

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Post of the day. Thanks for making me laugh. 

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So I should switch my holiday destination to N Korea then


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Now is this truce just between negroes, or can I, a White man walk with impunity through their various neighborhoods?

Wish this deal had been a little more spelled out.

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Tee shirts. "NOBODY" for the shooters and "ANYBODY" for the targets.

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"Don't shoot a nigga" if successful can be followed up by "don't murder a baby" and then "don't shoot a load of heroin in your arm", hell, let's dream big. "Get yo ass outta bed in the morning and look fo a job". Too much?


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The denizens of Baltimore killing each other is suppose to be bad right?

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Prior to giving 'Civil Rights' to these animals, we would never have to have a campaign that states:  Nobody Kill Anybody


They could enjoy this vibrancy if they import unlimited refugee migrant war torn childrens from Africa.

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Jim Crow laws and the Pale of Settlement in Russia, existed for valid reasons of cultural survival.

Both were torn down by the same (((actors))).

Bolshevism is Social Justice, working for the advantage of one (((group))) over all others.

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What they need is a huge citywide Bake Sale for Peace. It's hard to shoot and eat a fudge brownie at the same time.

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This will last for 33 units of time or until 11:18:47.

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Wait! I've got one! "Drug Free School Zone". Oh, they did that already? How did that work out?

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Looks like a hate generation article, or at least it has had that effect by the looks of the comments. This will have value to someone.

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Baltimore is so getting what it deserves for its raging cop hatred. If you don't let the police defend themselves, you cannot expect the police to take a stand against violent crime. Your cop hatred is coming home to rest, Baltimore. Rot in peace.

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Does this include mind murder?  I am thinking no.  If a tree falls in the woods and nobody sees it did the tree still fall?  No, it didn't.

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 If a tree falls in the woods and nobody sees it did the tree still fall? 


If I write a set of instruction to make a chocolate cake for someone far away, and I leave out the chocolate by mistake, it's still a cake.  

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