Krauthammer Issues Stark Warning Over Mueller Investigation: “We Should Be Treading Very Carefully Here”

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Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer issued a stark warning to America last night in an interview with Tucker Carlson, calling the idea of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt and the slow march towards impeachment “a catastrophic mistake.”

In an earlier Fox segment, Krauthammer responded to news that Mueller had impaneled a grand jury for the investigation, saying “Tonight’s news is not just a threat to Trump and his entourage but it is [a threat] to constitutional stability.”

He later told Carlson, “The danger here, the pity here is that we’re still discussing the legitimacy of an election of a president, 6 months in. That is never healthy for a democracy,” Krauthammer added “This has never happened to us, and that’s why I hope people would tread carefully.”

Power to the people

During yesterday’s rally in West Virginia – the state won by the largest margin – President Trump gave a particularly rousing speech, painting a picture of corrupt, Russophobic D.C. politicians trying to invalidate a fair election, rendering their votes meaningless. Trump told the crowd “We didn’t win becaues of Russia. We won because of you.”

Krauthammer’s take was that Trump’s packed rally was a reminder to the establishment that true power lies with the citizenry. “I think that the appearance that he did in W. VA tonight is a way of saying “my numbers may be down, but I command a formidable army,” adding “I think we should be treading very carefully here. This is where we are. We’re sort of sleepwalking into this.

Tucker: From the very first day, people were saying we’re gonna take him out, now this investigation looks like it has the potential to do that. If that were to happen, some of these voters might conclude that they’re not really allowed to pick their own President.

Krauthammer: That’s why I think we’re really headed into really choppy and dangerous constitutional waters. We know what the Democrats want to do, they want to get control of the House, and on day one they’re going to start impeachment.

In July, up to 25 House Democrats reportedly began working on a bill to start impeachment proceedings against Trump – though the proposal has yet to be sponsored.

 Mueller Time

While discussing the Robert Mueller’s deep-dive investigation into whether or not the Trump team colluded with Russia, Krauthammer reminded viewers that any investigation needs to start with evidence of an actual crime.

Now, I happen to think, as you know I opposed the Trump candidacy. I don’t think he’s very well fit for the presidency. But fitness is not a reason for impeachment and removal. High crimes are. Here we have a prosecutor looking for high crimes.

With Watergate you started with a crime and then you tried to find out how it happened. Here, they’re looking for a crime, perhaps they’ll find one – I don’t know. Collusion is unseemly but it ain’t a crime. 

This is an investigation in search of a crime. Show me the crime, I’m open to empirical evidence. If they show it, I’ll be open to say well maybe this ought to be prosecuted. But as of now, it is something that’s closing in, and it is very dangerous. Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer is absolutely right. The Mueller investigation was based on the flimsy Comey memo, much like the Russian interference probes in the House and Senate are largely based on a largely discredited report.

As Trump loyalists are purged by Natl. Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, and General John Kelly insulates the President – much like Nixon’s final weeks, one can’t help but wonder if we are truly living in a banana republic if a democratically elected President can be removed from office simply because the establishment doesn’t like him.

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newworldorder's picture

Trump cannot be impeached on Constitutional grounds, without a Comey Investigation, A Lynch Investigation, A Wassman Schultz invetigation, an unmasking investigation The Hillary Email and Computer Servers investigation, the National Security Implications Investigations on FISA and the unmaskings, and a few others witch I have forgotten.

Taken in totality the Trump Russia investigation along with the other ivestigations is the only way to give the country a total look at the malfeasance in Office of the last 8 years of the Obama Administration, - not just the allegations against the Trump Campaign.

Any attempt to overthrouw a duly elected government of the United States and Trump - will have incalculable and dangerous consequences for the malcontents of  both Political Parties. Once our country is divided along Constitutional Grounds it may take us back to a point in 1865, from which this country almost never recovered.

Thom Paine's picture

I think the Republicans have zero chance of gettng rid of Trump without totally destroying themselves.

Likewise they have Zero chance of replacing him at the next election without having destoryed themselves in the meantime.

There are Republicans in safe seats who don't care if the party is ruined or not.

Honest Sam's picture

There is no genuine, republican majority.  The half dozen rinos that vote with democrats are an unholy, "Thing", execrable, disgusting, corrupt and traitorous to the people who elected Trump and although the rabid partisans and hangers on in media don't know it, to them as well.   

To say they have zero chance is to misunderstand the reality of Congress as it is constructed:  It is the province of Incumbents in both parties to maintain the status quo while putting on a puppet show every 4 years to make the people think they have a say in ho they are to be governed. 

The martinets are running the show behind the curtain and they are not going to stand for Donald Trump, and 30 states' citizens upsetting their highly lucrative applecart. 



cowboycurtis's picture

A coup by any other name.  Krauthamer, who is paralyzed, gets all of his drivel fed to him as he isn't physically capable of investigating anything.  Every GOP president since Nixon has had a special prosecutor selected against them.  Talk about a weapon to keep our democratically elected conservative leaders as vassals.  

istt's picture

Fuck Krauthammer. I listened to him with disbelief last night when he told us how Trump could be taken down even though he may have done nothing wrong, as though he were giving it tacit approval. Krauthammer is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Note how is treated with the utmost respect. This guy is a shill for his tribe.

Honest Sam's picture

I have gradually seen thru his screen and every day more is revealed.  

His contempt for Trump's voters is palpable.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

The Kraut is a Globalist Elitest Never Trumper- he was one of the many telling us how Trump isn't conservative enough for them- as they sip their scotch and talk of open borders- and tried to push Jeb down our collective throats.

newworldorder's picture

We are marching toward a second French Revolution, this time against the NWO. IF it ever comes and not stopped quickly, the furry of lost loved ones will not stop untill many in the political and pundit class are consumed in their own fires.

QIG's picture

FOX is covertly dirty. Bad breeding, started by a Cult Guru.

TeethVillage88s's picture

As if there was only a few cases of 'Stupid policy, stupid congress, stupid military, stupid foreign policy, stupid war policy, stupid security policy in the military'...

15 minutes in story on Military Program infiltrated by Refugees & Immigrants:

- All our systems are perverted toward corruption
- The USA is in deep decline and can't last many more years
- Who or what will vet or out the bad actors in congress, in govt policy, in GOP/DNC, in Lobbying, in foreign lobbying, and in our Banking & Legal Systems???????

QIG's picture

Hopefully, the democratic party will die, and be buried. It is worhtless, escept for the oppotunity it gives those who are democrats to steal.

brushhog's picture

Well we havent all been "sleepwalking into this" many of us have been wide awake and screaming about it for months now. The Trump administration has been sleepwalking, not us.

SpasticGramps's picture

Pfft. We are a banana republic on a good day.

To war....plebes. Shut your mouths and go die for Goldman Sachs like the good obedient proles that you are.

Even if Trump is executed or pushed out nothing will happen. All the flag waving, hooking and hollering sheep will go into their hole and do whatever the deep state tells them to.

We are too apathetic and lazy to fight for our own survival. Death is so much easier.

Prove me wrong and I'll eat my cock on national TV when plebes storm the Capital Building.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Yep.  And the choir said: "Amen"!

WitchCharmerrr's picture

Everything about Trump's administration has revolved around placing spooks like Ezra Cohen-Watnick in strategic positions and having them carefully control dissemination of documents having leak identifiers placed in their text...Trump warned the media early on that "The leaks are real, the news is fake", and now they have gathered enough information and evidence on leakers to prosecute them..Including the media outlets whom have alluded to the fact that their agenda is based on trying to subvert and topple the president's administration. The fallout is coming...Jeff Sessions hinted at this operation yesterday in his press conference...The media is running scared...WaPo, CNN, The NY Times and others will be under the gun very shortly...McMasters is actually working with Trump..."Firing" the so-called Trump loyalists in the NSC is not what it seems....Their work was done and they will be moving to other positions in the government..The snares are laid and the investigations are ongoing. Trump is a big fan of Sun Tsu, and his ultra-secret sting operation was part of a classic "Art of War" strategy of allowing his enemies to distract themselves with smug delusions while carefully working behind the scenes to unravel and expose their incompetence...Watch what happens...NOTHING is what it seems...Palace intrigue at its finest....The WH is a hotbed of cloak and dagger scheming for now...But my money is on Trump....
Don't forget that Trump has been working on hundreds of promise fulfillments behind the scenes while this has been going on...All without accepting any government money to pay him for his service...
The list is HERE:

skunzie's picture

Thanks for the post from, Witchcharmerrr!  I hadn't been able to find info on the good work the Donald is doing behind the scenes.  I hope you are right about what he's doing to lay traps for the leakers out there!

dot_bust's picture

There is one way that Trump can defeat the Deep State: Declassify and release the information showing that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy.


sgt_doom's picture

Sorry, dude, but the important and incriminating information was released back in 1977, but few have been paying attention, and everyone else who bothered has been inundated with all the misinformation the CIA and affiliates keeps pumping out to confuse and bewilder.

FACT: CIA document #632-796 is released in 1977 - - dated 4/01/64 - - titled: “Jean Souetre's Expulsion from the US” which occurred 18 hours after the murder of JFK, where Souetre, an assassin with the OAS and Red Hand, was picked up in Dallas, TX, by INS agent Virgil Bailey.  (Oddly, Virgil Bailey, along with George H.W. Bush had little to no recollection of events on the day JFK was murdered --- he recalled picking up the Frenchman, Jean Souetre --- an international assassin wanted for a number of crimes, chiefly the attempted assassination of another president, Charles de Gaulle of France, and was an escaped convict, wanted for treason and sedition in France, etc.  So shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas, old Virgil picks up a guy --- an illegal alien --- from the Dallas jail, wanted in an attempt on another president, but doesn’t recall what happened to him, his disposition, what became of him, etc.)

Now this part below, the actual agents' names, is still classified last time I checked, although documents on the SIS have been declassified.  Now why do you suppose they still have the agents' names below still classified, long after WWII?????




The CIA and the FBI/SIS


The following individuals belonged to the same FBI/SIS (Special Intelligence Service) unit operating in Central and South America during World War II.


Cartha Deloach (FBI on 11/22/63 --- had a cousin who was a doctor at Parkland Hospital who would later order electroshock treatments to be administered to George DeMohrenschildt after he penned the manuscript about Oswald titled, “I’m a Patsy, I’m a Patsy” which would occur shortly before DeMohrenschildt’s apparent suicide)


William Harvey (CIA station chief in Italy on 11/22/63 --- cables intercepted between that CIA station and the OAS by Pfc. Eugene B. Dinkin with details on the presidential assassination.  Harvey was the creator of the CIA’s assassination bureau and would claim in 1975 that the order for its creation came from President Kennedy --- Harvey was the sole source for this assertion.)


J. Gordon Shanklin (FBI/SAC in Dallas on 11/22/63)


J. Walton Moore (CIA man stationed in Dallas on 11/22/63)


Guy Banister (CIA paymaster in New Orleans on 11/22/63)


SIS headquarters was located at the Rockefeller Center tower.


They reported to Nelson Rockefeller, who was the Coordinator for Inter-American Affairs.


Rockefeller’s administrator was George deMohrenschildt, who would later be either Lee Oswald’s handler or supposed close friend.


Interesting to note that Frank Holloman was a manager with the FBI’s SIS and would later be the Police and Fire Director in Memphis in 1968 when Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated.



The CIA and the Secret Service


Deputy Chief of the US Secret Service on 11/22/63 was Paul J. Paterni who served in the same OSS unit as the future head of the CIA’s Counterintelligence Division, James Jesus Angleton, and his assistant, James Rocca.  They were all commanded by Clifton Carter who was the chief advisor to Vice President Johnson on 11/22/63, and Carter’s brother at that time was the deputy director of the CIA, Gen. Marshall Carter, recommended for that position by Nelson Rockefeller.


Thom Paine's picture

Trump should come out in an address to the nation, and do a Bush, toward the Republican Party.

You are either for or against me.

You either support me, or I and voters abandon you.

You do your job, or 'you're fired'

StarGate's picture

Agreed. The popularity polls are the same ones that said Hillary would win. DJT popularity is probably the opposite of the reputed polls.

No one - NOT one American Citizen voted for
911/WTC Mr Benghazi Mueller for Prez.
Yet Sessions and Rosenstein have granted him that power.

The Special Counsel law was created by Congress for them to decide who is Prez and not the Citizens. The Constitution has a legal process for removing a Prez, impeachment, and Congress has full powers to investigate.

Thus the only reason for assigning Special Counsel to investigate a sitting Prez is to remove him thru this SECRET process.

Thom Paine's picture

It is clear the Republican Party has decided to not support their President, and instead assit in trying to remove him for a non-outsider.

It is their extreme disconection with the real world, and arrogance, that they think that they could sell out Trump and just get away with it.


Trying to remove Trump WILL destroy the Republican party.

  • How many millions of Trump supporters who will not vote can the Republican party survive?
  • Trump has it in his power at the moment to cause the obliteration of the Republican Party if he really turned on them.

Deep State with GOP is angling to destroy Trump.

Trump should call their bluff in a big way, hard ball.

At the end of the day, Trump  still walks away a billionaire,  but there will be a hundred unemployed former Republican Congressmen.

Trump has all the leverage if he wants to use it. But has to use it now!

skunzie's picture

Even if they become unemployed Republican Congressmen, they still walk away from their gigs as millionaires.  They get a full pension and health care benefits for life!  A total crock I know but that's how they rig the system for themselves.

StarGate's picture

Your forgetting that Sessions and Rosenstein have granted Mr 911/WTC Mueller authority to imprison Trump's children, which is what Mueller is threatening to do.
Trump does not fear death or he would not have run. But he will protect his children which is why he signed the recent sanctions bill eliminating the Prez power to decide foreign matters.

amenlight's picture

Don't forget that POTUS can pardon anyone, including his children!

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

Impeachment infers criminality which would imply that an impeached president can pardon no one.

All the more astonishing then, that the President's alleged misdemeanours only commenced pursuant to his (successful) foray into politics

tangent's picture

Look at all these grand juries forming to drain the swamp. Wow, mission accomplished.

Posa's picture

Hey Krautie: You may be sleeping, but the Liberal- Deep State coalition is very wide awake, frantically so, and they are more than willing tonullify an election whose outcome they don't like.

Playtime's Over's picture

NO one is sleeping but you Kraut.

Aireannpure's picture

Now is the time to build financial/white collar crime prisons. Somewhere in northern Montana with no wifi. Bill and Hill could do the ribbon cutting.

gordo53's picture

Our system of government; the two party system et. al. is a failure.  More and more American voters are coming to that conclusion.  Unfortunately, the pols in both parties have solid control over every aspect of government and are not planning on giving it up peacefully.  So bring on the impeachment.  Destabilize government and see what happens.  There may be a revolution brewing in the background.  We shall see.

DuneCreature's picture

What we are sleep walking into we have already hit and been knocked completely senseless. ... Dazed,...bonked totally stupid.

Spazzteced to Retardville with no return trip ticket.


~~))) ... There Is Something Here The Deep State Doesn't Want You To See Or Hear ... (((~~~

What is it? ... I'm not sure. ... The NSA boys have made my copy of this video so broken up I could hardly get through it.

I hope they haven't messed with it for everyone but I'm guessing they may have.

"The Cars Are Cash" =

Of course, we all know stealing cars would be a lucrative business if you always got away with the goods. . .. The kids get 'Grand Theft Auto' training while still in diapers on the computer 'educational device' while mom chats with Marge.

But making great money heisting cars is easy if anytime you get busted for theft you just call your good buddy Cagey McCabe at the FBI and he springs you to back out onto the street...............A street full of luxury cars, and then he (or his 'agent') hands you the keys to a few of the rides ripe for the taking because the owners are tied up in the long lines at the DMV. ... Andy's guys know just where the owners are at any given minute of the day.

You know a country is fucked up when the guys you are paying to protect you from robbers are stealing your shit. .... And screwing with your videos on YouTube and trying to throw you in jail for reporting them.

Aaaaah, we should probably rethink our system of 'just-us' and our method of controlling the outcome because what we are doing IS.......NOT..........WORKING.

The FBI gives Grand Theft Auto a whole new meaning as a career choice. ...........

The Car Insurance Pirates must love the new business model too. .. I'm sure they have figured out a profitable angle for themselves because we sure haven't heard a peep from them about Jell-O Motors International.

Live Hard, Buying A Set Of Tire Locking Boots Might Keep Your Car In The Driveway Until Slippery Jim Comey Shows Up With A Crane, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

Bad_Sushi's picture

Dude, that video is an HOUR AND ONE HALF! 


For the sake of Baby Jesus, give us the cliff notes man!  

quasi_verbatim's picture

Banana republic? You should be so lucky.

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

Beyond stupid, especially when the president is attacked through disproportionate innuendo and scrutiny levelled at his immediate family.

If he is to be even remotely successful Mueller needs to enquire why US is not invading Saudi after some random usurped the crown and proceded to attack the people.  This is entirely inconsistent with contemporary US intervention policy which has been more than happy to destroy the infrastructure of stronger more established nations for far less.

dinkum's picture

I only know what I read in the papers and listen to on TV.

Bill Binney and others with over a century of designing NSA systems and Fairview have been very generous since 2001 explaining what is monitored by NSA and how it can be decoded and transcribed ala Enigma to 16 or 17 US intelligence agencies. 

When I listened to Krauthammer's Fox News opinion re impeachment of Trump -- in another link on the same interview further down this page -- I waited from some backstory mentioning Binney's allegations re the near perfect surveillance of all things Russia, China, ISIS, N Korea etc besides the 2016 primaries and general election electronic communications. None was mentioned by Krauthammer

Most importantly Krauthammer opined that Putin and Russia couldn't be more happy with the attention of the US Congress putting them back into play with the world's "power politics" battle dominated by China and the USA. Superficial reasons by Congress for Russian sanctions -- such as Ukraine and Syria -- appear to be furphies or MacGuffins:

"In TV interviews, Hitchcock defined a MacGuffin as the object around which the plot revolves, but as to what that object specifically is, he declared, "The audience don't care"."

In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrativeexplanation. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot. The most common type of MacGuffin is a person, place, or thing (such as money or an object of value). Other more abstract types include victory, glory, survival, power, love, or some unexplained driving force."

"A furphy is Australian slang for an erroneous or improbable story that is claimed to be factual. Furphies are supposedly 'heard' from reputable sources, sometimes secondhand or thirdhand, and widely believed until discounted."

Binney resigned from NSA in 2001 and yet no one much in Congress believes Binney. 

Harry Markopolos spent 10 years shopping around his mathematic proofs of a Madoff Ponzi Scheme that looked like a LCN long con caper. Now we have "The Brain" China TV game show with autistic and teen contestants able to debunk the statistics in under 2 minutes. One contestant, Rudiger Gamm from Germany is quoted as saying, "There are two certainties when I compete -- I win and you lose. 

Pray China doesn't win and US loses in this NSA enabled/facilitated handover game. 

thebigunit's picture

What's taking so long?

Mueller's charter is WAY, WAY too open ended.  He can investigate ANYTHING. He is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL fourth branch of government.

Trump doesn't need to fire Mueller, he needs to limit Mueller's charter to a very small "Russia collusion" sandbox.

Once Trump does this, Mueller is toothless eunuch.


crazzziecanuck's picture

Not possible after Whitewater.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Lawyering is Trumps playground. Let Mueller make a public horses ass of himself then fire him for being an incompetent and biased moron tool. Plays much better than just firing him.

thebigunit's picture

In a rational, law-abiding world, Trump holds the cards to shut down Mueller one way or another.

The problem is that the Deep State and their media operators are positioning themselves to play the Nixon/Watergate/Archibald Cox/obstruction of justice/impeachment card.

I suspect that Trump and his legal experts are carefully mapping all of the legal and Constitutional landmines, and at the appropriate moment, will pull the trigger and knock the pins out from under Mueller.

It may not be see obvious and dramatic as "firing" Mueller.  It just may be some innocuous, arcane executive order that takes away Muelller's "bullets" and leaves him with only blanks to shoot.

Replay the great old movie "The Sting".  The best sting is where the stooge doesn't realize that there's been a sting.

Trump is smart.

Thom Paine's picture

He can only do it through Rosenstein.


As has been suggested. Trump should have long ago gathered his own group of high flying legal and constitution experts and judges, have them issue an opion on the Special Counsel, Rosenstein and the charter given Meuller.

The could have then issued a formal rational analysis that Mueller should be removed, the charter reduced and made specific, Rosenstein reclused, and the very foundation of the Special Counsel be reviewed.

AS it is Everybody knows this is simply a corrupt set-up by Deep State Republicans and Democrats to find a way to get Trump

StarGate's picture

Trump can fire Rosenstein, he does not need a reason. However he could claim that Rosenstein was unlawfully influenced by Comey and his criminally leaked memo to appoint Comey's buddy Mueller to protect him and to seek his revenge for being fired.

Trump could then appoint a new Deputy AG.
Rosenstein was a leaky Pribus plant.

thebigunit's picture

My guess/hope is that Trump is doing something like this.

Trump should have long ago gathered his own group of high flying legal and constitution experts and judges, have them issue an opion on the Special Counsel, Rosenstein and the charter given Meuller.

He's just waiting for the first egregious case of Meuller overreach and then he's going to fire/limit Meuller based on "separation of powers" and encroachment on presidental perrogatives.

Whalley World's picture

Ever since I watched Trump on the cartoon escalator then on the campaign I knew that it was time to buckle up and grab the popcorn.

Barney Fife's picture

300 million firearms. Wow!

East Indian's picture

If Trump survives these attempts, he has survived things much worse than Andrew Jackson and JFK combined. 

Corrupt politicians, out-of-control intelligence agencies, an international bankster cartel, foreign intrigue (not Russia), religious fanaticism...

Only God and people seem to be on his side!

But when (not if) he wins, I don't know if he will opt to be a Caesar rather than a Cincinnatus.


Thom Paine's picture

The net result of a genuine impeachment of Trump would be this;

  • Destruction of American trust of the rule of law
  • Destruction of the Republican Party
  • The immediate rise of another strong political party that will intefere with Deep States ownership of Congress forevermore.
  • Brake down of rule of law and increased anarchy and domesitc terrorism
  • Riots in the streets like you have never seen
  • The total outing of Deep State to all

Oh and the irony if Trump won the Presidency as an independent, or his son, as a backlash against the Establishment.

crazzziecanuck's picture

That all depends on what Trump would be impeached over.

The next Presidential election would likely be another all-time-low, but I think that's the elite's end goal anyways.  Don't take the vote away by force.  It's dirty, nasty and unpredictable.  All they have to do is make people realize it's not worth the trouble to vote.  

If you think this began with Trump, guess again.  The whole point of the Obama years was to frustrate the Left.  How can a black Democrat not be a Liberal, right?  Well, Obama was for tax cuts for the rich, pro death penalty, was against gay marriage, was for more wars, forced RomneyCare through a filibuster proof Congress, more belligerent to Russia then the Republicans, ushered in much more intrusive state surveillance and went after journalists even more than Bush did, and so on.  Now, they're doing the same populist "hope and change" gambit to those on the Right with a failed Trump presidency.

Resistence is futile.

Only time will tell if the elites are playing with fire.  And even if they are, they probably know they're the ones who will be left untouched.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Won't happen as long as the proles have bread & circuses.