Krauthammer Warns Impeachment Would Be "A Catastrophic Mistake"

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"I think [impeaching Trump] would be a catastrophic mistake," warned outspoken conservative, and Fox News contributor, Charles Krauthammer, noting that there's no evidence Trump has committed any crime.

As The Hill reports, Krauthammer stressed that he doesn't defend Trump, but only thinks that impeachment is a mistake.

"Again, I think he's unfit," Krauthammer said, "but that's not the grounds for removal."


"I don’t think he’s very well fit for the presidency. But fitness is not a reason for impeachment and removal."

Crucially, Krauthammer notes, as demonstrated by last night's rally in West Virginia...

Trump's base is still firmly behind him and worries "I think we’re really headed into very choppy and dangerous constitutional waters"

“Here’s a guy whose numbers are down in the 30s,” Krauthammer said on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“He’s got this grand jury, reports of a grand jury being convened, he’s got the walls kind of closing in on him in Washington. And here he’s going out into the country and saying ‘These are my people. These are real people. Forget about the numbers. Forget about the chatter in Washington. Forget about the stories about Russia – which he spent a lot of time on - but I represent a huge constituency of tremendous support and enthusiasm.’

Townhall notes that Krauthammer then stressed the importance of our democratic process.

“Again, I think he’s unfit but that’s not the grounds for removal,” Krauthammer said.


“What it means is, if you think a man is unfit, you vote against him. But you don’t remove him from office and that’s where I’m afraid we are headed given the forces that are surrounding the president. I just hope that cooler heads prevail. There will be another election – there always are – people can make their choices."

With a final ominous warning to the Left...

“I think this appearance that he did in West Virginia tonight is a way of saying my numbers may be down but I command a formidable army.”

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No shit.  They don't have anything on Trump. They can dig all they want they won't find him lying.  Deceptive maybe, but being deceptive just makes him a good politician.

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These are my people. These are real people. Forget about the numbers

Fuck that shit! He has flip-flopped on almost EVERYTHING. His retarded predecessors, at least, pretended to keep some promises made to their respective bases.

Trump casually declares that his views have evolved and… THAT’S IT!!!

Mark my words, after the next school shooting (God forbid!) and a few Ivanka’s tears, his views on the 2nd Amendment will “evolve”, too.

I will never vote for a Libtard, but I will not vote for this cunt again either, even if that helps a Libtard to become POTUS.

Fuck him, fuck his bankers and fuck his generals!

Fuck his always-crying Ivanka and dickless Jared, and fuck his cocksucking sons, too!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled “I don’t give a fuck” show.  ;-)


TBT or not TBT's picture

The last impeachment did not help the impeaching party much.   

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Krauthammer Warns Impeachment Would Be "A Catastrophic Mistake"

My response: I AGREE COMPLETELY. President TRUMP is GOD's annointed and America's Nineveh moment.

Should this process even be attempted, markets around the world will CRASH and make last event in 2008-09 look like a DAY AT THE BEACH.

By the way, was does this asshole Krauthammer mean by unfit? In my mind, the DEMOCRATS and RINOS are UNFIT to be in office.

Peacefulwarrior's picture

+1 Count KrautUla finally is relevant with "A Catastrophic mistake"

froze25's picture

And I am supposed to believe poll numbers on his popularity because they were so accurate in the past? The author should of also noted that he is extremely popular with Law enforcement and the most well armed segment of the US citizenry.

Manthong's picture

Kraut mit sausage.....................


You leap into the studio,  too


TahoeBilly2012's picture

UNFIT = Every asshole Congress critter who voted for sanctions against Russia, when the US Deep State (see Zionist assholes!) overthrew the Ukraine Gov and tried to overthrow the Syria Gov.


Which translates to Trump MIGHT actually be FIT, stress on MIGHT.

GoingBig's picture

Trump has no clue how to run the presidency and that should be apparent to everyone that doesn't have beer goggles on. He did make a good pick getting Kelly on board. Notice the lack of whacked out tweets since Kelly has been in charge of operations. Hopefully he can bring some sanity to this administration.

jeff montanye's picture

he has no clue how to run the presidency?  

he might not but have his predecessors?  

g.w. bush actually helped do 9-11 but if you won't buy that he certainly didn't stop it after being warned, he attacked iraq, a completely irrelevant country to 9-11, disbanded the iraqi army only to fight it again, did not win and it is still chaos (as israel wants), muffed katrina, and left with 25% approval and shoes thrown at him.  

obama started with a huge democratic majority, never touched the banksters that brought the world down in 2008, lost two elections badly and started and lost three more wars, barely managed to pass his healthcare bill which hasn't worked well for the sick but very well for big pharma and insurance, never even trying for the obvious single payer used at half the cost by the rest of the advanced world and appointed hillary clinton secretary of state.

one assumes any impeachment will focus heavily on russian meddling which we have fairly convincingly learned is "a Brennan operation. It was an American disinformation operation f***ing the f***ing president. And at one point they even started telling the press, they were back-briefing the press, the head of the NSA was going and telling the press - f***ing c***sucker Rogers3 - was telling the press that we even know who in the Russian military intelligence service leaked it. I mean all bulls***.

is that treason?  if not what is it?  why does this not get at least a little check out?


Creative_Destruct's picture

The whole fucking crowd in DC is UNFIT... what the fuck else is new????

Déjà view's picture

'neoCONHammer'...same league as Bolton...Kristol et al...

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~""I think [impeaching Trump] would be a catastrophic mistake,...""~

That is the understatement of the year. As someone else pointed out, Trump enjoys the support of LE and the best-armed portion of citizenry in the USA. If you impeach Trump, and I'm not even saying convict, (which is a completely different question indeed), you will see an impromptu marching militia the likes the world has never seen. Then just imagine what such an angered group of patriots would do to Washington, DC and its denizens.

I would venture to say that you will have most of K Street burnt to the ground, along with the offices of WaPo, CNN, EPA, IRS, just to name a few. Rural America elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp. Should the deep state and the left try to remove him, "his" army will come and clean out the festering sewer that sits on the Potomac. I'm not advocating that this should happen, but it most certainly would be inevitable, especially if the Mueller charade continues much further.

If you think the US military will go toe-to-toe with marching armed Americans determined to "drain the swamp", you don't know those who serve. In a revolution, the military always sides with those who appear they are going to win. Do you want to see a real "Million Man March"? Impeach Donald Trump.

Wrenching Away's picture

I would like to think that's true, but in the end I doubt anything would happen. Until people's Netflix is cutoff, and there is no gas in their tanks and no Friday nights out at Chili's, the world will keep turning. Take away all those comforts, or as others have said, cutoff the EBT cards, and then you'll see some shit.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

No...Snausage! Mit Sauerkraut!

Chupacabra-322's picture

This is nothing more than a clear example at an attempt to deflect & distract from the real absolute Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopath at Large

Hillary Clinton.

To indict her & her vast Criminal Murder, Blackmail, Espionage Crime Syndicate would only result in Indicting themselves.

As most, of not all are accomplices in her Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

GoingBig's picture

sorry but no. Trump did something stupid and even he knows it. That is why he is acting so guilty, looking into pardons, thinking of firing the prosecutor, etc.   the grand jury will find something that you will also just waive your hand at and say its nothing. Why, because that is human nature and you can't see that your leader is as corrupt as the rest.

froze25's picture

Grand Juries can indict a ham sandwich, if an indictment comes out we really won't know shit till the trial begins and actual evidence is allowed in. So far we have plenty of evidence and an admission of guilt from Hillary over her private email server that was used to conduct official business. Sorry but no, Trump will be fine, this is targeted at his son right now and we all know its BS. This is just a effort to keep the Russian collusion narrative alive and keep the focus on Trump instead of Hillary.

froze25's picture

Grand Juries can indict a ham sandwich, if an indictment comes out we really won't know shit till the trial begins and actual evidence is allowed in. So far we have plenty of evidence and an admission of guilt from Hillary over her private email server that was used to conduct official business. Sorry but no, Trump will be fine, this is targeted at his son right now and we all know its BS. This is just a effort to keep the Russian collusion narrative alive and keep the focus on Trump instead of Hillary.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ froze,

How does the Agent Smith Troll above or anyone else for that matter explain the following:

Irrefutable proof of the absolute, complete, open Lawlessness by the Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC., its CEO & Board of Directors.

1. Torture.
2. WMD lie to the American People.
3. Lying the American People into War.
4. Illegal Wars of Aggression.
5. Arming, funding & training of terror organizations by the State Dept. / CIA & members of CONgress.
7. McCain meets with ISIS (Pics available).
8. Clapper lies to CONgress.
9. Brennan lies to CONgress & taps Congressional phones / computers.
?10. Lynch meets Clinton on tarmac.
11. Fast & Furious deals with the Sinaloa Cartel.
12. Holder in Contempt of CONgress.
13. CIA drug / gun running / money laundering through the tax payer bailed out TBTFB.
14. Illegal NSA Spying on the American People.
15. DNC Federal Election Crime / Debbie Wasserman Shultz.
16. Hillary Clinton email Treason.
17. Clinton Foundation pay to play RICO.
18. Anthony Weiner 650,000 #PizzaGate Redo Crimes.
19. Secret Iran deal.
20. Lynch takes the Fifth when asked about Iran deal?21. FBI murders LaVoy Finicum

At the current moment we're completely Lawless.

We have been for quite some time. In the past, their Criminality was "Hidden in plain view."

Now it's out in the open, in your face Criminality & Lawlessness. Complete

Thing is, the bar & precedent has been set so high among these Criminals I doubt we will ever see another person arrested in our lifetime.

Scuba Steve's picture

The Mueller motley crew is a taxpayer funded law team put together to cover up the last 8-16 yrs treasonous acts by the swamp.Its a tangled web they wove and Mueller n Co ate cuyting off loose ends.

I look for more accidental deaths to occur during their cover up exploits.

HockeyFool's picture

What exactly did he do that you deem as "something stupid?"

Do you have evidence? Becuase the swamp has had a year to find evidence and has found exactly nothing.

JRobby's picture

Krauthammer said one valid thing: Trump's base is still behind him and he should keep up his "appearances".

That said, the Deep State will not stop, even if we reach a flash point which it seems we are building to.

Idiocracy's picture

Count KrautUla, my new fave breakfast cereal

Idiocracy's picture

Count KrautUla, my new fave breakfast cereal

VIS MAIOR's picture

yes thats why  trump pump markets soo high .. if they start to do something with him .. big crash will come..'))) smart from trump.. and people will blame demos for big crash 

edotabin's picture

No reason to get hysterical. Most of the country is just realizing that .gov is mid-level management so it is natural to have this turmoil. Just by bringing this topic to the surface he has done more than most presidents.



JRev's picture

Krauthammer is a bloodthirsty Neocon cripple fuck. The world would be a better place if he'd drowned in the pool that day.

Metastatic Debt's picture

Krauttengiesthämmern has hit upon something, but has lost who or what is unfit.

Our country is so far off in the land of perverse make believe, that only Trump can wield Mjölnir to pound this current situation that we find ourselves, into any sembelence of fitness for the governed.

So many in power, influence, and popularity have stood against Trump, that he HAS to be standing up against the this awful tide, and doing something right.

As mentioned elsewhere, polls be damned!!! President Trump was supposed to lose by 96%.

As Mark Twain said:

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics"


Kayman's picture


Meaning not dancing to the tune of the Deep State, the MSM and the Dirty Noxious Criminals party?

Let's see. We just went through 24 years of Clinton, Dubya and Obumbler- the country's exponential debt and job outsourcing is only surpassed by the 24 hour non-stop lies made to deceive this country into thinking our overlords should be applauded for their stewardship.

Trump is no angel, but he is light-years ahead of all the bought and paid for bottom feeders that preceded him.

runswithscissors's picture

There are no rules on how We the People can treat members of the deep state and their families should they cause civil unrest.

chunga's picture

If he doesn't get cracking on draining the swamp I don't care if he get's impeached.

If he does I've got my pitchforks ready.

warsev's picture

The swamp is really deep, it's really big, and it has some really nasty big snakes and gators in it. Here we have one man taking on the whole cabal of national intelligence agencies, their controlled media, the big money, and the military industrial complex. One wrong move and he's a dead man like JFK. Give him support in his effort and some time and space to get it done.

Mr.Sono's picture

Time has passed. The swamp has won, it's just matter of time before it swallows him. 

Victorio's picture

Trump is a "reality" star that got tapped to take the "reality" show to the presidency.  Its all "reality" theatre. If he was truly a threat he would have been JFK'ed by now.

eatthebanksters's picture

The swamp montsters are actually close to exposing themselves because they are ot so concerned that Trump is close to destroying their power structure.  Trump isgoing to win this battle, watch and see.  Bannon said from the beginning that the only way the Establishment was going down was kicking and screaming (CPAC just after the election).  Bannon said this was going to be a war and he wa right.  As long as Trump has a loyal inner circle who will do what's right for the people, he'll stay on track.  Trumps is using his pulpit to tell his voters what he is trying to do for them and that a few republican turncoat senators and all the democrats are blocking him. The vast majority of people in this country support him on immigration, Obamacare repeal and replace, trade and jobs creation, foreign poicy and tax reform.  People may find him personally repugnant but still support what he is trying to do, just like at election time.  And look how accurate the polls were at election time.  Remember, the Dems have no plan and can't raise money.  That says a load. The midterms willbe intersting...the people of this country will either vote Dems into tha house and then our country is fucked forever,or they will vote to get the obstructionists out of office.  Its going to be interesting.


chunga's picture

The reds and the blues absolutely blow and it isn't just a few of them. They are all against the guy and as examples I give you the Russian sanction vote and the flop on sick-care insurance.

Putting a stop to the crime and swill coming out of DNC is why we bothered voting, probably for the last time. Stop trying to look acceptable to this establishment and media that hates you and will always be against you.

He hired Sessions for that very reason and look what he's done. Put him in the back seat and get somebody aggressive. Go after the Clintons and their foundation. Investigate the DNC staffer's murder. Podesta, the Weiner laptop, Wasserman, so on and so forth. Do it now, not pretty soon. Threaten EOs of taking away congress platinum exempt lifetime health insurance and term limits. Be bold and you will get support from the *ONLY* place you will find it and that is the "deplorables".

If he waffles he will eventually be impeached by the swamp. 

Yippie21's picture

6 months.  He's been in freakin' office 6 MONTHS!   Good grief!   and really... impeachment = NOTHING.  They could impeach him, not remove him.  And he'll get relected too.  The worm has turned.

Mr.Sono's picture

You still think he is not part of a deep state?

you_are_cleared_hot's picture

Ok Looney, so then who are you going to vote for?? If you are going to do "none of the above" then just slap yourself right now - that won't help things at all. Tump is not perfect, but he's fighting the Swamp on multiple fronts...he's a fighter. I'm sticking with him.

Looney's picture


 I'm sticking with him

And I respect that, but NOT VOTING is a choice, too. So, I better get busy and start slapping myself silly.  ;-)


you_are_cleared_hot's picture

I understand, but when it comes to gather the would be nice to have you around.

Filthy_Cerberus's picture

If you don't vote, STFU.  Otherwise you're just another babbling bitch.

Thom Paine's picture

You are a liar and a 'concern troll'

apocalypticbrother's picture

You ashenkasi have another false flag school shooting up your sleeve?you just love making your threats dont you? This game is goung to change soon enough and then old guys like me are going to bust some antifa heads open. We deplorablez are ready.

weburke's picture

Then bush would be VIP, thereby protecting the bush Clinton crime families

alangreedspank's picture

Go ahead, remove Trump for no other reason than not being inline with the global immigration policy. That's when communists admit they really don't care about their pretensions of democracy and we get to take the gloves off.

lovemesomeZH's picture

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Please help if you can.  This is not a spam, I have been a ZH'r for almost 6 yrs now.  If you donate, I will send you a tax deductible gift reciept


Thanks in advance

PrayingMantis's picture


>>> “Trump casually declares that his views have evolved and… THAT’S IT!!!” ...

... it would appear there's more to it than meets the eye ... I had been compiling this for a couple of days now and I'd like to share it with ZH readers how I see things unravelling as there's absolutely no rhyme nor reason why the polluted Deep Swampers and the Elites (Soros, Koch et al) had been on Trump's case since he took office ...

... in a US lamestream media dominated by ((( Red Shield )))-tool news outlets that's creating a lot of noise about Russia-as-the-ultimate-villain hysteria with a touch of China's bad-trading policies (and with North Korea as a bit player to sway the sheeples), I often wonder if all these polluted Deep Swamp-induced and a "Sir, Yes Sir!" WH/Congress approach to all Russia/China-bashing narratives were simply just under the whip-snap directives of the ((( Red Shield ))) tentacles.

What could possibly panic ((( Rothschild ))) and its Bank for International Settlements (BIS >>>, the central bank of all (except for 4 countries: North Korea, Syria, Iran & Cuba) of the world's central banks?

... in my view, it would be the gradual erosion of ((( BIS )))'s global control over the world's financial dealings and settlements ...

... let me explain ... why Trump might've been functioning with his hands tied behind his back ... perhaps hinting to the powers-that-be that he wouldn't play the “Russian game” (and during his latest W. Virginia speech, he basically said he was elected by the people and he is only accountable to the American voters and no one else) and that made him an ample target by the polluted Deep Swampers and ((( BIS )))-controlled-or-owned Elites and Corporations whose pockets were filled with Congressional hacks who would dance at the finger-snaps of their puppetmasters ... however, Trump, eventually, (regardless of his MAGA campaign promises), had to kowtow to ((( their ))) directives ... and signed a "seriously-flawed" Congress Bill ... after all, no man is an island ...

... way back in May 20, 2014, Russia and China sign a deal to by-pass the US dollar ( and in Sept 9, 2014, amidst all the previous Russian sanctions by the West, "Russia and China finalized the deal and enter into a new currency agreement. The article further states, ..."Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov said 'We are not going to break old contracts, most of which were denominated in dollars, but, we're going to encourage companies from the two countries to settle more in local currencies, to avoid using a currency from a third country.' ... Russia entered into a nearly identical agreement with India in August ( ..."

... The article further states, "Russia entered into new trade deals with Iran, North Korea, China, and India...." >>> ...

... and so, by the end of 2014, China and Russia launched their financial tools in local currencies ditching the US dollar >>> ...

... it was the start of a series of shots to bring down the US dollar's domination on world currency settlements mainly by the BRICS-led consortium ... which might lead into the gradual erosion of ((( BIS )))'s stronghold on the world's market financial settlements ...

... according to a ZH article which picked up the drama on Aug 20, 2016, ( ), "The dramatic-historical-Russian currency changes (if these articles are accurate) seem a little difficult to discern in full at this moment, but obviously things are changing fast. And they are changing for China's "money" as well. In fact, some have speculated China and Russia could launch a joint, gold-backed currency ... " ... " ... Investors who want to place funds in RMB rather than dollars will use the new yuan/RMB-based instruments. The US will continue to print dollars but those dollars may not find a home abroad so easily. Instead they may circulate back into the US economy creating significant price inflation."

... over the last few months starting late 2016, Russia, in particular, as well as China in a backup role, dominated the lamestream media's Russia-bashing narrative (and to some extent, China-bashing narrative also) 24/7 ... this tactic hampered the WH after Trump took office, in such a way that Trump's accomplishments were shoved into the back-burners. Every major ((( Red Shield )))-tool lamestream media covered the Russian collusion narrative and later, ex-FBI-chief cop Robert Mueller was appointed as a special counsel (some say it was #2 DOJ Rosenstein's revenge on Trump for an embarrasment on Comey's firing). Mueller, appointed aorund 16 (could be more) “investigators” the vast majority were Clinton lackeys and donors and Mueller invariably was handed a silver platter to witch-hunt Trump and his family and was given an unlimited and broad agenda (simply looking for a crime Trump and family might have committed whether Russian-connected or not) to keep the dripping narrative focused on Russia and/or Trump, which everyone says there was absolutely no Russian-collusion at all ... in other words, a total waste of taxpayers' money.

... but why would the polluted Deep Swampers and its ((( BIS )))-controlled Elitist individuals and Corporations maintain this type of scenario?  is it by orders of a ((( higher authority ))) ?

... perhaps, all these were just smokescreen to hide the real concern by the US' polluted Deep Swampers and ((( BIS )))-connected Elites (on its potential loss of US-dollar-dominance in the world market) as well as the more panicky 'damn the torpedoes' ((( Red Shield ))) approach perhaps on the potentially gradual-erosion of the world trade and financial control by the ((( Red Shield )))-owned BIS?

... on Oct 5, 2016, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation and its market participants have quietly developed "Masterchain" prototype and successfully made first test transactions. >>> ...

... they used the term "masterchain" perhaps to avoid searches for "blockchain" technology ... and they called this Ethereum-based blockchain technology "Gas" to further shield it from global searches ...

... for those still in the fog about blockchain technology, this explanation might shed some light >>> or if you prefer a You Tube video, this might help too >>> ...

... in a nutshell, "masterchain", based on highly-secured distributed ledgers on multiple computers around the world, will simply eliminate the ((("middlemen" ))) ... (read: ((( Red Shield's ))) ((( BIS ))) ... the ((( middlemen ))) in this scenario ) ... when dealing with financial deals and settlements on world trades ...

... it would appear that the May 2014 deal (see above) might only have been utilized to throw some scrap meat into the ((( BIS )))-based Western Wolves to keep them off track because it would take at least two years for Russia and its market participants and masterchain creators ( FinTech >>> ) to create a "new" virtual currency devoid of any ((( BIS ))) nor ((( Red Shield ))) involvement. Simply put, this Russian "masterchain" could be the most secure method of trade settlement and transfer of wealth; and it would be impervious to hacking, spying and ((( BIS ))) meddling.

... from there, the Cointelegraph picked up the news on Oct 13, 2016, but somehow, the western lamestream media paid no attention ... the headline simply says "Blockchain Revolution in Russia: Bank of Russia Tests Masterchain" >>> ...

... of course, the ((( BIS ))) picked up on this ( after all, The Central Bank of Russia is still a part of ((( BIS ))) ) ... and that's when the Russia-is-evil narrative appeared to take off like a bat out of hell suffocating every ((( Red Shield )))-tool media news and propaganda outlets' breaking-news narrative.

... the Russian-bashing (and to some extent China-bashing) continued on during the 2016 elections and into Trump's administration without abatement.

... the Russian narrative still begs the question why, since it had been established there were no Russian collusion nor Russian tampering of the US 2016 elections, it still is on the ((( Red Shield )))-controlled lamestream media outlets prime agenda? ...

... there's got to be more on this other than a Russian "collusion" ...

... on June 6, 2017, Bloomberg, one of the major US lamestream media outlets cautiously announced "Vladimir Putin Is Getting Interested In Bitcoin's Biggest Rival" (perhaps hoping the masses wouldn't notice the real reason for the non-stop Russian-bashing narrative) being done 24/7 in all the US lamestream media) ...

... this Bloomberg tidbit is quite laughable ... "Getting Interested", my foot, and how convenient a statement that was when The Central Bank of Russia had already announced way back in Oct 5, 2016 that it had in fact succesfully tested its "Masterchain" test transactions ...

... recently, Trump signed the latest sanctions focused on Russia and other non-((( BIS )))-aligned countries, but mainly this sanction, which I believe is under the direction of the ((( BIS ))), against Russia for being so bold in attempting to destroy the US-dollar's dominance in the world trade market as well as the ((( BIS )))'s central-banks' control of world settlements in one fell swoop. Trump claims the sanctions bill is "seriously flawed", yet, still he signed and approved it pointing an accusing finger on the "blame" squarely on the Congressional hacks, however, the way it looks, it appears he had no choice, but to sign it ... perhaps by order of a higher ((( authority ))) ?.

... not until, on Aug 2, 2017, (perhaps after Trump's signing of the current sanctions, on the same day, to rub it in on WH/Congress' faces), the RT (Russia Today) news plastered this Russian "Masterchain" master plan (>>> ) ...

... what, perhaps is the endgame in all of these? ... well, it might appear that the EU is on its way to embrace Russia's plans ... (they're hinting, most especially Germany, and a few other countries, they weren't too thrilled with the current Trump-signed US / Russian sanctions) ... and lately, western economists on Aug 3, 2017, predicted an 80% stock market crash to strike soon ... in 2017 ... when Jim Rogers said "A $68 trillion 'Biblical collapse is poised to wipe out millions of Americans" ... >>> ...


Praying Mantis