Gen. Kelly Unveils His Rules To Restore Order To Trump's White House

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"Stop Bickering, Get in Early, Make an Appointment."

That's how the WSJ summarizes the new White House protocol implemented by Trump's new Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, appointed just one week ago, and who has been tasked with what many believe is impossible: restoring order to the White House.

It's already working. According to an anecdote relayed by the journal, earlier this week, a small group of senior officials talked with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office about plans to take on Beijing over intellectual-property theft. When a side debate broke out between two top aides, the new White House chief of staff ordered the pair out of the room.

Return, John Kelly told them, once your differences are resolved, according to a person familiar with the exchange.

The move kept the meeting on track. It also signaled to top staff that Mr. Kelly, a retired four-star general, planned to bring new order and discipline to a West Wing that has been riven for six months with division and disorganization, a move which has been cheered by many on Wall Street - notably Citi - who believe that Kelly's arrival could mark a new phase for the heretofore chaotic, disorganized presidency and which may even lead to Trump's successful passage of his proposed tax reform.

Other signs of Mr. Kelly’s taking the reins, the WSJ reports, include the end of the unchecked flow of paperwork that crosses the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and a new, more formal process for meeting with the president.

The marine veteran has, predictably, already imposed an army-like atmosphere:

Running one of his first senior staff meetings, Mr. Kelly laid down clear lines of authority and ordered aides to stay in their lanes. Discussions with senators, U.S. House members or others on Capitol Hill must be reported to the White House’s legislative affairs director, Marc Short. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Mr. Kelly said, must know about meetings with foreign diplomats.


National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster this week removed from the National Security Council its senior director for intelligence programs, Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Mr. McMaster had sought to fire him earlier this year, but the move was blocked by the president, according to one administration official. This week, Mr. McMaster informed Mr. Kelly before taking the step, and the new chief of staff didn’t object, according to an administration official. A second official said the move was a sign Mr. Kelly had no plans to micromanage staff.


Mr. Kelly moved senior staff meetings to 8 a.m., instead of 8:45, and holds them around the long mahogany table of the Roosevelt Room. His predecessor, Mr. Priebus, held the meetings in his office, where the television was often turned on and where staff could often redirect the discussion away from the agenda.

More importantly, Kelley has finally imposed much-needed discipline in what has been the weakest link of the Trump administration: the flow of constantly leaking information:

Among the clearest changes since Mr. Kelly’s arrival is a more careful review of information, from statements of fact to news reports, before it goes to the president’s desk, a White House official said. News articles and policy proposals will first be run through Mr. Kelly, in part to reduce the risk of erroneous material appearing on the presidential Twitter feed.


Mr. Kelly is also cracking down on what the White House official calls “paper”—unsolicited policy ideas that have made it to the president’s desk, and sometimes into his public statements, without serious review by his top-level staff.

Best of all, nobody will be spared Kelly's rules: they extend to Trump’s family, including son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump, who serve as official advisers in the White House and have their own staffs; both now report to Kelly instead of directly to the president, as does Steve Bannon. Better yet, staffers no longer loiter outside an open Oval Office door, hoping to catch the president’s eye to be waved in for a chat or the chance to pitch a new idea. That door is now closed.

In true army fashion, aides can’t linger outside the chief of staff’s office, either.

White House staff waiting to see Mr. Kelly—or other senior advisers in nearby suites—are asked to remain in the lobby, where White House visitors sit on couches and can read a selection of daily newspapers.

In an amazing development, Kelly’s new process is said to have has slowed the president’s use of Twitter. As reported on Wednesday, the chief of staff also reassured Attorney General Jeff Sessions he isn’t on the verge of being fired, after sustained public criticism by the president, and he has instructed the often-feuding factions in the White House to “get their act together” before bringing an issue before the commander-in-chief.

“Everyone in the White House likes referring to him as ‘General,’” said former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich of the 67-year-old chief of staff, describing a “sense of relief” in the West Wing this week.

So is Kelly the now de facto "shadow president", perhaps the only figure of authority whom Trump will listen? Perhaps, although the question now is whether or for how long the new discipline can last.

The president is described by friends and critics alike as reveling in chaos and enjoying public competition among his top advisers, as the recent revolving door fiasco involving Sean Spicer and Anthony Scaramucci demonstrated.

So strict is the new "General", that some are already betting on Kelly's downfall.

“The problem here is that he won’t have anyone to talk to, and he’ll get frustrated,” said one person who regularly speaks with Mr. Trump. “I give General Kelly four months.”

Needless to say, Kelly’s success, or failure, will determine whether the White House can successfully pursue its agenda, which has stalled amid a tumultuous period in Washington unlike any other recent presidency. In the latest Quinnipiac survey, Trump’s approval rating crashed to a new low, even as the president faces an intensifying probe into his alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

* * *

Whether he is gone in just a few months or not, there are sadly limits to what Kelly can control, with Trump’s Twitter account the most visible example.

While the president tweeted less this week, on Thursday morning he criticized Congress’s passage of sanctions against Russia. The message contradicted Vice President Mike Pence, who, two days earlier, said the sanctions bill showed Mr. Trump and Congress were “speaking with a unified voice.”

Additionally, while Kelly can direct the president’s schedule, he will likely struggle to contain Trump’s penchant for picking up the phone and calling his roster of longtime friends from New York. As the WSJ observes, “it wouldn’t work to try to isolate President Trump. He would rebel against that,” Rudy Giuliani said. “General Kelly has to balance on the one hand an orderly process, and on the other hand an orderly process that doesn’t in any way isolate the president.”

Despite protests that Kelly is not there to babysit Trump, many are hoping that's precisely what he will do:

A White House official said Mr. Kelly has been “very clear that he’s here to manage the staff, not to manage the president.” His efforts to control the information and advisers reaching the president are to ensure Mr. Trump is “being properly staffed.” the official said.

Kelly - who grew up in Boston and served as chief of the U.S. Southern Command, the division that oversees U.S. military activities south of Mexico, including Central America, South America and the Caribbean - has said he hadn’t met the president until Priebus, the man he ultimately replaced, called after Trump’s November election victory to gauge his interest becoming the new president’s secretary of Homeland Security. He took the job and soon joined Trump’s inner circle, becoming one of the few cabinet secretaries who frequently dines with the president.

To be sure, for now at least, Trump appears in awe of the General.

Trump was impressed by Mr. Kelly’s presentations at DHS, at times describing him as “a killer.” He is also taken, said one official, by the “presence” of his chief of staff, who stands about 6-foot-2 and tends to dominate the room. Mr. Trump had offered Mr. Kelly the chief of staff job in the spring, officials said, but Mr. Kelly declined at that time.

Unlike the drama that seems to follow Trump everywhere he goes, people who have known Mr. Kelly for years describe his style as no-nonsense. He introduces himself on phone calls and in emails to people he knows simply as “Kelly.” “If you’re in a 10-minute meeting with him, he’ll be quiet for the first nine minutes," listening before making a decision or a pronouncement, said one person close to him.

“You’re starting to see a different flow, a different discipline,” Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters on Thursday. Mr. Mulvaney said when he has spoken with Mr. Trump by phone this week, the chief of staff has also been on the line.

With Trump departing today for a two week vacation, Kelly will have some time to familiarize himself with the White House chaos and improve his tactics.

Mr. Kelly’s new system is a work in progress, the White House official said. White House staffers expect final decisions about how the West Wing will run under Mr. Kelly to be set more firmly in place later this month.


Mr. Trump is sure to see at least one issue resolved when he returns: A new air-conditioning system is set to be installed in the White House while the president is out of town.

* * *

Not everyone is excited by the recent transitions. Some, such as the New Republic, are very concerned what the sudden rise to power by two generals - Kelly and McMaster - in the White House means:

Where the generals haven’t been empowered to run the show, they have asserted themselves nonetheless. “In the earliest weeks of Trump’s presidency,” the Associated Press reported Tuesday, Mattis and Kelly agreed “that one of them should remain in the United States at all times to keep tabs on the orders rapidly emerging from the White House.”


It would be sensationalizing things to call this a soft coup, but it is impossible to deny that real presidential powers have been diluted or usurped. Elected officials have decided that leaving the functioning of the government to unelected military officers is politically preferable to invoking constitutional remedies that would require them to vote.

And, of course, they bring up the famous 25th Amendment:

When a president can no longer serve faithfully, there are means available to Congress and the cabinet, through the impeachment power and section four of the 25th Amendment, to remove him.

The conclusion: "If you fear the creep of autocracy or the crisis of absentee leadership in Trump’s White House, then the truly troubling thing isn’t that government officials, current and former, are sounding the alarm. It’s that the people who have the power to end these crises are leaving us all at risk by placing their faith in generals looking the other way."

Whether Kelly's arrival is a "soft coup", and means that the US is increasingly in the hands of the military, as some suggest, remains to be seen. However, it has become increasingly obvious that the current chaotic status quo was becoming dangerously unsustainable. Maybe generals in the White House is just what Trump needed. On the other hand, there are countless examples in history where this type of soft power transition has ended very badly, especially for foreign countries . Someone who is, or should be, most concerned by the arrival of the "General", is North Korea's Kim Jong Un, for patently obvious reasons. The next time the Trump admin needs a major distraction, Kim's survival chances will be lower than the Vix.

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If it keeps the daughter and son-in-law at arm's length, go right ahead.

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"Don't talk with your mouth full"

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"In 2010, Kelly's 29-year-old son, First Lieutenant Robert Kelly, was killed in action when he stepped on a landmine while leading a platoon of Marines on a patrol in SanginAfghanistan. The younger Kelly was a former enlisted Marine and was on his third combat tour, and his first combat tour as a U.S. Marine Corps infantry officer. At the time of his death, Robert Kelly was with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines. Robert Kelly's death made John Kelly the highest-ranking military officer to lose a child in Iraq or Afghanistan."


He's made the ultimate sacrifice to assist the Jews in their pursuit of Global Government......


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Now if and when the Jews succeed will all Jews enjoy the benefits. For example will the deli owner who is Jewish no longer have to open his store because he will be instantly ultra rich or is this reserved for only the super Jews?

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"I'm the world's greatest person." (actual Trump quote)

I don't deserve a bickering staff. Sad.


"But to say to US voters, 'I am going to protect your jobs, I'm going to protect social security, I'm going to protect your healthcare, I'm going to stand up for the little guy, I'm going to drain the swamp - and then bring in half your cabinet from Goldman Sachs? And pass – or try to pass – the most aggressive pro-corporate legislation that the US has ever seen? I'm comfortable calling that a corporate coup." — Naomi Klein

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So.... about my tax cuts....

No?  Still nothing?  OK.  I'll just wait longer.


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Talk to Congress. You know better.

The ass clown poster above you is a paid stooge.

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With all do respect Mr. General ... good luck


Your time, like the others, limited

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Gen. Kelly Unveils His Rules To Restore Order To Trump's White House:

Get rid of the Jewish neocons and classify AIPAC as foreign agent.

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I'm all for those rules. They're better than Kelly's.

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RULE NO. 1: You do not talk about Fight Club...

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It's all totally normal, nothing unusual is going on at the WH.


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ANY tax cut that the dems might allow will maybe get you back 1/2 of what you'll lose in health care, inflation, fees etc...


they call that giving you the sleeves from their vests...

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Oy.. I was never an anti- semen person…

But this whole zion-control thing in the US banks…  .gov… media…

…has me suspiciously aware  (.mil lingo there)

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yes and please one and all don't lump the jews together.  the best turn of events lately came from a left wing jew (pulitzer prize, five polk journalism awards) seymour hersh:

brennan's not a jew.  he may be a catholic, he may be a muslim, it's really not crucial.  what is crucial is he is a zionist.

that's what matters in this story.  that explains 9-11 and the wars that followed, russiagate and why the deep state so wanted hillary and feared and hated trump.  he is not vetted and for all his recent fawning, had stated in the past deeply loathed ideas such as an even handed policy in palestine and, more recently, support for the "one state" solution (israeli citizenship for palestinians).

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Newsflash for anyone who thinks that someone from the military is gonna organise things better: It’s. NOT. Going. To. Happen! 

Essentially, soldiers (from privates to generals) are all bureaucrats and civil servants with a 9-5 and a ‘this-is-not-my-responsibilty’ mentality. They cover this up by a lot of tough talk and “serving my country’ crap.  Just like politicians, the only way that an army (air force, navy) person can make something ‘work’ is by using a HUGE amount of resources, and this is typically what all these people are also constantly complaining about: they want MOAR! More money, more personnel, more aircraft, more tanks and more of anything!  Need an example of all the above combined? Look no further than nutcase John McCain!
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I am not a hard-ass about this....

Butt.... I am taking my drywall hacking saw somewhere.

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He IS a Muslim - reports are he converted a couple of years ago.

We've let a lot of foxes into our henhouse.

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^ nailed it.


Wishing I could up vote U 10x.

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"a move which has been cheered by many on Wall Street - notably Citi"

STRIKE 1....Gen. Kelly....

personally I think a firing squad at the back of casa blanco is the surefire (see wut i did there ? ) way to stop the leaking.... except for blood, that'll be leakin ALL over the place....  

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The jew-haters on here are pathetic morons.

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I agree.

Who do they want to rule? A-rabs and negroes? Yeah, that's the ticket!

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Try Christians... works most everywhere..


Shit... even jews and atheists can agree on that.


I grew up as a lonely little goy in a Hebrew patch in Death City (Chicago)…

They all moved out to Skokie and gave up the hood to the Paks.

I moved out further than them.

Most all I knew were good…

It’s the devious ones you have to look out for… there just has to be something in the blood.


Christians try to protect everybody… even ass-wipes like some here.




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..the problem with Christians is that they are so laissez faire and easy to get along with that they get steamrolled by devious schmucks.




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the problem with christians is they dont read their own Bibles to find out what Christ said and warned us about many times, rehgarding a certain tribe. If they do read it they just gloss over it and go right back to worshipping moloch. i grew up in a family of them. Cant really be a Christian if you dont pay attention to Christs word.

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some humans must be born with a war(kill) gene. sure survival is at the heart of it all. but really, to control the entire species with monetary policies via a war machine. no limits to the human condition of insanity.

the insane desire to "have it all", but yet not be happy with everything a common man or woman would lust for,(or much less), like food, shelter and a coherent family. 

false ideals. false people(our leaders, and that is insane in itself).

less is moar...

less leaders, less less humans-lol...

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Time was, not long ago, the Jews in American were banished from high society. But the old-money WASPS did not prevent

the rise of Jews to power and influence. Why is that? 

(They're all globalists. They think working Americans are spoiled, arrogant children who need to be taken down a few pegs.)  

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"McMaster this week removed from the National Security Council its senior director for intelligence programs, (((Ezra Cohen-Watnick)))"  

McMaster and Kelly...Perhaps they really mean business. I'll make a bold prediction that General Kelly will be around longer that the establishment dreams of. One doesn't run a government organization such as Southern Command without intimate knowledge of the inner workings of deep state. Trump admires such pragmatic men with proven effective leadership who will cut out the bad actors. Their worst enemy may indeed be (((Kushner))).  Semper Fi, General Kelly.      

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There is no reality in any of the theater that is being presented.  Its all been orchestrated to give false hope, belief that things have a chance to change for the better. Anything to keep the masses on the treadmill. Those that see behind the curtain and attempt to out the truth are destroyed. Those that play along or are no threat are allowed to continue. Things can change but only if the masses realize they have nothing to live for but truth, integrity, virtue, God. Instead most are too concerned with the survival of themselves and their own to take the risk of actually doing something meaningful to stop all this. Die unto yourself and be free of this world-  live free. 

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This article mistakenly calls Kelly an Army general. A Marine can receive no greater insult than to be called a soldier.

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Yeah I caught that too. As an Army guy who had an ex-Marine as my Ranger Buddy, you are right about that!


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"squid" is a close second.

"zoomie" is laughable and would not be entertained.

It is Summer, so the Weekend Tylerz must be in charge.

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yeah, the zoomies are more like the cub scouts - except the cub scouts have adult supervision.  worked for me, though, cuz all that marching and shit looked like a real drag.  we did occasionally get reminded that we are in an armed service, though.

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yeah, the zoomies are more like the cub scouts - except the cub scouts have adult supervision.  worked for me, though, cuz all that marching and shit looked like a real drag.  all that running around and shouting...  not my style.  we did occasionally get reminded that we are in an armed service, though.

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Yep.  Everybody knows that Marines are supposed to be called Jarheads.  All the Soldiers do, 'fer sure.

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Not as insulted as I would feel being called a DIRTY NASTY LEG Marine.



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Three things fall from the sky:

  • Rain
  • Bird-shit
  • Airborne

#alltheway ;0

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If he fucks up on the job "soldier" will NOT be the worst insult he receives, particularly from our cherished members at Fightclubtm

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Tax cuts.  That's funny. If anyone gets a net tax cut it will be the wealthy and corporations.  The bills still have to be paid so until there are spending cuts, you can only count on tax increases.  Your tax rate may be cut but your net taxes will increase.

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..time for electrodes on the testicles and/or titties in there.

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"Actual Trump quote"....Link please or shut up.

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U not hear of Google, dumbfuck?

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You truncated his quote,he said "I'm the greatest person in the world not letting people into the country" obviously he means he is tough on immigration.I look forward to your next lie by omission.

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you are aware the jews are a cover for the templars, right? Freemasons? Same as always? 

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All secretly ochestrated by the Kiwanis Club.

They hide in plain sight, the unrealized Masters of the Universe pull all the strings behind an innocuous facade of Pancake Breakfasts.

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The Jews will apparently ____, until y'all get your genealogy straight.
But y'all know this and therefore cannot be taken seriously.

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Shameful comment. I wish you no peace for the rest of your days on earth.