Dow Gains 600 Points In 9 Days; S&P, Bonds, Gold & Dollar Unchanged

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Despite the payrolls beat, "hard" data in the US economy closed the week lower for the 5th week of the last 6 to the lowest since May 2015... as The Dow surges for the 9th day in a row to the 8th record close in a row...



So this happened...


From the payrolls print, bonds and bullion were sold, stocks were flat...


Equity Futures also struggled post-payrolls with dip-buyers unable to sustain any gains...


The Dow just keeps on rising but Tech stocks suffered their second weekly drop in a row - Small Caps were worst as The S&P managed a small green close


FANG Stocks suffered their worst week since June...


Wells Fargo stumbled on revelatiosn from its 10Q that there could be more fake accounts and legal costs could be significantly higher than reserves...


Blue Apron had quite a day - plunging on news that it was slahing its workforce... and not rebounding on news that in fact it was merely moving its workforce...


Treasury yields ended the week lower (except 2Y) despite a major kneejerk higher (in yield) today on the jobs data...


The dollar index ramped higher today on a combination of the jobs data and chatter about HIA2 - that tagged the high stops from last week's Fed dead cat bounce and while the dollar ended the week higher, it was fading back to unch rapidly into the close...


The Loonie was the week's biggest loser against the greenback and the Euro the biggest winner..


All eyes were on EURUSD this week but today's payrolls data slammed the pair lower... for now...


Gold had its worst day in a month today after payrolls printed, erasing the week's gains but holding at the intersection of the 50- and 100DMA at around $1260...


WTI Crude ralied today but was unable to turn green on the week...


Finally..."You Are Here"

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Snaffew's picture

what a maddeningly predictable close.  I'd love to see a sunday night "event".

FrozenGoodz's picture

This calls for a vacation!! 


17 days worth

HockeyFool's picture

Fuck off, douchebag licker.

El Oregonian's picture

Only in this reality that we call "Crazy-Town" does anything actually make sense. Because everything that should matter doesn't; and everything that shouldn't does! CRAZY!!!

D.r. Funk's picture

obama's birthday. i expected a +56 dow instead of 66


peopledontwanttruth's picture

SNIFF. Slider you really stink.

SheHunter's picture

Tried to uptick ya twice but no dice.  Agree.  Some day the MIA VXX will spring back to life.

Hikikomori's picture

Zero Hedge - where everyone convinces everyone else the end of the world is right around the corner - every single day.

EHM's picture

Predicting what will happen is actually quite simple. Predicting when is the hard part.

Snaffew's picture

no end of the world...just a tiny bit of rationale is all that anyone wants.

D.r. Funk's picture

Anyone since 2013 heckling permabears is seriously lacking nuance. Stock indexes are ...fully controlled. That started becoming officially known and apparent in 2013.

Obviously if control is had they can hold off anything they want for as long as they want. It's not an equivalent argument without full context. Without the existence of modern and/or ai programming, wave 3 down lol would have happened.

meanwhile obviously-obviously the overbloated overbleeding has merely been 2x-ed, 3x-ed, 4x-ed

SheHunter's picture

Sadly I agree,  It is no longer a market.

runningman18's picture

Stop with the strawman.  No one said it was the "end of the world", just the collapse of the economy, which is happening right now and is ongoing.  Unless you are one of those idiots that only follows the stock market when judging economic health...      

Kaiser Sousa's picture

8 weeks & 1 day...

what would u expect from this genius...

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture


The headline earlier was Dow plus 1600 in last nine days. that number seemed a little fuckey, even for the fed.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Even the little boy who cried WOLF was right one day!!!

U4 eee aaa's picture

because the world is getting so much better right in front of our eyes. every. single. day.

This is it's picture

But it's different this time. 

booboo's picture

Not really, I remember the market in 06-07. The doomer blogs were predicting it happened. The doomer blogs are still here and nothing materially has changed in the economy except trillions in printed money and it will still shit the bed. THe best you pussies can hope for is that these blogs don't rub your noses in the pile of dog shit after the next crash of crashes....but they will.

Hkan's picture

Never ending bying time......?

Homie's picture

The groundhogs are in awe of the Fed

Turin Turambar's picture

My money will be on a september 3rd Sunday event.

penneyed's picture

Shepwave hit market action again. Thanks zerohedge.

Snaffew's picture

so shepwave said the markets would do nothing today...awesome predick

Hkan's picture

Anyone got date and time of crash.....!?

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Usually right after over confidence is the mind set. If you could bring back all the dead people who thought they were in total control I'd bet that was their feelings right before their MayDay event.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Tylers make the best charts.  All this winning and my GS is still stuck under $230 ... sigh

Dilluminati's picture

Finally..."You Are Here"

That's fucked up, sobering, and accurate.  And most people were'nt paying attention in 1987.


D.r. Funk's picture
To the overseers, Trying to outlast bears: you.cant.get.under.11.vix.much.longer.NOW
Nice psych manipulation game you are playin, Youre not fooling some of us, 100% programmed illusion kiss my ass, I can outlast you, and beat u
Pop3y3too's picture

Dammit they're going to cause me to have to buy more silver. /s

tropicthunder's picture

Yep, let's go "stacking" into an investment which is the same fucking price it was 9 years ago.. Sounds awesome. You would have been better off in some boring ass grandma stocks like PG, KO, CLX or any other low-beta champ. But nooooo, let's go into high-beta, manipulated silver which gets its ass slammed after each and every $1 move higher!  

Ben A Drill's picture

Why the sarcasm? 20 oz here, 20 oz there, pretty soon you end up with over 500 oz. not bad for keeping it real in your hand.

Arnold's picture

12 oz here, 12 oz there, you end up with a blue light special with 9 mm pills.

tropicthunder's picture

Man, they really beat the shit out of Silver this week.. Looks like PMs are gonna get flash crashed, smashed and hammered by Da Boyz next week..

vegas's picture

Is there a bigger trading joke in the entire word that surpasses either the Dow30 or the SP500? Seriousy manipulated beyond belief, as the entire FX, metals, and everything else goes bananas, but these 2 fucking markets are the limpest dicks ever seen. If the manipulators don;t take their foot off of these two, come exit time, there aren't going to be any buyers when the crowd goes to redeem ... ohh, won't that be fun. coming to a theater near you right around debt ceiling and budget time.

Silver Savior's picture

To believe in the stock market is to believe in the fiat illusion. Prices must rise therefore stocks must rise. The stock market is going nowhere but it's no surprise if one sees green then they think it symbolizes prosperity. WRONG!

wattie's picture


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SybilDefense's picture

Yes, that is exactly what I need, another way to get manipulated into loosing more value.  Kiss me ass.  I'm buying a farm and growing poppy.  Only drugs can make this more better

Fundies's picture

Death to the Money Changers ?