Russian Lawyer In Donald Trump Jr. Scandal Slams Congress: "They Don't Want The Truth"

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Congressional investigators have dragged Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort to grill them about a now-infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that is at the center of the Democrats’ dubious narrative that the Trump campaign somehow colluded with the Russian government to tilt the election in Trump’s favor.

But for whatever reasons, they have no interest in speaking with anyone from the Russian side, including Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer at the center of the meeting. Veselnitskaya revealed as much during a 10-minute interview with the Russian news program Vesti, saying she sought the meeting as part of her efforts to help Russian businessman Denis Katsyv, a client of hers who was targeted with sanctions through the Magnitsky Act. Neither Hillary Clinton, nor the Trump campaign were discussed during the meeting, she said.

“It was a private meeting,” Ms. Veselnitskaya told the interviewer, according to an account Friday in the Moscow Times.


“I asked for help - help to get out a story I had come across in my professional capacity.”


The meeting “had nothing to do with [then-candidate Donald Trump’s] rivals or the presidential election,” she added. “That never happened. That’s not true.”


She expressed frustration that US investigators have not asked for her side of the story, telling her audience that the US Congress isn't interested in the truth.

Mr. Veselnitskaya also complained that she had not been invited to testify at any of the hearings of the multiple House and Senate committees looking into the Trump-Russia collusion charges.

They don’t want the truth there at the moment. They need an enemy,” she said. “Some because they are looking to undermine Trump, some because they want to fuel the conflict with Russia.”

She also criticized Russian investment manager William Browder, an opponent of President Vladimir Putin. Browder. Browder led the lobbying effort to pass the Magnitsky Act, which pressed sanctions against several high-ranking Russian officials who US officials say had a hand in the death of Sergei Magnitsky. Magnitsky, who once worked closely with Browder at his firm, Moscow-based Hermitage Capital, died in custody after purportedly uncovering wide-ranging theft from the state committed by government officials. In response to the passage of the Magnitsky Act, Putin banned US adoptions of Russian children.

Veselnitskaya complained that Browder was invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. During the hearing, Browder provided details about collusion involving the Russian government. But the co-conspirator wasn’t Trump, but rather the Clinton campaign. In a segment of the testimony that was largely ignored by the mainstream press, Browder said that the opposition-research firm Fusion GPS had received funding from the Russians to compile a bogus dossier that suggested the Russians had embarrassing dirt on Trump. It was this dossier, which somehow found its way into the hands of the FBI, that triggered the collusion investigations before being widely discredited.

She was harshly critical of William Browder, the head of Moscow investment firm Hermitage Capital Management, who successfully lobbied for U.S. sanctions on Russia after a Hermitage lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, died in custody in Moscow in 2009 while facing charges for questionable tax evasion charges.

Mr. Browder told a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing looking into the Russian collusion charges July 27 that Ms. Veselnitskaya and other Russians at the June 2016 meeting were there representing Russian President Vladimir Putin and were trying to set up links to the Trump campaign.

“The Russian government and Vladimir Putin were in effect coming to this meeting,” Mr. Browder said.

But Ms. Veslenitskaya told the Russian news show the meeting was “innocent” and that Mr. Browder was running a ‘financial scam.’”

Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Trump Jr., Kushner and Manafort has become a focus for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Congressional investigators because of an email exchange between Trump Jr. and British publicist Rob Goldstone. In it, Goldstone promised Trump Jr. a meeting with a “Russian government lawyer” who could provide damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

In an interview given shortly after reports of the meeting first surfaced, Veselnitskaya said she thought Trump Jr.’s intentions for taking the meeting involved finding evidence that the DNC was getting money from “inappropriate sources.”

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Well, we've seen the enemy and it is us.

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Sure be nice to watch this interview...thanks ZH for the link and video...

Only one problem...

I DON'T SPEAK RUSSIAN....(No subtitles either)

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Who gives a fuck about the truth in US congress. Otherwise, they are not clowns any more.

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If everyone at all these meetings in question testified about the meetings under oath, the investigation would end. This would be a problem for the filthy, traitorous, lying sub-human tools of the deep state because they want it to go on for 3 years at a taxpayer cost of hundreds of millions.

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Looks like you got him! You should go arrest him yourself!


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That skank Veselnitskaya is a fine one to opine about the truth.

She's listed on the Magnitsky Act because she is thought to be some way connected to Magnitsky's death.

She claims that she is an adoption lawyer when she is nothing of the sort.

She is up to her bloodshot eyeballs in DNC intrigue.

Instead of heeding any dribble out of her mouth, there should be some kind of background check to see how she benefits.

She might be the smartest one in all of this.

For sure she is smarter than the FBI/CIA/NSA/ etc. combined.



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That bitch was in this country for one purpose only - to do us harm.

Fuck her.


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she works for the enemy clinton/obama

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Because...block Trump at every turn for 2017, fully display the hatred of the Left for anyone to their right, then in 2018, crash the economy/currency and throw the country into economic hell, so that the 2018 midterms take away both houses from Trump, continue the hatred for two more years, put some multi-culti Dem candidate back in office to continue destroying this country.

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You don't speak Russian you say. Lucky you weren't born in Russia then. 

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choski bolski cheeki breeki boshki....and vodka

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Browder was NOT in the Trump Tower meeting.
This is why Congress DID interview him.

Atty Natalia WAS in the meeting,
which is why Congress did NOT interview her,

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Natasha is upset. Fuck a bunch of ruskies.

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I've been looking at your comments, on a few threads, lately, and I'd like to suggest a rather undignified and illegal course of action for you, in keeping with the elements of your avatar's appearance and your moniker:
Go become what your claim to be! Go take a shit in the street.  

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I enjoyed your flame. The personal attacks I usually see have nothing but vomit. Yours started off what a compliment and worked up to the big burn. I would up vote you for that if I used that option.

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Pretty much sums it up. 

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They don't want the truth?

They can't HANDLE the truth!

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No, they know the truth would bring them before a firing squad.

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"No, they know the truth would bring them before a firing squad."


but but.... I thought that... "the truth shall set u free " ??


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((FBI asset)). 

GW still on the case. 

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Recently George seems a bit tired of the whole affair. Nothing is happening except Awan being arrested. Bet he flees prior to court apperance.

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How much you want to bet the first class one way airline tickets are purchased by the Clinton Global Inititive via Debbie Blabbemouth Shithead and the FBI will have photo's of him mooning them while he enjoying a Black Russian in the Cloud Club Room at Dulles.

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How much longer can the DEMs keep a lid on all of their crimes?

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For as long as the entire US gov remains a sham.

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For as long as Sessions protects them

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For far longer than would seem possible.  This sham has been going on since WWII with Allen Dulles and the CIA feeding fake news to the NYT, Look and Life magazine.

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You have to understand, the US isn't a country, it's a long running soap opera, nothing is true, it's all fiction, you're all Truman's.

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William Felix Browder was born into a notable Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois. His grandfather was Earl Browder, the former leader of the Communist Party USA, who ran for president in 1936 and 1940. His parent were Eva (Tislowitz) and Felix Browder, a mathematics prodigy who graduated from MIT at 18 but couldn’t find work during in the McCarthy era because he was the son of the onetime head of the Communist Party USA. After a series of job rejections, the former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, then chairman of the board of Brandeis University, vetoed the rest of the board who were afraid to hire him, and this enabled Browder’s father to gain a spot at the prestigious college. Felix Browder was renowned in the field of nonlinear functional analysis — a branch of mathematics with wide applications to such fields as physics, engineering and finance. He later was instrumental in establishing a science and technology center in conjunction with Princeton University and Bell Labs, chaired the mathematics department at the University of Chicago and in 2000 was awarded the National Medal of Science by President Bill Clinton.

Bill Browder grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Chicago, where he studied economics. He received an MBA from Stanford Business School in 1989.

In 1998, Browder gave up his U.S. citizenship and became a British citizen. Prior to setting up Hermitage, Browder worked in the Eastern European practice of the Boston Consulting Group in London and managed the Russian proprietary investments desk at Salomon Brothers.

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Gave up US citizenship because he doesn't want to pay US taxes. Yet that traitor gets more access to Congress than any American.

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He's tribe ... that's all that matters.

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Yeah well, what sort of fascist regime makes people pay tax when they get absolutely no benefit from the tax?

Only one regime, The United Fascist States of America, Zeig Heil.

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Born in the 60's while growing up with the spectre of nuclear annhilation looming over my classroom as I hide under my desk like a good little citizen, and living through decades of demonizing Russia through Hollywood tropes on film, I've come to the conclusion in the midst of a mid-life crisis that I'm sick of this shit.

The enemy is in Washington... has been all along.

takeaction's picture too.  Born in 1966...those fuckers used to scare the shit out of us in high school.  They even had us watch this fucking 3 day movie in school.  Remember this? Even watching this clip today still brings back those feelings I had....


I dated a Russian woman about 7 years ago.....similar age as me...and she grew up in communist Russia during the same time (The 80's), she said that the Russians were doing the same thing to them.  Very interesting propoganda..

Imagine both countries talking..."Let's pretend that each country is going to NUKE the other...scare the shit out of the population, and we can guide the tax dollars to whatever project we want....You in?"...

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That movie, "The Day After" aired the same month as Able Archer '83.  Coinky dink?

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We stood at our lockers and covered the back of our necks with our hands.  Whoever came up with that silly shit?

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We crawled under our desks and kissed our asses goodbye.

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The teacher wanted to keep Bob from feelng Janet up durng the drill.

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"We stood at our lockers and covered the back of our necks with our hands.  Whoever came up with that silly shit?"

Were yer trousers up or down ?.... just wonderin is all... lol

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Yer OK dude... yer amongst friends here... midlife crisis ?? Fuck that....Go out & buy a harley (ON CREDIT) & don't be so hard on yerself.... have u heard of hookers & blow ? If not , start researching IMMEDIATELY !!

Have a good life DESPITE the DC bastards....  :-)

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NSA has access to the truth.  Unfortunately the NSA's only functioning purpose is to provide compromising information for the establishment puppeteers to herd our "representatives" in the "right" direction. 

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So you mean to tell me that, with the exception of Binney and Snowden, America's finest SIGINT can't manage more than a docile exercise in timecard punching? How very disappointing. Leak like a firehouse, boys! Your country needs you.

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What do you expect these fucking people to say?

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That is correct Deplorable Citizen #251,567,202 ;-)

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Anyone with half a brain knows this is just a very costly witch hunt counselor.